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Magick / Re: Tarot card question?
« on: May 30, 2015, 07:33:05 AM »
I agree, I think that anyone can change if they have the true want, and something driving them. No drive, no ambition to change, you will be the same. I've had a lot of time to think about this, to meditate on it, to talk with her. Things are going.... better. Things aren't repaired completely, not by a long shot. Today I'm picking her and my son up, we're going to the coast to spend the weekend out there. No expectations or anything, just a date. Whatever happens, happens. It's more to just have a good time, and to demonstrate anything that I can that I am changing. Not spending money selfishly is a good start, one of many. Being into dates is also something important to her, they never were to me. I was always more of a home body :P. Though, I understand why they are so important to her now, so that makes it matter a lot more to me.

I'm doing a bit better. I'm still having down moments, it's tough. But I'm trying to be strong. I'm going to have a very good job starting soon, 4k a month starting :). For me, it's the best job I'll have ever had. It would be rough, because I'll be living out of my car for the first month or two, as I wont have a place to stay local to her and the job is local to her. It wont be that awful though. Nothing worth having in life has ever come easy. This job will give us a lot of financial lead way, letting us have a place of out own, a nice place. Which, when financially secure, makes things just easier and less stressful for everyone all around.

About the cards' that same day I thanked Aphrodie and asked another question, that if I continue on the path of change I've made for myself, what would the outcome be? The cards came out of the deck this time, the Emperor, and the Empress. To me, this represents me and her anyway. Regardless, things are getting better. I'm trying to rebuild the foundation for everything carefully. A castle isn't built at once, it's brick by brick. Which is what I'm doing. I'm rebuilding trust with her. Her giving the "ok" for me to pick her up is her already extending herself, giving me some level of trust not to let her down again. Which is the perfect limb to start building more trust off of. Also, I think that when you love someone you have to change. It can't just be your likes, what you want to do. You have to adapt to what they like to do, and vice versa. You have to adapt, to grow, and evolve. A Relationship is a Partnership, though it also has to be flexible, willing to adapt and change. If you can't adapt and change and grow as two people, then what's the point of a relationship? Anyone that I know that has been married for 30+ years, they tell you that change is the biggest aspect of making it work. If you wont change for the person you're with and want to spend the rest of your life with, then who is worth changing for besides yourself?

Magick / Re: Tarot card question?
« on: May 23, 2015, 09:12:25 PM »
I understand what you are saying, as I've been thinking much of the same things. It's been a lot of time of self contemplation. I know what I don't want to be in the future, and I know what I want to become, I also know who I want to do it with. I know the mistakes I've made, and I'm fixing them. Though I don't agree about the habits per say, I've witnessed people change bad habits over night. Though the urge to still do it may be there, it doesn't mean you can't quit the habit. Such as a smoker through down the cigarettes. They might still feel that they need one, but it's mind over matter. I sold something that I really enjoyed, more then anyone should enjoy there computer, and I did it without a second though; because I know what it is important to me. I'm not gaming at all now, what so ever. I'm making the steps that I can to do everything to fix our relationship, and to make myself a better person, to become what I want to be.

Generally stressful situations don't bother me, I've faced my fair share of them. Growing up in a racist city, where 10 white people go to an entirely black school, I was beaten everyday. When I say beaten, I mean kicked and stomped by more then 9 people. Taking a bat to the teeth and being curbed stomped. Not just once, for 8 years of my life, it happened nearly everyday. You could make the choice to sit there and take it and not move, or to try your hardest to get up. I never just took it, I always tried to get up. You get beat regardless, at least you try this way. I handled that situation until I was moved out of it. The only thing that can really get to me is if it has something to do with my family, it cuts my deep and I don't handle it well. I see a life without the both of them, and it's not something I ever want to see again. Anyway, thanks to everyone who's responded. The computer sold today, and I got more for it then I was originally told I would.

