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Magick / Re: Intuitive i have questions
« on: May 12, 2019, 01:58:43 PM »
If you are asking how to become more healthy in a physical way, then I find that physical exercise and an active lifestyle is always the most direct and effective answer.

If you are asking how to become more healthy in an Astral/Energetic way, exercise and physical conditioning is still also a good answer here too.
Your physical body and energy body are connected to each other, so if you improve your physical body through exercise and physical activity, your energy body will gradually get stronger as well.
In particular, as you physically condition your body, you will be conditioning your astral body's vital power/life force as well, which is an important factor in health for both.
While there are other things that can help you be healthy, I find that this is the most direct and efficient way to take control of your health.

Other than that, if you are good at energy work, you could practice accumulating large amounts of vital energy into your body and then releasing it, this way you will be directly strengthening your energy body.
This should be done on a daily basis, in order for it to be effective.

How can i meet the right people

Tell me more about what you mean here. What kind of people are you looking for?

Also some sabotaging others
How do i get rid of them
I dont know exactley who they are but i feel some other try sabotaging
I have had some things happening me

If I understand correctly, you feel like some other people may be cursing you through magic?

Psionics / Re: The place where the constructs are created.
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:03:21 AM »
So if I understand correctly, I can operate indifferently in the Mental Sphere, on the astral plane or "believe" to operate on the physical one and consequently influence the other two levels.

I think I understand what you mean, and yes.

However I wish to make sure these few things are clear:

-It is possible to operate on the Mental Sphere without affecting the Astral. For example, if I meditate on the spiritual qualities of the "Fire Element", I can take its qualities into my spirit. This is an entirely Mental operation, and will have no affect on the Astral. But of course this is just one example, there are many many ways to work with the Mental Sphere without working with the Astral.

-But on the other hand, you cannot affect the Astral through magic or psychic practices without operating through the Mental Sphere. Our mind does not affect the Astral directly, it only affects it indirectly by causing change on the Mental Sphere, where that change on the Mental Sphere trickles into the Astral.

For example, let's say I wish to move psi into my hands:
To do this, I use my imagination and try to feel psi flowing from the rest of my body into my hands - but meanwhile there are two things happening when I do this:

1. Through the use of my imagination, in the Mental Sphere I create the idea of psi moving from my body into my hands.
2. Because of the connection between the Mental Sphere and the Astral, the imaginary idea of psi moving from my body into my hands actually causes the real psi in the Astral to conform to the idea.

While when we are practicing moving psi in real life, it seems simple and quick, but this is the process which actually goes on when we are doing it.

Now I want to clarify one other thing - it is possible to affect the physical world through magic and psychic practices, but we do this by operating on the other spheres. Just like how our mind does not directly affect the Astral, it does not directly affect the physical world either. But by operating effectively enough on the Mental Sphere, we can cause change on the Astral, and a powerful enough affect on the Astral can cause change to the physical world.

For example, if I create a construct that is powerful enough, I can program it to have psychokinetic effects. The construct itself is only existent on the Mental and Astral of course, but it's effects would be physical.

So without wanting to offend anyone, we could say that there are no substantial differences between the creation of a shield that protects a house for example and a spell of protection: in the second case, the unconscious of the magician could consider a certain ritual or some specific tools more attractive, in order to focus his attenction on the goal.

Almost got it.

The difference between something like a protective spell and creating a shield construct is about indirect v.s. direct.

The person who uses a spell commands energy to perform a certain task by using a ritual, and then the energy finds its own way to accomplish the task, while the psion controls energy directly and does the work himself.
So the person using the protective spell does the ritual to gather and command the energy to protect him, and then the energy does its best to protect him however it decides.
But the Psion directs psi energy directly with his mind, and creates a protective shield construct, and the construct of course does as it is programmed as best as it can.

So generally, energy directed by spells find their own way to accomplish what they are commanded to do, while the psion commands energy directly.

There would therefore not exist an intrinsic and objective power in things, but only the subjective one that the magician assigns to his instruments...

Very close.
Rituals are only as effective as the person working with it. Spells generally do not have any inherent power, but instead reflect the power of the person performing it.
There are some spells that do have inherent power, but most of these you will never find because they are hidden by the person who created it.

Also, there is some inherent power in certain things and objects. There are two types of qualities:

1. qualities given to things by humans
2. qualities that are natural to an object.

