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Magick / Magic is For Everybody
« on: October 30, 2016, 02:17:15 AM »
Hello all!  :D

These are a few personal discoveries I have come to understand about the theory and working of magic.

Magic People:
We are equals only that we are individuals with unique and interesting perspective.
Our perspectives help us understand the complexities of magical currents which speak on many levels of sense and perception.

For the Non-Believers and Skeptics:
Magic is a concept.
Magic is not disproved by science if it lacks evidence for conclusion.
Pervasive theory and experimentation, or philosophy and practicum, will lead to a personal conclusion.
Outside resources are only important to educate and challenge the mind.
Reconstructions of ancient ritual are only practiced for experience and understanding to learn the roots of magical practice.

For the Magical:
The psychic mind is the intuitive body; when the five senses are in harmony with the internal feelings the magic forms into our intention.
The intention is clear in our spiritual heart but the fluid nature of mind must be formed into an abstract concept for the magic to be known and understood on the material plane.
This abstract concept is traditionally called a 'sigil', but for modern times 'meme' works just as well.
This meme, from the depths of our emotions and raw humanness, is directed out into the great unknown where it can mingle and transmute itself into tangible manifestation.
The first manifestation effects us with change in behavior which others are repulsed or attracted; these 'others' are everything from whispers in the wind to animals and people.
The second manifestation is the effect our meme has on others.
The third manifestation are the unlikely coincidences that seem to appear out of nowhere but they are exactly what we asked for.
The fourth manifestation is disbelieving, fearing, or accepting the outcome.
Magic is everywhere because you can manipulate the fabric of anything.

Gods and Their Teaching:
The realm of the gods is magic; giving reverence or love to a deity is not intended for zealotry but respecting the powers that came before and will be here long after.

The Sigil and the Servitor (A Love Story):
A sigil is a symbol like a cross or pentagram.
The sigil is traditionally combined with a sacred sound, or Name, to call upon the significance of the sigil.
This sigil and Name are given properties that relate to the natural world or personal desire.
The associations can then further be given an anthropomorphic, or human like, essence.
A god or tutelary spirit, also known as a servitor, is born. (Although the servitor does not have to be human at all).

Spirituality / Daoist 8 Immortals Question
« on: April 21, 2016, 05:11:36 PM »
I was wondering if any of you know of any good books (and YouTube videos, but mainly documents I can hold in my hands) on the Daoist 8 Immortals, especially the Drunken aspect. I know of Sifu Neil Ripski's channel and books, I read Eva Wong's translation of 'Seven Taoist Immortals' and of course Jackie Chan is great but he doesn't have a book except for the one in the original movie (I would love to get my hands on that)! I have seen vast amounts of forms, and their training videos on YouTube, I am more interested in the theory, history, and mystical relations.

If I am correct, each Immortal relates to a Trigram and most of the information will probably be given forth by studying the Trigrams in detail and continued practice of my Gua's, but I am a huge fan of Drunken Boxing and want to  understand it on a deeper level. There are no instructors in my area that I have come across in person or online that teach this path... I know it is an advanced path and many animal styles have drunken sets, I guess I am just seeking a document to hold in my hands that is not just techniques written in Chinese characters.

Thank you.  :cool:

Your own ideas and education on the Eight Drunken Immortals is also appreciated!

Martial Arts / Internal Boxing Principles
« on: November 24, 2015, 01:25:46 AM »
Here are some insights and very basic history of Internal Boxing. Just thought I would share.

Internal Boxing has a few main principles that can be applied to other martial arts and movement systems.

The most important is how the Masters of ages past have taught us to stand and breathe. They are called the Five Bows and Belly Breathing, where you elongate and curve your spine, each arm, and each leg and breathe deep into the center of your abdomen. This collapses your chest, relaxes your shoulders, and engages your core. It is a foundational practice for qigong (soft exercises for vitality and internal power) and Internal Boxing alike. All movements stem from this posture as it allows for the most effective form of power application with the principles of sinking, folding, and spiraling. Within this posture one learns to ground and relax and react from a tension free state.

Next are the Six Connections which are your wrists and ankles, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips. Your whole body moves from your lower belly, or 'core', and if your wrist moves, your ankle moves, when your knee bends, your elbow follows suit. At first it is normal to practice over exaggerated movements such as found in Shaolin Long Fist or Shotokan Karate that help not only to teach the body to move in synch but to strengthen the muscles and tendons while also helping to relax and stretch the minor and major muscle groups.

