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I would hope that he delegated the task of being aware of his surroundings to a good, trustworthy, sober, well-educated friend.

The Cafeteria / Re: Have a Cow!
« on: February 04, 2011, 11:49:47 PM »
10 good reasons why this thread was resurrected:
  • :cow:
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Main Hall / Re: Medium/Heavy Caffeine Addiction :/
« on: February 03, 2011, 09:37:59 AM »
neurochemical excellence
Fantastic. Thanks kobok.

Drink apple cider vinegar diluted in water and honey.
I'm not trying to QUIT caffeine. It's actually healthy to use caffeine, at lower dosages. It is a mental enhancer and is actually structurally similar to our DNA. It's just not healthy to use it at the levels that I currently do. I'm trying to lower my tolerance. I'd like to lower my dosage amount from 600mg per day to about 100mg per day and feel the same (or better) effects. What you've presented seems like some kind of mega-flush/detox. Will that work in lowering my tolerance as well?

but take a week off of caffeine altogether. This is the approximate amount of time it should take to cause your sensitivity to restore to where it was before.
Wow. I've been abusing caffeine for 5 years and you think my tolerance can be completely restored in one week?

a fat burner which is what I'm assuming you're on
It is not a fat burner. It is a preworkout ignition supplement. You take it 30 minutes before exercising, and its specific purpose is to give you various forms of energy and advantages while you are working out, as well as aid in recovery. Among other things, it is hemo-diolator, pumping more water into your muscles, and delivers creatine.

Here is the product I started with in 2007: NO-Xplode. 100mg caffeine per scoop. 1-3 scoops per serving.

Here is the product I use now. Platinum Pump Fuel. 200mg caffeine per schoop. 1 scoop per serving.

I also found this product the last time I was at GNC and bought it too. CAFFEINE FREE Pump Fuel....

The caffeine free version has all the creatine and hemo-diolators and everything else EXCEPT the caffeine. I haven't really started taking this caffeine free stuff yet. It doesn't give me as much of an edge. I'm wondering if, in order to restore order in my body, it would be sufficient to simply take this caffeine free version or if I need to stop taking these supplements all-together.

Main Hall / Medium/Heavy Caffeine Addiction :/
« on: February 03, 2011, 12:50:11 AM »
I first started my daily use of caffeine in 2006 to keep myself awake at work after narrow nights of sleep and during boring PowerPoint presentations. No matter how little sleep I got the night before, one little cup of low-grade vending-machine-produced coffee or can of orange soda would do the trick and feel great! This built a little bit to where some days I might have both a coffee and a soda but wasn't that bad. Then in 2007 I started using workout supplements. I didn't really know everything about everything that was in them but they had good reviews and I wanted an edge (silly me). They felt grrrreat! My workouts were so much fun, my fitness levels soared through the roof, and I nearly aced my military fitness tests. Little did I know these workout supplements were loaded with caffeine (nondisclosed in a proprietary blend) to the tune of 200-300mg per serving, and I ended up completely destroying my tolerance at a premature stage. Coffee didn't work so well at work anymore but then I discovered 5-hour-energy(extra strength). Something about the B-Vitamin complex and other things in it made it still work. When I took one I'd be wired and get totally lost in my work and end up doing 3x more work than I normally did and leaving my coworkers in the dust!.

- fast forward-

Year 2010/2011: I have about... 600mg caffeine per day, usually consisting of... 2 or 3 cups of coffee, an energy drink or shot, and my workout supplement. None of it really feels that good anymore - the negative effects such as jiterriness and loss of clarity are outweighing the positive effects. Nothing keeps me awake - I can fall right asleep, except it's not really sleep - it's just some wierd trance where I dont dream or really get rest (basically the worst of both worlds). 5-hour-energy no longer has an edge and feels like it gives me indigestion... I feel like everything is required even if I dont need it, even if I got 10 hours of sleep the night before. I feel like my workout supplement is a requirement to workout.

I know. I know. These are all textbook signs of addiction. And here I am in all these threads bashing addictive drugs and promoting nonaddictive drugs when I myself am addicted to an addictive drug. I feel embarrassed and hypocritical. I dont want to go to the next level and start taking even more caffeine. I dont want to eventually be taking so much that I hurt myself, or render myself totally incapable of being the master of my mind. I want to reverse this process. I want to lower my tolerance. I want to go back to being able to feel more with less.

Does anyone know some great ways of lowering caffeine tolerance? Without months of agony?