Even if a quality is man-made, it can still be effective.

For example, a rabbit's foot is often associated with good luck. This is a quality that is of course man-made, and didn't exist before, however, because the idea has become wide-spread and popular, it has become powerful enough to be somewhat true.

This doesn't necessarily mean all supposed things we associate with objects are true, but many of them are.

When it comes to ritual tools, there are a lot of factors to consider in regard to if it has inherent power or not.

For example, wands have long been associated as being a powerful magical tool, therefore there is some inherent degree of power in a wand. This doesn't mean that any person can come swing around a wand and do magic, but in the hands of a competent magician, a wand can slightly boost his effectiveness.

Another factor to consider, is if it is enchanted. Many magicians like to enchant their tools, and thus these tools will have some inherent power in them.

But generally, most qualities and inherent power in objects won't be useful to an average person, and will only be useful to magicians who can work magic in the first place.

You are correct to mention that there is some subconsciousness effect with magical tools though. Regardless of any other factor, one of the reasons these tools work is because they help direct the mind and serve as a sort of instrument for the will of the person using it.

Psionics / Re: The place where the constructs are created.
« on: January 18, 2019, 10:28:54 PM »
Hi there,
today I would like to compare with you on the "where" a construct is created.
To be able to make the best of it, a little digression is necessary on a technique that I learned some years ago, in the context of shamanism, before I became interested in the psi: the kahiki.

Kahiki is essentially a mental space, freely malleable. The technique was used by Hawaiian shamans who - believing this world to be a "dream" or a reflection of a different dimension - worked in that dimension to produce changes in reality, such as making rain or healing.

To produce changes in reality it is necessary to reproduce as faithfully as possible the desired scenario in kahiki, as if it had already happened. Accuracy added to attention, allow the manifestation of the desired change.

The technique of kahiki obviously is not limited only to this, but it is this aspect that interests me to deepen.

In the years before my interest in psi, I found it very useful and very practical to create in kahiki, what I later discovered to be called mirror shield.

Basically when I felt threatened by someone, I entered the kahiki, I imagined this someone and I closed it in a small room with walls of mirrors, as well as mirrors were made also the floor and the ceiling. The person in question stopped talking to me and every time he tried, something prevented him or simply distracted him.

Now that I know the existence of psychic constructs, I am quite convinced that my mirror room was one of them, but I wonder: where did I create my "mirror shield"?

Certainly I did not create it as a construct should be created according to the many guidelines that I found on this forum too, but it worked (and to be honest, it still works as a method).

I am also aware that closing eyes and imagining something is not doing psi.

Since I'm not practical for remote viewing, could it be something similar, combined with the creation of a construct?

Or is the creation of a construct possible "on different levels"? On a physical one, so to speak, and on a psychic one?

Thank you for any answers.


Before I elaborate, I am not technically a "psion", I'm a magician - so my answer may be a little different than how a psion would answer.

To begin with, the concept you mention as "Kahiki" is actually a pretty good concept to understand how things work in regards to magic or occult practices.

What you are describing as Kahiki is very similar to what is usually called the "Mental Sphere" by magicians.
Essentially, magicians work under the perspective that this world exists on multiple levels or "dimensions", and the Mental Sphere is the dimension of pure thought, perception, ideas, and is where our own consciousness resides. You could also say it is the "psychic" plane.

Through the use of our imagination and mental faculties(concentration, will, etc.), we operate in the Mental Sphere and cause it to change. And if our mental abilities are strong and we operate on the Mental Sphere with enough potency, we can cause change in the lower spheres as well, like the physical world.

Now in regards to "constructs" - they always originate first in the Mental Sphere.
Everything created by the mind manifests in the Mental Sphere first, because that is where our mind and mental abilities operate in the first place.
Every time you imagine something, or do any kind of psychic work, you are automatically working on the Mental Sphere.

But while all constructs originate within the Mental Sphere, usually when psions try to create a construct with psychic energy they are also working with the "Astral Plane" that is adjacent to our world. The Astral Plane is the dimension in between the physical world and Mental Sphere, and it is also where "psychic energy" exists in the form that we understand it, and where actual energetic constructs are made.

Constructs can never be made in the physical world, because psi energy is not physical. However, constructs within the Astral can affect the physical world, as long as it is powerful enough.

