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Magick / Re: Veos and Prophecy
« on: June 17, 2014, 12:01:51 AM »
Going to take me a bit to catch up here, been away from this forum for a very long time. I'll reply a bit more when I have some time to catch up, but as of thus far, here goes.

@ Ryan - Multiple different ancient societies held that we have more then one "Body", the Egyptians believed in anywhere from 16 (Archaic Egyptian) to 6-8 (Middle Egyptian), as well as other civilizations as well. I'm not going to say what is of the "higher bodies", is exactly the same as the lower bodies, but I'm also not going to say current science is going to validate what we practice. I've seen and witnessed things that normal science can't explain, and I'm not a gullible guy. I've worked as a stage magician, and I understand Hypnotism and Suggestion really well, so I'm a pretty difficult guy to fake. I also am more of a scientific thinker, and the first thing you learn about science is that it's easiest to try to disprove something then to prove it. When new ideas and theories come up in Physics, this is the general methodology that is used. Look at it, try to disprove it. If this doesn't work, then start looking at it as it's something that can actually be done. At this point it should still be practiced, writing down what happens, and testing results. If you have no results, it is a waste of time and should be discarded. I will give my ideas on these "energy Bodies", from my own personal experience.

I think that a lot of the ancient people placed the Consciousness as a body of its own, outside of the physical body. I don't think this was for lack of understanding, I think it was for lack of form. What I mean is, humans as a species, the majority of us, have a issue without having form. We give Gods, even Death, a form. Death is in all religions (at least nearly all), though it generally has a form, and is usually humanoid. Anubis, has a form that is humanoid. The Angel of Death, Thanatos, Baron Samedi, and so many more. They all are from different religions as well, some of them spanning at least a thousand years apart. My idea is that that the ancient people that practiced Magic, or some form of mental practices, or energetic practices, learned to project their mind. The Chinese, Russian, and American Governments have all had programs on this, with millions of dollars sunk into them, they work. They are a last resort from what we are told, but they work. I even have a uncle that was very high ranking in the USAF, that told me they still use programs like this, and similar to it (though he said nothing else about it). This kind of things isn't something he normally talks about, for the fact that he doesn't believe it works, and he's sworn under oath to not speak about the majority of what he's seen. Back to my idea though. When they could project their mind, the idea of being formless, of having no body, this scares a lot of people. Even people that do it now say they have a body when doing this, though when I've experienced it I've never had a form, it was simply formless. I believe it was the need to give form to the formless. Most cultures have something akin to the "Astral Body", Though this having form would make more sense, based on the elemental concept that the Astral Plane is a level of existence that is made up of the base elements of existence.

What I really wanted to speak about was about Vitality, I'll just write an article on the bodies, as to not take up too much space here. We now have a machine, I'll link it when I find it online, that has proven how acupuncture works (well, that it works). It has found these points in the body that are booming with electrical output, of which we couldn't see before. Acupuncture is also starting to be used in America instead of actual pain killers, and anesthesia, being a much safer practice. I'm not going to call it a mystical energy, I believe it to be just electrical current, and that it can be controlled. Ether by Will/Intent, or through manipulation, with the needles. We are just starting to use it, the Chinese have been using it for a very long time. Call it what you will, we now have a machine that actually shows us these "points" are there.

Back to the OP.

I have spoken to Veos and Ramose multiple times, before they were even being called Veos and Remose, when they were going by their first names and on this forum often. I also have many friends that are in TDS, and have been sense the very first class. One of these friends that went to visit them was very into Hypnotism, and a healthy skeptic. I believe he even studied it while in college, I'm not sure. He thought that if they were doing this, and it wasn't real, then they had to be using suggestion, or some sort of slight of hands. So if they weren't legit, he could find what was up. I forget his actual experience he had, but I know he saw something. I've spoken to many students who have said they've seen clouds manifest, a lot of weather manipulation. 1 person said that when Veos was reading scripture, it caused the group to instantly fall into a deep trance. I've heard of the conjuration of Fire done by Ramose (think it was Ramose anyway), and a load of other things. The truth is, ANYTHING could be done with slight of hand, Suggestion, and some preparation. So even if someone does catch paper on fire with their hands, someone that is extremely skeptical will just say "Well, you could use a chemical to do that". Even if they break it down into a scientific process, washing their hands, having the paper handed to them, they will find a reason to doubt this. It's happened to me before, and I don't claim to be a master, nor a teacher really. I practice, and I'm a Martial Artist (though I do teach Martial Arts). When someone wanted a demonstration of internal energy, I did so. though it was nothing special. They used all of their force against my center of gravity, I barely pressed on his elbow and it made him bounce away about four feet. Not really mystical, but he thought it was. I could explain it, but anyone here with a physics background, or martial arts background would understand why it happened.

