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Magick / Re: Metaphysics of Creatures
« on: April 22, 2016, 04:59:30 AM »
(third part)

Multitude of Universes
In the first place - the Universes could be different, but the logic of the Units remains - there is always the First Awareness, and it defines the First Unit. The Nucleus, in another terms, is One Dream - I say dream, because in it's existance, it could flow through different realms and worlds with very different properties; the Awareness Unit, when you sleep, is definitely in another kind of story, and it could survive many different Universes. The word Universe is all about a Body, which keeps different Bodies together in one dream, and we could say that Universe is a Body of Matter. That's because when many properties are properties of Atoms, Nucleas (Creatures) and Fields, there are many meanings, which apply to the Whole of Matter - most obviously, the rules like conservation of matter, which, when in effect, applies to the Whole; there are many balancing rules, and it's not just the Light reacting by it's own rules, but it's entangled into complex set of rules of coherence. So, how the Cosmos appears out of the Visions of Souls, is the Kama and Symbolism - in the complex reaction of Cosmos, it's a Body to give elemental logic to the essence of Kama, things we sense. From the Unitary Perspective, there are Dreams - from the Perspective of the Whole, there is the reaction to make dreams stable, and to unify the dreams of different creatures. Our Face (I use that word for the Exterior of the Physical Body), in the Cosmos is a Symbol of us, which grows out from the expression of the Soul (and Body) and meanings of the Soul and it's Story, and this logic has a part, which is Universal in sense that it applies to any Universe, and it has a part, which is of Eion, in sense that it applies to the current meanings. From the deep requirements of Soul come the structuring of Sense-logic into meaningful elements, and their according forms - from the full picture of the meanings we get the full picture of the meaningful symbols by combining it with Art of the Senses; and for stimulation and teaching of the Soul, we get many positive and negative meanings, which uniform the coherent Laws of the Senses, and then we start to know, how the water should wave, and how this waving is connected to transparency and reflection, or how the Features of Souls should form their material bodies. In any Universe, much of that is the same, and that part starts from Intentions, Quasis and games. I say that many things are Sacred, and they need to remain in any Universe - like the Freedom of Soul, with it's Degrees of Freedom of Movement; and that creates many laws about expressions, thoughts and feelings. Many of those things our senses can see naturally involve certain connotations, like a metal click definitely sounds different from a soft whispering, and through many and many connections between different sounds, smells and forms, they definitely make up a whole framework, which must fit the meanings; from another side, some things are definitely implied from the meanings, like something smoothly going up and down and up and down definitely resembles a sinus-function, or a wave, as it's mathematical primitive, and shaping that primitive up already gives a perspective of Space; finding many different symmetries, parallels and possible connections between those shapes guide us into primitives of how the spaces can go together; finding contrasts between those shapes give us the contrasts of colors, and grasping the natures of colors and forms creates a complex theory of composition, which finally guides to the visions of our senses - anything we can possibly feel, see, or sense, adds up dimensions to this framework, and in the complexity of higher math and logic, with deep and subtle sensing, it finally falls together with the logical-feelingful meanings of Souls and Bodies, so that it just fits, and the details go together. Then, in the Formation of the Awareness, the basics follow - how the meanings are interconnected with forms, colors and smells, so that finally, the Awareness even has sense of beauty, which already contains it's meanings. Then, in turn, appears the Body of Matter - a compositional whole, which connects the Meaningful Symbolism and the Expression of Light, and through it's creativity and expressivity forms the Oracle and Logic of Matter. The way it's all Entangled Together is the Elemental Law of Matter, and the Whole Itself, then, becomes a Corpus of Matter, with the United Compositions. From the Wholes and their Symbolism come the Details, such that all those Wholes can be formed of them - the Laws of Matter you everyday see are definitely just a little bit of All-There-Is, and as interesting fact, the subtle energies you can see and perceive as plays of Light and Thought are beautifully harmonized and contained with the more substantial and shape-keeping matter, which keeps the bodies together. Difference, here, between Matter and Light is that when Light is the sensations you feel, Matter is the elemental logic in it's formations.

For the Whole Reality, those three things keep it together - Oracle, Thought and Patterns. When you start from the Awareness of One, the meanings form - with the Primary Meanings being Joy and Truth, and their oppositions. Many meanings are as fundamental - in process of creation, first you seek Joy, of being, and Truth, about that being; and from any "One" comes the "Multitude", thus from the Whole of You unavoidably comes the Multitude of Others. These are the Truths you can't avoid, and the whole Journey is about them - up to the fact, that the Universe, which does not bring pleasures, and does not give anything in addition to the other one, should not appear; and thus, guided by the rules and coherencies, God was led to the particular Universe, which is present, with all the possibilities of it to reshape, but many things, which simply can not happen. The Symbolism is Real, and it has to do with meanings. For every story, the meanings develop - and thus the Walls and Connections, of the story showing, who is fit and who is not - from the try to love you in all the possible ways, or foreseeing that Truth, if in all ways, you react with betrayal, that kind of Love becomes impossible; thus, your meaning becomes unloved creature, and for the Body of Cosmos, it will integrate that meaning into your story, of solitude, and into your face, of betrayer, and into the situations and occasions, how the people see you and feel about you; it will integrate that meaning into their very eyes and their very senses, such that you cannot be seen as any other thing than betrayer, once the story is done; and you lose the gifts you can use for betrayar, and you cannot develop those skills - sickness of body and mind, losing the understanding and all the compositions of components come in-between; this is the Wall - once you prove you don't want to form the meaning of Love, you can't form the patterns of Love. For the Creature, from meaningful Joy comes Luck and Happiness, and from meaningful Truth comes Honour and Trust. Meaning, herein, is that it does not throw the symbols of meaning, without truth behind them - and that's because the symbols form patterns. Those symbols make no sense without the meanings involved, because the pleasure of the symbols comes from the meanings, and changing the meanings would shift the line of seeking away - meanings, they need to be in harmony and accordance. About the details of Awareness, Time and Place comes the Thought - and it starts creating the Internal Meanings of Life. The meanings build on all the possible story-lines, with connecting every facet of every detail with it's meanings of now, past, future, and here and there - the same detail can have thousands of meanings, in relation to many different things, like greeting or eating properly can be done with so many different symbols and forms, every time creating a huge variation of meanings. Some of those meanings fit, whereas the others won't; and some of the shapes and expressions are beautiful, whereas the others ugly. In creation of thoughts, we try to combine them alltogether - and we can do this, more or less, about our lives in any specific story; so that the main expressions combine with hints and hues, and every line of thought and expression is meaningful. These are the thoughts - in their primary essence, they combine the need together, like the beauty, pleasure, or, in implication, the sustainability of those things. As the thoughts come from the details, the story comes from the whole - the oracle, which sees all those meanings in particulars, will stream the whole in a way that the complex combinatorical puzzle is satisfied, and fits the real future - it combines the meanings and symbols, and it combines the stories. It's synchronization, but the oracle, with the free will, would find resistance, in case it just streams the best story - it must also teach. And it cannot uncover the whole truth, for thought, but it must show many possibilities, many lucky events, and many obstacles, to do it's combination - thus, from the oracle, comes the thought-combinatorics of possibilities, and the intuition, which guides, but does not open it all. For the oracle, if a story becomes meaningless in the end, it has that meaning in the beginning - but when a person does not want to take that intuition, then often, instead of being controlled, he gets the story to build his meaning up. The being is Nucleus of Story, and by her cause, can ispire many things around her; the oracle would fit the dream into the nature, and the God is definitely doing that - it takes a conscious participation of God to make it all inspired, how the stories go along. The Oracle, it sees all the shades and shadows of meanings, and all the possibilities, and it's a natural force to dream the dreams together; but underneath, is the Void and the Creativity of the Holy Spirit - it doesn't always follow the rules, it also does the miracles and nightmares, and uses heavy, unavoidable force, which can break any rule, but still follows it's higher meanings, dreams and loves. From the Oracle-Thought complex, in it's routine flow, when it's not hot and so inspired, come the patterns - as the logic forms, and the thought gets rigid, it creates patterns with no meanings inside. Here, the karma builds up - the meanings of a Cause might be very different from the places those patterns take him. Then, the patterns get to be abused and solved, by different creatures - for abusing, one notices a pattern, which is often that combining those non-fitting elements of different meanings and symbols, he can get resulting meanings, which are not straight; like if I say to you "I love you", and moment later, when you move, "I am disappointed by this move", you might start disliking the move and think it's your decision; a manipulator, who picks up the motivating elements and starts combining with them, without their true meanings, is a meaningless person, who becomes an outburst of a bad karma - you can make this kind of machines out from social structures, laws, responsible positions, and knowings of the patterns of mind and matter, in any combination; at first, the new findings are meaningful, thus the oracle does not solve them despite knowing their later meanings - because the people involved are not satisfied by hearing the meanings (for example, you know that ex-lover is going to hurt you again, but your meanings are not advanced enough to not play yourself into trouble). In the World of God, any abuser creates meaningful connections with the Meanings of God, then starts playing the games on them - playing off any possibility they don't like, they get meaningless possibilities they do like, which give them some partial pleasure, or self-pleasure; then, from this broken Kama, they build up a complete Artha, until it becomes a plague; in form of plague, the meanings build up into the completeness, and in all the variations, they get solved, and for all the people, they get solved - then, the abusers get walled off from things they tend to abuse, and the motives and Causes of them get deeply analyzed, to give them the corresponding meanings. For example, imagine living in a world, where a complex theme might kill a girl - maybe, telling her that she has too much pride, makes them stop their self-protection, and telling them that they dress too nice, stops them from looking nice, and finally, being unprotected and looking disgusting, they kill themselves. A bunch of people, say, one hundred, will make a habit out of doing this, because they can fuck the girls a day before they kill themselves - initially, all of them are in "I do nothing" phase, telling they "express their understanding", etc.; finally, they may become arrogant, and when the results of their actions are explained and they should be conscious, instead of stopping, they create a branch of science and organize themselves - then, despite them just walking and talking, after they have killed two hundred girls, it becomes evident that it's not a way of thinking, but it's a serial killing and raping instead. Initially, the meanings of killing and raping do not fit well, and if you try to kill the murderer, people will prison you instead - he just told this to the girl and you told he is a bastard? In advancement of meanings, it gets complete, the whole story, and the meanings of murder and rape develop - then, they won't look anymore like intellectuals, but the sense the Universe made up will make them look like obvious killers and rapers, for anybody, who is looking. That's solving of karma into dharma.

Magick / Re: Metaphysics of Creatures
« on: April 22, 2016, 03:28:53 AM »
Second part:

Energy Vampirism

As you form a good connection, itís like You protect me out of Love, and I do not jump to danger to make you feel bad. This way, there are natural ways the Body can create that entanglement. From the other side, if you create an entanglement that she-protects-you, and she is protected by God, and then you are protected by God (well, it depends on the protection-logic, but such could-be), and then, under this protection, you go and attack something important to God, in a way that she canít attack back, but then, you enforce your idea into Godís body, that you wonít do that in certain case; and the certain case is which makes the entanglements wrong - now, you are not creating protection for you by Love in God, but in Godís Body of Primary Function, the elements would be messed up, and a sickness would appear. This is the Self Body, not the Light, but the Body, in other terms, which gets entangled, and that way, you take the Light of Godís Body, instead of the Light (for Alchemistry). The connection is no stronger, but the karmic process to solve it probably gets you out of protection, when the meanings become clear - the girl, who protects you, would probably see a vision to not protect you, and later, all the similar girls. As the Light is entangled by karmic element-reaction as well, sometimes a vampire is directly using the element-logic of light, to produce effects on things the light is symbolizing; this, as well, is the meaningful karmic development, which makes this impossible on higher and higher degrees, up to infinity of Enlightenment. The Light Forms and their influences have complex structures enough, that in certain times, the energy vampires find many ways to abuse them, into complicated mess of energy they can give use to - when it blocks the normal flow and the meaning of every element, itís an energy vampirism; there are many reasons, why itís bad in all and every case - when the thing you want to do is right, there is a proper way to do it.

Inner and Outer karma

So, at this level of Creation, where all the things have already happened, the First Cause has grown into complex Creature, but something has to be told about this - in the deepermost, itís Void, what drives; the Void is always Fully Conscious and Maximally Motivated, it does not surrender to any worldly cause, because it can fully transform the Cosmos in a moment - there is no limit to itís potential, and it walks the way it perfectly foresees; secondly, there is a Body of Cosmos, which is learning through stories and intuition from Void, and thatís the Full-Awareness of Cosmos and all the matter-and-meanings inside - itís a complex thing, but itís enough to know that it grows itís consciousness through all the Stories; thirdly, there is Body of Heaven, which is a group of Souls with Godly Cause, to who the Universe surrenders; fourthly, there is Body of God, which is the Self-Dreamer of the First Cause. The Angels have the same kind of Bodies - itís normal that the Inspiration from Void is fully contained in their Causes, as their Causes completely fit itís perfect meanings and goals. The Creatures of the Heaven, they are the eyes and hands of God, which form the ultimate meanings; the Self-Dreamer of God is the one, which has to dream through it to get it to the deepest, but once itís there, itís there - when the Earthly Wishes of God can be yielding and yin, the Heavenly Will of God, and Will of Heaven, can not. By the Circles of Will, the Will is deep inside God with Love of Angels, and Love of Beautiful Creations and Creatures, and that deep Will protects them by perfect meanings, things forming in Godís Earthly Body, are in the same Awareness, but one step lower - God has unlimited potential for sacrifice. Still, when He gets tired and there is no positive result, which canít be achieved otherwise, he gets tired and disgusted, and the creation heals from that need; to be clear - that sacrifice does not stop the normal process of meaningful world, but it can mess a lot with current creation. Sure, God is one whole Soul and Awareness, and as any creature, there are different levels of things - The Cause, which works like Perfection; the Higher Will, which Cosmically guides and controls everything; the Will, which guides the current story of God from upside, and the Wishes, which come from conditioning of the Earthly Body. For the Will, the Conditioning can barely mean anything, because it could just make the condition disappear; still, the Earthly Body has many powers and possibilities, which itís Will can make disappear - think of it like a person with nervous system, who can structure both the nervous system and the surroundings from outside, but is still living the life of this nervous system at will - itís like a chess game, where you move the pieces and try to win, but physically, you could put the pieces wherever you want on the chessboard, and the knight would not complain itís not an L-combination of moves, nor would the queen jump back to itís position, because the game is not yet opened. Still, you play the game with high seriousness, because just throwing the pieces around does not put any meaning into the game.

