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Body Energy Arts / hit the man
« on: May 23, 2004, 08:12:22 PM »
come on folks u know he means "only if you can hit him in a controlled situation"

heck get a id picture...walk up to him on the street an whack him shot yes....then ask for the 50K

i doubt youd get it...not to mention if he does have 80 students youd be watchin your back for a while

Martial Arts / kuji/mikkyo/morris
« on: May 23, 2004, 08:08:26 PM »
i didnt mention anything in a postive or negative light

i asked for a discussion...

ive read "martial arts madness" and wondering if its worth getting the other 2 books by glenn morris

if you know about kuji kiri please share...

im not into letting an author make up my mind...quite capable of doing that myself thank you

also curious to get other peoples thoughts about the breathing aspects of the sanshin no kata

Martial Arts / esoterica in ninjutsu
« on: May 20, 2004, 10:48:58 PM »
hey folks

im looking to discuss with anyone who has had experience with kuji kiri or kuji in or mikkyo within a ninjutsu context

also wondering if anyone has read glenn morris book and thoughts upon them...

or dealt with tengu or other such beings


Body Energy Arts / dragons whips tail tech and learning on own
« on: May 15, 2004, 07:43:17 PM »
Quote from: Darkduck
So in a sense, you're saying downward diagonal strike (yokomen) to Waki no kamae, to gyaku (opposite) yokogiri (chest cut). I don't know many styles that would leave you so wide-open, especially not after the first strike. Is this some sort of kata, and from what style?

yup thats right...i beleieve it was from yagyu...tho id have to go check my notes...yes thats right my memory isnt perfect and i do keep notes on what i learn...

it is not a movement that will leave you open based on two facts it is doen when stepping to the outside of an cutting down across an opponenets strike and then immediately back up (diag)

and also it is a finishin it comes from a school  (as do many schools) where you require only the one cut or 2 to finish the battle...kenjutsu is not about prolonged clashing of blades gonna make this clear
you can learn inaything on your own...sure...all it takes is a bit of intelligence and experimentation

but as was stated in another post many traditional martial arts eveolved over a thousand years...if they exist still in this day one can safely assume that it works...if ti didnt work then the user would have a/ been killed or b/ not continued using the useless technique

so yeah you can teach yourself staffwork or any other MA but you wont discover all the hidden tricks that have been uncovered by generations of practitioners...sure you may figure out some cool things...but whose to say that what you "discover" is just part of the basic principles taught in some traditional style

so unless you are immortal or have a thousand years to perfect your own style...!!!

sure it takes intelligence to learn by yourself....but isnt it more intelligent to learn from another style that is tested and proven?

Public Classes / swordplay and energy
« on: May 14, 2004, 11:51:00 PM »
now dd and def. did a good job as a basics...

but there is a lot more...especially if your going in for more occult exercises

now those exercises require a bit of time and usually that you have a specific weapon (tho also a lot of occult sword play requires using a specific weapon as well)

how ever there are ways of using energy in swordplay...obviously applicable to other martial arts as well...

any half decent warrior should be able to attune to any weapon that he has trained with in a quick space of time...the idea being that the weapon become as part of your body...not just an energetic concept

whilst fighting you can use your own energy to do can add energy to strikes and to can even take energy from repeated attacks from opponent and then counter attack with that build up of energy rather than use your own

you can reap energy from an opponent and his attacks

you can cause slow leaks in energy from your opponent

as to the more occult can imbue the weapon with its own spirit/soul/personality...or bless it through a deity/demonic entity

you can raise energy through the earth or from deities for yourself

so these are some more ideas
however im not going into the details of how to do these things...

since i would only teach these things personally...duty of care etc

this also implies that you would have some reasonable level of skill in weilding such weapon

play with weapons at your own risk...i take no responsibility for playing with above ideas

oh and i gorgot something...ive just added this to the use of the scabbard....well go and look at the myths of arthur and was excaliburs scabbard that held the magic which prevented the wearer from bleeding to death from any wound...note that the scabbard was enchanted by morgaine and was actually stolen from arthur before his final battle...

and if you look into arts such as ninjutsu the scabbard was a very useful tool...u didnt always remove the blade from the scabbard to fight

also the difference between metal and wood weapons...arguments for both
i have kids so sharp steel swords tend to be a bad idea...just a family safety issue
however steel is a metal and metal conducts electricity and energy where wood stores it...
metal is more open to being controlled (ie you forge it with fire physical and mental) where wood is worked "with"

wood and steel weapons are no better or worse than the is the way that a weapon is weilded

Martial Arts / learning ninjutsu
« on: May 13, 2004, 10:30:33 PM »
ok i have to agree you cant learn ninjutsu...or any other art wihtout a teacher...face to face....just to many little nuances and details

but you can learn the basics

take ninjutsu for one

you can get a basic idea of the 5 elements kata gyokko...its on heaps of sites around just have a look

you can also look into the basic eight the kihon happo...