Psionics / Re: Assistance required against psychic attack
« on: February 02, 2011, 11:54:55 PM »
Relax, I always believe that when you direct your focus(energy flows where attention goes) on GOD and asked for his help to protect you together with his Archangels you become a pillar of light and that is the best defense I could suggest. From my first hand experience of psychic attacks, ghost visitations and astral attacks and voodoo. One of the advise of my mentor is that to not fear, although be worried if the person could call on the help of insects at will or call on demons at will(that's kinda a different story). But mind or psychic attacks versus the power of GOD is like  a fly right in front of a shotgun. There is no contest. The best protection is spiritual protection.

Why would God protect someone from a psychic attack? God doesn't protect people from guns. God doesn't protect people from fires, cars, electrocution, or poisoning. Plenty of experienced, devoted, faithful religious people have prayed to god in the face of gangsters, earthquakes, and cancer and received no help at all. So what makes psychic attacks so special?

Do you think that, because psionics involves a force that is not completely understood, and God involves a force that is not completely understood, that God automatically regulates all use of psionics, or chooses to answer the prayers relevant to psionics more-so than the prayers not relevant to psionics? I can see this logic being somewhat intuitive from a primitive standpoint but it is nonetheless defunct...

I think people should learn to fend for themselves. Obviously God isn't fending for everyone while they are on Earth. Perhaps he put us here to challenge us and see what we could do and how we handle things.  Sure it would be nice if God answered our prayers or gave us a little support, but there is no guarantee. In the meantime, we should be doing everything else possible to improve and empower ourselves and fend for ourselves. Faith in God should not be an excuse for lacking in another department. I'm not saying we shouldn't ask for God's help at all; but we should be exploring every other avenue in the meantime.

There was a time in my life when, even though I had strong and pressing goals, I had no energy and no motivation to do anything. I thought maybe it was a lack of discipline, maybe it was the mold in my residence, or maybe it was a psychic attack. I prayed every night to God and psionics and magick and every omnipotent force I could think of that that night I'd astral project, acquire a bunch of universal power, and wake up a new person who was able to defeat all of my challenges... It never happened... I ended up failing at everything. It wasn't until I joined the military and they whipped my @ss into shape that I really became a better person and able to control my mind.

The Cafeteria / Re: How do you drink your coffee?
« on: February 02, 2011, 11:32:36 PM »
I do something different every day! I alternate:
-Coffee Black
-Coffee w Sugar
-Coffee w Cream
-Coffee w Milk
-Coffee w Cream and Sugar
-Coffee w Milk and Sugar
-5 hour energy
-Hitman energy shooter
-Energy soda
-Some kind of supplement pill from GNC
-Start my day with a workout and use my exercise supplement (it has 200mg caffeine)
-Pure caffeine powder (sold online and in head shops) carefully dosed and mixed with any beverage.

No I'm not doing all of these at once. I'm rotating... trying to keep my body guessing ( but it doesn't really work :/ ).

If cigarettes were illegal, I bet there would be a huge underground network for it with gangsters, mafias and plenty of violence, guns, bloodshed, and broken families. Not to mention the broken families it already causes, the bodies it degrades (in nearly every user), the cancers it causes, and the 440,000 people per year it already kills.

Alcohol too... anyone remember the prohibition?

Compare this with the ZERO deaths that have ever been associated with LSD (including when it was legal) ...

ZERO. Yeah I bet kobok can't come up with a mathematical function for that one...

Main Hall / Re: Cigarettes
« on: February 02, 2011, 01:16:44 PM »
There are so many other substances and so many other ways in which you can get a serotonin/dopamine high. Why does it have to be something that is highly addictive, low-yielding, and involves a constant emission of large amounts of a cancerous and degrading gas?

Society seems to be sold under this media-produced impression that in order to get high, you must somehow harm yourself (see my other threads on drugs and meditation) and they are so wrong...

LSD was found to produce instability in test subjects the CIA test studies shown it can be used to get the truth out of people also.

As someone who has done LSD I can assure you I would also be extremely "unstable" if I were subjected to those same CIA experiments while under the influence of that substance.  I know they abducted at least one Canadian woman, slipped her a massive dose and then locked her in a cabin just to see what she'd do, as this was declassified at one point or another.  This is a woman who has no idea why she is suddenly being locked up, let alone what starts happening to her mind and body shortly thereafter. There are lots of stories of them actually torturing people too while on LSD and I don't doubt it.  It goes hand-in-hand with multiple personality disorder and psychological dissociation in these circumstances.  It's wicked, warped stuff.

Just give up. Some people have no real education about drugs. They were just taught "drugs are bad. drugs are bad" in school and think "drugs are drugs" and have absolutely no conception of the differences between all the drugs or that some don't even cause addiction or harm the body at all.

The reason these drugs are illegal is because not everyone is a spiritualist or a genius and knows how to use them right. They'd violate set, setting, moderation, protocol, self-control, etc. and end up getting themselves hurt. Then of course the drug would be to blame and not their stupid asses. Psychedelics were also illegalized mostly to put a stop to the hippie movement as the government was getting annoyed and scared by what it might see as potential future protests.