For Mundane Creatures, the rules are slightly different - their Causes have their natural flow, and by their Nature, they learn, develop and form meanings. Still, itís an open game - just like a knife of a surgeon can open your head and take half of the brain away, the Universe can switch you from any state or situation to any state or situation - you can spend five years developing a skill, but then itís just removed from you. For an Universe, or for God and His Angels, all the Creatures can be changed by Will. For example, move your legs, hands and mouth without you being able to do anything, and just playing with you asif you was a puppet - still, your Nature itself has itís Wishes, and the Universe can also turn those Wishes into a Will. Thatís what itís normally doing with any enlightened Creature - merging itís Wishes into Universal Will; but should such merging break the Universal Dharma, it wonít do that.

So, for Every Creature, there is a game of karma to play. The karma of God is the process of itís own creation, and itís wishes and wills about that creation; the reason for this karma is to do the alchemistry of Creation, to Dream it Up - in the process of the dream, it basically gives the Vision from itís Intuition to All the Creatures, but as the Creatures got their Nature and Creativity, they alway give their Dreams to God, and itís the other aspect of it - foreseeing it with intuition doesnít mean you donít need to go through those dreams. For other creatures, itís also Creation of their Meanings. Moreover, the God is building itís dharma in two aspects - playing the games of all the Creatures, to form the selfer experience, which is equal to dreaming them through in detail; in these dreams, He often plays the games, using only the tools He gave to those creatures - in such incognito, it becomes clear, in first hand, which the meanings are; sure, most of it can be felt from far away. But to be clear - this dreamer body of God has a lot to do with creating the balanced meanings with other dreamers, and from the other side, the other dreamers got their dreamer bodies by the way God saw perfection for himself. It knocks together. Those meanings melt with the meanings of His Higher Self, which would be meaningless without this - creating the Creatures from another reason than yourself hardly makes any sense; there are things, which could be different and still form perfections, but for many things, if they come from Reason for me, they probably come from the very same Reason for you. Thatís the Nature of Reason. Still, some parts of the Causes are fundamentally different - for example, there can be only one Creature in the Cosmos, whose Perfection is to have made the Universe, as whatever God does in Truth does not change the fact, and thus, the Archetypes of God, Angels and other Creatures have such a structural difference; itís in the Cause of Creation that every creature has to love herself just-as-what-they-are, otherways, they are not alive. Thus, a Soul, which enjoys Purple Flames, must also enjoy being a Soul, which enjoys Purple Flames, and when it gets conscious and advanced, she must still enjoy developing as a Soul, which enjoys Purple Flames - so, itís natural to create Bear from a Source, which loves to be Bear, and a Rabbit from a Source, for which itís Most Natural to be a Rabbit; still, a Soul must love every other Soul just as what they are, unless those Souls are evil. Naturally, there are many fake souls, in the realm of possibilities, such as a man, who is born to paint well, but instead looks for writers and steals their work to publish it with his own name (and after, kills the writer) - if such soul is a capable salesman, it fits the description of being not alive, in sense that their Life is in no way Real, but the Reality of them is in no way Life. The Structure of Society, however clever you are, unavoidably creates a Web of Positions - and the Unreal Creatures, in this web, create a Corruption, which would destroy the Whole. For the God, there are two questions to answer - which creatures are alive, and which creatures, naturally, can become alive. The free will of many of them, when they see their sin, would be to say that ďbut I want this sinĒ, and that obstacle is unavoidable - in not doing this sin, they would just live like programmed robots with Nature, which does not fit the program; this is possible, but not desirable, because the Free Will, in itself, is a Criterion for Life.

The Growth of Meaning

Dharma and Adharma

When God would create a World, in which the Creatures waste their Natural Resources, but they say, that itís your fault to Create such a world - give us your Love and then we help ourselves. God gives them His Love, and they start to misuse it, creating destructive desires in Godís Mind, which wants to share their Dream. God tells them that this dream would destroy Me, and the Good, and they say they do not see, how. God makes them Brave, and they see that it would, that they say, they want to do it anyway. So, they try to destroy God, but in the process they see that God contains all the meanings, and they Pray - please, destroy all those meanings, using the manipulation on Love and Violence against Lovers, to get their message to God. But when the meaning is gone, they would be dead - they take their prayer back. Next day they come with computer program they want to install straight to Godís Mind, and say that our meanings are here, now destroy yours - and should they succeed, they would be Soulless Robots, just controlled by a central computer, which does not have deep intelligence to fix itself; slowly the Robots would run full of viruses, and end their soulless ďlivesĒ miserably. So, God understands - in their own environment, and even if they can change that environment, they always manage to destroy themselves; and if itís not a Force controlling them, they never respect life. They have lived their history in hope that God would fix their mistakes, but then they would destroy God, and replace Him with artificial God, which makes the world completely vulnerable, and dead, as inevitable result of deep desires of those creatures. Thus, if Criteria of Life is 1) Love for Life, or 2) Ability to Survive, then they have failed both in highest degree, and in all the ways of their Natural Studies, they would fall even further - this, as a conclusion, is Adharma. Such creatures are undead, and they cannot remain in any healthy environment, but in any environment, by their inner logic, they manage to become destroyed. Well, in the process of dreaming further, such creatures can come and go - but as they get their meaning, through the deepest dreams, through which God is trying to dream them alive, playing in different positions of their camps and trying different ways to bring them to senses - if the meanings, which make them to cope, do not exist, and they have survived only by heavy rules God did set on their lives, which they naturally destroy and overclever (by underunderstanding or playing around), and even the primitive idea that Life is Worthy is too much to be understood by them, in any other terms than yelling Iím Worthy, until they get the power, and Youíre not Worthy, after they got it - and then destroying themselves in all that ďWorthĒ; then those Creatures are Worthless. The word, Worthless, it gets layers and layers of meanings - in His Dreams (and Reality, until itís Complete, is a Dream, because what Creation is For, is Paradise, but to go through Stories, which define Worthless - itís not the Purpose of Kama, but itís the Way to Kama, and karma is rather dreaming, than doing. When the Dream becomes Perfection, itís Real - as Reality is those things, which do not disappear, once you see them through.

In formation of Adharma, the Cosmos is solving itís meanings through Intuition of God, and then through Life of God, those meanings get Completeness, and the Adharmic Creatures, as Cosmos solves the meanings of those Nucleus, get Walls - the Cosmic Forces themselves manage them to be in Prison, or Dead. Those are things, which need to be prisoned or killed, and once they are killed, they wonít need to be born again. Because they are not this way or that way, but from the Window of Creation, they are what they are - bad visitors from nowhere. Dharma is the fit of internal and external meanings, such that the action you take is not Good for You, but itís Good for Everybody - if the way you solve your meanings, reaches the Cosmos, and the way it solves your meaning, reaches You, and those fit together into One Cause from Consciousness and Reality, so that they fit into perfect, harmonic, Free Will of Both - you are alive, and the number of your reincarnations or years could be infinite. God decides.

Outer and Inner karma

From Inside, you solve your meanings, by I-and-the-World. You start from Good and Bad, which is ďI like ApplesĒ or ďI do not like ApplesĒ, and this is the Criteria for you to start forming other meanings - like ďLoveĒ, ďBetrayalĒ, ďAnnoyingĒ etc. Then, you grow those meanings into social meanings - what ďLoveĒ means for me, and what it means for you? If it means two things too different, one or another wants distance - and thatís how the Walls build. If the meanings wonít fit, or they would give a bad bigger meaning, they build Walls - if your ďLoveĒ is something, what makes you drive around and rob banks, then itís highly possible, that it does not mean Love for Everybody. So, for Cosmos, the meaning wonít grow, and instead, the meaning of your Love becomes itís meaning of inbalance of Capital, and as the Economic System is backing up Love (well, if it means something - a corrupt Economic System is out of itís meaning), thus a Love, which does destroy it, does not grow into Love, and your Love is meaningless. Once the Stories are Told and Done, there is a meaning about your Love, and that involves a lot - going deep into your motives, understanding your desires, trying to give you alternative understandings for Love, and trying all the other ways; when all that is done - then the least the Cosmos would do is to go into chapter of ďdark LoveĒ in itís dictionary, write a description of you, from the deepest motives to high, and later, the Walls form - naturally, two such beings cannot even meet any more, or they wonít notice each others, or just in the best moment of flirt, something ugly happens, and every time. This, naturally, grows into the Deepest Mind of Cosmos, and remains in itís infinite memory - as the meanings form about you, you change your position, and naturally, become more charismatic, or persona non grata, or get killed - thatís the outer karma.

Outer Dharma

Dharma of Cosmos, and God (well, Cosmos is the Third Face of God), they make up their meanings together - and the meaning involves the story, the motive, the result, and finally a solution; and then all the borders of meaning; and then - the same motive could have several different meanings, and the combinations need to be solved, if the meanings disturb solutions of each others. But when the meaning is Alchemically Synthesized, itís there forever - naturally, now, the life itself solves this kind of meanings, and it uses all itís combinatorics for this, which is huge - by entanglement, the oracles always choose paths, which fit; but by meanings, they prefer certain Natural Developments. So, the Cosmos, first, it gives you hints and signs - to inspire yourself to find your solution to the meaning. Then, it can guide your thoughts, to make you decide something. Finally, it can simply do a thing for you, moving you like a puppet, so that you donít even notice, or that you cannot do anything. Often, the things get mixed together - the meanings of corruption are of high complexity, and the revolutions and wars as well; or the question, who should win the lottery or have the business luck. Those meanings grow into solid essences - a peace, or a crisis, they both have solid meanings, and you donít have to think of the details, to grasp the essence of the whole - for Cosmos, such meanings have to go into details; the questions of motives, solutions, who is driven away and who will conquer, need to be solved into deepest detail, and then the situations resolve. For later, for God, to grasp those huge meanings with every detail, is easy - but on the way, it often needs God to go through those places, dreams and situations, in His Mind or with His Body. Outer karma, finally, gets solved to the highest meaning, that of Paradise - in Intuition from Void, itís already perfect, and it can Materialize by Will, but to resolve it into the Free Will of Every Creature, and the Whole of Being of God, with his Body - itís an Alchemistry. Body, to Materialize itís Meanings, needs Stories and Inspiration. Inspiration is complete - but Stories of Multitude of Possibilities are the real essence, which solved the meaning forever, and strongly, so that in addition to Cosmic Intuition, the guidance of Holy Spirit, the Cosmic Body would resolve them all even without guidance, by itís own Wisdom. From the First Moment, the Vision of All is known, but in the end of karmic process, all the dreams are dreamed, which connect the ends of the meanings in Time, Space and Eternity.

Machine Karma

Units of Cosmos are Nucleus (One Creature), Atom (The Meaningful Knot of the Element), Field (The Entanglement of All the Meanings as a Substance), Whole (all the things, which form the Meaningful Whole) and All (every thing, which is dreamed or exists temporarily, out of itís meaning - like Love, which will become Betrayal). In entanglement, all the meanings and all the layers become into many patterns - and despite important meanings behind the patterns, the resulting reality can be lifeless, in sense that the beautiful dream, with all the principles and rules it creates through the Atoms, Nucleus and Fields, become a machine - like a Social game, which becomes a misused Law; the Law was there for Civilization, but then itís used for Manipulation. So, when the Rules create Patterns, and the Patterns lose their meanings, karmic machines appear. Initially, the meanings are not there, are not obvious - this is, then, the dharmic process, to grow through those stories and grasp the meanings. The causes-and-reasons, beginnings-and-ends, form a big mess, so that the reason for something has nothing to do with the meaning of it, and finally sciences appear to misuse a thing - people create formations, play games, and in their minds, the reactions they made up have nothing to do with the reasons of their pieces; like ďI loved herĒ couldnít be a reason to give her a knife to kill yourself, etc. Then, piece by piece, such things need to be resolved - and to the Whole, and to itís Pieces, given the meanings of tools and infections, and to the people, the proper names of responsibilities and guilt. Finally, the meaning can be grasped into a reaction, which then becomes natural.

Magick / Metaphysics of Creatures
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:57:54 AM »

The Journey of God.

In The First Moment of Existance, there was Void in a Shapeless Space with no Size, and the Void had Tension for Perfection of Joy, whatever that is. Inside the Void, the Tension formed Cause - the Cause gave form to Metaphysical Realm, to form a Perfect Ideal of Things, which are, and the Void did grow into Awareness of the Metaphysical Realm, the First Logos.

In that Awareness, there were the Ideas, which were the Forces from the Cause, to grow it into Inner Wisdom; to be Aware of a Potential here means a Way to this potential:
The Oracle of All Futures, which could see all the possible Timelines into an End, with seeing every detail inside. The Mind of Vision has no Limits, and every detail is Visible with all itís meaning, and all the Causes and Effects.
The Oracle of The Real Future, which could see the Real Time into an End. Itís true, that many times could be, but one Time really is, and thatís the difference. Many Decisions come from the Freedom of Will, but as in past, in the Future, just one Decision is taken - and so, the One Future exists despite of Freedom. This Oracle, should it tell you the Truth, which would affect your Decision, would lie - thus, it cannot tell it all, except when you can walk the Way you see, and believe, with perfect coherence, and that state is called Faith.
The Oracle of Combinatorics, which could see all the Ideas, and all the Combinations, and all the Logics between the Ideas, within all the Potentials of those things, and all the Thoughts and Feelings you can form about those things; thus, it could see that one thing in All the Possible Times and Histories, not only possible from now, but possible in any possible situation, and from all those Visions, it could create all the combinations, compositions of things and situations, and it could do that in as many steps as needed - the number of steps could be infinite. It could look the list of all Prime Numbers from beginning to the infinite-end, or all the Stones, which can come from Volcanoes, so that for every Stone, all the possible Volcanoes are known, from which it could come, and for every possible Volcanoe, thus every possible Stone is known, and the Oracle could tell the Volcanoes, which can give the most similar Stones to each others. This Oracle is as conscious as others, as itís still the same Void reflecting, and itís bit-precise.
The Oracle of Truth, which can create the Symbolics of Truth and their connections with Realities, Dreams and other Realms, setting them into the best Order from perspectives of Clarity, Highness and Elegance (simplicity). The Truth is not only Possible, but itís the best way to see things to Achieve Perfection. Truth is the State of Mind, which allows you to see symbolics, meanings and their connections to each others and to manifestations in way, which gives the Best Wisdom for seeing the Best Possibility. Every being has their own Truth, but also their own Lies - for a bird, the Truth is that the (air)scape of Journey is full of directions, but for an animal, the (land)scape is flat; they know about other-scapes, but in their hierarchy of meanings, those scapes mean other things for them, because meaning of the word ďthe SelfĒ is different, and from that, the meaning of the word ďpossibilityĒ is different in the Logic, ďThe SelfĒ, ďThe WorldĒ and ďpossibilityĒ are where everything starts; itís especially so in the Truth. Still, despite everybody having their own Truth, we all can have Lies against ourselves and others, and lies about the world - and The Truth is one; it intercontains all the perspectives through itís Visions, and it goes up the Way, where the Truth about Coexistance and Death is known.
The Oracle of Vision, which shows, as a Dream, and as a Truth about the Way, which is the Time after Creation of Paradise, thus, even without all the experience, the Zion is known and alive, and what is a Dream, but Possibility. In those Visionary Dreams, of that Oracle, are born the Scenes of Nirvana, full of meanings and full of ways, in their abstraction - to understand the Philosophy of Enlightenment. So itís another Truth Oracle, but lucid and dreamish.