As has been mentioned, all movement stems from your ‘core’, what the Daoists call the Lower Dan Ti'en (Cauldron or Elixir Field, depending on the translation and school), the Japanese martial artists call it your Hara, and in fitness it is known as the Core (although your spine and it's closest muscle groups are more appropriate to consider your core, or Center Line as martial artists call it).

Yiquan (Intent Fist), a form of standing qigong, is a good place to begin mental training, energetic awareness, and power development. Like all secrets of martial arts it is not how complicated the external movements are but the concentration the adept has on a single movement, or lack thereof, and how many situations can be affected by a single action or non-action.
In Xingyiquan (Mind Intent Fist), although I have very little training in this style I have found three very basic principles and techniques that help with training that an instructor showed me – San Ti (Trinity Posture), which is a static posture, Drilling Fist, which is a devastating twisting strike, and Spade Step, which is a powerful form of foot work which involves dragging your back foot as if it were a spade in dirt as your front leg drags you forward to deliver strong and rooted strikes. All balance is predominately on the back leg for powerful movement, blocking, and striking power. Some say Xingyiquan is based upon Yu Fei's Spear tactics, and the five strikes are based upon the Five Phases, or Wuxing, of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Baguazhang (Eight Changing Palms) Walking the Circle works your basic foot work, learning space and distance, whole body coordination, and balance. Single Palm Change develops spiraling power, techniques of blocking, striking, and felling. Relaxation and speed are crucial to Baguazhang and multiple attackers are its main martial focus. It is said Dong Hai Quan (the founder of Baguazhang) watched a Doaist Priest perform a ritual that utilized eight different palm and body changes with certain mantras and breathing patterns. Already being a Master of Shaolin School Kung Fu, he saw the similarities of this secret ritual and kung fu and related the Five Shaolin Animals to the Eight Trigrams of the Yijing, thus creating Baguazhang.

In Taijiquan (Grand Ultimate Fist) the Eight Energies of Taijiquan are crucial to the development of Taijiquan meditation and combat efficiency. Like the theories and applications of Baguazhang, the Eight Energies of Taijiquan are said to be based on the Yijing Diagram, or Diagram of Changes. Each trigram (a series of lines, where broken lines represent Yin, or soft, and solid lines represent Yang, or hard, in a most basic definition) have qualities relating to elements, animals, and energetic and philosophical components. Zhang Senfeng is the mythological founder of Taijiquan who was said to be a Daoist Immortal, a Master of Internal Alchemy. He was gifted with a dream by a Daoist God of a crane and snake fighting. No matter what the crane did the snake yielded and evaded before attacking, showing the effectiveness of softness and flexibility over strength and size. No one knows if Zhang Sanfeng was a real person or not, but what it is known that Taijiquan is one of the most popular martial arts styles in the world because of its healing ability for the sick and elderly and the deeper teachings for martial artists. Another fact, the Chen Family Style of Taijiquan is the basis for all other styles of Taijiquan, directly or indirectly, and is still practiced and taught today by the Chen Family in Chenjiagou in Henan Province in Northern China.

After a while the traditional forms become like a dance and movements come from a place of body wisdom not just technique. Each movement has an intention, a type of power that can be used for striking, blocking, evading, or off balancing. In combat these techniques become reaction coming from a place of relaxed awareness and internal calm. Although we evolve as human beings and symbiotic creatures upon our planet, our bodies have remained just about the same for tens of thousands of years. These techniques, give or take a few changes, have been taught in the mountains of China for thousands of years. If we take anything from Chinese teaching it is that certain things are timeless no matter the person, culture, or place in history it is being taught, and Internal Boxing is one of those teachings. It is beyond comprehension to those who merely look at it from an outside perspective, and even to those that make the journey themselves with sweat, bruised bodies, and bruised egos, still search for the Secrets of this most mystical art form.

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” -Dhammapada-

The Cafeteria / Wizardsgiving!
« on: November 14, 2015, 11:45:01 PM »
I think I have posted this before, but it is coming up soon. My second year attending, if you do not have one in your town, you can always gather your loved ones of a magical variety and join the Great Work of Celebration!

