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Other / is there a heaven or hell?
« on: July 10, 2004, 07:18:28 AM »
Meh. Heaven and Hell are real to some, to others it's not. But to tell ya the truth, I dont realy know. Currently I dont realy care to think much on the afterlife untill I happen to go there .;

Yu-Gi-Oh?! .... dude, awesome game. Though Konami has ticked me off - got a DM instead of the BEWD in the Kaiba Evo Deck. Sent a letter to them. Emailed them. CALLED THEM. and they aint sent me the BEWD yet! ...ah well. Guess i gotta buy another Kaiba Evo deck, eh? (current fave: Dark Magician of Chaos + 3 Dark Magician + 2 Dedication through Light and Darkness )

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