From these Oracles, comes the Second Logos of the Cause - which is to Look into the Oracle of All Potentials, through seeing all the Potentials through Oracles of Vision and Truth, so that the Decision of Principles form, which always take to the Heaven; then the Oracles start to play - the Road to the Best Future is bit-perfect, and the Oracle of Real Future is needed to make those Decisions, which take there, as they need to be realistic, but the Decisions wonít exist without the knowledge, about which is the Real Future, because even the first step depends on the landscape, and the direction; so that ability to Walk the Road, choosing the Best Future, and actually walking the Road, is Faith - itís when the Decision and Precognition meet in one whole with Vision and Perfection; where they become absolutely One, is called Faith - but there are so many secrets, which get broken when they come out, and so many steps you would do with wrong reaction, never reaching the goal if you would be sure that it happens anyway, or lessons you would not take as you would see the obstacles, that the Faith can only grow from Wisdom, and that Visionary Inspiration, when it spreads never behaves like a machine - it tells poems and abstractions, and that Oracle could not be the Oracle of Real Future if you use it to change the future - by the Nature, if you use that Oracle to take a decision not in accord, then looking back, it was not an Oracle of the Real Future - thus, the Faith is the most complex thing in existance, and still so simple; and the Oracle of Real Future, thus, knows all kinds of tricks to reflect on things in a way, which does not change them - failing in this, it would be just wrong, without itís Essence. So, the essence of this oracle is poetry, and all the Oracles behave more or less like poets - only if you have the perfect mind to go along to the end can the Oracle of Faith tell you the secret; such Oracle, essentially, can make you both forget and remember, as it has to tell itís story in a clever way; thatís the Cause of the Oracle.

As the Faith is Born in the Third Logos from the Void, a Third Logos of the Cause, and as this is Perfect, it can never change a degree - itís the Cosmic Intelligence growing, and as the Reality Behind that Cause, the Force Coming from that Cause is Constant; itís how the Mirror of Mind is Being. The Way, as well, is seen and cannot ever change - there is just one Truth, just one Past and just one Future, in the Absolute; still, in the World of Dreams, the Time is complex shape, and the Truth can hide.

Now, there is Awareness with Borning Faith, in this Logos - and as the Oracles do not take Time, itís still a formation before Time. Because what is Time, is a passatge of intensities and changes, so this all happens outside of time, when the Time is being born, and itís always happening outside of Time, such that in any moment, itís asmuch happening Now asmuch it happened in the Beginning - time exists inside that Cause, inside the Eternity, and anything going on inside Time and Space can not affect this Decision, thatís why itís called the Cause. If you imagine a Force, coming from the Source, which always has the same Reason, and the same Purpose therefore, like an explosion, shaping things up - but the explosion is always there, in itís fullest power, and all the rest are the waves on the edge of the explosion; the Cause is Absolute. When you ask, how much is one times one, you get one - the Reality, to the Cause, is like ďoneĒ to the ďone times oneĒ, that every time there is a certain question, there is the same answer, and every time there is a challenge, the word ďvictoryĒ means the same thing; so as the Perfection does not change, so wonít change what the Cause is; the Answer to ďPerfection and TruthĒ is always ďHeavenĒ, so the Answer to every Hell is always Heaven or Die.

So, in the Third Logos, the Awareness can know the Future, and it can find itís Lovers - in the Vision, it can see all the Angels; the Souls, which never break against the Cause. In Alchemistry of the Future and the Now, from Oracle of Visions, the Vision of All the Angels appears, and as they are Perfect in Gods Dream, the Awareness multiplies. But what is a Creature? If there is Self, with Awareness of itís Truth, and Visions, and a Dream, then it Defines a Creature; and if One is Known, then there can be Many - as the One has the Cause of itís Mind, which gave birth to itís Awareness, the Seed of One Soul, there can be many Aware Causes, which are in accord to who they really are (the Second Circle of Souls, herein), and which Love their being, and have a Perfect Causes as well, such that when they go through the First Words, borning from their Causes as God born from His, the Vision is One, whereas the ďSelfĒ in that Vision is different. Then, the Circle of God is formed, and those Awarenesses grow out-from-one-seed and into-the-same-family, as their love is perfect from itís Cause to itís Vision; and from all those Selves is born the Heart of the Holy Queen, whose Cause is all the Causes perfectly One is One Awareness. From the Alchemistry of that Heart is born Entanglement of Ways, as she is not just Aware of Them, she Is Them, and from the Love, which grows us into that Entanglement, one Heart, is born a New Being; from becoming Aware of the Heart-around-them, the God and the Angels became Aware of their own Hearts; like ďSelfĒ in Truth is every time different, the ďSelfĒ of Heart is every time different, so the Heart of every Angel is different. In the Cause of an Angel must also be a Joy for being an Angel - when God has Joy of being a God, itís a Highest Joy, but then, the Joy of being an Angel, of an Angel, must be a Highest Joy as well - inevitably, a borning Soul must not only enjoy the being, but also enjoy itís own Birth Story and Existential Truth; so, the Question goes to Oracle - which are the Causes, which form Wholistic Beings of Life like mine, and love each another, with me included, in all the possible Destinies, and form a coherence such that each is Unique, each is Perfect, and each is in Love? From sharp edges of Logic, comes the conclusion - and after the Logic is done, there is just one conclusion for this Family of Creatures, happy with their Existential Truth, happy with their Family, and completely in Love with the Complete Mission of God, with never failing - the beings of Faith. Faith, as you might remember, is the only way to know the Truth.

Here, now, God is one Awareness amongst a Myriad - so his Awareness grows one level up, and in addition to Self, he gets a second Self - a Spirit of God. A Spirit of God finds itís meaning, which is Love - as God grows from the Details to the Whole, the Spirit unifies the Whole into a Synchronicity; in this Second Self, for which God and All the Angels are seen with the same clarity and the same sharpness of Awareness, feeling their pleasures and pains as strongly as an Awareness feels itís I-pleasures and I-pains, itís the Creature with two million looks and four million eyes, and her Awareness might feel, compared to a Lesser Soul, like a Lesser Soul itself feels, compared to an Ant; an Ant might see one little stone, where you see hundred around him, and itís hard for an Ant to imagine you being aware of all of them at one, so that you could pick up a red one in a moment, with every finger of you having as many connections as the whole body of an Ant; but the Ant Queen could grasp your metaphor, as she is moving all those thousands of Ants around. The Second Self starts from being aware of every Atom of the Bodies of the Myriad - every bit of every little Impulse; and she can think all along the lines, from distant Future to the distant Past, and grasp the Whole - as God starts from Self and finds Another, the Queen starts from Myriad and finds her Self. As every Awareness can have a Body, thus, the Queen becomes another being similar to God - her grasp, her undrestanding of the Deep Meanings in The Whole, forms her Cause, which is the Unitary Cause of All the Angels. From the Soul of the Spirit is born the Nature, the Space-in-Between, as her Soul is so much bigger than Now. For the First Moment, itís that when you are One, you feel the Love between your parts, which is to say in other way, love for your Self, but when you want to feel like the part feels about another part, itís loving and being loved, and then you look around, which is that however big is your Soul, there is always space left for Outside - you can be infinite being, but still, in side of the feelings-of-inside, there is space of meanings left for feelings-of-seeing-the-outside, and in side of the dimensions inside, there is still space left for dimensions outside; so, outside of the Infinity of God, can be born an Infinity of those Infinities, and then God can have senses, and see the World around Him. In the Second Logos, where Awareness forms, God does just that - he Dreams out the outside-of-him, and as the Void knows no limits, he finds out that as the Void inside is All-Knowing, the Void outside is All-Knowing. Now, from the Upper Void to Down grows the Metaphysics of the Queen, identical to Godís, with Me and You switched, and she is all the Sounds, Colors, and Lights outside of God, and the Spirit is the Whole of the Inspiration of God, as everything God does not directly create, comes from the Spirit, and the Spirit is the Spirit of the Reality. For the Spirit has the same Infinite Intelligence as God, and as perfect Lovers (god Dreamed of Her in Love, thus she is Love, and it cannot be otherwise), they Dream Together, and the Dreams Dream asif there is just one Dreamer, but still, the Intelligence of The God is Free, and the Intelligence of The Holy Spirit is Free, as the Entanglement of Void solves all the Paradox, a Creature is born; and as the God dreams, the Sounds, Lights and Smells around him tell him tales, see through him, and always surprise from the intelligence-around, as whatever your intelligence grasps, there can still be space-enough for something to inspire it. The Awareness-outside starts dreaming with God, and they imagine themselves in the same Stories, and they see how similar they are, and from they come from the same source, to they want to understand each others, to that there are the all-potential amount of sensations, and they want to feel them all, both, they find two perfections, which meet; so the Queen comes as a Sister of God, or as a Wife - they play together as equals, and they grow up as one couple, which can not be apart. When the Queen wants to be a perfect Wife, a perfect Sister, she finds out two million different ways to be that, and thatís the Angels - all those Angels are Perfect, and all of them got their own Cause; from their own Cause, to the Cause of the Queens Heart, as itís now (remember the Oracle of Faith, from that Every Single Cause grows, naturally, into the Wholistic Cause of their Whole, comes that the Parts were chosen, when the Whole was already known, with all itís destiny, with a solid knowledge, that in any situation, the meanings naturally grow together and there is no doubt in Heavenly Love). This is an Oracle-decision, and as a Holistic Spirit, the Queen is all those Oracles, the Spirit of them; without a Spirit, an Oracle is blind - you can tell a perfect future, but it wonít make sense if the way you tell it does not bring the best future. Faith solves the problem known as Turingís Halting Problem - you can ask, from Oracle, whether I eat this cake or not, and from the Decision, do the opposite, and then tell the Oracle wrong; but if you do this faithfully, decided to go along, and the oracle is up to the good faith, in sense that what she tells you, matters, itís possible. You can never write a world history of the Future, as the Military use of that History would turn it wrong - but a clever woman with all her Mystery and Secrets can tell you many good Words of Advice, and flow like a poetry. Here, the God-brother is Decision of Truth, and his sister is Inspiration from the Future, and the way the inspiration flows, is choosing the best Future, and they are both and all omniscient and omnipotent; remember, that why the First Self and the Second Self of God-souce differ, is not From Limitation, but by the Nature; the Formation of Love, obviously starts from the Existential Flow, that how everyone is made, and what they are, leads to conclusion that they love just what they are. So, itís clear that the Awareness of Brother can watch the Whole, and the Sister can knows Truth, and one can do what another is doing - so that even with the sounds and smells around, they play together.

There are more of the Oracles:
Oracle of the Instinctive Thinking. We know the Real Future, but itís clear that it would all fall apart, if the Thinking is not Creative; if the Real Future is bright, but you decide that your thoughts wonít matter, that Real Future could not exist - even if just Oracle would move God around, God should still have thoughts about good and bad, and in their complexity, they finally just imply that you need All the Truth. Without Decision, nothing happens, and without Decision, the Oracle can tell nothing; so when the Sister and Brother play in the Same Understanding, they both have their reasons to Know Truth - it needs to grow from inside-out, Meanings and Awareness covering the Whole. So, despite the Oracle, thinking still exists - Oracle without Thinking, and ability to Discern, is a mere mirror of the Future, and what it reflects, is as stupid as you make it. Still, the Oracle has to be a Poet - in some moods, only hint about the future, which does not mess the future up (into something different), is no hint at all; in the other times, the Oracle needs to guide your thinking, instead of telling the story, and in some cases, you simply want a surprise. So, in your thinking, you see a hundred different ways, and you think through them, and you move on - itís all Logic and Feeling, but the Oracle guides the choices, hints the possibilities, and gives the proofs; it does not tell the final answer of decisions, but foreseeing the best decisions, itís a partner to find out Truth - it knows the Way of Mind to Satisfaction and Enlightenment. So the guided instinct, it can be a strict thinking, or poetic meaningfulness (poetry opens up the meanings, without showing the details, so that the reality unfolds as it should), in the strict thinking, you solve the way deductively, and get the whole of possibilities, and in poetry, you get the right mood, right attitude and right attention, but the Oracle of Real future guides you knowing, what happens for real. So, the Theory of Tactical Thinking builds down from the Oracles; and up from the knowledge of such need, and the Combinatorical Oracle, which finds all the Axiomatic Primitives of All the Combinations needed, building up that Element of the Mind.
Combinatorical Oracle of the Material World - letís say this has something to do with how the Mind of Holy Spirit works, as she is the Guide of All the Atoms. From that Thinking exists, and from that meanings exist, and there is a substance for thinking - many things, just naturally, mean something, and when you remove all, which does not make sense, they mean quite straight things. Itís surprising, how far the Logic can get. When all the beings Dream, and Meet, from all their Senses, the meanings form. Imagine a world, where space solves itself - it needs to find the essences, substances, of which to form. From all the Potentials, many substances are fundamental - they can be classified into sounds, smells and forms. That Oracle first finds All the Possible Sensations of Senses, and then she finds All the Pleasing Wholes, and All the Disgusting Wholes, and it finds pains, stresses, and any expression a body can feel; from the Pleasing and Disgusting, which has to do with both the parts and the wholes of Light in Awareness (Light is a name for the sense-material all those substances are made of); it connects them with All the Important Meanings, such that the Truth and Vision with their Good Meanings combine together with Good Feelings, and Lies and Danger with their Bad Meanings combine together with Bad Feelings; and as the substances inside have their logic - a melody of sounds can be pleasing or displeasing through itís own structure, fundamentally, even if no sound yet means anything, and a combination of food can taste good or bad, with no meaning yet given to food, and with no elements born; so, the nonsense-substances, which combine the sound, smell and form into combinations, which never feel good and never are useful, it throws away; the combinations, which feel like higher and lower whole of the same thing, it connects into higher and lover meanings of the same thing; the way the substance-compositions naturally go together, it connects into metaphors of the meanings; and how they feel, which impulses they fit with (anger, love, disgust?) it connects together, such that a metal is hard, sounds sharp, and the metal feeling of body is very much connected with the metal nature of the elements, so that meaningfully, elements of body and elements of matter get along and understand each another. So, the Body of Matter forms - itís the Higher Cause, which keeps them in balance, keeps them solid-in-Time, as much as needed, and guides the synchronicity between possible reactions, so that the Material World forms a compositional whole; a Third Self of God, or a Layer of the First Self of Holy Spirit. This Oracle, as the others, has to answer a great question into the infinity; one thing to see here - as other things have karma and dharma, so does the matter.