The Cafeteria / A Wise Man...
« on: August 28, 2015, 03:48:58 PM »

Spirituality / Tale of the Lost Boddhisatva
« on: July 20, 2015, 05:08:57 PM »
She spent many years in contemplation and meditation giving up first her possessions, nothing but a room to live in and the clothes on her back, living a simple life. Acquiring food through exchange of working the lands, gathering water, and taking care of children when the parents were away. The village was fond of this young maiden, true and noble in spirit and graceful in work and never batting an eye at the young men nor paying heed to the lusts of older folk. She just kept her mind at ease with work. She not only studied the scriptures of great sages but now lived a harmonious life among her people, but she felt she was missing something. As the years passed the hole in her being was still not filled by community service in a village still stuck in the old ways of woman at home or long days on the fields and men off to war and ruffians and lustful youth running rampant. She wanted to see loving change, the only desire that she had left, but she was disheartened by the inequality and tyranny of law and bandits. So she sought refuge. The elderly and young ones she helped and reared were sad but knew her heart was guiding her somewhere else. She said her goodbyes with nothing but a satchel on her back with basic food and a walking stick.
As years passed as a wandering seeker she finally happened upon a temple of enlightened masters raised in the tradition of the ancient sages. The temple was magnificent in feeling but simple in design and far from what she was used to and heard about in the stories, the monks graciously accepted her into the fold. By no means was it easy – from sun rise until sunset she worked the fields and gathered water as any new monk seeking refuge had to do before the ancient teachings were transmitted. Through the sweat and heartache of missing her village she kept on. Never complaining, she dealt with her emotions through private meditations and seeking comfort in the scriptures the elder monks passed on to her. As the years passed she was initiated into the higher arts and ways of the monks, learning much, gaining new insights while shedding old skin. She was becoming wise beyond her years. Already living a wandering life before her stay at the temple she got permission from the abbot of the temple and endured a three year solitary meditation with nothing but her prayer beads, a handful of herbs a day, minimal water, reciting chant after chant and meditating day in and day out. She got sickly thin and it came time to end her three year solitary retreat, but as she stood up she had a vision – a great light emerged from all around, a burning sensation overtook her entire being and everything was pure gold and white and colors indescribable in common understanding. She reached a state of bliss, of pure awareness.
She returned down the mountain and made vows to forever serve the people of the world, never gaining entrance into the absolution until all beings in all realms were set free of their suffering. She returned to her village after more than two decades of monastic living and, as if she never left, continued to earn her food working the lands and rearing children, only now she was complete within her being. Many years passed and she finally decided to leave the physical realm, saying her goodbyes and wiping the tears of the now adults she raised since the womb. She left her body, watching kindly and giving blessings to her village through the years, watching generation after generation of villagers be born, live, and die, and the cycle continued. But as all good stories have an antagonist, the modern world emerged and slowly but surely started destroying the lands and the practices of the old ways were destroyed. As each new successive generation was brought into the world more and more modernized, they slowly began losing faith in the great spirit of the village. Being wise in her eternal mystery she realized that she could do better to help the people of the world as an incarnate human, so she was reborn into a beautiful new baby in the modern world in a foreign country...
She was born into a loving family, not religious but well educated and learned in the ancient cultures and their beliefs and practices of the old ways. She was taught from an early age the history of religion, the practices of culture, and the science of success. She was always a loving little girl and grew to be a great academician earning degrees in science and anthropology, but along the way she forgot who she was, what she came here to do, and lost her connection to her enlightened spirit. She became lost in technology, minor lusts, and seeking to always achieve, becoming a dominating voice in the business world. She was the top of the food chain. Although kind and loving by her very nature she understood the balance between kindness and cut throat business. She knew that to thrive in the modern world, to take care of her self, her family, and the charities that made her business look good, she had to tune down her compassionate nature to land the deals to profit her company and desires.
Her heart could not take it when she realized who she had become. From a gentle little girl full of compassion and kindness for all who she came across to a CEO only after the next big deal, she broke down. Classic tragedy, she began heavily drinking, going to late night parties and partaking in mind altering substances, but because of her last lifetime of kindness, mercy was bestowed upon her and she had a vision while staring deeply into the night sky after a heavy night of drinking and hallucinogenics. She saw a light fall from the sky bursting into billions smaller lights, each exploding into millions of more lights, until she was in a complete daze of brilliant lights and warmth. She felt a calm ecstasy course through her body and being, and found herself, somehow, waking up feeling refreshed and revitalized in her bed the next morning. She just laid in bed staring at the ceiling with a gentle smile and glowing in her heart. It is all an illusion she realized, the old ways were never destroyed, just lost, her compassion was never relinquished just hidden, so she returned to her office and made a public announcement – all money that the she had accumulated over the years through her business was to be given in equal parts to the most devastated countries in the world, although not much in the bigger picture, she knew deep down she had done the right thing. She stepped down from CEO and closed the doors of her company, helping her employees find solace in the loss of the company by giving them referrals to the best jobs from the best companies alliances she had forged over the years. She had left no stone unturned, after all she was very intelligent and resourceful.
After her resignation she took a trip across the world and found herself in a beaten down village. She felt safe, something familiar came over her. As she was walking she saw a weathered old statue of a female sage with a baby in one hand playing with a rosary and a flower in the other. As she got closer to the statue she noticed an elderly man with no hair and a monks robe praying to the statue. As she approached, as if the elderly man felt her coming, gently stopped reciting his prayers and turned half around and smiled. She stood next to the elderly man and asked what the statue represented, he told her she was an old sage from the distant past, that she gave up all possessions at a young age and helped raise the children and till the land for food, water and shelter, that she traveled to the nearest monastery, hundreds of miles away on foot, and sought a sages life, returning years later not as a nun nor a savior, but to return to her village and give back what she felt they had given her – love. Looking away from the man, the stature came alive in brilliant colors, the baby began to move the beads of the rosary, each bead sparking and giving off emanations of wisdom, the flower smelled of the sweetest aroma, and the statue smiled back and from her heart emerged and emerald-gold light as she spoke, “You have returned,” leaving the resigned business woman speechless with a smile and tears of joy. Home was all she thought, and her spirit surged once again with all the light and wisdom of ages past and her compassionate drive to heal humanity returned.