Magick / Re: Yoga for IIH
« on: February 25, 2013, 09:59:05 PM »
Asana is fine. I have been advised that anything other the Asana and basic Pranayama are really the only two things that should be used. For example, Kriya Yoga kind of combats the energy within the Hemertic school of practice. At least this is what I have been told. I would stick with the Pranayama and the Asana. You can also look at it from a different point of view. The time taken to perform these other tasks could be given to the IIH, moving further. I would say Asana would be very good though, it gives a great focus on physical strength, and endurance. Which you will need later on for longer meditation sessions.

Magick / Re: need help!!!
« on: December 21, 2012, 11:22:47 AM »
to Son of Searcher;

Defining Low Magic.

" Folk magic, generally practical (as opposed to spiritually enlightening)."

Traditional Witchcraft would be seen as folk magic, also termed low magic. It wasn't about ascending the mind high, anything of the such. It wasn't about developing the magical faculties, anything like this. When reading Frabato (Bardon), the story of him against the dark magicians is a very good example of this. They practiced low magic, they only wanted to gain within the physical. The manipulated demons and tried to control such entities, of which didn't work out mind out. There abilities were within the realm of parlor tricks to a real, true magician. Conjuring a demon? Sure. Being able to see it as if it is truly there? Usually that takes one of the three major jewels of the occult, unless if it manifests to you, but that is something entirely different.

The point being made here, low magic can give results, but in the end, it is still low magic, folk magic, and the goals are different. A magician who practices high magic will develop within the three spheres, equally, and balanced. They will transcend passed Samsara. The difference in practice could be seen again, referring to the example in that book. He was capable of far more, and for good reason.  From the people I have met, the Adepts, I have never met a Adept, someone that could claim such title, that practiced low magic, they simply didn't train the proper areas. This may sound harsh, again, this is my own opinion.

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Aghora - The Path of Bhairava
« on: December 16, 2012, 08:29:58 PM »
This is a lesser known path, and many who know it see it as a "Dark" path, this is through misunderstanding of the practices and the Sadhana performed by the Aghora. Some of the Sadhana can seem terrible, destroying all taboo, removing them, such as Sadhana on a corpse or within a grave yard. This is a large taboo, but the Aghora practice this. Now, lets go into what a Aghora is.

What is a Aghora?

A Aghora is a practitioner of a spiritual path, supposed to be one of the quickest paths, to reach God. It does correlate with Yoga, some of the Sadhana being the same. However, this would be considered High Tantra, going further then Yoga truly does. A Aghora makes everything they do a sacred act, down to deification. A good example of this would be that when you defecate, you give a masculine sacrifice to mother Kali, and when you Urinate, you give a feminine sacrifice. Those are only examples, but they do give a idea. A Aghora generally, in the true sense of this practitioner, destroys all taboo, anything and everything, having no limitations. This is why Bhairava is there God, he destroys all in the way, rebuilding. Knowing we are in Samsara, destroying any idea of the illusion. Now, the key to such is holding truth, holding your balance when going through, allowing nothing to disturb you, to move your train of thought, your focus. Traditionally, they would remove themselves of all friends, of all family, of all things. They would eat as little as possible until food became no desire to them. They would sit in Sadhana for hours upon hours.

Sadhana of the Aghora

There Sadhana focuses largely upon Yantra and Mantra, but it has other focuses as well, such as having no limits or taboo. The idea behind this is that you are within Samsara. A fear or taboo limits your growth. To have to fear, to not be limited, you destroy it. A story about this goes like this. A man, one of the first Aghora, goes into a cave to see Bhairava. He performs Sadhana there for 12 years, never moving the entire time. He leaves the cave upset that he never did see him. He see's a dog in pain with worms coming from it's flesh, knowing the dog would die. To remove the dogs pain, he wants to remove the worms. Before doing this, he then thinks that if he pulls them out with his fingers, he will kill the worms. To not kill the worms, he places his tongue down to the dog. Even though the dog smells of filth and decay, he bears through it, ignoring it. When he opens his eyes, there he see's Bhairava. He asks him why he hasn't seen him, after 12 years of solid dedicated. He answers back "I was always there, all it took was a random act of kindness, and you would have seen me". The Sadhana may seem extreme, but it does help to remove the boundaries that we are all placed upon at Earth. In today's world it is hard to be a true Aghora, to give up everything in this Western Civilization. However, we can still practice the Sadhana of the Aghora and grow further with it, utilizing it within our daily practices.