Working in the Mental Sphere is automatically done whenever you do any kind of mental practice, and working on the Astral is done either when you try to work with psi energy or simply try to use your imagination/mental abilities with enough potency on the Mental Sphere.

For example, when you were practicing moving psi from your solar plexus into your hands and creating constructs in between them, you were working both on the Astral Plane and the Mental Sphere. The Mental Sphere is automatically being worked on because you are using your imagination to guide the psi, and of course you are working with the Astral as well because you are working with psi energy.
So basically, you commanded psi in the Astral Plane by using your imagination in the Mental Sphere.

The "mirror shield" you practiced probably operated on both the Mental Sphere and Astral Sphere too.
By using your imagination and intention, you automatically worked on the Mental Sphere, but assuming you did this with enough power and effectiveness, it probably affected the Astral Plane as well, and this likely influenced the physical world, similar to a "spell".

I expect all this information to be a little confusing, so feel free to ask questions.

Psionics / Re: Different effects with and without focal meditation
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:37:40 AM »
So in the first case, you are working with the energy that is already present within your body, while in the second case you are working with energy that you pulled from the ground instead, right?

If that's correct, then I can see why the feelings are different.

The psi that is already present within your body is a little different than the ambient psi laying around within the inanimate world.
The energy is the same, but it is attuned slightly differently. Within living beings, psi is attuned in a way that reflects that, so it is more lively, active, and "fiery", so it is not surprising that psi within you feels warmer.

But when you are pulling psi from the ground, you are pulling psi that isn't attuned to living beings, and it won't have the same vigorous, warm feeling that comes from that kind of attunement. I'd also point out that ambient psi is influenced by its surroundings, so if you are pulling it from the cold ground, it will likely reflect that too.

Psionics / Re: Different effects with and without focal meditation
« on: January 14, 2019, 02:15:38 PM »
I need a little clarification on what exactly you are doing in both cases.

In the first case, you perform focal meditation, but how do you work with psi after this focal meditation?

In the second case, you skip focal meditation, and simply draw psi from the ground. That part is clear.

I just need a little clarification on how you are working with psi in the first case.

Psionics / Re: Psychic seduction and orgasm at a distance
« on: January 14, 2019, 02:08:34 PM »
My my, you ask for quite the peculiar things, don't you  :P
But you are asking a question which you already have an answer too.

The problem with asking how any magician did any particular feat of magic, is not necessarily figuring out how it can be done, but figuring out which particular method that magician used. Magic is very open ended, and there are many ways to accomplish the same thing.
Quite simply, I have no idea what Gurdjieff did to perform this, because I am not him, and do not know what he practiced.

But instead of asking how he did this, lets instead look at how it can be done otherwise.
With your past posts, you have already been given information which can answer your question here - can you guess it?

The very same practice of mesmerism and mental domination you already have shown interest in can be applied here as well.
You have learned how the Vital Force can be used to influence others, and you have learned how the Vital Force can be easily programmed by the magician's will, therefore you should see how it can be used here as well.

There are two routes you can go:

-Try to influence them to make them orgasm on their own
-Directly stimulate their sexual organs to force an orgasm

Obviously, the first takes less power to accomplish than the second, but the second is very simple and efficient.

In the case of the first method, you already are familiar with how that can work, but with the second method, you would be projecting the Vital Force into their sexual organs and programming it to sexually pleasure and stimulate.

What you are asking is quite a simple operation, magically speaking. Of course I don't know if these are the ways that Gurdjieff utilized, I just know that these are ways that it can be done.
I'd also point out that this would be possible to perform irregardless of where the target is at - they could be across the planet, and this would still work.


I thought it was a fascinating document related to this topic. Perhaps to can elaborate further on its meaning.

I'm assuming that you are trying to figure out how to operate mesmerism, so you will have to correct me if I am wrong.

Most do not know this, but the eyes are not only receivers of Light, but also project their own. I'm sure human sciences will validate this eventually, if they haven't already.
But this is not just true for the physical eyes - the astral eyes function emissively as well, and with this in mind, they can be a powerful tool of projecting the magicians will.
The magician can influence entire crowds of people, by seemingly just looking at them.
But the key to this practice is learning to empower the eyes, like that page mentions.