A reminder that we are not every truly lost on our spiritual journey.

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Connections
« on: January 15, 2015, 02:42:55 PM »
Our deepest connection is to ourselves and our archetypal or divine masks we may believe in. Our energy must extend to something; people are too familiar and the void is too abstract so an archetypal mask helps formulate our base emotions and mental chatter into an internal generator of drive and well-being. When we connect our archetypal masks we create a bond with our internal and external energies to an ancient truth that spans eternity.

Deities are not here to serve us and we are not here to serve them. We do not call upon spirits or deities and they do not call upon us. To communicate properly (intimately and honestly) we place ourselves in their existence; we do not open gateways nor travel unneeded epochs, but become aware of our presence with theirs. Because we feel called to communicate we are not being invasive but are acting as a welcomed guest in our psychonautic travels. This is the same way psychic connections work with people and animals.


Connections are a blessing and a curse. When we are linked to others we either both benefit, one benefits, or neither benefit, creating a manic and unhealthy co-dependency. These links also cause trouble of who and what you desire in your life. For example, you may have an amazing friend that you love having around and want to attract more of them into your life, but with that friends attraction to others you are also bringing forth those connections as well, whether they are animals, people or emotions.

If you do not enjoy the company of these others rifts, tears and walls are manifested in your life, such as sickness due to stress, emotional outbursts, and jealousy issues creating drama and in-fighting. Because some of us have moral standards and magical ethics we do not sever the ties between our loved ones and theirs, because we respect our loved ones and their decisions.

To help the ride of life and its connections along we learn to disengage and cut our links (clear/banish) so, at least we, are clean of outside influence. We are neither loved nor hated, attracted or repulsed, but in a state of being, of constant personal choice.

For those of us that crave or in some way need such a connection but do not want the human fallacy of certain emotions and mental constructs we connect to deities or concepts of a powerful or abstract nature. Only when other humans and beings connect to the beings and concepts we choose to link to are we existing at a similar frequency, at a similar mental and emotional state of presence and action. When these abstract connections are created and attuned with others we then have a bond and not a binding; a bond is a deep spiritual connection beyond our finite control, a bind is a shackling of one persons desire for another (or others creating a co-dependency or other unhealthy connection.