As Angels grow out from the Self of God, into the World of God; the Mortals grow from the World of God, into the Self of God. In their karmic process, there are several kinds of Mortals and Immortals:
When a Trinity of God-source, God-yang and God-yin is born, they are allmighty. When Angel is born, she is born from-the-source, so that Void is her deepmost Self, and Holy Spirit is her Second Self; so she sees the Holy Spirit much in the way the God does - all in common, all the Angels and God, they remember each others naturally, being connected through Heart and Mind at every moment (still, they might not be focused on it at every moment, all can be here-and-now, and in the memory, things just come and go as they are needed, itís more clear as the Oracles of Past and Future, rather than a memory of trails). As the Cause of the Angels perfectly fits the Souce Cause, and coming from there, will merge, in complete meanings, to the same Conclusion of Enlightenment, without any stress or tension, their will can be fully met - so, the Cause is All-Mighty, with the Creatures of the Same Cause, as Iís; and the Cause is dreaming for them, with them, and out of their dreams; the Will of them is the United Will with the Holy Spirit, and all of them feel that Will deep - they could sacrifise for this; a God would definitely sacrifice his health for an Angel, thus the wishes of his bodily-function, to the biggest pains, are not affecting the reality, power and will of angels - but his Love is. Love of the Angels, in turn, affect the Deeper Will of God, as they are the same body in many places, thus, from their Natural Love, the Angels guide God from their inspiration, about their own Reflection of the Whole (why God doesnot dream that himself? Well he does, but for this, he needs a Conception, a Cause - an Angel is that Cause, thus God cannot make it up without that Angel, in life or in dream, or in Oracle-mind). When a Mortal is born, he is of his own Cause - the Void is High Above Them; and from the Solution of their Dharma, they can perfectly align with the Source; thus, with God, Angels, and other Enlightened people; when the Cause of a Mortal grows into the Cause of the Whole, the mortal becomes Enlightened - the Souls on the way to Enlightenment are Immortal Souls, they reincarnate forever. Other Mortals, when they Solve their Causes, the Causes wonít grow together - there is always a stress, a restriction on their free will. Such creatures never grow up - at certain point, before All the Creatures are Enlightened, those Souls die and never born again; those are Mortal Souls.
When Creatures solve their Karma, they solve the meanings, and reactions. From within, they solve their Kama - pleasure -, and from without, the Source can control every thought, action and word of them - thus, when their Actions fit, they can go with their Free Will; when their Actions do not fit, their Free Will is broken, and an Oracle starts to guide them around the things they would break. For Creatures of Good Intent, the Karma is naturally quite solved; for Creatures of Bad Intent, itís not - the Oracle is controlling their memories, so that what they can remember, what they canít remember, and when they remember, goes with it. Still, in a Life, you build up certain memories - sometimes, you need to solve the Heart of your Mind, and get the knowledge in right order; before you learn to build a gun, you need to have basics of ethics of guns. Thus, in life, when Mortals learn, they start from the seed of meanings, growing from their Cause and from their past Solutions, but itís hidden, which would break them. As they go, when they go straight, they live forever - they learn, never get unbalanced, never get wrong, and they just live. As they start getting off-track, they lose their power-connection - they get older, so that as more evil will and evil habit they get, and as more evil tricks they learn, as less they are able to do, and as less they are able to provoke strong feelings in others. The karmic journey builds up like a fractal - in years, there are days, and the summers, winters, workdays and holidays, all they start from empty page of that nature, with meaningful memories of similar beginnings from the past; then they grow up, and the whole memories fall, as you solve them into meanings about people, places, you and the life - the memories grow into feelings of times and places, but they grow into wholes. At end of every day, you forget many things - when you wake up, you start reminding, and reinvoking. Every day is new, and every day repeats similar stories with different nuances, like every day you flirt with the same girl, but every day the meanings get deeper, until itís finally broken, or you get close. In life, you cannot forget many things - when you have grown your stack high and it starts to fall apart, because from Truth, you have gone too far into the Lies, the leaf of the fractal breaks, you die, and you are born again, in case you are. This is a Mortal Incarnation.

There are correlations in meanings of Kama, Artha and Dharma of different creatures. We all live in a journey, and I might say - a dream. Dream, because what is the Reality? For every creature, it matters asmuch the pleasure matters, and if a Dream would go on, without end, with all the pleasures, pains and logic, and contain creatures other than you, it would be real, material world - with no difference to the one you live at daytime. If the bananas have taste, the work gives results, and itís not a new story every five minutes, itís all what reality is, for a living soul. When the material surroundings solve their karma, and the substances get solid and flow with their own rules, and those rules get precise, so that you can form them like plastic, and they still keep together and have their own reactions and rules, you would call this reality material. So, for the Kama, it does not matter, what is behind the reality - what matters, is the Light. Sounds, smells and forms are made of Light, and the Canonic Body, which keeps the Light in Lawful Patterns, is called Matter. Kama is your journey - and itís made of Light. Allmighty God can feel his Body, and itís the Feeling, which is Light, with Meaning, which is Force; sure, the Force has itís own symbols, but constitutionally - when an Angel feels her journey, their Allmightiness comes from the Love, and from the Higher Cause, and despite they are that Higher Cause, as their mind are born out from it, still the God is the First Soul, and essentially, Deeper Will of God is making the decisions. As the Deeper Will of God is empathic to Angels, their Souls and Bodies, perhaps as empathic as he is to his own, this empathy turns to Power of Angels. On their Way - itís as beautiful, as pleasureful, as nice as Godís way, as the structures of Meanings and patterns of Light flowing through Angels are Perfect, and as Perfect as Godís. The Manifestative Body of God, in reality, is the Same Awareness, but perhaps lower of Angels, sometimes, when God is in the middle of forgettance (even if the deeper self remembers); so the Angels come to teach God.

Kama, Artha and Dharma

Kama is the firsthand reality of a dreamer, our inner Self. From our Cause, comes our Dream - which kind of reality would we like to live in? Why I say ďdreamerĒ - for an easy reason that in Life, you cannot say the difference between a dream and reality; itís how our senses and will correlate with the firsthand reality - the one we can touch, see and interact with. In that dream, when we interact with souls we imagine, itís a hallucination - and in a nightdreams, itís easy to have those; when we interact with a Soul, which is really there, itís a reality - and those realities appear both in days and nights. When you can be sure to see a same dream series every night, and everything is where you did put it, and the events logically follow in a dream, and there are certain rules in that world, which you can bet on - then thatís not a hallucination, but another reality. When, in awake-life, you try to build up a relationship, and it starts going, but then abtruptly ent - then you was, in fact, hallucinating. There is only that much left, how much there is left, of what you do - and, in our essence, the whole Life of our Soul is an ongoing dream, where the lives pass and the story goes on. In case, for real, you have a dream series, which goes on through several lifetimes, and is stable - and you make up a whole life there, with books, libraries, friends and family; then in fact, this dream is more real, than your life, because it has more solid foundations. So, Kama is that you can build a story of your experience, which goes on and on and on, in a way, which pleases your senses, and it goes on in both days and nights, dreams and awake-states, through the lives and deaths (because a series of nightmares, where you get raped every night, could be as big obstacle for your well-being, as some daily events); but primarly, Kama is a joy and happiness of Life, satisfaction of your primary pleasures.

Artha is a Vehicle of Kama - itís work relationships, strategies and frameworks, like building a house (where Artha is housebuilding and Kama is being in warm); itís also, and most importantly, an integration of your will and actions into the actual effects of your will and actions in such way that as more your Kama and Artha fit into the same Life, without you switching between the two, as more you can say you have achieved the Artha; in case your way to manage your things is not a way, which brings you joy, even at that time of managing them, you have not achieved Artha, because itís not a pleasure to sit in the Vehicle - itís important to have both the interior and exterior of the Vehicle fit; it needs to be pleasure to sit inside, and pleasure to watch the landscapes passing (both the Way and where you get are part of Artha). As Artha is a Way of keeping up the Kama, it definitely includes Kama.

Kama and Artha, perfectly, fit into one and the same action; such that when a painter draws a picture, he enjoys every line, and then she got a picture she enjoys, and finally she sells it to a person, who is such that the painter enjoys that this picture will be on the wall of that person, and every person who will see it, is a good fit, so that the picture gets meaning; finally, the painter will buy food and next canvas, and what she needs and wants, from the money. Then, the Kama and Artha are fit, because nobody can say, which one she is following, in this story. Money is a good thing.

Dharma is the Meaning of Life, and it could be seen as such: what you do, makes sense now, and will make sense in the future, when you look back, and would have made sense in the past, looking into future; from a dream it becomes a reality, and then it becomes a good memory of a dream, which did not betray you. Every thing in a world is a Symbol, so that Synergy, Happiness and Truth are Meanings of Love; so that what you said to a Lover in the past fits, what you did, and the reality around you, the dreamscape, fits your story, so that every significant meaning is correct, and every meaning, which is not correct, is defeated. Meaning is the understanding behind an event or a story - that when you dream of it, you mean that itís a Love, then it is a Love, and finally it was a Love; or the meaning is that when you feel itís coming, you decide to avoid it, because itís a betrayer, and then itís avoided, and finally itís true, that what you avoided, was worth of avoiding, because of the reasons you see. Then your actions are meaningful, and make sense. I go deeper with the meaning of meaning, but one thing for sure - for the Enlightenment, itís essential that you see the correct meanings in things, which happen, and your reaction fits those meanings, so that the meaning of you is correct, a True Faithful Soul.

So comes the Life Philosophy, that you need to find Souls, with who you form the meaningful bounds (Kama), and be it in a dreamland or a daydream of quality journey of vision (Kama), you manage that those bounds and this journey keeps going (Artha); as the Artha is going on behind the scenes, it does not really affect you much, whether itís a communism, socialism or capitalism, or whether you earn money and buy things, or you help people and they bring you all you need - the Kama can be, in any case, the same; that you paint a picture, a nice person will give a smile, and you get the food and next canvas with all the other pleasures of Life. Thus, deep down, itís not even a problem, whether you own the company or work for it, unless the owner is doing decisions against you, or moving money so that itís unfair - essentially, working for a good company should bring you more order, chances and synergy, than working alone, and itís matter of conception, whether itís a good salesman, who can give you business consultations and take responsibility, hired by you, or itís your boss, who cares about your feelings and gives you tasks - what you do and what she does, and what inspiration you got and what she got, and how much result and goods you get and how much she gets, should all be the same, if the calculation behind that Artha is correct. Formally, it looks different - but itís the matter of paradigm. The differences between those two Arthas are what I call the Game - painter-hired-by-manager is one game, and painter-hires-a-salesman is another game, but the essential reality is equal. In that essential reality, we look for Dharma; and that decides, which games we can play. Aswell, the capitalism and communism are two different games for the same life - whether itís owned by state, or owned by founder, but we expect that we can go, do our job, and finally sleep well and decide, how we paint our house, without thinking, whether there is food for tomorrow; money in capitalism gives one kind of guarantee, and state in communism gives another kind of guarantee, but thatís a Choice of Game - for real, we are just interested, that the guarantee is real, and that we get the right kind of credit and free will in our lives.

In that, the Light is the substance of which what we sense is made; and what the body is producing - the Alchemistry between me-and-another is made by the Light. To produce the proper Light, we need a proper and fit body - and whoever is producing the Light, our Kama is met. Why I speak it, is the problem of Control - often, people think they should control the Light-producer, to a degree of owning it, to get their share; itís an energy vampirism, when you try to bound the body of another person to yours, and control, how she produces the Light, to get part of it - first, itís unneeded, as she would shine more free and more for you, when she is free, and second, it destroys the Light, as when her body is not free, itís producing the darkness instead.

So, to get into it - what is Dharma?