Some people may have some natural talent, or strong energy systems, and will find themselves able to influence others with their gaze without much training. But for most of us, we need to spend time developing this kind of power.
If you have read through step 3 of the IIH, I think he mentions that the magician should focus on learning to accumulate the Vital Force into his hands, but also his eyes
The former is good for things like healing, but the latter is precisely for what you seem to be interested in - mesmerism. Eyes which have been reinforced by the Vital Power over a good period of time will become powerful tools of influence, and things like what Rasputin did will be easy.
So there's essentially two different routes you can go:

- You can focus only on normal body accumulation of the Vital Force, but whenever you wish to perform mesmerism, you would likely have to condense the Vital Force into your eyes first before effectively trying to influence others.
- Or, practice normal body accumulation, but also practice accumulation into the eyes as well in separate sessions, so that your eyes will naturally grow in power on their own, on top of whatever the body accumulation develops.

Accumulating the Vital Force into the body like normal will naturally develop the power within all of your parts(including the eyes), but by specifically practicing accumulation in the eyes as well, you will drastically increase the rate at which the eyes develop with the Vital Force, and thus you will be capable of mesmerism much faster, and eventually your eyes will naturally be capable of mesmerism on their own.
Of course, just like the body, the energy system of the eyes can be damaged, so you would have to start with small accumulations, and advance gradually.

If you are skilled in Elemental magic, you could also condense the Fire Element into your eyes, and essentially do the same thing. The Fire Element is essentially a manifestation of the Electric Fluid, making it a powerful emissive force, and thus a useful tool for mental domination.

btw what did you mean in your last comment about knocking someone unconscious with elemental magick?

The Earth Element can be used to paralyze others very effectively.
Also, the Earth Element in its Negative form contains the principle of fatigue and unconsciousness, and thus can be used to put someone under those states.

and this passage by bardon:

“Another field very similar to telepathy and suggestion is that of hypnosis, by which a person is sent to sleep forcibly and deprived of the free will. From the magical point of view hypnosis is reprehensible and it would be better not to specialize in this line. This does not mean that the magician is not able to lull people to sleep. The practice is imaginably simple. The magician need only suspend the function of the spirit by means of his will or with the help of the electromagnetic fluid, and the person will fall asleep instantly. Here it is less important whether the magician is using telepathy or suggestion. He can use both of them as a makeshift but he does not depend on them. A master of the powers does not need one or the other, because the very moment he paralyzes the will by way of imagination, sleep or unconsciousness will occur instantly, which will set free the subconscious and make it susceptive of any kind of suggestions. Just this act of violence, i.e, the intervention in the individuality of a human being is not recommended from a magic point of view, and the magician will not revert to it unless to give his subject good and noble suggestions with an extremely strong effect. Even though the test subject should insist on being hypnotized by the magician, he should avoid doing so if possible. The true magician will always keep away from satisfying the curiosity of others by hypnotic experiments. At times of great danger, a well-trained magician may induce a sort of shock-hypnosis by paralyzing the spirit of the opponent with a flash of the electromagnetic fluid, a method that is only to be followed in an emergency which I hope will never happen in the life of any magician. It has been proven scientifically that animals can be hypnotized too. If a magician wants to do so, he will hit the instinctive side of the animal, so that even the biggest and strongest animals are immediately knocked senseless.”

I didn't realize Bardon gave this information, but yes, what he is describing is essentially what I was trying to convey towards the end of my response. If you are not already aware, the "electromagnetic fluid", is another way of referring to the Vital Force, if I understand correctly. It is the Vital Force's electromagnetic property that makes it such an effective and versatile tool. Through its magnetic attribute, the Vital Force easily receives the will and ideas of the magician, or in other words, makes it easily "programmable". And through the electric attribute, it possesses a powerful emissive quality, meaning it is an effective force for projecting the magicians desires and will into the universe.
Indeed, just as he mentions, rendering someone unconscious can be a very simple process - however it does require a trained practitioner. I'm assuming this passage is somewhere beyond step 3 of the IIH, probably within steps 4-5, and as such, when Bardon explains operations like this, he is doing so under the assumption that they have made it through all those previous steps and acquired the abilities within them, which is quite hefty in this case.