Body Energy Arts / Basic Guide to 'Energy'
« on: January 15, 2015, 01:58:33 PM »
To begin, 'energy' is a concept of the vital/spiritual source of our life, from the simple act of waking up and living a mundane life to 'supernatural' abilities and 'divine communication'. Energy is the most common word used to describe the theories and processes about to be presented, so it is the word that will be used instead of using words from other cultures, because even then the cultural and religious understanding is still unique to the culture: Qi is not Shakti is not Mana is not Orgone is not Magis is not Virtue, yet they all hold a similar interpretation that this essence, this vital something, exists internally and externally in the form of flows and abstract concepts relating to our organic health, planetary evolution, and over all being. I hope you enjoy the processes and theories.


PUSHING AND PULLING (AND VARIATIONS) - The act of moving already present energy to and from a person, object or situation. This method can be used to heal and damage, banish and conjure.

CONNECTING - Combining energy of a person, object, or event to you. This strengthens the overall power of the first method.

RECEIVING AND GIVING - Internalizing or externalizing energy. Taking in bad energy to heal (see Transmutation) or good energy to drain, giving bad energy to harm or good energy to heal.

TRANSMUTATION - Changing already present energy to fit desire and conditions. This is good for healing and banishing.


Various cultures around the world have beliefs and practices to benefit and empower the subtle senses which can be done through the concept of subtle bodies that connect each organ and ability to an energetic vortex or pool of potential.

In Hinduism we have the seven Chakras (wheels), each correlating to a visceral and nervous system and etheric power governed by a specific deity that can be called upon through the three keys of Mantra, Yantra, and Asana (Word, Symbol, and Posture).

In Qigong we have three Dan Ti'ens, or Cauldrons, that relate to the physical-energetic-spiritual dimensions. On the highest level of training we have Nei Gong, or internal practice. Qigong that becomes Nei Gong has exercises and philosophies for martial arts (Hard Qigong/Iron Body), Healing (Golden Body/Rainbow Body) and spiritual advancement (Dao).

Similar to the Chinese, Irish bards believe in three internal Cauldrons as well; those of Movement (lower), Vocation (middle), and Wisdom (higher).

Each pool or collection of energies are equated to elements, emotions, and various physical and esoteric attributes and symbols such as color, deity, intonations, et cetera.

Not only do we have centers of energy within our bodies we have bodies, or symbolic constructs, of energy that expand out from our inner spiritual center to the cosmos, and some believe through dimensions and time as well.

There are believed to be anywhere from three to fourteen subtle external emanations, but the most popular are the bodies of Physical Reality, Electromagnetic Reality, Mental and Emotional Reality, Etheric and Astral Reality, Cosmic Reality, and Causal or Divine Reality, and the easiest to remember are the Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual.

These bodies are reached, harnessed and attuned with your nature and desire through meditative and mind altering practices ranging from still point (focal) meditation to ceremonial magic that calls upon the aid of spiritual beings, such as angelic intelligences or Pagan deities.

Here is a brief description of three of the most widely talked about and understood bodies:

PHYSICAL - Flesh, bone, blood, organs, bio-electric, bio-chemical, and psycho-social experience. Relaxation, exercise, and diet contribute to a healthy and vital physical body.

ENERGETIC VIA EMOTIONAL - Feelings toward thoughts past and present, dangers or safeties real or imagined. Deeper flow of bio-electric, bio-chemical, and psycho-social aspects. Empathy, intuition, kinetic (or 'auric') awareness. Breathing, stretching, relaxed movement, and laughter (in good will and humor) contribute to a healthy and vital Energetic via Emotional body.

MENTAL OR (PSYCHO)-SPIRITUAL- Awareness of self, others, and concepts. Past life regression, prophecy, psi, magic, et cetera. Meditation, prayer, and extra sensory exercises contribute to a healthy and vital Psycho-Spiritual body.


A deity or guardian spirit has its own unique energy. Each being vibrates, moves, listens and reacts according to their own natures, not our ideas of how they should be. They are each a unique consciousness.

Do not confuse praise and thanks to a deity for idol worship. Praise and thanks builds communication and lasting relationships with spirits; idol worship drains a person or group of their personal energy.

When we give praise or thanks we are acknowledging spirit as a friend, guide, and master of their craft not as a master over us. When we blindly worship we are feeding an egregor (group construct) or a vampiric being. One is an exchange of love and learning, the other is slavery. Love and learning builds confidence, power, and faith; slavery depletes these attributes and builds arrogance, selfishness and hatred. Beware of why and how you are practicing.


