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Other / Re: Help me determine because...
« on: August 24, 2009, 04:53:18 PM »
Alright, I've been told to record them several times and it appears to be the best thing to do apparently. I'll give it a try, and hopefully things will work out. But as of right now, even with these visions happening, I am really happy because I just moved out of my parents house and on my own.

Other / Help me determine because...
« on: August 24, 2009, 12:36:12 PM »
I'm not really sure if these are normal visions or not, and I would like some help to determine and possibly control these precognitive visions/premonitions that I believe they are.

I experience them frequently through my various black out moments, spacing out, or even when I'm staring at something without bothering to think.

They are strangely death orientated more than they have ever been good visions of things that usually range in happening between and hour to a couple days or so. And it's really hard to watch them sometimes, but it's not like I can stop them, and when they are over my sight is clouded and I end up with a headache.

And I can get headaches before something bad happens to, even when the day seems like it's going great it turns downhill by one of these strange visions and I'm constantly wary and scared of when it's going to happen. Because I am never sure of when it's going to happen, all I know is that it could happen sometime soon.

Such as a few days ago, in the passenger seat of the family car and I invision this minivan that has a family in it as well getting hit by a semi when the mother is looking over her shoulder to yell at the kids to stop being so loud. Or, somebody getting clipped by the corner of their vehicle that causes it to spin out of control and cause a major wreck on the highway. (Note, a majority of the times the accidents I do see happen when I'm not on the highway/freeway, and usually reported on the radio on the way back home or the next morning.)

And, I sometimes get headaches (like I mentioned before), and they don't want to go away because I have a bad feelings that something is going to happen to the person or animal that I am highly connected to. But even if it doesn't always happen, I wake up in a panic to check on them immediately, and like a day or two ago my pet Betta fish died in the morning which he was doing absolutely fine the day before.

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