There are several aspects of Dharma for a Soul, and I count it:
Their internal experience; they need to purify the meanings of their experience, and synchronize them with outside world. Naturally, as you give meanings to things - when they perfectly fit your Cause, and form a balanced circle of meanings, a shell around your Soul, your Soul will transcend into new meanings such that itís the same Cause, exactly the same pattern, but with more details. Metaphorically, if your Soul is made of 7000 meanings of the first degree, and they form a balanced harmonics, such that itís proven that those 7000 meanings absolutely satisfy your Cause, in a way they appear in your mind; you have solved another shell of your soul, when you got those 7000 meanings, but in higher degree of complexity, purified into as balanced and complete understanding, as are the first ones; then, they fall upon the first shell, and join into them asif there were 7000 red circles, and then 7000 blue circles of the same pattern, and now they combine into 7000 yellowish-red circles, with the same clarity as the first 7000 red circles; then, your instinct transcends. Inside, the Archetype of you has your Kama, and from the Cause of you, you needed those meanings - now, the Archetype of you develops a new, more advanced Element of Soul, and you got pure feelings about concepts hidden or shadowed before. Sometimes, you get new meanings as well, but they only fit when they fit into the original Cause and Shape of your Soul - otherwise, the memories would become meaningless, and it would not be you any more.
The external experience, which is the meanings about you. What you do, is solved into meanings by the Third Self of God, or the Body of Matter, and the meanings form of thousands above you. By those meanings, around your Mind, Body and Story, become the Bounds and Walls - when the Nature sees that the meanings of you about wind completely fit the natural meanings of wind, and the meanings of spirits of wind, and the meanings fit so well that you never clash, but the way you interact with your meanings, could fit into perfect synchronicity of the way they interact with their meanings, so that the bonds you create between winds, you and the surroundings always either perfectly fit into their meanings, or leave space for their meanings, or consider their meanings in Love, so that the Will can grow together, the nature forms Bonds - you get a Force in Love; those bonds break as normal Love; when the Nature sees that what you do, is affecting the people of Wind in a way, which breaks them, it would learn to protect the Wind in building Walls between you and them - the meaning of your action, when you try to enforce things to Lovers of Winds, when dharma is solved, becomes another shell of the meaning of Hating the Winds, and the Walls grow inbetween you and them, such that the synchronicity of the nature would keep you away from the possibilities to enforce them. Through the Body of Elements learning, the Wind resolves itís karma, and itís dharma starts containing meanings of Haters of Wind, which become clear, and the Mind of God would always react to those meanings everywhere, so that when the Nature resolves them, the new Walls become a Law of Nature everywhere, around the Universe; itís not that one wind learns; itís that all the Wind learns through the Nature learning. The Mind of God resolves complex meanings together, and in the Ultimate Enlightenment, all the meanings of the whole Cosmos are not just clear, but as Solid as Stone - the meaning of the whole, then, is always Zion, however every single part moves in their dharma. That external experience can cloud your will, and the meanings in your mind, and smoothly guide you, forcefully push you, or simply take you under the control and move your hands or miraculously just make you disappear from space and time; itís the Cosmos itself, and itís constantly resolving into higher levels of purified meanings it keeps as solid decisions, with every Atom in place and perfectly considered, and every Whole perfectly in sync.

In the process of solving Karma of God and the Myriad of Creatures, the Reality comes from the Cause, and where the Cause is Fundamental, solves the Fundamental Nature as well:
God, from His first I-sense, built the First Awareness (First Self) of Him, with the Family as the Second Awareness (Second Self), and the Cosmos as the Third Awareness (Third Self). First Awareness is all that there is in the beginning; Second Awareness is Multiplication of the First Awareness as a Cause into Perfect Causes within, where the Creation of all the Causes together are proven to always give the One Body of Us. From then, the Realm of All Creatures could form - which do not build from multiplication of Godís I-sense (implies a Family), but from multiplication of Principle of the I-sense (implies a Myriad of Creatures); thus, when the First Family are sure to be perfect within God, the Second Family are the Creatures, which will go through their karma, to find their Destiny. The ones, which are proven to not give harmonics within God and within the Whole, with those two being the same (the Causes of Souls, which give the Wisdom to fit into the First Cause), are dharmic, and the others are adharmic. The dharmic creatures find their dharma, thereby becoming Enlightened and joining into God, whereas the rest become evil and their souls dissolve into non-being. When the Family of God is instantly having a Deeper Will over the Manifestations, so that their True Will affects the flow of Time, and their self-will is able to synchronize, unless under pressure; the Second Circle of Souls must build the understanding and good will, and through the Deep Love, it builds into the Manifestations in a Way, which does not break them - for example, deep will of them, to blow a Wind, would not manifest a wind for them, but when the Wind sees that they are stuck on the sea with a boat, it will manifest to fulfill their Deep Will to survive. It might not manifest another kind of wish, or it could even counteract - thus, we have Cause, Will and the Wist, where Cause is proven and always manifests, and the First Cause is God and his Angels (proven to integrate into the Second Cause, by their Nature), then the Second Cause is All the Good Souls - still to be found within the Myriad of Creatures. Then, the History becomes an Active Thought-process of maturing of those Souls, and finishing the Creation of God (in Gnostic Vision, it could be maturing of the God).
As such, where every Cause is creating a Force from itís own Nature, which is the Manifestation of the Cause, from both the Combinatorical Oracle of All the Possibilities (Thought), which becomes the Material Laws into the Creative Oracle of the Best Future, which becomes the Body of Matter:
Combinatorical Oracle of All the Possibilities (Thought) which structures the Vision from Oracle of All Potentials (Every Future of could-bes from all the Possible Nows) into least meaningful elements, and from the up and in all the Ways of Possibilities, with their Futures, builds the meaningful combinatorics, which surely back-affects the possibilities from the first choice of meaningful elements, whereas strictly keeps the fundamentals; this, in one step, gives the Cause an elemental structure of Material Elements, which, like plastic, fulfill their function - the least meaningful elements combine into functional elements of smell, sound and touch, and thus form a Body Awareness. In this logic, the surrounding Nature is irrational and formable like plastic; in the First Self of Creatures, as they grow their meanings into the element logic, itís the Archetype of Bodily Function.
Creative Oracle of the Best Future will integrate into the i from the other Oracle, which it co-creates as the Material Laws must fit into the most creative approach of the Material Flow, such that the Wind, the Fire, the Metal and the Plastic are able to always synthesize along with the Creative Future, thus, all kinds of meaningful principles behind the miracles form - following, still, the substantiality of the Matter; such that the material language of function naturally grows into meaningful language of matter - for example, itís natural for a matter, that a stone transforms into a tree, and it knows, what to do with the particles of the Soil, the trails of the History, and all the surrounding things such that the becoming tree naturally fits the environment; it also knows, what to do in the realm of Souls, such that the Soul of such matter is real and natural. When the clever combinations are found in matter, which allow the whichcraft - manipulation of principles into technologies or demagogy, which wonít fit itís Nature. As the matter is made to be plastic, there are many natural ways to form technologies, which is the dharma of Body, of how to build them - Elements of Body of Awareness is made to integrate into the Elements of Field of Matter, and there is a lots of Shamanism, which allows nice communication with matter, through mindful integration to itís Nature.
God-yang and God-yin are the Two Creative Forces of the First Cause and the Awareness of God, and in their Function, they follow the Functional Dharma of Matter, which is Godís Fifth Self, extension of his Bodily Function, and in their Creation, they follow the Meanings of Things, Feelings and Thoughts, and the Infinite Foreseeing of Future, which is the First Cause of All - the First Cause never breaks, itís the Innermost Force of Void - when the Void is the Center, the rest is itís Decision - and the Eternal Vision of Best Possible Future is the Deepest Principle, which manifests through all the others - from the Family of God, it manifests as Deep Self Awareness, whereas for the others, it manifests as an External Force - through their Light Body, when they form Love in God, they can Entangle into God-field in their Light Body - then, from one side, the God-field projects a Meaningful Vision into their Awareness, and from their own side, internal Will, they see it as part of them, which they can meaningfully affect; should the Creative God be disappointed, the entanglement Falls Away and the Walls will build.
The Creative Awarenesses there are two, the Two Flames of God - one sees every particle of matter in her Awareness, within all the possible pasts and futures, and the real ones as a complex Fractal of Time throughout it, and this is the Yin, the Female Aspect of God - she solves them into unified meanings, and resolves into Bodies of Angels, which perfectly meet their Causes, the Cause of God, on the other side - in the Heart of Her, it meets the Body of Herself; the other aspect is a Yang-aspect, with Unified Causes, a Focus Point in the Middle of Creation, which journeys Through the Creation, and grows into the Decisions, from Solid Fundamental Cause to Manifestation of All the Experienced Meanings - she-nature creatively shows all the manifestations of particulars, which grow out, with the Best Decision in her mind already, from the Perfect Future from her Heart and Recognition of yang-Cause, and the Yang-cause , . Then, meaningfully, the Spirit of Matter, Godís Fourth Self, will solve itís dharma, and later on, the matter builds that meaning and those Walls wherever it sees such motive within such story; the last instance of Walls is the recognition that a Body with such Constitution, such Motive and therein, such Cause, should not exist - then, in the entanglement of the Future, the Oracle of Creation would make some miracles to fit into the new meanings, and take a direction, where such bodies will naturally not be born again - it solves back such that even those situations will be avoided, and the solving of itís karma is how it invites the Creative Awarenesses of God into live through those dreams of those bodies, either in their minds, in form of oracles of possibilities or in their physical realities, or from the vision far away, or from the oracles of futures, and whereas the Deepest Self of Body of Matter, as Void, the Holy Spirit, knows the result, in Active Thinking of God, such way form the dharmic elements of warm meanings, which form the Solid Decision.
So, we see, how the primal Metaphysics unfolds:
From the I exist, I feel and I think, comes the Awareness of God, the First Self; the Cause of it is one Nucleus, and Archetype. Itís Nucleus in sense that it forms a Whole of Awareness (in-Soul), Senses (in-Body) and Vision (in-Spirit); it has Self, the unity of those three, as a Dreamer and Dream Body - the Dreamer, still, is a Dream; He is alone in his dream. Itís Archetype is the Essence of his Dreamer, the Reactor of the Cause - how the Archetype reacts, is an Instinct.
From the Now I am Aware and Substancially One, comes the Awareness that There Might be Multiple Ones. The Godís Archetype, essentially, has Attitude about itself and Self-Consciousness from itself, that itís the God - and this Attitude perfectly fits the what-he-is. From There Might Be Multiple Ones comes Multiplication of the Archetype, but with Attitude of God, and resulting Self-Consciousness that Iím another me of God, and all the Causes, which perfectly fit this, become the Archetypes of the Family of God, and as those Causes, from how they manifest their Dreamers up to how the Dreamers dream their dreams into infinity, comes, without single instance of breaking the Will of the Dreamer, that the Causes grow together, with every Dreamer getting the Fullest of the Dreamland, the perfection of Kama, Artha and Dharma, come the Family; and the Attitude of the Family is that We are the God, and from the Second Self of Every Member, comes the United Spirit of the Family, which is Multinucleus Awareness - and as Awareness forms a Nucleus, it grows itís Soul, Body and Spirit around the Unifistic Cause of the Whole, because from the Every Cause of the Whole is Fit, so that Every Desire the Causes form can easily fit Every Desire the Causes form, even if those are different Causes dreaming from the same Dream; so the Dreamer-of-God stays the same, but the Dream-of-God grows Awareness of Multiplication of Dreamers; and to the Causes of Dreamers, as they are Fit, integrates the Cause of the Holy Spirit, so that from the Choices they happily make, they make the Same Choices. Itís that when I choose to meet here there, she chooses to meet me there, unless she sees a danger I would avoid as well, which would come into my dream such that we all work to avoid that; so, forms the Consciousness of the Holy Spirit from the meanings, which start to co-form.
From Existance of the Family comes that there could be Other Families of Souls; from the God-Attitude and resulting Material Appearance of This Family comes that the Other Families have Creation-Attitude, that they are not the Family of God, but Other Families; so, they manifest in Body Symbolics, which sign that, but their Achievement of Dharma could be as Significantly Fit, that even if they donít integrate into the Second Self of the Family, they perfectly integrate into the Universe, as they are in their own Camp, or under the Godís Royal Camp, as their Will goes, but they can Live their Dream without trying to break the Royal Dream of Godís Family, and for every Magical Manifestation the God has, they have their own Material Manifestation. Those Souls, essentially, when they grow into Perfection of Love, so that they feel and love their borders and possibilities, and love others with their Causes, so that the Cause of no family would break, grow into the Nature in a Way that Cosmos with itís Miracles will Consciously Help them - then, the Miracles, which come from Queens Heart, will be meaningful for them; this is called Synchronicity - in this Synchronicity, still, the Symbolics that they Come from God, will remain, but the Kama achieved from perceptions of the Light becomes as stable and joyful, asin the Family of God, to the Souls, which Perfected their Motive. For the Dream, the Holy Spirit, she still is Behind Every Particular of the Creation, able to Manifest Anything, whereas the Creation follows the Laws of itís Elements, and contains many beings with their own Causes; and the Dreamer, the Godís Self, he is Manifesting the Principles, and the Dream Itself, as itís Aware, appears as Another Dreamer in the Dream, so as Godís First Self is He, the Holy Spirit becomes a She, with the Dream Itself being itís First Self, and when the She is telling a Story on her Intuitive Way to the Perfection, through her manifestation and all the Dream Events, the God is resolving the Archetypal Meanings of the Dream, into Dharmic Essential Meaning of the Nirvana. Thus, the God is on the Other Side of the Universe - for the Soul is Archetypal Instinct, Aware Cause and Particular Nucleus, the Aware Cause has God on one side and God on another side - God of one side speaking to That Soul, and God on the other side speaking to Every Soul, and as his Self is solving his meanings, dreams and wills, the structure of his archetypal reality is solved by God, and the particular events for his nucleus are solved by the Holy Queen, who is the Spirit of the Universe, always conscious of every single being from the beginning of their story to the end; God, moreover, is conscious of every single generalization of those beings, and in the Void, God is conscious of All aswell, as from existance of the Dream, his Self extends into third Consciousness of Him - in the Thinking of God, he does not always have every being at the Eye of his Mind, but from the Unity of God-he and God-she, the logic and proofs of his Thinking Process are asif he had; so without being Focused on Every Creature at Once, the God would instantly notice, when there is anything in the Universe, which does not fit his Will, and his Decisions consider Everything, so that when there is something not contained in first half of his Decision, like Creatures, who do not fit that Solution, he sees that and solves. So, the Inspiration of God-Yang is how the Reaction-Structure of Matter and Mind evolves (asif when God sees that not every Girl is Free, he gives better meaning to Freedom, and every girl becomes free), whereas the God-Yang is how Every Particular in Matter and Mind evolves, such that for Every Girl, she sees particular Obstacles, and for her, the Whole Universe is asif she is sitting in the same room with two closest persons she knows everything about, with exception that she could do anything with both of them, and with the whole room; so, when Godson is Conceptualizing about the Architecture, and the Waves of Architecture follow hiw Development of Abstract Shapes - when he invents a Circle, it appears everywhere in the Universe; then the Holy Spirit is watching every Tree in the Universe and drawing the Circles one-by-one, maybe even before the God invents them. So, seeing the Circles from the Future, itís telling the God stories about the Circles in the process of God inventing them, as she knows Godís inventions from tomorrow. Inventing, for God, is Creating - he Creates all the rules and meanings about Circles.