Of particular importance with this operation, is power over the Vital Force, so if you are determined to pursue this ability, you should look towards empowering your energy system. Again I am assuming the energy psions work with is essentially the same, so you may already have some degree of practice with it. But when it comes to empowering the energy system, it is not enough to simply practice manipulating and moving it around, but you must condense it into your body, to reinforce its power into your energy system, similar to how weightlifting builds the muscles.
By condensing it into yourself, you push the limits of your energy system, so that over time you will be able to take more and more of it in. This also increases the amount of this energy you will naturally command, increasing your power very directly.
Since you mentioned Bardon, perhaps you are familiar with "Pore Breathing?"
Pore Breathing the Vital Force is an easy, structured way to develop the energy system. Instead of just pulling energy in random amounts, you can carefully progress by measuring the amount of energy you take in through the number of breaths. This makes it easy to practice gradually, since all you must do is increase the amount of breaths you take of the energy in single increments. Increasing in this manner is much safer, since without a careful measurement of the amount of energy you are taking, you may take too much, and damage your system.
You can find Pore Breathing and accumulation of of the Vital Force in steps 2 and 3 in their training of the body/physical training sections.
Once you gain considerable power through such exercise, rendering someone unconscious is simply a matter of rapidly projecting into your target as much energy as you are capable of throwing out, while commanding it to either paralyze or lull them to sleep.
The Vital Force is very simple to use, the hard part is gaining a useful degree of power over it.

As for the thing about the electric shock, well unfortunately I haven't the slightest clue of how it can be done in the way that the link implies, though this doesn't mean it can't be done of course.

I'm not very familiar with psionics, but I'm going to assume by "energy field", you are talking about their internal energy system, and not their aura. I can think of many ways to do the things you are asking for through elemental magic, but through pure psionics, I may have to speculate a little.

If you are skilled with psychic vampirism, I'm almost certain you can drain a person to such a degree that they fall to unconsciousness, or get so fatigued that it hardly makes a difference whether they are actually unconscious or not. I'd imagine for the purpose of making a person fall to unconsciousness, it would be useful to aim for the head for such draining. Draining the body alone will likely just result in fatigue, however if instead you precisely aim to pull the energy within the head region, the mind may be forced to shutdown due to a lack of energy. However, this may simply kill them as well, if overdone.
While perhaps with lots of practice someone could get decently efficient with this to a somewhat practical degree, it will never be quite as easy or fast as a good punch or kick :P

Perhaps if someone's energy system was developed to such a degree of power that they can significantly influence the minds of the untrained, it may be more useful to simply use that influence to command them to sleep. Similar to hypnosis, but with actual power being used to facilitate it so that it can overcome the uncooperative.

You mention literally trying to disrupt the internal "circuit", which I suppose is possible in some way, but when it comes to magic and practices like psionics, you should note that it is usually easier to influence the mind rather than the body(physically or energetically). In this particular case though, I'm not sure whether it would be more practical to try to target the mind or energy body.
I think this would depend on you level of skill and power.

Trying to force another to sleep through mental influence probably requires the least amount of power from the practitioner to work, but probably not very effective in dynamic or violent situations. People that are engaged in combat become very difficult to influence mentally, even if they normally are not, so this method would not be useful there.

Using a vampiric method to render them unconscious probably would take a little more power and skill than the former, but if vigorously trained could be more effective in tense situations. It couldn't be resisted the same way mental influence can. However, I'm not sure how much this skill would have to be trained in order to result in a quick knock out, so it may or may not be practical.

Directly disrupting their energy system in such an effective way to render them unconscious however almost certainly takes more skill and power than the aforementioned methods, though perhaps it would be the most effective.
I'm not quite exactly sure how one could directly cause a "break in their circuit" in such a way to knock them out as you seem to be suggesting, but the only thing I can think of that would do something like that, is disrupting or halting the flow of energy within the brain region, which may knock them out, or just paralyze or disorient them. Perhaps simply a sudden, potent, and aggressive projection of energy through the brain region, basically a psychic punch, might result in a knock out or fainting. I could see two way of this working: doing this in a way that their brain region becomes abruptly overloaded with energy, so the mind shuts down to protect itself and compensate for the sudden influx in energy, or on the other hand, projecting the energy in a violent way that strikes the brain's energy system, causing it to suffer from sudden instability, where the mind would also temporarily dysfunction and may lead to unconsciousness or something close to that.