these will give you a taste of ninjutsu but thats all

if your ina small town find someone who has doen martail arts...don tlook for a dojo...individuals are usually better...unless its a "really" small" town...even then some of us liek to hide out away from civilisation

now as to age...the reaosn they dont teach the brutal stuff liek ninjutsu and taijutsu to people under 16 is based on the fact that many of them have not yet had much experience in life...and cannot always grasp the concepts of a philosophical nature that go with the art

recently i was asked to take a young student i have the time to teach her privately but wont have her in there are no other young people in the class...and thus any training partner with her would not feel comfortable training with a younger (seemingly more fragile) individual...thus limiting the experience of others in the class

also many kids are just learning to live in their bodies...and i wouldnt feel comfortable teaching even a 16 year old to use potentially fatal a youth worker...ive seen the effects of hormones on the level of self discipline and self restraint...

i am partially responsible for the actions of my students

Magick / voluntary possession
« on: May 13, 2004, 09:56:26 PM »
without being to rude...

what a F$%&ing stoopid idea

i can only think of one reason...sorry good reason for this...and even that is pushing the boundaries of common sense

its one thing if your silly enought to think you can safely summon demons and control them to some extent...unless youve trained by a seru\ious old timer occultist...dont try this at home folks....

as was said by another poster...i aint even gonna explain how to do this...cause then the responsibility for such a stupid action would be on my head...

nice question...lets see how many people can collect nasty karma from helping a non-adept/non-initiate get into deep shit

Body Energy Arts / teaching self weapons
« on: May 13, 2004, 09:46:43 PM »
whilst to some this may be the only way to learn....

ie you are to stupid or stubborn to go and find a teacher (or no one is willing to teach you)
or if you got a real reason liek living in the middle of no where

to tell truth you can teach self...but you will never learn the secrets and specialties of chosen weapon lest you find someone with a lot of practical experience...and no i dont mean someone from the SCA or other reenactors groups or sports...

or someone who has been taught in a traditional art

many of the people who train in western sword arts have come from other wepons based styles...

so if youve done other weapon arts yes it is possible to adapt to other weapons...

but all alone isnt going to teach you really need to put your skills/knwoledge to the test agianst many other stylists to find your shortcomings and weakness

anyone can swing a metal bar around...but come aginst a serious user of the bo/staff and watch the sky....cause that all you be seeing apart from stars

Body Energy Arts / hey what was all this thread started on?
« on: May 13, 2004, 09:39:15 PM »
you were all commenting on some tech but where from?

id like to make some comments to!

i got soem experience with kejutsu and european/western arts

just from the first page...darkduck....the drgaon tail guard...sometimes known as waki no kame is indeed very good kamae

althought there techs known as dragon sweeps tail...and its derivatives...very nasty and fast tech involving a downward diag strike...yokomen to waki no kamae followed immediately by gyaku yokogiri
the derivatives of this one technique alone are worth months of study

Body Energy Arts / qi gong exercises
« on: May 13, 2004, 09:27:11 PM »
well basic ones are
breathing correctly...lotsa names for this
pot belly breathing for one....
breathing into your abdomen using your diaphragm rather than breathing into your chest....lets you breath deeper as well...
whilst doing this breth in through nose and out thru mouth
put tip of tongue on roof of mouth and clench ass muscle...actually its the perineum between testicles and anus....
this allows the energy/chi to flow properly

whilst doing this there are a couple of stances
start innatural stance...relaxed and hands beside
then move slowly into what is known as horse stance....heaps other names
feet about 1.5 shouleer width apart...bend knees slightly...roll pelvis not having ass stick out back...this locks that perineum or base point
then rais arms up so fingers poitning at each other palms face in elbows hang down holding a big beach ball

start with that

Body Energy Arts / using ki 2
« on: May 12, 2004, 07:08:49 PM »
hey i forgot to add a bit more

if you use ki thru practice of basic chi gung darkduck article...i did...

then you will start to feel the chi....

also the use of chi / ki for massage and directing energy with another person is really useful to

Body Energy Arts / using ki
« on: May 12, 2004, 07:06:36 PM »
a relly good quick place to start to see the use of ki is thru the exercise of aikido's unbendable arm

thru the use of extending ki thru you rarm it becomes unbendable...

arm needs to be relaxed not tense to work

the unbendable arm concept can be used in many martial applications as well

there a start

Body Energy Arts / sword technique training
« on: May 09, 2004, 08:07:36 PM »
there are aranga of sword arts...eastern and western

kendo and kenjutsu / iaido being the prevalent japaneses arts... with various ryuha (schools)

for western arts you need to condider what era you are looking at from early barbaric times / dark ages or roman/greek or medieval and then into renaissance and later

celtic blades could be considered early bronxe leaf blades / various irish swords - broadswords / basket hilts / claymores or even irish swords...these have a distinctive round pommel

there is a lot of historical manuscripts going back to around 1300's

btw i teach western and eastern sword arts
trained in kenjutsu and ninjutsu and more (inc goju karate and kobudo (traditional weapons))

i agree that sword arts cannot be learnt thru net/dvd/video

then again almost anything worth learning that is a physical art cannot be taught by distance...there must be some personal contact...since there are minutae involved

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