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Magick / Asian Magick
« on: October 18, 2004, 08:46:34 PM »
aw c'mon guys this is silly

masamune did not name any of his swords masamune....if you think so please show some some research

yes it was common practice for swordsmiths to engrave there name onto a blade...on the tang to be exact...for identification of the maker...although a good smith could tell the author of a piece through tell tale recognisable signature making for masmune it was the hamon...temper lines

masamune and muramasa are also the names of th schools of swordmaking that stem from the students of these smiths

masamune was around the mid 1300's
Masamune created many superb swords, and all of his surviving blades are considered national treasures. Seeing his signature on a sword is extremely rare, and there are just a few swords authenticated as his work. This body of work includes a few unsigned swords attributed to him. Their splendid craftsmanship has led to the high praise of Masamune as a master swordsmith. "Fudo Masamune," "Kyogoku Masamune," and "Daikoku Masamune" are accepted examples of his genuine works.

Masamune's works are the most frequently cited among the swords listed in the Kyoho Meibutsu Cho, a catalogue of "excellent swords" in the collections of daimyos edited during the Kyoho era by Hon-ami.

muramasa swords were prohibited by the tokugawa shogunate due to the ieyasu having had bad run ins with such swords (he was cut and family ws killed by such swords)

the only references i could find to a murasame sword was in regards to yugioh and other games

as to whoever thought a masamune was a longer version of a katana is crazy

if specific koryu ryuha inherited special blades then what makes you think that anyone save for the headmasters of those schools would have any idea about them let alone be public knowledge

there were tachi (early swords) and then the daisho constisting of wakizashi and katana...the longer swords generally for field battle usage were no-dachi
of course there were personal preferences in terms of blade and handle lengths...but by the tokugawa period swords were decreed to be of particular dimensions and with particular deigns/colours/furniture by law

Magick / Starting Magi?
« on: October 18, 2004, 08:23:11 PM »

its C R Y in cryogenics...the freezing of things

edit: DOH!...but a good laugh anyways...I like laughing at myself!

yes i know it means cold
reread my post...i didnt say cryo meant storms

the only place i could find any link between the spelling cyro and cold was where it was it was only written once as cyro among many cryo's

if y0u can find cyro in the dictionary i will be surely amazed

Magick / Aleister Crowley
« on: October 18, 2004, 03:43:14 PM »
i dunno about knox om pax...never heard of it

however i do have a book called Avolovara and its written in a spiral...very strange book...and I dont know anyone that understands it....

Body Energy Arts / Qigong, Sex
« on: October 17, 2004, 11:41:19 PM »
sorry bout the mispelt name...seriously koujiryuu (just to prove i can spell - or at least cut and paste !!!)...names are a bit more important than grammer

i spoke to Lady Kalee bout moding once but im way busy at work...thats why the grammer suffers...

i type the way i think....i dunno if thats a good thing or not!!!
That and my typing isnt the best...though better than some...!

I am fully capable of spelling correctly and using punctuation, syntax and grammer when necessary.

Me a qigong mod...struth...its just a personal hobby ive messed with for years...the physical/martial/mystical arts are more my speed...thanks anyways

Magick / Starting Magi?
« on: October 17, 2004, 10:38:07 PM »
just to note
cheiro mancy is divination through reading the fellow named cheiro was the first to publicly do it...and write books etc...anyway well known for reading palms

now cryomancy would be interesting...divination through watching storms would be cool alos...but i dunno how reliable that would be
maybe cryokinesis is better for control of...

and its spelt cryo....not cyro....sheesh

anyways i prefer ther term thunder dreamer...but thats the native american blood in me...and it implies much more than just control of lightning/thunder

Magick / Asian Magick
« on: October 17, 2004, 10:18:36 PM »
um guys...
murasame and masamune were great swordsmiths of ancient japan...not individual swords...masamune was a man of peace and murasame was the opposite....the attitudes and philosophies of these 2 swordsmiths were imparted ot their creations

the story is this...
if a murasame blade was stuck in a river and a leaf floated down then it would be sliced cleanly through only the force of the rivers flow...thus was the sharpness and quality of a murasame blade

if a masmune blade was stuck in the river etc...then the leaf would be seen to be directed away from the edge of the blade...this is due to the fact that the blades were foremost for the cutting away of the warriors ego (not for the senseless cutting of natural and beautiful things) - not to say that the blades were not of exceptional quality

a similar variation of the story talks about a fether falling onto the blades edge

there have been known to be oriental blades which have associated spirits or deities which posess special skills...and they are generally heirlooms of powerful families or kenjutsu schools

oh and i forgot if your really into japanese magic then check yamabushi - the mountain warrior ascetics...

