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kobok, consider this a formal apology for my behavior in the chat room last night. I will leave it at that.

I was lacking sleep and have fallen on very, very tough times. I need a lot of help that I am not getting. I will, however, not allow Rayn to make blanket statements he cannot defend that don't just attack this section, that I used to manage and moderate, but this entire site, it's staff, and its users (current and former) that have been involved with it since it was put up in 2002, and those later including myself. Rayn is obviously unwilling to defend anything he says and his solution instead is to troll, then run away, and delete his posts, when it is too bothersome for him to defend his baseless arguments. He cannot do so without committing a slew of logical fallacies and then devolving into using ad hominem personal attacks against me. He does this to everyone, or at least historically did.

This is my last post. I apologize for stirring up trouble by responding to him. Nice sensationalist topic title, too. Last I checked this wasn't Twitter.  :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:

Be well everyone.


Post deleted. Since Rayn deleted all of his. There was no context to it left.

Post deleted. It was in response to a provocative, inflammatory, racist, hatred filled response that Rayn used to attack me, to be able to get a response from me in which he could label me delusional, crazy, and a liar. He then deleted the post. This is trolling and broke multiple Veritas rules.

Be well everyone.

Looks like a mod cleanup happened to Rayns last post that the above reply was to. I am sorry for causing you guys (or gals) trouble- again- and apologize. I would hope my first post on this account did not break any rules and can stand.

Thank you.


In debate circles in the old days, debate team in a high school, or 60s era politics, you would have instantly lost this debate, because you resorted to attacking my character, committed those logical fallacies (and maybe more- though anyone who read my argument could likely find a few).
You probably skimmed my post, and had decided from the beginning (I made it quite obvious who I was to anyone who has been a member of this site for more than 4 years) that you had won. Instead of calmly replying to my argument, you simply chose emotional appeal, to attack my character, so as not to have to formulate a coherent, compelling counter argument. I don't believe I ever personally insulted you nor did I mention your race, ethnicity, gender orientation or anything about you like that, let alone insult you personally- which you just did to me personally, and showed no empathy or concern for me or mentally ill people (e.g. discriminating against me, mocking my beliefs because I have a mental illness.), on top of that you brought up me race and were essentially racist towards me in a hatred-filled rant.

Lenape? Are YOU Indian (some Natives actually don't mind that pronoun and many, many I met through my father in the 90s self-identified that way.) In fact, I am 1/8th Native, Mohawk, Iroquois tribe (Kaniekehaka in our Native language- which I learned when living on the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve, the Rez, in the early 90s, with my father. At the Akwesasne Freedom School, of which he was the principal, where the only language allowed to be spoken was Mohawk, or Kanienkeh, no English. If I needed to use the restroom I had to ask in Mohawk- only.)

My dad was a published Native author- Joel Monture- he gave and attended talks at Cornell- and he had a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College (That's Ivy League), and his bachelors from Bennington College, private, the most expensive school in the country. His parents paid for that (rich Grandpa). Dartmouth was a free ride because he was Indian. Read anout their history... Wikipedia is great.

He has 4 published novels, and made innumerous highly authentic pipebags, tobacco pouches, all beaded, that he took to Native arts shows. I saw him come home with blue ribbon after blue ribbon, all 1st place, best of show etc. He was an editor of a magazine called Multicultural Review.

I have pictures of me when young in full Native regalia of my tribe- ribbon shirt, Kustoweh, moccasins, loincloth. Further I am directly descended from Mohawk War Chief, Joseph Brant, who allied with the British Empire during the Rev War. He led 4 of the 6 (extremely powerful) Nations of the Iroquois League to fight against the American colonists and even George Washington. He sailed to England and met King George III *the leader of the British Empire* during that time. He refused to bow or prostrate before him (others would have been killed for that then!) and stated:

"I bow to no man, for I am considered a Prince among my own people. But I will gladly shake your hand."- Theyendenegea Capt. Joseph Brant, my Grandfather.