Magick / Re: Tarot card question?
« on: May 23, 2015, 04:17:21 AM »
No...... I am not. I can be emotional, but I do not suffer from Bipolar disorder.

Magick / Re: Tarot card question?
« on: May 22, 2015, 06:07:31 PM »

I'm not ready to give up or throw in the towel yet. I messed up big time, and I know I did. I gamed all the time, way too much. I took her for granted, I wasn't very nice, I was rude, and we didn't have our own place. There was stuff that led up to it. Though, knowing her, if she had the balls to leave, she would have the balls to tell me that we are done and finished. She hasn't done this, and that makes the most sense to me. Now, I know what I did to make the problem get to this point, and I know what I need to do to fix it.

1. I'm selling my computer. I put 4500 dollars into it. It's watercooled, under expensive water blocks, etc. I wont get nearly what I put into it, but I'm selling it tomorrow. I have messed a lot of promises up before, so I might not have a lot of that built up. Though she knows how much I like my computer, and I don't have much else besides my computer. So, I think of this as an expression of my action. She knows I would never do this normally, but this is for her. Anyone who knows anything of love languages, one of her love languages is actions, for her actions are much louder then words. I'll be getting 1500 for this tomorrow.

2. An apartment. I'll have an apartment for us soon, this lump sum will help with the first month, deposit, etc. We will have our own place.

3. New job - 45 or 50 hours a week, closer to where I'll live, can walk to work, and better hours. Plus, benefits.

She says that people can't change that quickly, and that bad habits die hard. She said she still loves me, and the original reason for her leaving was because I needed to get my priorities straight. This is what I'm doing. A lot of this was stuff I should have had, to me her living was more along the lines of "man up" rather then "I don't want to be with you". Also, I don't think using the Tarot are a desperate plea. I'm a practicing stage magician and I've been doing it for a very long time. I have very, very good control over cards, and I never drop a card, it just doesn't happen, I wouldn't have work this way.

On a side note, I gave thanks to Aphrodite for the help, and asked if I kept on the way I'm going and doing what I'm doing now, would she come back and what would the outcome be. The Empress and the Emperor came up for me, literally, again, popped out of the deck.

Magick / Re: Tarot card question?
« on: May 22, 2015, 04:13:45 AM »
The Rider deck.

Magick / Tarot card question?
« on: May 22, 2015, 01:23:22 AM »
I've been having problems with my wife, she left and took the kids. It's been very hard on me, and I'm doing everything to change into the kind of man she wants and needs. I did some magic with Aphrodite to help in this situation, and after I was shuffling my tarot cards, and I gave her thanks, a card popped out on my lap. The Two of Cups. I'm trying to figure out what the meaning behind it is and I would like more then one perspective, both on the inverted and normal.

Magick / Re: Help! santeria
« on: March 10, 2015, 08:20:40 PM »
Low vibes? I've been here for years, not once have I had to post like this to anyone before. Generally people come here well composed and mature, unless if they are trolls. There may be few that aren't, though they don't generally stay very long. If you have looked through this forum you will see that I'm not the only one who talks to people like such. If you came here with a good attitude, this would have never happened in the first place. I tried to help with my post. If I didn't, then I didn't, though I did give you my effort. I don't really care what you have to say about my development of character, I'm very happy with what I've achieved as of so far; been at this for years and I've had very good results. Anyway, I hope you find what you're looking for. I probably wont be replying back to you from here on out, as it's pointless. If it doesn't fit with your view of things, you aren't ready to accept it. Anyway, hopefully you find what you seek.

Magick / Re: Help! santeria
« on: March 08, 2015, 01:42:12 PM »

You fail to see the point of what happened. It comes down to respect, and asking for help; as well as accepting it. I actually do have knowledge on Santeria. Not as much as you, though much of what I know you can't learn online, I learned it from friends in the group I practice with. Though this knowledge is generally passed on orally (not written), and not given out lightly. I'm not going to openly post it until I know the person I'm posting it to better. Besides from this, I did give him ways to figure things out. I gave him an Amazon link so he could find books on it. I also told him where to find some free books on it, through Scribd. These are both resources that he could have used to find more information on what he was looking for.