Magick / Aleister Crowley
« on: October 17, 2004, 10:08:10 PM »
firstly  i must say this...
if at first you think you understand are fooled
if at second you think you understand Crowley...think again

a lot of people Crowley bash for 2 reasons 1...because the dont understand him 2...because of the people/followers he attracts 3...because Crowley encouraged people to bitch about him (anyone who thinks he wasnt a bit ego driven and attention seeking needs to read some more)
(its like listening to Satan bitch about how he can never find any decent disciples)

It is well known that the writings of Crowley were written with many blinds, misinformation and even process to corrupt the minds of readers...

Ive known many who follow Crowley and have been in the OTO or AA and very few of them 1...understand Crowley and 2...have their heads screwed on straight...94% apearance 5% reputation and 1% skill/knowledge

777 alone is full of holes and misinformation...thats what the old man was all about...he did it on purpose

if you only read Crowley you will have a very warped view of the world (especially since much of what he truly believed/knew he did not write down)

I will go home and reread "the little red book" and pick out some holes  (i havent read it for years...and darn it...i didnt burn it afterwards either...

Magick / An Examination of Prophecy
« on: October 17, 2004, 09:54:19 PM »
i do agree with some of what kobok was saying

there is a distinct difference between divine inspiration for prophecy and personal precognitive abilities

the inspiring deity could be any number of non corporeal beings...a benevolent god may indicate what lies in the future to protect followers (or indeed to convert them) or a malevolent demon may inspire a prophet in order to manipulate "the mob" into reacting in a certain way from belief in a possible prophesied event...

if someone "propheses" that an event will occur , knowing that they are making efforts to cause that event I would then drop this from being defined as prophecy as distinct to just plain magic and manipulation of reality....

this is again different to what was before mentioned - the self fulfilling prophecy
my wife is and has been a tarot reader for some time and i have seen many things occur in this setting...i have seen people be told what the cards (or any other divinatory device outlines) and seen them make efforts to bring about what has been in this case it is not the diviner or soothsayer that causes the effect but the subject...

of course it is always possible to make use of this phenomenon in a manipulative manner - on a large scale if you can get enough people to believe that something will happen then mass belief may well manifest it

however i have one thing that has always amused me with prophecy and temporal mechanics (time travel and telling of the future etc) what is predicted is only a possibility for the future...a diviner only sees what MAY happen based on the present  reality and likelyhoods (as Prophecy indicated) however thise future may be changed through action or inaction (although it is also possible that a person acting in a manner which they think will change the foretold future will in actual reality be the cause of it)

this then also brings up the concept of fate or we indeed have free will or has everything already happened and we are just living through our lives in a predestined manner? thus is a prophet telling what WILL happen or what MAY happen?

personally i believe in a mixture of these 2: there is a basic design, direction or motivating force behind reality (what it is i dont know) but overall i think we have the last say/thought on our own actions.

one lats point i wish to make: a small piece of magic (with far reaching possibilites and variations)
one can use those tools which often are used to foretell the future the other way around and use them to manifest realities of ones own choosing in the future
eg often tarot cards are used to reveal the path ahead however they may also be used to outline the direction which one would like the future to take

prophecy like all forms of magic cannot be distinctly seperated from all other forms of magic (or life itself) it is all entwined and only through a better overall understanding can one achieve knowledge of the individual arts and vice versa

edit: i forgot to add stuff - there is also augery...reading of omens is different to strict prophecy but stil lreading the future. However, as i teach my students, reading omens properly requires a strong working knowledge and familiarity with what is normal amongst the things you read to take that you know the abnormal when it crops there's no point being all spooked by a raven that regularly sits on your clothes line...but when it sits on your windowsill and taps at the window and doesnt fly away when you come to see what the noise is....somethings going on

Body Energy Arts / Qigong, Sex
« on: October 17, 2004, 05:24:51 PM »
now im no expert in this area but have done a bit of reading and may be have a bit more practical experience (having a wife and 2 kids!)

