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Main Hall / Re: royalty
« on: March 13, 2008, 11:26:25 PM »
I'm a direct descendant of the house of Lancaster. The royal family that controlled England prior to the York takeover in the War of the Roses.

Spirituality / Re: Let's Talk About Truth...
« on: March 09, 2008, 02:53:36 PM »

1.  Contrary to what...may or may not be apparent in my posts, my general thought process is now to (keeping in mind my brain has become somewhat hardwired this way through habit) think more lowly of myself and more highly of others.  Though...that might not be the best way of articulating it...I do not think myself higher or lower than anyone else here.  Nor have I even implied that by a reasonable stretch of interpretation, as understanding of love and/or God is but one small aspect of a person's character.  By itself it cannot make me greater or lesser than anyone else.  Once again...perhaps arrogantly...I am almost inclined to agree, were it not for knowing what I know do not see...because you cannot.  This is not a fault; I do not claim superiority over you for it, and I do not aim to offend you by it.  Unfortunately I will not be able to prove it to you, because those who would probably agree with me are either in a position where they find this bickering too trivial to become involved (a fault of that I like to debate beyond a point of reasonable termination) or simply want to be politically correct (nor do I criticize them for that, either).  So, I suppose I'll just have to stop making these sorts of statements, as it will eventually lead to this argumentation.  Perhaps I am a fool.  Perhaps I am insane, perhaps all that I know as true, despite my scientific neurosis, is simply a delusion, made by my unstable mind to cope with various issues that have arose in my past.  Many times I have contemplated the stability and fragility of my own mind.  I walk a careful line the way I do...the way I walk is so logical...that insanity can loom quite near...for when the mind has truly, irrevocably awoken to such awareness of pain, and suffering...and it truly knows logic, it cannot be an ordinary mind.  But...even this I cannot articulate properly.  Those who have experience with it will understand fully.  Do I believe I am beyond ordinary?  Sure.  Then again, I have (in all sincerity) carefully analyzed each of the most active members here, carefully noting the faults and talents of each, insofar as is possible, and my conclusion is that everyone here.  And I do not see why not all humans can be extraordinary, if they are found to be talented in some way, even if that way is apparently useless and/or obscure.  We are all great...if only humans would learn to stop looking at the shadow on the wall, and instead focus on the light on the ceiling making the shadows dance so easily...even if my reality were false and insanity were the result, I would still follow that which seems logical to me and veritable to my intuition.  After all...beyond all else, I must satisfy my basic human desire for happiness and truth, however strange that yearning manifests (mysticism, occultism, organized religion, etc).

I truly respect the honesty of this post, and am sincerely empathetic to all said therein. Such a train of thought is not easily understood by those who do not possess it. And in truth, it is not just a train of thought but a reality in itself. But who can say whether the perceptions of such a mind can be taken as truth or fantasy? I struggle often myself with deciphering the two. My one true safehaven though I find in religion and the occult.

The Cafeteria / Re: What are you scared? Tell me your real name!
« on: March 01, 2008, 10:56:25 AM »
The meaning of my full name:

Strong, manly and courageous one who is like God from a family of Welsh fishermen.

Yep... You got me. Now where was that memory erasing device of mine?

Chuck Norris?

The Cafeteria / Re: What are you scared? Tell me your real name!
« on: February 28, 2008, 02:04:11 PM »
The meaning of my full name:

Strong, manly and courageous one who is like God from a family of Welsh fishermen.

Main Hall / Re: Belief in something...
« on: February 26, 2008, 09:40:53 PM »
To truly understand any religion or belief system it is necsissary to view it from the hearts and the minds of it's followers. Not from the harsh criticism of skeptics.

Main Hall / Re: US Presidential Elections
« on: February 21, 2008, 04:13:25 PM »
As the muddy waters of the primaries clear, it appears to me Obama is going to walk on to the Presidency.

Spirituality / Re: Serious Occult/religious Scholars
« on: January 30, 2008, 05:24:55 PM »
Wonderland, my question is this. If you are truly the second coming, why are you wasting your time debating your authenticity on an online forum? The true second coming would most likely find a far more effective way to spend time.

The Cafeteria / Re: theory on rabbits
« on: January 25, 2008, 09:32:28 PM »
yay i have more posts than you do! :biggrin:


The Cafeteria / Re: Sword
« on: January 24, 2008, 04:48:00 PM »
My vote is on the Celtic sword. Although The Michael one is pretty nice. Gladius' just seem over-rated to me.

The Cafeteria / Re: theory on rabbits
« on: January 24, 2008, 04:45:58 PM »
Rabbits... That would explain the Mad Hatter from "Alice and Wonderland". Must have been one of their pawns. >.>

The Cafeteria / Re: What would happen?
« on: January 24, 2008, 04:42:40 PM »
This sir, is how black holes and inter-dimensional rips are formed.... So unless you want to end up in the spaghetti universe DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!!!

Magick / Re: Magic paths
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:17:58 PM »

Magick / Re: How do you dispose of old Tarot Decks?
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:14:48 PM »
You could always do a cleanse and burn ceremony. Offering thanks to God/ the gods for whatever good came of them.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Farewell for now!
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:09:44 PM »
Well, I'm back for a while, I hope you didn't miss me too bad...

Main Hall / Re: "Doomsday" Scenarios
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:06:35 PM »
Say a meteor were to hit the Earth... All hell breaks loose, total chaos, the works. I would find a way to load up on food and other supplies, hijack a submarine and head for the bottom of the sea... 

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