Main Hall / Fictional Grimoires
« on: December 12, 2014, 05:46:10 AM »
This was brought up in a previous thread that mentions the dreaded NECRONOMICON!!! This being a not so real grimoire with a quite real cult following, I am curious as to what fictional grimoires you would use if they were real, or you could make real such as the dreaded NECRONOMICON!!!

I'll start- I think the magical mythos of the Vampire Diaries is very dynamic and touches upon a lot of interesting and obscure magical practices. Bonnie Bennet's family grimoire would be cool with an addition of Esther Michaelson's grimoire (the mother of the Originals). As high school drama as the show can be, the story line is enticing and the magical idealism and myth of the vampire are presented very well.

What magical heresy would YOU choose?

Main Hall / Wizardsgiving!
« on: November 11, 2014, 11:22:43 PM »
So, I have some friends that are very theatrical and are trying to make a movement. It has happened before, it is happening soon and will continue, hopefully in the homes and groves of all wizard kind... WIZARDSGIVING.COM (seriously, check this sight out).

Maybe some of you will join me in spirit during a wild night of occult food and festivities.

Other / Happiness Meditation
« on: November 09, 2014, 01:41:53 PM »
Hellblazer reminded me of the '17 second' principle, where 17 seconds sets the mind up to recieive more intense focus, and after 68 seconds, manifestation begins to take place.

Here are a few editations I have been playing with that I thought I would share.

1. Settle your self with deep breathing. Once you are comfortable, take three deep breaths with the intention of clearing your energetic system. I use the affirmation 'Good Chi In' on the inhalation and 'Bad Chi Out' on the exhalation, feeling heavy smoke-like energy leaving my mouth and pores as I breathe out, and pure universal, clean, energy enter my being as I breathe in.

2. Feel your internal energy, your Dan Ti'en/Hara/Svadisthana/Inner Belly grow with each breath, filling your entire body with energetic sensation, for me it is a feeling of being centered, feeling expanded (energetically round), and warm within. Take as long as needed.

3. Feel your energy outside of yourself, close to the body, feeling the same centering, expansion, and warmth, only now you are centered on your physical body as a whole, not just your Inner Belly. Take as long as needed.

4. Feel the connection of your inner self to your external self and how you are also connected to your environment. As you breathe, feel the world around you breathe, whether it is only a couple inches around to globally. Stay as long as needed (this is also a good meditation for global peace and tuning psychic perceptions).

5. Here's where the Happiness part comes in (you can ignore the first 4 steps, but I find it helps settle me for a better experience). Continue feeling your presence and that of the environment, but tune deeply into your emotions, and say "17 seconds of happiness" until you see a symbol or get a gut feeling of... Happiness! Hold that feeling as long as possible. The goal is to create a genuine happy smile no matter how you thought you were feeling prior. :)

6. When you have honored yourself with an honest smile, breathe your symbol and/or feeling of happiness into each chakra, starting at the Crown and descending to the Root, and ascend back to the Crown. Take as much time with each chakra as you need. Your entire being should feel happy by the end of the rotation.

7. When you have reached your Crown on the ascending process, still smiling and feeling happy, bring your attention to your Solar Plexus chakra and feel the warmth. Expand your awareness until each chakra and subtle body in your awareness is filled with brilliant happiness, be it warmth, sparkles, or just good feelings (you are expanding like a bubble, not up and down as before). Inhale goodness, exhale blessing for others/All, strengthening your auric field.

8. Sit (or stand) in this good feeling. At this point you can give thanks and do something else, or bring another good thought to the surface, such as a desire while coninuing to breathe in happiness and fuel your desire with good feelings and brilliant divine/pure light. You can 'seal' the energy by gently holding your abdomen and concentrating your mind there (repeat the first 3 steps, ending on Lower Belly breathing and being in present awareness).

A Much Simpler Meditation

1. Hold happiness for at least 17 seconds and see where it takes you. Feel happiness with every cell and flow in your body, strengthening any images and feelings of the next good thought that arises. Follow the thought, changing things to fit your desire as you feel appropriate. When you are done, return to present time, give thanks, and do something else.

These meditations are works in progress, but they have been helping me be happy and confident enough that I can create with good intentions (I personally emphasize good intentions because otherwise your manifestations can take a turn for the worst). It even helps with hangovers!