I know the Ohnkwehonweneha- the Native way. I know who I am. Others from this site knew these facts about me. Facts.

But you pulled a race card. There are 3500 fluent Mohawk speakers remaining (I am not fluent lol). There are like 120 million Japanese speakers, mostly on the mainland. And way way more Mandarin and Camtonese speakers. Simple choice, though I am Mohawk- I live very far from any reservation with Mohawk speakers. I would rather learn about other cultures I don't know about, or am interested in. The great melting pot rigjt? I just smh at people who base their ego on their race, sexual orientation, materialism etc as the kids now say, "so basic". (though I grapple with that last one materialism myself, I am finally beginning to learn). An admirable trait to be open enough to and willing to learn about culture's other than ones own. I would rather learn a language I would actually have a chance of possibly using. And again I never charged money for my teachings or study group, I worked sometimes 18 hrs straight without pay. In Sanskrit it is called Seva. Though I did not always live up to that ideal or the philosophy it embodies, I did the work for not. a. single. cent. ever. And it helped many people.

I don't know your political orientation but you have no right to bring up my race. Just as I didn't yours. Nor have I mentioned your particular disability and will not until you utter it. Because I dont view posters, or people, based on that. And- you know full well I listen to rap of all eras and grew up in group homes and so forth, in the system, because  we were extremely poor. Around black (or African American or whatever pronoun you use- no disrespect) inner city youth. And at one point they accepted me so much and trusted me, they made me one of them, and put me in a street gang. A legit one. From inner city Milwaukee. Once I left it didn't mean much a d I would NEVER disrespect and flag it now.

I am culturally fluid... or I was, when I was social.

Last I checked this is America and we still have (though God knows how long....) some pretense of freedom, and some legit freedoms. And the last time I looked you did not need to be Chinese to be an accupunturist. Or a Qigong teacher. Or a Kungfu sifu. Or get a college degree in Asian studies, "sinology". Or study the Longmen Pai. Or read Dr. Yang Jing Ming and YMAA books.. which in my articles (which you probably havent read) and my study group introduction (which you probably havent read) I am forthcoming about and state outright. There is also something called wikipedia but that didnt exist in 2004 or at least, did not (and still doesn't) provide free instruction in these things, nevermind answering questions and actually hping people with posts instead of posting "This is why Rayn is right" 10000 different ways for 8 years straight, or whenever you joined.

I will pray for you and send good thoughts your way, when I can. I hope you can learn to let go of your anger. And I even told you and showed you: I am supportive of your lifestyle, culture and ethnicity. I am an extremely liberal Democrat. I am anti authoritarian. But I will not be bullied, and if you and other people of your ethnicity *treat* your SYMPATHIZERS this way... I don't know how many regular white people will support you. Even the liberals and even the Democrat-Socialists (of which I am not- but support extensive "welfare state" (b/s label) for poor people, will not tolerate that treatment... but thats a blanket generalization on my part. Yet I am not wholly white am I....welfare like we had under Clinton. My family would have been homeless without all that.

Edit: added something.

Peace be with you, let your heart heal "Grasping onto anger is like clutching a hot coal" - Buddha

Post simply deleted since the point was was made by myself and others, I was tired, and no one here I know (besides mystic who I can talk to in emails) has really expressed any concern for what I'm going through in my life. I did say I didn't want pity or sympathy or anything though. Silver_Archer did express sympathy and compassion to me  last year in the chat room. However, based on my behavior to the staff members in the past (as well as others) it is perfectly within reason to expect considering my long history of abhorrent behavior on this site. So...

I was going to let it stand but considering there is now no context to any of it since Rayn is a troll imo and deleted all of his posts.

Be well.

p.s. I left because of that very behavior I mentioned and it not aligning with what I was "teaching".

The user formerly known as "Koujiryuu"

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