When you come a Messaging Forum you are there to ether Ask, or to Answer, those are the general two reasons. When you ask for advice and you are rude and have a poor attitude about it, you get called out. If you are at Uni taking a class, wanting to learn, and show rudeness to the Professor, what do you think will happen? I've seen this happen, where the person is kicked right from the classroom, of not from the class all together. This isn't a classroom, though it is still a place of learning. A lot of the knowledge and information that we have learned has taken time and dedication to get. When asking other people for help you generally show respect, or at least not rudeness. Why would someone want to share with someone who is rude and has a crude attitude?

Spirituality / Re: I found spiritual illumination in the psych ward.
« on: March 07, 2015, 09:38:13 PM »
This really is the big problem with the metaphysical practices all together. You can be written off as have a mental condition, even though you may indeed be having something magical happen. Or, even if people see something magical happen, nearly everything can be duplicated through trickery and illusions now. I personally do think he needs more help, and not from all of what he's saying. There are simply some things that stand out to me that don't sound right, not that he's lying. With mental conditions it's very hard to treat in a week, or even a year. It's something you do for your whole life, usually do to an imbalance of something within your mind. A pill wont fix it unless if you keep taking said medication, and it takes a lot of time to figure out what works good for that person, as everyones chemistry to what will work for them is slightly different; which is why the science of the kind is as much an Art as it is a Science.

Many of the things he states he would be capable of, other things I don't think so. Even some of the things he may be capable of doing, I don't think he's put the time or training it to do them. I don't know the OP, though judging from his typing and his mentality I assume that he's in his teens some where (not meaning this in a rude way, I apologize if I'm wrong or if it is rude). What it comes down to, is if he believes it. The movie the Matrix explained it the best. If it feels real, looks real, smells real, what makes it not real? If it is real to him it is very much alive in his reality, even if it isn't in our own (his Microcosm). If he thinks he needs help, then he should seek it if not, then let it be. Though about the music, you are more capable then what you believe, everyone is. I've known people that claimed that could never kill someone, never hurt someone, and they lived up to it. Until a situation came that was life threatening and they proved to be otherwise. We are all capable of far more then we chose to show, I think.

Magick / Re: Help! santeria
« on: March 06, 2015, 01:20:55 PM »
Sorry Akenu, the guy had it coming. Arrogance and Ego isn't what this is about. You have spoken with me, I've been around for a while. I'm always polite, not a rude man.

Magick / Re: Help! santeria
« on: March 06, 2015, 01:43:13 AM »
Alright, so I'm normally a kind dude. I don't let things upset me, and this hasn't. Though up to this point I've had kid gloves on, for you. They are now off and this is going be harsh, and it's damn well meant to be. Lets start with the remark about your parents. They don't have a right to offer you advice? Are you serious right now? It use to be that children spoken when they had a question to ask, or something intelligent to say. Saying things like that WILL make people on this form shake there head at you. A lot of the people on this form are in there twenties, if not older, and have children. If someone brings you into this damn world show some respect. You wont though, because you are one of those people who are going to have to learn the hard way, you wont have an easy life. Which is fine, you will learn a lot, I was a lot like you when I was younger. I didn't listen to any of the advice from my peers, or my parents. I was also in a lot of trouble when I was a kid and still suffer repercussions from when I was very young. Point being here, show some damn respect, especially to your parents. I have no fucks to give if you want to respect me or anyone else on here. I checked, I literally have no fucks left, all out.