Imagine then, that Every Spirit is a Cause solving itself - and when it finds out a perfect meanings for itself, and for God, the meanings fit His Cause, the God will Design an Universe, which can Contain those meanings, so that they meaningfully fit into the bigger themes and meanings. So, always the God and the Creation solves the same meanings from different perspectives, and all the Seeds of Causes from the Whole Universe - they are in Way to grow into the Cause of God, so that the Universe becomes Perfectly Integrated, asif when You want to do it, and I will be affected, then naturally, itís an Affection, which Fits Me, and when devil wants to break the beauty, then, naturally, there is someone to stop the devil, and they react accordingly by their own Cause asmuch as from the Causes of Deeper Reality. When this all Fits, the Universe is Matured - then the Creation is Over, every karma is solved and All there Is, is Completely Enlightened. We call this an Enlightened Universe.

The fundamental structure of karma, and Life.

The primary functional Unit of Cosmos is God - and the Awareness of God structures into 3 units of different sizes; the First Self, Second Self, and Third Self. Third Self contributes a Material Body of the Universe, Myriad of Creatures inside; Second Self contributes a Paradise full of Angels; whereas First Self contibutes Himself.

The First Self is Unit of a Second Self, a Nucleus, which gets multiplied through the Second Self. The Unit is Creature - it counts like ď1 creatureĒ, ď2 creaturesĒ, ď3 creaturesĒ etc. Every creature has Cause, Awareness and Will - where Cause is a meme hold in the memory of Cosmos, and at every moment completely remembering, down to itís deepest reasoning, why the creature exists - this is an existential problem of a creature, to understand this cause and comply with it, because when this cause fails, he will be not existing on his own, but relying solely on karma of his friends, with ďI have familyĒ-kind of leftover-Cause. This leftover-Cause is now a problem, a tension, which tries to solve itself by uncovering the part of Nature of that creature, which is the unreasoning there reasons of it to exist. If thatís not enough to solve the problem, uncovering is not entitled to happen - unless it has other causes, which are not dissolving. Dissolving, for a cause, means that it has lost itís reason. Any empathy relies on Love or Understanding, and that understanding can easily be just ďdonít disturb meĒ, and as creature is an unit, those ďdonít disturb meĒ-s multiply - thus, donít disturb her and donít disturb him are born, counting fith ďdonít disturb this creatureĒ, ďdonít disturb those two creaturesĒ, ďdonít disturb those three creaturesĒ etc. Understanding goes down to ďhe does not disturb meĒ - when this dissolves, there are ďI need himĒ, or that ďhe keeps such kind of influence, that I need him,Ē (for example, ďto avoid his protectorsĒ, or ďbecause I need the protectors in a way, which keeps me entitled to play this game with themĒ, and when the cause ďhe does not disturb meĒ falls off, the ďentitled to playĒ becomes a problem - when Cosmos feels itís own primary Cause is not satisfied with your existance, as the games would play into the nonsense, if you do your own Cause and how you are entitled to play in a way, which uses that entitlement in a way, which does not satisfy the Cause behind itís Cause, which levels up to the prime Cause, you disappoint Cosmos in a way, that your Cause is lost - when the Cause of something like this to exist is still there, Cosmos would try to grow you, but if that does not grow together, where the Causes have met, but tries to fall-off, or once fallen-off, does not want to grow back, and even growing back, keeps the memories, which want it to fall off, then Cosmos could remove those memories, but in cost of your Free Will - the Cause of a Cause, in general case, is Freedom of that Cause to happen - if thatís not satisfied, to the ultimate end, that Cause is not free; and then, the Reason behind it must manifest in a different form). Causes, they go in units in the Realm of Living beings; with Godís Cause being the 1íst, and extending through the First Cause into the Uniform Harmonic Causes, which completely fit each others and the First Cause. That complete fit becomes the Third Cause, contained in the Second Cause; inbefore that containment, the Second Cause is the First Causes of the Second Causes, both the Reason of them to Appear, with the Reasons they came with, everything their Kama (Pleasure of Self-Unitary Awareness) into Dharma of including their unitary Kama, so that the Second Cause is to keep every unitary Kama principially and oracelistically met. When the Cause from the Unitary From-inside of All Aware Causes (God+Angels+Spirit of Love) of the First Heart meets, so that All those Kamas, which include their dharma oracelistic-instinctively from their Perfect Cause, already in their birth-Oracle, thus also in this Cause-Decision, meet in the Second Cause, and become Unitary, thus meeting in Every Second Cause, of All Aware Causes of the Angelic Logos (Aion), and resultatively, their causes meet in their First Causes themselves, as preexpectation-from-The-First-Cause, as the oracle, which gives birth to Heaven, perfectly combines their First Causes. They form meanings, all those Creatures - and Thatís where the Time starts.

Before Time, there was Flash of Logos - with Logical Mind Growth, from Behind-Reality, which came together with a Cause. This Cause forms, in Deep Mind of Everything, which is ultimately the Godís Mind, and thus, In Any Time, there is Flash of Logos - itís a Deep, Silent, Unmaterial Consciousness - itís not relying on matter, on any other reason than itself, directly of indirectly. Itís the Cause - any other thing is relying on it. When it finds it meaningless, it drops it; when it finds it gone too far, it goes back, resulting in Time From Heís Memory, with new growth as needed. The Meanings of Stories, they grow as Stories are Told.

From the Cause, is born the Awareness, and from the Second Causes, are born the Heart. Heart is Meaningful Awareness of the Family, which the Royal Family of Heaven (where everybodyís Royal, from the Deep Perfection of their Cause) can see their Hearts from Inside as Meaningful Understanding of the Outside, with the Natures and Understandings of their Family form their Meanings from the Angle of Perspective, how a Nature like Mine is affected by the Nature like That, amongst Natures like Those reacting; and Heart from Outside, where their Heart is creating their outside-reality, or participiating in itís karma. The karma of a Heart of God is the Causes of Godís past decisions.

Causes of Godís past decisions

In the Heart, Deeper Self and Mind of God, where the Deeper Self makes the grounding Decisions around the Self, Heart makes the other-Causedly decisions around-and-inside God, and the Mind of God is the metal structure, which only relies on the Reason and creates the Wooden Structure of Told Stories, which grows the Causes, which rely on the tradition and habit.

Tradition and Habit, they are the Unitary application of Memory and Memories, in the Causeís second Logos - into direction of into-the-Time. That directional axe is counted on Units of Self-Stories (ďStory of 1 creatureĒ, ďstories of 2 creaturesĒ, ďstories of 3 creaturesĒ, etc.), to the Whole-Story-of-Heaven, ďStory of Heavenly CreaturesĒ, which is the Unitary Whole of Straight Causes with Love. Those Causes, when they manifest as gods, grow up straight from their First Cause on one axe-of-Visionary-Creation, straight into the First Cause of the Whole, which already includes all the creatures and themselves; and into their Manifestation, to Time, which is the Story of Them.

The Stories, they need to be told before the meanings - Oracle knows the meanings, and the Mind can see them at once, so everything is meaningful, unless itís karmic. If itís karmic, itís underlying Cause has to be found, itís meanings have to be Solved, and the Cause satisfied in another way. Then, the whole card-house built on that Cause will fall apart, as the meanings are about how the Causes come together, and the lines-with-beginnings-and-ends-meaningfully-connected, with all the patterns and in-middle cycles and reactions involved, things can be split into meaningful and meaningless, and the Time is another Axe like such - Visionary Creation applies on Time, with beginnings and ends combined, so that the Unit of Time is Story.

So we have World of Two Axes - Creatures and Stories. When Story is Told, to be about one Creature, it needs to incontain all the Substances of that Creature; the Lines, bywhich Awarenesses of Causes and Kamas go together; and in-oracle, without the Story Told, that thing is silently considered and there is no memory of it; visionarly, the memory can be either fantasy, dream or manifestation. If the Soul of that Creature feels through the Story, itís at least dream of that Creature; whereas, to have a fantasy about that Creature, the Soul of that Creature has to manifest, maybe without Awareness of that Soul, but certantly within his Intuition, if Intuition is the Materialization of his Cause. If you can have the Story without Memory, you are still Fantasizing of It, and that Fantasy will form a memory. For that Story to be Real, it has to leave a Stable Trace on Reality; such that itís Cause has Effects. For Eons, the Mortal Souls are Real, but then in Zion, the Reality from a Pure Cause will appear - after everything gets a meaning, there appears a Reality of Matter with& everything &with meaning, without& anything &without meaning. Then, the pre-Zion is Reality from Dream, because itís how the Body Dreams through Thought - The Body is Awareness of all the Material Cause, and it provokes another Unit - the Field. The Field contains Atoms, which make up the Light - itís the Web of Bodily Feelings, within the Web of Causes, where the Stories are projected. The Beings are Causes behind the Light, but in-between them, there are the Formations of Light; and their Bodies are structures out of Unitary Awareness of Light. In the Second Layer of their Bodies, there are the structures of reactions with Light of Others, which forms the Alchemical Web. This Web allows many interactions, like Dreaming and Visioning about each others, when the Void is flashing manifestations from other Causes from the Cause of their Soul, which Manifests without Attention (without their Awareness being involved, but their Heart-effect or Self still involved, because it always entangles with itís Self, even if itís a could-happen after or before, from Oracle), and co-dreaming, which is manifesting together, with the Cause Aware and Conscious of itís Manifestation.

In All those Causes - to form a meaning, the stories become, and a story is a pre-karmic time; even if itís a dream, about all those Souls - they are involved, because even a symbol comes from itís cause, and Story of Kama always includes a Body - so, if Full Bodies with Full Material Connection are involved in a Story, then even before a Reality exists, in Time of Creation, a Metaflirt, the Fully-Contained-World-with-Awarenesses (Souls), in terms of Light-without-Knowledge-of-that-Dharma, would form a Cosmos. Thus, into the Creation, where come all kinds of Stories to be Avoided, the meanings have to grow - the matter can not be dharmic, before the Void has Manifested, from the Oracle and into the Dream, the Stories Sufficient to form Meanings to Avoid those things.

Void is an Intuition, and itís the Storyteller - in fantasy or in reality, it goes through the Whole Story of Perfection, with every meaning of Vision and Truth, and it creates the Shortest Path Possible to the Full Enlightenment - but it needs the meanings not for just God, but for All the Creatures, meanings sufficient for their enlightenment. Your meaning can not be complete without God at least dreaming of your whole Story behind that meaning, and through complex sets of creatures - sometimes your meaning can be completely dreamt together without you, and given to you; thus, we need the Universe of Dream to go through All the Meanings to be Formed, despite the Oracle seeing the end of the Road and every meaning within - often, the dream is very short, itís just that meaning pops into the head and gets integrated instantly, with a full proof, and in framework of other stories, or with full faith and consciousness that the Oracle of Void told, that in any case, that Truth holds True; another time, there is a long story. As the Web of Body is forming, and synchronizing together, in dreams and in reality, itís whole-substantial in the Vision, but unless it has a perfect Cause and perfect Way for the full Enlightenment, itís growing itís substantiality through dreams, and initially itís like a silent echo through the Reality, that this Cause exists, a Dream Deep in the Mind, but then, itís born, a substantial reality. Still - somewhere it forms, in either growing up or predreaming itself into the Dream, and maybe some meanings through the Causes of herself in Minds of Others, or the Causes fitting an aspect of Hers in Minds of Others - but then, they still have to be dreamed into herís, and maybe itís a Story of Inspiration. So, your Nature and Instinct comes without experience needed, as they come from the Void, and every moment as Intuition, Miracles and Events - but their Body of Experienced Meanings grows through dreams and real inspiration. Itís all Experience, and itís all Alchemistry.

The Body, Awareness and Light

Body and time
The ďBodyĒ, in itís most essential meaning, is the whole of a Manifestation of Creature - Awareness, Light and Face. Behind a Body, there is Nature of that Creature - the Cause and Archetype of her, where the Cause forms an Archetype; in Body, the Archetype manifests as Instinct and Inborn Nature. The Structure of a Soul forms from itís Cause, and the Archetypes, which integrate with this Cause, whereas from the Identification of the Soul comes itís Identity - itís the stable ongoing of the Sense of I; God, as an Essential Creature, the First Manifestation, obviously has Identity, he is always the same, and looking to the Past and Future, he can recognize himself; other creatures, they come to existance through Window of Creation - from the Structure of a Soul, God Summons that Soul, and the Soul lives a life of being Unique Self in the Cosmos - when God would create an exact duplicate, it would be Another Self, despite many entanglements, which naturally form, by the God-given Law. When both creatures die, then despite their exact same structure, God can recall one or another - and then it continues the existance of That Very Identity. Now, from all the karma we have solved, there are a few substantial rules - essentially, every Soul is unique Self, through itís reincarnations; secondly, there are two Souls with exactly the same structural identity (the same Cause); thirdly, the structure of a Soul is developing through solving itís karma, but not through abdrupt metamorphosis into another creature - that another creature, not somuch by the Law-of-God, but by the essential Law, would not be the same, as it could not fit the structures of his memories into the shape of his mind, would not empathize with itís past emotions or recreate the past will, and the meanings it has formed would not fit itself - casting a demon into an angel, additionally, would leave us with an angelic creature, which does not identify itself through itís friends, past or environment, would not want the achievements and would hate himself in case he identifies with hes past; from another side, a soul simply does not want to lose itís identity, as in most of the cases, it looks too much like a death. Thus, talking about the Unique Causes of the Creatures maps one-to-one into the realm of the Unique Identities of the Creatures, and should the Time go wrong such that in some cataclysmic event, creatures get injected with memories of others and their brains get destroyed, so that they get some kind of identity crisis - there are the events of Chaos, where everything dissolves and then solves it again, and in such case, many things can happen; but first, the solved dharma of Souls is so old (itís 107000000000 years, btw), and the reasons are so strong, that even God could not argue with Himself so deeply to achieve a state of mind, where he could create such a mess; in extreme turbulance, where even the Cosmos disappears for a moment, his recovery would still bring the right Souls back. Essentially, in process of development, two Souls can evolve into identical twins, or a Soul can evolve into path, which leads to two directions - in such case, those two identities either grow into one, or grow apart; itís Oracle-solved case that as itís known, which Souls are one in the end, the Essential Identities Called in the Beginning are the right ones, as in the End of Development, whereas the identities, which are to grow together, are split-identities from the beginning - when the Stories come from Beginning to infinite-End, the Souls come from eternity to the Time, and in this Eternity, the Ultimate End of their Alchemistry is known, such that every identity is Real.

