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Poetry / Focal Meditation
« on: May 29, 2008, 05:22:03 AM »
The the man I became
gaining knowledge to tame the mind and the flesh
resurrect the intellect, that was once dormint
So when I sleep again I can breathe again
Night after night i look into my reflection
As i saw the ancient wisdom as fuels and fuel any fool who
tries to school me with books that are useless unless the machine needs a tool
And i too... was dangerous,
leave an impression of your butt on your face,
Hoping to look like the night before when you had trouble finding the emergency door
Now I'm not in the room to just make you hot, but also give you romance
Something to get close to, I'll be there
cause if i don't shine the little ones will be scared
look at me...
i demand you to look at me
be instead of what others please
then they will be pleased to be with that being
and seeing...
another flame to look at...
Focal meditation...

Poetry / Ink
« on: May 28, 2008, 05:27:06 PM »
Since i don't have enough knowledge to post on other forums i'll just write some poems in the meantime...

They tried to stop me from writing,
made me erase my steps and i embrace the fact that they try to take me out.
What is this about? it's the reason why ink can only dry on the page.
But these days the feather is hold with a grip.
And the writer is concerned with the ink he pics.
That's why the ink is manufactured locked away in bottles & pens.
Only to be give to those who can handle it well.

Step out of the sytem cause the ink is you...
And what do you do when your pen doesn't work anymore?

Hello and Goodbye / Yooo;) let me give this a try
« on: May 21, 2008, 09:29:28 AM »
Okay so let me tell a little bit about myself,

I'm 19 years old you can call me Scry, it's just a name...i can't predict the future..yet..
Things that get the most attention in my life right now: dancing, being artistic in an urban environment & of course the girlfriend.
I am lazy and don't tend to worry a lot. Actually i wanna be a loner in life , but these days people are everywhere so I am social but not close to anyone so once in a while i just disappear for a while and pop back up.

The reason i came here is because i thought it's time to work more towards being old and wise. I also used to do martial arts (Shaolin Kung Fu) so i am a bit familiar with feeling and manipulating of body energy. But I plan on focussing myself on psi, since the body will become old anyway i want something i can stick with and be good at it.Cause i get a bit carried away if i really wanna succeed at something, i don't mind doing wrong skill is skill and i respect that.
that's about it without giving away too much.

Pleased to meet you all, hope we can have a great time! Did the forum helped you guys to find what you where looking for ?
And who are the wise ones and the ones to ignore hehe..
I'm a bit curious what the site will bring but there is always the chance that i quit after a few weeks like most of the newcomers...

OH! and THANKS for the spell check button.. Love it.. English is my 3rd language so i need one.
Time to read my butt off.. bye bye

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