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Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Re: Good and Evil
« on: September 08, 2008, 04:50:10 AM »
 Iíve found that it does make sense to view Ďevilí as the furthest distance at which the Source can view and experience itself. Vehicles such as demons or devils are the Source stripped of its Grandeur to for it to be the furthest possible experience of what the Source can be.

So I think we are the middle ground of the Source- a being which can experience Ďrelativesí Ė good/bad- laugh/cry- pain/joy etc ....on this plain that the Source Created. The pioneers of Godís experience

Magick Articles / Re: Magic as a Divine Science
« on: March 20, 2008, 08:04:25 AM »
brilliant article...I like the definition of magic you have put forth in the article...

eargerly awaiting the publication of your books...

Spirituality / Re: What is a Soul?
« on: February 29, 2008, 06:40:57 AM »
Interesting read I wish to share:

Your Immortal Body of Light- by Dr Mitchell Gibson

The soul is a product of the Spirit.

The structure of the soul:

This is what Iíve read-( this txt is not mine.) Ė quoted directly from Dr Gibsonís book.

The Word-
 is a creation of great power which can affect reality on a direct level i.e. elemental change in form and structure when properly invoked. Words invoke the power necessary for the implementation of specific body, mind & soul functions. Some words create chaos and death. The power to invoke and carry out the dictates of a Word is produced by certain Higher Level functions of the Spirit Mind. Each facet contains a different Word and therefore each individual soul has at its disposal 617 Words of Power. At normal levels of awareness, these Words are invoked only at the deepest levels of consciousness within the Spiritual Mind.

The Actus
- contains all the information regarding the past, present and the future life events of an individual.

The Prima
- is a particle or fragment of the material that makes up the universe. This is the aspect from which the body, mind & soul repair their structure.

The Nomen
- is a name of God that is written upon each facet of the soul. Each soul has only one Name written upon it and this name is repeated on each facet. The Nomen embodies the properties of God that each soul is created to embody as it matures.

The Spiritual Name
- is the name of the individual soul given at the time of creation and does not change form lifetime to lifetime.

Magick / Re: How do you know?
« on: February 27, 2008, 10:11:41 AM »
That any of this stuff is real and that our universe with us in it isn't just sitting at the bottom of a test tube? How do you know the mind is a being from a separate plane and not just a byproduct of the brain?

I think reality, at this stage in our evolution, is the conscious experience of both physical and metaphysical existence, and with it the use of language as a tool that allows us to verbally assign meaning to what we explore with our senses.

In the above equation I am taking thinking & dreaming as metaphysical attributes of this consciousness.

Unfortunately, language at present is very limited as we try to sift through the experiences we continuously encounter.   

The need to know is part and parcel of our unique makeup (the unique spark which ignited everything into motion)-My current understanding is that, we are the product of not knowing reality and hence we are reality which allows the possibility of experience.

To divorce or separate from reality is to revert back to the ALL Knowing (to be God)- That which knew ALL had to create 'reality' inorder to experience knowing. In other words we are part of a stream of consciousness which seeks to create what it knows, and thus experience this knowledge through various outlets- the human, being one of these outlets amongst planets, plants & animals...

So we know it's reality because we can experience.

I am not sure if it makes sense...English is not my first language.

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