If the energy psions work with is similar or the same as the vital power which magicians work with, then there is little that a psion can't accomplish through the use of this energy. Assuming they are the same, this energy is easily programmable, and does whatever it is commanded to do, however its effectiveness is entirely determined by your own power and skill over the energy.
So assuming one has gained the necessary degree of power over this energy, it is easily capable of forcing another to unconsciousness. All that it would require is projecting it, and programming it do so. There would be no need for some complicated method, and it could be effective even in dynamic situations.
But again, its effectiveness is entirely dependent on you.

Now trying to literally electrically shock people, that is probably the most difficult thing to accomplish in this post. You would have to have such a degree of power over this energy that you are capable of making it physically effective, which is quite a lofty level. You would know you are capable of this if you could accomplish things like "flaring", physical healing, or any other similar displays of a great degree of power.
If you plan on pursuing the things you are asking about on this post, you should definitely wait to focus on this last one until after you have accomplished the other thing you asked about, and perhaps can do things like healing and flaring too

Magick / Re: Autosuggestion and impregnation for 3 wishes
« on: November 29, 2018, 08:34:55 AM »
Oh my, you very much need to make sure you get a handle on your thoughts and mind if you want serious success with the conscious breathing/eating.
Control over your focus and thoughts is just as vital as faith and conviction to succeed with conscious breathing/eating.
You must be able to focus on your wish and it's reception consistently, and your power to concentrate will affect how potently you can impress the food/air with your wish in the first place.

Are you practicing thought control?

Magick / Re: Autosuggestion and impregnation for 3 wishes
« on: November 28, 2018, 04:30:40 AM »
Usually, it simply isn't a good idea to have several wishes at once. By trying for multiple wishes, your are creating multiple wish-vibrations  within your astral and mental bodies, and these vibrations can counteract or hinder each other, in which neither will really be successful.

Perhaps instead you should focus on why you think it will take you years to complete the first wish.
Wishes regarding mental qualities and character qualities are actually quite easy to attain compared to physical wishes, so it shouldn't take that long to succeed with a wish focused on those things. It should take less than a year, perhaps a few months, to do so.

It is important that you make sure that when you are performing conscious breathing and eating, that you have absolute faith that your wish is coming true, as if it is already happening and succeeding. Faith and conviction are vital to success with these practices, they need to be absolutely solid.
If you have any smudge of doubt, than your wish will be tainted with such doubt and may even simply collapse on itself.
Also, combining the breathing and eating all on the same wish should make success far more efficient.

Anyways, it usually isn't fruitful to exercise multiple wishes. However, it really shouldn't take you that long to finish the first one unless there is something going wrong, so make sure you pay attention to the things I mentioned above.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: New to iih - too much sleep needed
« on: November 15, 2018, 07:02:39 AM »
Also I heard that sleeping before midnight and waking up early is very important and I am trying to accommodate to this.

Having a consistent routine in general will help regulate your energy levels and train your body to act accordingly.
Human are creatures of adaptation, and having consistency will allow you to adapt, though of course it may take some effort.

I don't know whether going to bed before midnight and waking early is particularly better than any other schedule, but having a consistent schedule in general is good.
I personally am nocturnal - however I have no sleep issues, and require little sleep to function, so the specific time you set your schedule is probably less important than being consistent.
Indeed, besides schedule, there are probably more important factors you could focus on.
One of them is definitely engaging in athletic activities. By engaging in such activity, you increase your physical endurance and energy, so it will take more to tire you. On the other hand, it also builds your will power, which is a very important factor in determining how long you can go without sleep.

For example, my schedule is inconsistent and hectic, however, with my degree of will power and mental development, combined with my athletic activity, I require little sleep anyways, and am not affected by an inconsistent sleep schedule.

Diet, as you have mentioned, is definitely a major factor too. That's just pure biological fact. :biggrin:

As long as you are engaging in some consistent physical activity, it is up to you what you want to do. Personally I practice martial arts at home.