Every task as Sadhana

Make anything and everything you do as divine action, a practice of Sadhana. Through bathroom trips, to going to the store, to dining. Anything can be looked upon as divine if you make it so. In the IIH they talk about awareness, such as when you are breathing, or eating, performing normal functions. They go on further to discuss pushing thought and impregnation into your food, your air, etc. This is much the same theory and practice, only taking it much further then that, placing it to everything that you do. This is another reason that the Aghora move forward so quickly, everything they do is divine.


This isn't meant as to be everything, it is meant as a guide to get you started, and to intrigue you. I don't expect anyone to go give up everything and attempt to become a Aghora, not at all. But hopefully these practices, and these ideas can be used by some of you here.

Psionics / Re: Bilocation
« on: December 16, 2012, 08:07:41 PM »
Bi-location is a byproduct of great advancement. You have to have reached a specific state in your development to perform such a task. If you follow some of the practices of Mei Kung and Pak Mai, this can take up to 5 years of dedicated, hours a day, practice to achieve. If you follow other groups, such as magical groups, it still takes dedicated time and practice to achieve, of which no technique will give you unless if you are at the proper state within your development.

Magick / Re: The spirit does the work
« on: December 16, 2012, 08:00:22 PM »
The spirit only does the work if the spirit is conjured forth to do the work. Traditionally, Sorcery was given the term for this, to have the spirit do the work for you, it was a way to get around being burnt. This is not how all magic is done, I don't agree with that at all. Any Adept knows this, and anyone who has developed any of the magical faculties knows this as well.

Magick / Re: need help!!!
« on: December 16, 2012, 07:57:39 PM »
Chaos Magick is something you really teach yourself, once you understand the base principles. You can do a google on "Chaos Magic PDF", and get a lot of books that come up. The forum link posted above is a great forum for Chaos Magick too. I will tell you this though. I have many friends of mine who have practiced Chaos Magic, Luciferian Magic, and other systems. One of those good friends noticed that everything he did focused upon a couple things.

1. Materialistic - Always upon a earthly focus

2. Low Magic - It was always lower magic, folk magic. Never did he use it for anything else, not that you can't though.

He ended up joining a Mystery School that focuses on development of the self through the three spheres. He is far happier now. This guy focused upon some pretty dark stuff, and he was the last one I would ever to have thought to join a school like that. He is far happier now, and his magical prowess is far greater then it once was. I would suggest to you to make give a school a chance? I know the probationer class just opened up for The Divine Science. Many people here will attest to there teachings, to the Teachers.

Magick / Taoist Question
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:46:45 AM »
My teacher in Taoism and Martial Arts, he told me that the biggest different between the Chinese methodology of Mysticism, and the Hindu, the goal in Taoism being more focused on the Earth, and mastery of more Earthly things. he gave one example. He said that when the serpent rises from the back and uncoils, it rises upward, to the head (shiva, and then travels down and around, meeting back again. He also said that the immortal fetus is constructed sooner in Taoism then most traditions, creating in upon the Solar Plexus. He said that when the time is right, upon the physical death or when they time is ready, with all of the energy developed within the body and stored over time, the energy is released and absorbed by the immortal body, the ying mind transferred into this body. Nearly nothing left of the physical body other then hair and nails. I red this about the Diamond body and the Rainbow Body. Is there really any difference? Why is the energy kept within the mind and not cycled to create a circuit? He also said that often times Taoists work more with acupuncture points and Skeletal points, and other areas. For example, one of these is the "gate of death", on the back. He said that they don't focus as much on the primary energy points, the Chakras. Is this all true, can someone comment on this?

Magick / Yogic/Aghora question?
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:41:26 AM »
I have a question about something I have been contemplating. In Sanskrit, the wording "Kita Bhramari Nyaya", the Law of the Caterpillar and the Butterfly". From my understanding, if you focus upon something, you become it. Through focus and concentration you eventually "become" it. The more this is done with more intense ability, the better the results. Not just become something, but master something. Does this refer to Samyama? Just curious if this is the same thing.

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