Next, your idea on what advice is. You are not so special as to say when advice is given to you or when it is denied. If you come to a messaging board, you WILL get advice. If you have been around for some time like you claim, you would know that this is how Veritas is. You're lucky the more aggressive people aren't commenting here, I can bet you that they would agree with what I'm saying. It comes down to it that YOU posted asking about information on an opened messaging forum. By posting you enter into a contract KNOWING that people can reply to the knowledge you seek. I did, as well as others. Though there is a difference wanting information, and then only wanting certain information. I have given you information that you didn't like, and some others have; then you got butt-hurt over it. This is how fake physics work, and WHY they make so much money. People want to hear what they want to hear, and they don't like hearing anything else. Some can deal, some will listen and wont do this, though a lot of people only want to hear something if it's something they like; they don't care about the truth. You are doing this. Right here. Right now. In this thread.

Next, about me a little bit. I've been on this Forum sense Dan/Ramose stopped doing the Rad Ki. I've had three separate accounts, I've been here sense the very beginning, and I was on the previous forums before that. I've performed rites and rituals that you wouldn't be able to believe. Most importantly, I've manifested the life that I want, and that I have desired, and I become more enlightened everyday. I don't personally care if you take my advice, or anyone's advice here, though I know you wont.  As said, you will have to learn things the hard way. Think of it like this, if you can absorb the knowledge and training of someone who has 15 to 20 years of solid practice, wouldn't that be the most intelligent thing to do? Or do you have to follow a similar road to gain such knowledge, that you could have easily gained? As has been said before, "Your cup is too full". Empty your cup and be prepared to take the knowledge and information that you ask for.

Magick / Re: Help! santeria
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:12:40 AM »
You can say what you like, I was just trying to help you man.

Anyway, hope the best for you and that you find your path.

Spirituality / Re: I found spiritual illumination in the psych ward.
« on: March 04, 2015, 09:43:19 PM »
Alright, so I'm not saying you are right or wrong here, though lets play the devils advocate here for a moment. First, with anything metaphysical you should ask yourself what this could be that is mundane first, then jumping to it being metaphysical and yourself being an enlightened being. What could this be? I know that people who are Schizophrenic have similar issues when off of there medication or not on medication in the first place, have you thought of this? I know of a man who thought that demons spoke with him. Being a magician, I have had many encounters with entities, and I can tell you that they don't generally go bothering people for no reason. Saying that Lucifer, or any higher level entity would be communicating with you, what makes you think this? Simply because you don't believe yourself to be deceitful enough to make this type of music? People are capable of far more then they realize. Part of magic, of wearing robes, of chanting, of doing many of the dogma based efforts is based on developing the phyco-paump (how ever you spell it).You yourself are capable of much more then you think.

My opinion? You should see a doctor. I'm not trying to be an ass, or a douche; I'm trying to be a friend. Do you know how difficult it is to develop the ability to just see or hear metaphysical entities? It's not something that just happens (usually, for the majority of people it doesn't). I would recommend that you seek help. Again, please don't think of this as being an asshole, I don't intend it to. Rayn was correct, just no one wants to say anything about it. I've met people who have had similar things happen to them, please don't go down the same road. Make a new path for yourself. This path is all about bettering yourself, be it the RHP or the LHP, it's all about self improvement. If and when you do seek help and I was wrong, come back here and let me know I was wrong, I will accept that.

Magick / Re: Magical Education
« on: March 04, 2015, 09:33:17 AM »
Though the forum has seen it's days, it's not dead yet. Anyone who wants to learn can do so, which is why I posted this here. I'm online decently often, enough to teach people anyway and answer questions. I want to give myself as a resource to people who need it. I'm sure many of us remember starting out, those days were rough. Just trying to do anything I can to make this path a bit more easy to follow.

Magick / Magical Education
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:33:05 PM »
This post is more meant for people whoa re new here, and to magic in general; though anyone is welcome to post. It's obviously apparent now that this forum isn't as alive as it once was, though people do still visit, and people do still want to learn. I'm putting together a correspondence course on the study of magic. It will be something that I make and design, if you are interested please say so here and send me a private message. I'll get back to you shortly, I check this rather often.

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