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Magick / Re: Removing spells
« on: October 29, 2017, 12:48:32 PM »
you can read about the method for finding a frequency by reading this great manual about a lecher antenna.
pag 18 and 19

I have built my antenna. copper cable, plexigass and 2 little brass tubes

Magick / Re: Removing spells
« on: October 29, 2017, 12:41:30 PM »
I usually get very accurate dowsing with the lecher antenna, less with the pendulum. I was into exercising pendulum with cards but these days I have few time for it.

my sensitive friend does say that spells are just 'demonic' energy.
it was him that pointed me the 3,6cm frequency. he dowsed it. and when I find it in an object I usually dowse with pendulum, for exercise, how many spells are on the object, then I email him a picture and he usually confirms it. when I email him I just ask what he finds on object and then I compare it with my dowsing. So far I got always correct results.

my story is long but ok, basically I was researching orgonite and chemtrails when a friend of mine arrived to me telling a lot of stuff, that he was having a reptilian inside him etc... telling about my future... well actually he was correct but after all this time I start to see this event as a sort of programming. As if he was programming me about my future. I still have to talk again with him, clearly.

he was telling me that my city is governed by some satanist group, again reptilians, archons... and that they were behind me because they hated my energy... and going around with orgonite will make them crazy. that is what has happened.

he advised that they are poisoning (spells) everything I order, actually he said they poison everything that enters the city by mail.
infact some of the orgonite I received by email was having some dots of a black resin, some kind of resin they use for rituals. I fear this can be the black goo that Harald Kautz Vella speaks about, you can see it on Youtube.
even some books I ordered have tiny dots of this. CCW to pendulum.
Once I slept with a zapper that was having this resin, I wasn't knowing it still, I woke up feeling only half of my body right, then I took 3 years to come back to normal...  just to give you an idea about this strange substance...

so, what I saw for sure: people following me, even some of my building doing weird stuff, the most funny, I was just inside the car ready to leave, I was looking for something before turning on the engine, when a neighbour arrived with a pendulum placing it over the engine side of my car, then it was not moving and he went away. ah he was having black glasses and it was early morning...

another time with a friend we gifted with orgonites a supposedly inverted, negative vortex, the day after we went to check and we fount a fire done next to it. and these 2 days was almost always raining. a ritual fire, I recall it was CCW. but the vortex was ok from my dowsings...

in reality I have enough little stories to sum together that I could publish as 'my orgone adventures'... maybe one day...

sometimes when I have orgonite and I speak with people, they rush to the bathroom or start to cough. they says it is reptilian behavior, some of them cannot stand positive energy....

feel free to ask for any questions, I can keep write for a week...

Magick / Re: Removing spells
« on: October 21, 2017, 03:35:52 PM »
yes I rarely get stuff clean
I order from various sellers, like ebay amazon etc....
spells on transit or spells done at the mail office... I dunno I should dowse every time to have an idea...


Hello and Goodbye / Hello from Italy!
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:47:22 PM »
Hello all, I am Andrea and in Italy is name for males, so that's why I usually register as Andrew in international forums :)

My story is long, basically I was a friend of some people that were doing magick, then I was reading about chemtrails and orgonites and I went on for exploring the orgone and orgonite world. Then some group of satanists went behind me trying to do everything to stop me. in vane. I was able to gift my city with orgonites, after all now if I dowse the map of my city I get clockwise and maybe only little places such as wells are CCW but it is difficult to find each one in a map :)

So my experience is basically related to crystals, orgonites and some dowsing tools such as the lecher antenna, the INES diapason, L-roads, pendulum...

I have experiences of telepathy, clairsentient, clairvoyance, but it is years that I receive psychic attacks and it is a bit difficult to meditate and develop more. of course I tried to shield myself but almost in vane.
I can hear radiowaves very well but I start to think that most of them are ultra/infra sounds as a side effect of radiowaves.
If I came near a radar station I get mad from the extreme EMF. I have experience of visually see radiowaves, at least 3 times I had.

So I am here to learn as much as I can. And to meet more friends I hope!

I will post more, it is just a lot of stuff that I have to choice which is really important....

as I already posted, my main problem is how to remove spells from items that I receive in mail,24116.msg226674.html#msg226674

Many thanks for reading and congratulations for the creators of the forum, seems to be a nice active community here! I'm very happy to have found it!

Magick / Removing spells
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:25:54 PM »
Hi all, one of the reason that I registered in this forum is that I need to learn how to remove spells.
in short, (my story would be so long...), everything that I receive by mail is full of spells.

Basically I check everything that I receive with the Lecher Antenna, a dowsing tool,
( )
and I usually find 3,4 cm that is black magic, and 3,6 cm that is spells. Then I dowse with the pendulum how many spells.
I dowse also for demons that are 8,1 cm, just in case it is something to eat I will avoid eating....

I am unable to remove spells or black magic or demons. I've practiced a bit of meditation and I am into orgonite, crystals and dowsing, but honestly not much more.
Any suggestion is very welcome!

Actually a sensitive friend of mine does the job of removing spells remotely with his mind, but I would love to be able to do this by myself. He said he is unable to teach me how to do this....

Maybe next time I will post a pic of an object with spells?

Many thanks

Questions & Suggestions / SSL encryption suggestion
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:16:30 PM »
Hello, my first post here, so... congratulation for the forum, it does have a lot of stuff that I need.
but I am wondering, why don't you encrypt the forum traffic?
now to have one SSL certificate is easy and FREE.

have a look here

this way you will give login encryption as well as a more secure privacy since all the traffic will get encrypted.

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