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Magick / The Subject of Pacts
« on: September 07, 2018, 10:09:06 PM »
Ok, I know that most people on this forum are right-hand path, but just for curiosity's sake I was wondering: exactly how much can making a pact with a demon do for you?
For example, is it possible for a demon to allow you to be reborn with the exact same personality and memories after you die, giving you an advantage over normal people who can't remember their past lives at all? Could someone potentially live numerous carefree lives, going from life to life with their conscious memories fully intact, until their time is up and it is time for them to serve the demon in an afterlife realm?
Could a pact with a demon change a characteristic commonly held to be unalterable, such as gender or race? For example, could a transsexual make a pact that allows them to fully switch to the opposite sex in all its totality, with full reproductive capabilities?
Can a demon grant you power on a global scale? And what happens if more than one person want the same power? For example, lets say five different people make pacts with different demons to become the President of the United States. Do the demons have to fight with each other to determine who it will be?
Can making a pact actually boost your karma in certain circumstances? For example, if you make a deal with a devil to acquire healing powers and use these powers to save thousands of lives, would it increase your karma and move you closer to enlightenment?

Moving on from the potential benefits of pacts, I am curious about how one goes about making them. I assume you need both clairvoyance and clairaudience, right? And does the demon actually appear in physical form at certain places? For example, I heard somewhere that it is best to make a deal with Satan at a crossroads. Satan is supposed to show up driving a white car and wearing a white suit. I think he will invite you into his car and you make the pact there, I'm not sure. I know it sounds corny, but the world is a strange place!

Also, what are the drawbacks? I assume that at some point the person who makes the pact will have to be the demon's slave. Is this always a negative experience, or are some demons less cruel than others? How far will it set back one's spiritual evolution?

Anyways, thanks for all information you can give me. I know these questions may sound insane, but this is so far just for curiosity's sake. I am interested in any knowledge I can acquire, but of course I won't just automatically believe everything I hear on the internet.

Spirituality / What happens after death?
« on: August 18, 2018, 04:08:07 PM »
I personally believe in reincarnation, just because it is so widely believed around the world. However, I am willing to change my mind if enough evidence can disprove it.

Hello and Goodbye / Hey
« on: September 16, 2014, 06:21:11 PM »
Hey, I have been reading these forums for a while and decided to finally register, even though I might not post much. I mainly just read about metaphysical stuff instead of actually practicing, although I hope to change that eventually. I used to be a member of TDS for about a year, but I quit a few lectures into the aspirant flow because I felt like it wasn't the right place for me. I still have high respect for the teachers there, though. Anyways, nice to meet everyone!

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