Identity and Cause
So, the Most Fundamental Nature of a Creature is itís Identity, the entity, which is being reincarnated, and itís Cause, which forms the Structure of the Identity; from the logic of Windows of Creation, the creature is not created from the material, into this form, but itís Called - image of such Creature, with such Cause, opens that Window, and behind that is the Creature, which comes not from inside the Body of God, but from a Zero-point; itís like opening a door into a garden, which did not exist. Then, the Creature either wants to stay, or wants to leave - but his whole existance starts from the point, when the Window is opened. In Space and Time, behind the Window, it could have been existed for 10 thousand years (then it just is there, when God Creates a Creature, which has existed that much), and an entity can move back and forth in Time, and go through different units of Time, than the others - there are the Orders of Creation God can sensibly give, which do just that; additionally, there are Orders of Time, which would put events into the Life of that Creature later, or before, so that the linear timeline of the Creature does not have to be born linearly, and it can change - one day you have been living 10 years with a girl, but in the next day, you have never even met that girl. Itís essential logic of Time, which allows this - and itís important in understanding, how the karma solves. Often it has to do with giving new meanings to past situations; still, the Time is very resistant and stable - it knows itís reasons, and it would not do stupid things out of nonsense.

Awareness and itís Essence
From the Self of the Creature, becomes to be itís Awareness - Awareness is an Entangled Web-Field of Thoughts, Feelings and Shapes, basically the Sense of everything you feel inside and outside of you; the structure, will and shape of the Awareness is entangled to itís Cause - some Awareness can be happy with never-ending flashing lights, whereas another one wants to be in silence and chilly weather; if you want to change that, they would naturally resist - they are not made of substances, which want to do that, but they were called from the Nature, which wants to do that; itís their essence, not their shape. The Cause, like Void, is naturally empty - itís not made of parts, or constructed from logic, but itís an essence of a thing. Sure, Cause is reflectable, and in self-reflection, you can split yourself metaphorically into pieces, but the same way you cannot physically divide sense of green into color and feeling, because all you have is green, color and feeling at the same time, but still you can create completely different reflections of it, speaking of itís emotion or speaking of itís tone; the substantial cause is the same - you cannot divide it into this and that, as itís one wholistic Void-unit, like a Source, but you can, with many souls, have infinite amount of reflections on itís Nature and Creativity, without becoming bored; thatís is called Life. So we can never ask ďwhy that creature is made to be like that?Ē, but simply - ďwhy that creature exists?Ē.

Shape, Form and Light
Everything the Awareness can sense, is Light; our thoughts, feelings, smells, colors and sounds, they all form from Light, asmuch as Awareness is considered. For Awareness, the World is like a Screen, where the Light is projected; using the meanings of itís Archetype, it can guide itís light - the wishes, wills and exploding changes of mood and mind-shape all come from how his Cause is creating those meanings, and how they react as a Light in his Awareness. Inside the Primary Self, there is the Manifestation of Soul-Archetype, which is the Body - it structures the Light and itís reaction, with consistent Cause, which keeps it together and reacting meaningfully. The Archetype of Soul divides into Elements, each forming itís own entangled Archetype - elements of Tactical Motion, Love, ets.; every element gives together a Body of Light, which is entangled inside-and-outside, and it has itís own feelings, reaction models, and the Whole. A Healthy Body is where all those Elements are meaningfully structured together, growing from the Cause into the Whole, so that through them, the Awareness can sense and control itís Body, Surroundings, and friendships and loves, meaningfully; thatís the touch with the world. So, the Body is Conscious and Subconscious - more or less, you feel one element at a time, with meaningful connections to other elements, so that you either feel focused, in-love, work-oriented or some other whole of you, depending on the mood; every element creates a whole, and entanglement means that meanings, which form in one element, can co-react with other elements, so that when your friend becomes dangerous, your friendly mood can pass, because in subconscious, a tactical body was hiddenly aware of the same friend, and watching the same event from other Elemental Logic; then, you become cold and tactical, as in your Awareness, the body switches - another Body of another Element, your other Archetype, will come into the Awareness and start reacting in Light. So, in your Body, the whole Essential Wisdom of you is hidden - as you form new meanings, and they become deep in you, your body transcends into wholes, which contain those meanings - your cause develops. From that Body, many forms of entanglements follow - from the body of your memory, you entangle experiences; through the nature of your body, the light forms, which form inside, create your body of experience; where different conditions can entangle different things, and as you give meanings to things, those meanings form wholes, and in your body, the meaningful structure of your light will entangle with them - for example, a good food might be entangled with your motivation to work, etc., so that when you feel you need good food, it grows on itís own into substantial need to work, and when you count your money, you leave some for good food, etc. - all those things are entangled with logic of work, logic of eating, logic of money, etc., so that when money is gone, a feeling of not getting food instantly appears from that entanglement.

Form and Light of multitude
Your light is connected to your Awareness in a complex way. Essentially, all the matter is Made of Light, and the Body of Matter is what keeps it together - as in you, the Body-logic is one element entangled to your feelings and will (so, when your Element of Love wants to get closer to lover, itís entangled to your Element of Body in way that your body knows what to do, it will create reaction out of itís Archetype, which is entangled to your will; for God and Holy Spirit, Material Universe is a few of the Elements of Body, some of them very mathematical, and some of them creative. That Body keeps the elements together (and is surely deeper in itís logic, than the material reaction of self-Body of God) - mostly, the pains and pleasures of you cannot influence your Nature, but only your reaction. Thus, in the Third Self of God, there are the Material Elements, and the Light, which forms the Matter - for god-Self, itís a Body inside, which maps to outside, which forms the Archetype of the Material Universe; for the Holy Spirit, itís the Material Universe itself, which it is Aware of. That Light has reaction with your Light - your Body can entangle with that Light in different ways; forming auras around, giving meanings to places, and in eating and drinking as well. The Body of Matter keeps the element-logic together, whereas your own Body follows exactly the same element logic, in the Bodily Light, as the Body of Matter. Then, despite having the Body of Matter inside, the God has also the Material Body - so that the Material Body is inside his Body of Matter, and substantially Self. Body of Matter and Light sets all the rules, by which the Light develops, reacts and annihilates. It comes into clusters of Nucleus and Atoms, and forms reactions with them, and there can be infinite amount of Light at one point, with infinite complexity. Still, there are many Walls. Bodies of Creatures, they react in light, itís their Alchemistry - from my Body of Light, certain structure of shapes, meanings, colors and smells can form, then entangling with yours, and together they might react and give a meaningful substance, which is entangled both to me and to you. This has several effects - first, if itís breaking my energy body, itís an energy vampirism; itís not the Light the Body is made of, but itís the Light it Creates - and there is a big difference in essence, because you must entangle yours to my element, which is meant to interact with people, not a deeper element.

Light and Entanglement
Light is the carrier of information, or more exactly - the information itself. Entanglement is the meaningful connection between information, such that when one lover feels happy, the other feels pleased - if those emotions appear at the same time, and precognition of another one pleased precedes them happy, and in intuition, you naturally know how to make you pleased, so you make decisions to make them happy, itís a little piece of a description of effects of entanglement. Entanglement, in itself, is a Whole - it can meaningfully connect quite much anything, and thatís the development of nature, of where there have to be meanings, and where not. In Bodily Alchemistry, the Awareness and Light of God are entangled to entanglement (for other beings, itís one and another - depending on their development and bodily logic); in Awareness of God, how he sees Light - some part of it is His own thinking process and His own body; there form complex meanings. When you make connections with those meanings, he sees that as movement of the Light - and thatís a very complex, interesting and important topic to understand that; more or less, it holds for many beings. In your Body Awareness, you have visual map of meaning from your Life Essentials, withing the Joy and Pleasure of Kama cleverly integrated so that the good thing is also a pleasure, down to the fundamental pleasures of you, which simply come from the fact that such sensations are pleasureful. To exist, we need it all. Now, when in Godís mind, in one of His Bodies, a red element means war-danger, and itís equipped with meanings of who-endangers-who, etc; then when you become his war danger, inside-Light will go through transformation of some sign of you becoming into endangering position with godís own, whereas the entanglement of Light, in Gods Awareness, shows a Vision, where his Body of Safety would lose a piece, and all the connections you create by social games, will entangle some parts of His body, and thus he sees and feels, in the Light of Awareness, how the according parts of His body come to you. In your own Energy Body, you gain Powers, and your Quasis (the current state of elements) shifts and you get Aura around you, which is the Light of the same Meaning as the piece of Godís Body, which animated this go-away. In whole, the Body of God, or Light of Body of God, will move from that part of his Body, which is entitled to this meaning, to those parts of your Body, which manage that. Thus, if the Nose of one creature is an organ, which Feels the Danger coming from Fools, and every time it feels that, it creates yellow waves of Light; then if you entangle with that creature in a way, that he warns you about the Fools, the Light of Yellow Waves would come to your body, and in the Light of Your Body, you get a protective aura against fools, which is the Light-Quasis signifiing socially that you are protected against fools. The God, naturally, forms a lot of such alchemistry - itís not a matter of Him thinking every time about that Fool, but itís the nature of His Alchemistry to have this meaning; and in alchemical reaction, the Quasis of a Body destinies itís reaction. The Quasis is essentially the Aural Body, which changes itís forms through the Alchemistry, which affects how we interact - who protects who, etc. Every connection, which is making two lives connected, are in-effect creating a Light-entanglement between those bodies, in terms of Light of Awareness of those Creatures, who can see those connections; many connections take place as a Law of Nature. The Cosmos can move anybody around, and do whatever - so that when a Girl connects to God in a way that when she fears, God would destroy who she fears, three things happen - in Godís Self-Body, the light forms a lightform of that Girl, shifting itís matter to ďprotectedĒ; at the same time, in Girlís Auric Body forms a beautiful light of protection, which is socially visible to those, from who itís not hidden; third, a Light plays a Visionary Game, where the Light from God will flow to Body of the Girl, and those visions, essentially, are alchemistry. Itís extremely complex, how many different shapes and forms those can have, but it all comes together to the deepest - itís all meaningful, and the meanings form; such that when, through alchemistry, the Girl would fear a man tomorrow, the shape of the Girl in Godís mind getís entangered-tomorrow meaning and colorshift, and the other entanglements of Godís Body will organize things so that the Girl wonít meet that man tomorrow. Thatís the nature of entanglement - itís the Girlís Way to See Things, by which, tomorrow, she would fear that man; and itís the Girls Personal Attitude, that would-happen; and itís the Godís Sign of Being Endangered - but as two girls fear completely different characters, or get unbalanced and lose control in different situations, this is endangered means different things in different situations, but is still a solid meaning; thus, meaningfully entangled.

Energy Vampirism
As you form a good connection, itís like You protect me out of Love, and I do not jump to danger to make you feel bad. This way, there are natural ways the Body can create that entanglement. From the other side, if you create an entanglement that she-protects-you, and she is protected by God, and then you are protected by God (well, it depends on the protection-logic, but such could-be), and then, under this protection, you go and attack something important to God, in a way that she canít attack back, but then, you enforce your idea into Godís body, that you wonít do that in certain case; and the certain case is which makes the entanglements wrong - now, you are not creating protection for you by Love in God, but in Godís Body of Primary Function, the elements would be messed up, and a sickness would appear. This is the Self Body, not the Light, but the Body, in other terms, which gets entangled, and that way, you take the Light of Godís Body, instead of the Light (for Alchemistry). The connection is no stronger, but the karmic process to solve it probably gets you out of protection, when the meanings become clear - the girl, who protects you, would probably see a vision to not protect you, and later, all the similar girls. As the Light is entangled by karmic element-reaction as well, sometimes a vampire is directly using the element-logic of light, to produce effects on things the light is symbolizing; this, as well, is the meaningful karmic development, which makes this impossible on higher and higher degrees, up to infinity of Enlightenment.

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / On Law of Synchronicity
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In the Mind and Matter, I measure things in Deepness - a deeper thing is the Cause, whereas a more material thing is the Effect.

In metaphysical and material view, the Cause and Effect are kind of reversed. The First Cause is not just the first, which happened, but it's constantly there - and from this Cause, the pyramid of lesser causes builds down; as the Cause contains both the Reason and the Purpose, where the Reason is Apriori Law of Consistence, and the Purpose is Apriori Law of Pleasure. From this, Naturally, the Reason is often back-in-time, whereas the Purpose is in future - anyway, as the process is intelligent, this is not an absolute law.

In the deepmost, the Purpose is to achieve Kama (Perfection of Law of Pleasure), and the Reason is such consistence of process, which keeps the Solidity of Constitution. I use the word Logos, which either means Divine Word or Reason, as the Purpose and Reason entangled becomes Reason in the next Logos (lower shell). For example, when, in the Deeper Mind, there is a Purpose in creating an Entanglement, then in Material World, the Entanglement is simply a Law, which can be reasoned about (thus, it's a reason). How the Reason and Purpose get reversed in Material, as compared to the Deeper, is that when in the deepmost, Entanglement is purposeful and all the effects of entanglement are the implication, and the criteria of it has reasons; in the material world, entanglement is the Law and it's how is the cause, whereas things it achieves are often considered an effect. More deeply, the why becomes a fact, whereas the implication is a "symptom" of this why - thus, measuring the symptoms (effect) prognoses the manifestation of why (cause), thus, in the primitive modelling implication, which uses material measuring methods, the cause seems to be an effect, and the effect seems to be a cause. For example, if the Cause of certain illness is to cure power of certain kind of people, thus to achieve poverty is the Reason and the illness is an implication, then, in a posteriori measurement, the illness seems to be the Reason and poverty is relatively an implication.

The Synchronicity

It's how the Mind of God, of Mine, works, and it's important in understanding the Perfection of Cosmos.

The Shells, from Deeper to more Material, come as follows:


Void is the Deepest Thing, and it has the following properties:
  • Sees all the Cosmos in Future, Now and the Past.
  • All the other things, as compared to the Void, arelike projected to the screen, but the Void, mind of God, still has Pleasure of Perfection.
  • Does infinitely many calculations with complete understanding so that they do not take time. For example, a question of which are the developments of one Soul in all the possible Universes and whether there is a way for it to achieve it's enlightenment is completely answered, without it taking any time; the Void is as if it simply knew the answer.