Attending EDM parties in a major city, I cant help but notice/observe all the drug trades going on. Of all of them, I'd have to say LSD is one of the most friendly and pure markets there is. This is because the dose is 100 nanograms, which makes it pointless/impossible to cut with anything, and it is extremely easy and profitable to transport. Since the effects last so long, all the dealers are usually in the middle of some mind-bending enlightening spiritual experience and wouldn't even think of harming a fly. They'd be scared of violence because it might send them into a bad trip lol.

That reminds me... We started importing a drug from Netherlands... It's called Euphoria... It has similar effects as cannabis, but it doesn't contain THC as it is made from a set of exotic flowers... It is sold here as a aromatic essence and the box states that it is not supposed for smoking.... :D
I would never smoke anything. I absolutely hate smoking. Every time I've tried smoking anything I feel like I'm destroying my lungs and like I'm dying. Also, I'm very athletic and dont want to reduce my lung capacity.

Psionics / Re: Assistance required against psychic attack
« on: January 24, 2011, 10:59:17 PM »
You choose to be vulnerable. You are master of your own mind. You can stop it easily. Turn on your favorite music, get more of it, and constantly listen to music to feel invigorated and empowered. Do all the things you love. Make sure you are treating yourself right and giving your body and mind the maximum amount of energy possible by:

-eating properly and taking proper nutritional supplements
-sleeping properly
-exercising regularly
-maintaining a clean body and a clean environment
-properly treating all physical illnesses and injuries
-not smoking, drinking, or using drugs
-staying away from negative people and negative situations
-learning new things

Each of these things will give you energy. Doing them all consistently will make you a very powerful person. Shutting off your senses to this attacker will be like nothing; like the flip of a switch. Deny this attacker the reward of being successful. After enough lack of lack of reward, he'll get bored, grow up and get another hobby or a job or something. The best defense for others is for them to follow this protocol as well.

This is a nice debate about drugs but I was wondering if anyone was going to address the original topic? As a member of the military and citizen of the United States I do not have the option of taking psychedelic drugs - but I would like to know if the effects of such were replicable via meditation... I don't want to hear about whether it's good or bad; I just want to know if it's possible from a utilitarian standpoint.

Other / Re: Recommended Postures for Meditation
« on: January 24, 2011, 10:37:40 PM »
I definitely have more success with the leaning forward meditation. I don't have perfect posture naturally so if I try to meditate sitting up straight, it starts to hurt my back and ends up being more of an exercise/workout than a relaxing meditation.

Main Hall / Re: Cigarettes
« on: January 22, 2011, 06:11:20 PM »
Oops. Maybe I should take out heroin, crack, and meth. Still, cigarettes suck... Such a short and insignificant high, which in and of itself is immediately counterbalanced by an equal or greater low - and that's before you even get to any of the dozens of horrible side effects and difficulties physically/mentally/socially  such as what I mentioned.

I would imagine that if it weren't for big money and existing industry, tobacco would be a controlled substance.

Main Hall / Re: Cigarettes
« on: January 22, 2011, 01:56:06 PM »
Just think there are far more than twice as many deaths from cigarettes each year than from alcohol, heroin, crack, meth, pot, ketamine, ecstasy, and hallucinogens combined. If you smoke cigarettes then you might as well be doing all those other things too. It really just isnt worth it from a risk/price to reward ratio standpoint. And forget about aspiring to be superior at anything physical like being an athlete, runner, fighter, etc. Forget about saving money too. And be prepared for a lifestyle where you constantly have to abide by rituals, make messes, carry stuff around, remember stuff, forget stuff, be frustrated, etc... always emitting smoke, bothering people, disgusting people, smelling like smoke, turning people off, etc. Whenever I'm out and I see someone I want to hit on or even just talk to, as soon as I see a cigarette I decide not to bother no matter how hot or interesting they seem - they're crossed out. I know not only am I going to have to smell and breathe their smoke right then but I'm going to have to deal with it constantly and constantly take part in dealing with their rituals and frustrations.

I know you were looking for methods and not for motivations but I just couldn't help myself; Sorry. I'm not sure about methods. Just do yourself a favor; if you do ever put a significant amount of time and progress into quitting and quit at some point, dont ever start again. I knew a friend who quit at one point and for 2 weeks straight he was totally manic, psychotic, and depressed. Everything I said or did frustrated him and made him explode at me. At 3 weeks he finally calmed down and seemed like he had quit and was doing good and then one night a friend pressured him into smoking a cigarette... then it was all over and the whole cycle started all over again. He's now back to a pack a day, with nothing to show for his frustrations. What a waste.

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