Martial Arts / Three Paths of Martial Arts
« on: November 07, 2014, 11:42:36 AM »
I have been reading 'The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi' by Bruce Frantzis. I am only in the beginning, but I enjoy how he differentiates (Chinese) martial arts into various categories -internal, external, compound of internal and external and has further subcategories of animal, human, and spiritual goals and practices within the martial arts.

He explains animal styles are to help one build control over the glands for glandural excretions during martial training and actual combat efficiency (adrenaline, freeze, fight, or flight) but things can go haywire if not taken under control (rise in temperament and temperature, causing stress on the glands and shortening lifespan) but are really good practice for survival instinct. Of the Three Treasures, I am guessing it is the generalization of Jing. Bujutsu (Martial Technique) in Japanese-Okinawan styles.

Next is the human way of practice which is tapping into ones maximum human potential as a fighter and/or healer, utilizing the tools of the mind-body complex (physical and energetic) to achieve greater power in life, using strategy over instinct and brutality. Qi, or the beginning of internal work would be the Second Treasure. Predominately Bujutsu, but leaning toward Budo (Martial Way).

Lastly is the spiritual way of martial arts which, at its most basic, is the internalizing of good character, ethics and morality, using martial arts as a gateway to meditation and understanding. Each fight or sparring match is percieved as practice of ones moral and energetic weak points, where upon meditation and nei gong, one clears these repressed emotions and energy blockages for a clearer path toward enlightenment, realization, Nirvana, etc. This would be Shen (Mind), the third of the Three Treasures. It is very Budo but leans heavily toward Bushin (Martial Spirit).

The aforementioned are extremely brief explanations of each, each to be broken down and expanded upon by each martial artist.

With all of that said, those of you that practice martial arts, what style of martial arts do you practice and why?

Are you internal, external, or a little bit of both?

Are you a soldier, fighter, or philosopher?

Are you animalistic, human, or spiritual? Maybe a mix of all three?

Do you believe that you need to go through systematic steps? (Example: you cannot have effective human skill without first using animal skill, and there can be no deeper understanding of spiritual skill without human skill, and external should come before internal, or does it depend on preference and ability?

Psionics / Recreational Drugs, Alcohol, and Chemognosis Effect on Psi?
« on: October 06, 2014, 09:44:41 PM »
I have been sober, omit caffeine here and there, for three weeks today (except for one gulp of beer earlier in the day...  :rolleyes:). That aside, I never practice, anymore, while inebriated and am not trying to find an excuse to get back into my old patterns, I am just curious, especially if the soul is capabale of so much, can it bypass physical chemicals and attune to psi even when inebriated on substances? Can psi, theoretically, or actually would be even better, clear the physical and subtle bodies of chemicals and their psychoactive and energetic effects?

Anyone have experiences or warnings?

Psionics / A Few Questions About Psi
« on: September 24, 2014, 07:50:09 PM »
These questions have been unconsciously brewing for a while and my brain has finally translated them. Sorry if they seem juvenile.  :)

So, I have asked my Tarot, more than once and at different stages in life, if I should practice Psi, and they tell me, "No. Bad for your health ." Because the Cards never lie, of course I listen. With that said, does Psi, particularly kinesis and future selection, have anything to do with karma? Does 'good' or 'bad' karma dictate the potentials of manifesting results in Psi? (In the past I have had fatigue issues, so maybe the Cards were pointing that out to me in an abstract way).

I understand karma from a magical point of view, at least in my perception, because magic is traditionally interwoven with the Spirit Model, but Psi being more scientific and 'modern' (beyond the Energy and Spirit Models), how, or does, karma interact with Psi?

Also, according to certain magical and mystical sects Psi is an action of spirits; is this a shared viewpoint with any Veritas Psions? For example knowing a few members who practice Psi and are also Christian/Catholic, is God helping you perform your manipulations, or is it that you are just a Child, or Emenation, of God, and it is a natural ability of the soul, no spirit helping the object move or helping move along future manifestations?

Other / Short Essay Debunking Psychic Vampirism
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This is a rather short but very well written blog disproving psychic vampirism. Being lost in that mindset myself for a time, I find it rather good that I am mature enough to agree with the blog! (I say mature, because I always believed in a 'cure' to psychic vampirism, from Qigong, Yoga, to proper dieting, and proper mental/psychic health practices).

What are your thoughts?

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