I am not too familiar with parasites, but yes the thought control exercises are probably enough to deal with them, as those exercises help put your consciousness in your absolute control, and increase your awareness of influences from external sources.
However, I am doubtful you will have to deal with them very seriously, as they aren't very powerful, and usually only are able to overpower the weak willed, the sensitive, and those who have poor self awareness.
The fact that you are even aware of their existence means you are less likely to be taken by one, since you have the ability to recognize their influence, while others don't even know they even exist.
Parasites are constantly being created and dying off just as constantly, so as long as you practice self control, introspection, and keep self aware, you won't really have to worry about them.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: New to iih - too much sleep needed
« on: October 23, 2018, 06:04:53 PM »
One other thing I'd like to point out that is simple but often overlooked, is that if you are living an inactive lifestyle, this will contribute to your sleep problem, so  obviously getting into a more active lifestyle will raise your energy level and help you to require less sleep.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: New to iih - too much sleep needed
« on: October 21, 2018, 01:05:58 AM »
Hello there :P
Actually, the "Thought control" exercises of the first step in the IIH can actually help.
For quite a few reasons really:

1. They relax your mind, and reduce your exertion of mental/emotional energy.

2. They increase your willpower, concentration power, and your mental capacity, so you will be able to handle more before getting tired.

3. A lot of times when people think they are tired or need to sleep, they're really just under the affect of laziness, drowsiness, or some other mental state and aren't actually in need of sleep. With the thought control exercises, you will be in control of your mental activity and will be much better at fighting the influence of mental states or emotions which make you tired.

I use to require a lot of sleep too, however after going through the IIH, I really only require 3 or 4 hours to function well.

Magick / Re: New System
« on: October 15, 2018, 05:43:19 PM »
I would think long and hard for years, and that is when I realized there were veils upon the human mind

I would agree, but what kind of veils do you speak of? No doubt humans are generally pretty nescient, especially regarding the spiritual or occult, but in this particular case, what do you refer to?

Anyways, it seems to me you know quite a bit about what you are talking about - however, your claim about others gaining such abilities so rapidly through your guidance is quite bold. Given your apparently reasonable amount of knowledge of the occult though, instead of being skeptical,  I will give you this advice - you need to test your system.
This will help you understand how your system may work with others. Especially because even if you truly are knowledgeable and your system is good, and it worked well for you, that does not necessarily mean it will be as fruitful for others - simply because not all spirits are equal.

Your spirit may be naturally talented, which is why when you came upon such knowledge, you were able to use it to advance yourself so well. Others, however, could be given all the knowledge the universe has to offer, but they would still need to grind through a large degree of practice before gaining any significant abilities.
Of course I'm not saying all others are that talent-less, I'm just giving you an idea of how wide the gap may be between different humans, and the diversity of skill which may be distributed among them.

Regardless, it is important that before you do any serious changes or make any drastic decisions that you have tested your system and are confident in your ability to teach. Starting an order requires quite a degree of leadership and the ability to train others, so before you go try to start an order, start small, so you can gain the necessary skills and see if you are "cut out for it".
Not only that, but this will also give you an opportunity to gain members, because you need more than one person to have an order :P

I would rather have people gain control of their minds via the IIH before allowing them this mental awareness awakening.  The mind is an unruly beast until tamed, and giving that beast the power to cast spells with every thought doesn't sound like a great idea.

I would say that is pretty wise - If your claim about what abilities a person would gain is true, then perhaps some discipline first would be good :wink:
However, I would emphasize testing your system before that, so that you come to know how others fare with it in the first place. Then, if your claim turns out to be true, then you can start incorporating things to balance that.
But without any experimentation and testing with others so you can get some real feedback, it is unwise to make too heavy of assumptions.
Working with others will also help you flesh out your system in a practical setting.

I honestly rather stay in graduate school, but my guide, and me myself, think its rather ridiculous for me to 'sit upon this gold mine'.  I am worried about the financial aspects.  I'm a student.  I rather go be a physics PhD, they want me to go work as a computer programmer for a year and bank it if I'm so worried about money.  I suppose I'm just scared of change.  I need measured and calculated plans to move.

Facilitating an order takes quite a lot of effort and time, so you better be sure that it's a priority for you. How well you can balance it with these other things is very dependent on how much effort you are willing to work in general.
The world will keep spinning even if you decide not to start an order - so make sure you are making your decision based on your own sincere desire.
Perhaps before you focus on changing the world, you make sure you are in a stable position and have your own life in good order first? :wink:
Not unless of course you believe you can manage both just fine, than do as you wish. Whatever you do, be wise and plan well :P

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