kuojiryu could prolly add more here but here goes
we are born with original chi and have the chi that we gather day to day (through food and qigong etc...being sexually active depletes the qi qithin a male and adds to a female (sex is a major way of loosing large amounts of qi)

the idea of sexual qigong is to reduce the level of depletion of qi during sex...
the side effects being:
increased qi (since we arent loosing it out on such a big level) and therefore increased health
increased sexual performance and enjoyment for self and for partner

i think those three are enough benefits for me

i dont know if this forum is the place to go into more explicit "how to"...tho i can if want to and allowed to by powers that be

there are forms of sexual qigong for mena and for women

as to the question of not performing qiqong for 24 hours after sex....i can understand not doing so directly after...since generally its a tiring experience
i think the idea is that it is best to do qigong when the system is ready for how it is bad to run a motorcar that hasnt got the full level of oil or transmission fluid

good author to read is mantak chia...
also be aware there are big differences between tantra and doaist sexual qigong

Martial Arts / Hwarang Do
« on: October 17, 2004, 04:50:25 PM »
Hwa Rang Do
its a korean martial art that was supposedly that used by the original princely guardians of korea...sort of like a group of knights or special warriors

today as far as i know it is the like the third level of korean martial arts

eg after reaching proficiency in taekwondo you would then do hapkido
after reaching proficiency in hapkido you would then do hwarangdo

it is supposedly more korean than tkd or hkd which have much japanese martuial arts ancestry tkd - karate and hkd - daito ryu jujutsu

it should also include more things such as weaponry and strategy than would say tkd or hkd

Martial Arts / Ninjutsu Basics
« on: October 14, 2004, 04:31:42 PM »
Quote from: Tsumaru
If you call what I did bitching and think it's not constructive, you're simply an ignorant moron. It's called "constructive CRITICISM" for a reason.

man oh im rolling on the floor...this is funny

I was gonna bitch back but im still laughing to hard

Martial Arts / new additions to article
« on: October 13, 2004, 10:47:46 PM »
hopefull ythis will satisfy some folks a little more

i have added some more details to the i get time more will be added

1st Additions
The five elements
3 basic stances

the next stuff i hope to add will be more detail on the technical movements associated with sanshin and kihon happo


btwif you wish to make constructive comments please go ahead
if your gonna simply bitch...dont bother...

Martial Arts / Ninjutsu Basics
« on: October 10, 2004, 09:01:40 PM »
My apologies I was away from work (and thus computer) all last week

I forgot to say...that which i posted as the original article is what I provide for my students - granted much of it is vague - mostly the movements are written in such a manner as to jog the momory of those who have already experienced a class in ninjutsu...true it was a rushed job...i work and have a family...and many other responsibilities...if i had the time to write a book then i would be doing so and not releasing it for free on the net

I am happy to provide more details to those who are interested....and i think i even said that on my article...or maybe it was a different one...

as i said before it wasnt designed as a complete book of has been said...books a rather poor substitues for teachers...

as for the comment about scanning the bansenshukai...
i have in discussions with japan trained individuals, found agreement that the bansenshukai and other densho are meant only as on ething...memory aides...
to read the bansenshukai or other similar documents and expect to know ninjutsu is ridiculous

generally books are better than the net as anyone can put stuff on the author needs to convince a publisher that he is worth the better...just not much better...unless you know of the authors sooke hatsumi's books and DVD's

Magick / Past life intro article and exercise
« on: October 06, 2004, 04:01:03 PM »
Quote from: quitewarrior
If you dont mind could you write down some accounts of your past life.

i wil lprivately, not publicly as there are those who seek to ridicule others and hold a level of disbelief and closed mindedness about many things

Martial Arts / Ninjutsu Basics
« on: October 06, 2004, 03:53:20 PM »
Quote from: Tsumaru
Tell me, GhostWolf. What was the point in this article? What was it's actual purpose?

sorry i didnt make it obvious
i have an interest in ninjutsu...and train and teach it

people on this forum requested it...i figured it was good to have it all in one place for those people...

i also stated at the beginning of the article that i was hoping to give people a tatse of ninjutsu in the hope they would go find an instructor

there appear to be a number of those who make statements about least have done in the past

maybe some of them should pipe up

if people have issues with things...then they should say so...but then also add what they think would be better...

tsu, since your putting together an article i will hold off throwing you into the same basket as those who bitch and whine and add nothing else

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