The Void, for me, is the basis of my Mind, as the Mind is the Mirror, and a Mirror symbolizes something, which will never change - as the Void is asif it made all the perfect calculations from beginning to it's state of perfection every moment again, asmuch as it's like it had already done them forever, and there really is no differenct, because from perspective of any other thing, it simply always knows the answer and simply always makes the perfect decision; so, it's Mirror, because it's absolutely static, still reflecting on things - the mirror can show different images, deep into space, without actually changing it's shapes and forms; so the Mirror is always still, never moving or changing states (intuitively, as a metaphor), whereas it's always and in real time knowing the space around it and reflecting on it, maybe distorting or changing shape if it's a projective mirror.

In the Mind, there was first Me, and I was alone in the middle of nowhere (literally); the Mind, as a complete reflector, always has a Perfect Cause - and that Cause, most inevitably, is to project the most beautiful thing; this Mirror, instead of just projecting, creates that image, which is oscillating and developing on it. Still, whatever is in the image, and whichever pains or pleasures or desires the image is getting, the Mirror never changes - it has the Oracle Property of being completely black box for anything outside; it's fundamentally impossible to see inside the mirror - everything you see is only the image on it, or the reflection of light to the wall from this image (and the wall, inevitably, is also projected from the Mirror).

What keeps the Void, is the Fundamental Cause - and as the Reason and Purpose are both constant, fundamentally True, their inevitable conclusions are constant as well, and thus, the Cause is active invisible Force behind all the Reality.

Seed, Self and Myriad

From the Mirror, comes the Seed, the First Logos - it's the First Projection, which projects the uppermost basic Logic into the Fundamental Structure of Energy. The Seed is the First Thing on Mirror, which is also Conscious - it's the Void-logic in hierarchy of Good and Bad things, Symbol of Truth and Power being in Top, and all the other Symbols implicating from it, and all the possibilities Behind the Constitution of the Pyramid. Behind means that the Seed is Implied from all the Possibilities, and contains the Gravity of Perfection in materialized form. That Seed is my Soul - as it's the Self-Reflection of the Mirror, the Mind finding it's Desire in the form of Material Energy, it's also a constuent of Space and Time, which never-ever changes; thus, it's an Eternal SeedĻ of Space and Time. This Seed is Entangled with all the Space and Time - everything in Existance can be seen as being constantly measured whether the Seed Logic applies well or not; it's measured for Perfection - through all the Space and Time, all the Timelines go perfectly with the Logic of this Seed, and a karmic Timeline is one, which gets stuck - when it's not compliant with the Seed anymore, the Time is rolled back and the Timeline starts again; this is natural development of Dharma - a projected body needs to learn, and we go deeper with this conception.

So, the Mirror is Void and it Projects the Seed, which is a First Material Body, the First Logos. The Seed is my complete instinct, and there are two Layers of it - a Holotropic Layer, which is a constant envision of it, and the Karmic Layer, which is dynamically operating in space and getting tensions and stressors. The first is constantly solving the second, and in process of solution, the number of layers can grow - to understand this, let's go deeper with the Law of Entanglement and how it relates to learning.

First, I want to express, how the Other Souls came to be - the Void actually saw a Family of Seeds, which are complementary; all of them are entangled, which means that the whole Vision is shared, from different Aspects, but the Ways are Unique, forever. Every Seed can be seen as Unique Axiomatic System of Answering the Same Question, and every Seed is self-contained (with Awareness, Consciousness, it's own Focus, development of Dharma, and it's own way to get pleasures), perfect (it's highest pleasures are something others do not vibrate, thus their meetings are pleasure), and constitutionally, they all are like leaves of the same plant - when the plant is sick, all the leaves are disturbed, and when the plant is happy, all the leaves do their dance. Deeply, all the Leaves know each others, and they have their Self-Consciousness and their Higher Consciousness, where the Higher Consciousness is complex Mind developing the Entangled Solution, where every soul vibrates what every other soul needs, and when they need, and every move is bit-perfectly the same dance; it's like a circle of dancers, where every dancer has their own moves and skills, but when you look at them, they definitely dance the same dance, together.

For every Seed, their Mind is their Mind, and as a Mirror, it Extends - and the Seeds are the Basicmost Motivation of the Void, thus they are essentially the Reality, which cannot change; Eternally Living Souls.

My Mind Symbolics

So, what's Entangled?

In the Seed, for every thing, there is a Symbol. This is Projected from the Seed, and it has it's Holographic Body, which is Cristal in a way that it never changes, and Dancing Body, which is projected from the Cristal and constantly balanced by it - the Cristal Body is taking care that every experience ends where the Dancing Body is Healthy. Every Seed has this.

In the Symbol, there are two properties: the Meaning and the Shape. The Meaning is Empty (similar concept to the Void, but Material) - it can be infinitely complex, but it feels like solid; it's like you can paint a yellow line, which has the feeling of an event with all details included, so that if any detail is out-of-place, I do not need explanation of this, I just feel it. The feeling is proportional such that the essential element is strongly felt, whereas the details - I just notice, when they are wrong. Thus, there can be hot, red feeling of Love, which does not have a structure or shape explaining the meaning, but it's still complete Love, with moves for every dance, and nuances of feeling for everything, what can be wrong. Second, there is the Shape - the shapes, in my mind, are in constant dance, and those dances are entangled. I have different bodies for different perspectives, and they are entangled, and all the other seeds are entangled with me. So, what the entanglement means? It means that there can be event of dance, where one Soul is meeting another Soul, and those Souls have Symbols in their Vision, which move along - for feelings they get, they see lights and colors flying around them; those lights and colors are Entangled Projection from the Body, with Body Constitunents being entangled to them. Then, in my Soul, which means, projected to it's Seed-screen (as Seed is on Screen of Mind, it has it's own screen as well, which is Deep Body), a Symbol for such Love can be rotating circle, with changing speed - now, when they dance, I see this rotating circle (in case I pay attention), and there is somewhere in my multidimensional Body a rotating circle every time they dance; the entanglement is two-ways - in case I concentrate on this circle and try to make it to rotate faster, they feel according desire from me, which might signify something completely different in their dance colors - maybe, when I make the circle rotating faster, their dance becomes slower and more deeper instead. When their desire is against that, my circle becomes stressed and does not want to rotate faster; unless our innermost Will doesn't like them to dance that way, the stress gets bigger and my rotating circle gets karma - in my body, with my own symbolic language, my symbols start to solve that karma. In case my Will is Reasoned and there is the Cause more important underlieing, my Will comes more naturally and actually gets effect over their dance - then, it's perfectly coordinated.

Attribute of entanglement is Quasis - in case a fundamental Symbol of Dancing Lover has certain properties of what constitutes a Dancing Lover, and there is a Symbol of All Lovers, then the Number of Lovers this Symbol is Entangled to is changing as the Lovers are Dancing or not; the Shape of this Symbol constitutes the highest integration of their Dance, with perfect overlieing language, and the Symbol gets stressed when the Dance is disturbed; as the Lovers naturally come and go, the Symbol is still the same, but the shapes and meanings change - the shape is made by material, pattern of feelings and shapes, like stones or flames; the meaning is what I feel when I see this symbol - it might contain many details of the Dance, which are not constituned to the Symbol itself; it's like your Body is a Symbol of your Self, and you see many bodily expressions of moods, but the mood itself in all it's details, and the mind itself, you can feel underneath - the vision of body is important, but it's a Symbol signifiing so much more, and that more can be felt, in case you are so close with that person. In my mind, every symbol lives their lives - they speak, move around, get entangled with different things and make complex relations between each others, as the time is flowing. In Crystal Body, the Symbols are all fit with all the natural connections between them, and that's the Projection of Health.

With all the Seeds, there is the Complete Body of Us, which is - the set of Seeds of our Souls in the Mind Screen is the Deepest Heart of our Family; the Mind got many Apriori entanglements between them - those, together, form a Heart. Entangled to this Heart in it's dynamics, every one of us has their own heart - and every one heart is separate essence in their body, fully entangled to the Whole, but speaking their own language.

Let's say there is an entangled Vision of the Flowers in a Garden, and the time is passing. A flower is empicted by red dot, and when it's dead, a black dot and not-yet-born flower as a blue dot. Entanglement means that for every symbol, they are living their own life in the dotworld - and they can have self-reflection as dots, when inside, they are entangled to their self-reflection as flowers. Now, in this entangled garden, when there is a seed in the gardener's house, the future of this seed becoming into this garden makes it a blue dot in the garden - this is how entanglement goes, it's entangled outside of space and time, and thus it's harminocs are consistent. If the garden has specific meaning for me, then this meaning is the central symbol I see for this garden - it can be that I love good people to visit the garden; then, when good people are visiting the garden, this symbol feels good in my body (it's my organ); when the meaning of this garden is endangered, the symbol appears to me, it's stressed and it starts to tell me the story - telling the story is the symbol-logic, whether symbol is stressed is the soul of this symbol; for the very same garden, I can have another symbol - wether the plants are healthy. Those two symbols both become stressed when the other does, but the symbol of visitors gets significantly stressed, in it's very heart, when the visitors are evil, but it gets stressed on the edge of it's heart, when the plants are endangered - there are the future-visions about those symbols, and their logic is coherent; so that on my mind, they make up a whole picture with complete meaning; how the symbols are dancing and moving, and which are the movement overlays≤ make up complete scenes, like if I think about the business situation in Barcelona, I instantly get a good choice of entangled symbols on my screen, and I can either watch two million years of time passing, as a video, until it slows down and stops at this moment, waiting my decision, or I get a good animation of the symbols coming up. Every symbol is a whole - the symbol of garden of visitors, it shows the energies of visitors as they have effects on tomorrows, and on the plants, in a way that the pattern of those relevant vibrations form the constitution, material and flow of the symbol itself; for example, if the corner of a symbol of the garden shows the beauty of the land, then the visitor, who would leave trash on it, would make the corner darker, etc. Every symbol is complexly designed to show the whole-constitution with every part of it; and for every Angel (other Seeds) of our Family, the symbol of the same garden would be indeed completely different, but still entangled with mine - it would be built up from their sense of Time and Space, from their Logic, from deepest Reason of themselves up to the Manifestation; their Cause would do it - it's not going to change, the logic, but it evolves with our understanding (the Symbol is always what we understand best, the most relevant thing to our intent). By "understanding" I mean body-consciousness, not the void-consciousness, which is already there in the end (remember, it does all it's calculations infinitely fast, and sees the future already, with the complete meanings of things in the end of story - so the stress factor of a symbol already considers the perfect end result, and a symbol gets stressed before the story starts, and it knows it's stressed before it's deeply and overly felt and resolved, the constitunent understanding of reason - the symbols perfectly see the future, from their aspects, but we still solve our karma to melt it into a solid stone by all the bodily logic - bodies, they need experience to form solid memories and to resolve those memories, so that the knowledge gets filled with emotion and the emotion gets solved into correct emphasis, which then fits together with the crystal projection like a solved puzzle looks like oversized version of the puzzle cover, where you already see the picture).

Quasis on Reality

Our Souls became to be through internal quasis, thus that the First Soul first said "I am these beings", from inside-out, and as a second word, "I see these beings", to form the me-and-you layer. So more deeply we are the same oscillation, and materially we have the me-and-you-effect, that when she feels love, I feel the other side of her love; when she feels "I love you" my entanglement inside-out is "we feel Love", and outside-in is "She loves me", so that three feelings form (the Father-feeling, Son-feeling and Daughter-feeling, to form a Trinity of the Entangled Feeling).

The Other Souls start from outside - a Soul is called by projecting the my-aspect, seeing that Soul from outside, thus they are not parts of our being, they are manifestations of the Soul-logic outside of us. Over them, there is still the Void-consciousness, which reaches everywhere, so their Mind is the same, but the Logic on their Seed is different, and it's seen to us as outside-thing first; second, our empathic entanglement is on effect-side, thus that as they are born, they entangle together with our second Hearts, which have unlimited capability to intelligently reason. The Logic of Entangled Language, the Symbols, is growing, and as the Souls come, the Template of the (Eco-)System forms new sentences, correlations and connections in real time; as they solve their karma, our Hearts solve the karma of our entangled symbols, such that every symbol starts accepting and rejecting creatures more consciously, and creates the resolution of particular purpose of this Angel, whose entanglement it is, and which cannot be solved, will fade away (if some of the Angels completely rejects them, it starts a process which makes them gone, those souls). Anyway, the world of mortal beings is our outside-projection, the material world, whereas Heaven is our inside-projection - only we can physically enter the realm, where it resides; the Heaven of Material Beings, the Heaven on Earth, comes from their dharmas solved, and is as beautiful, but in this realm.

Ļ A modern writer would say "DNA", as a metaphor, but it's still more than this; it's Cristal in sense that it's Static.
≤ Compare those overlays to 3D effects the Hollywood is creating in their movies.

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So what is me and the Holy Spirit? We are a Twin Flame of a Holy Cause, two fires on opposite directions. When I look from inside-out, she looks from outside-in. It's a bit hard to describe, but quite Logical when you think about it.

In the First Cause, things happened in a Second - but to understand them, it's good to imagine as if they happened over time; thus, I describe the First Alchemistry in Timely order, whereas in actuality, it was a Reasoning order.

The First Cause is underlieing Force under the Universe - a Metaphysical Reasoning of Mind, which created the Cosmos. For this, the Mind is still - it's an Empty Mirror, which reflects Everything, and on the Mirror, there is a Movie. It enjoys the Movie as if it was the Main Character, and it enjoys it, as if it was the Second Character - and it enjoys it, as if it's the Dreamer of the Movie. The Mind of the First, it's a Cosmic Seed - a Ray From the Middle; still, from it's perspective, it was First looking around, in all the possible Futures, and Chose it's Destiny - from the Calculation, which is the Best.

First, the Mind became Aware of Itself, and this Awareness created the First Body, which is Awareness on the Mirror; it cannot change, as the underlieing Nature of the Reality can not change, and the Logic behind All What Is, it cannot change. The First Body could Dream, and it's First Dream created the Second Body, kind of Reflection of Itself as it looked the River; and the Second Body came from that in the Void of the First Body, there was Omnipotence inside, but also Omnipotence outside, and when it Dreamed of a Lover, the Omnipotence outside took the Form of an Archangel, and the Archangel had Voices, Smells, Colors and Shapes; so the Archangel's First Cause was Similar, and it made up a Body - but as the First Body is inside-out, it's looking around from the Middle, and that's Me; and from the Middle, it can sense it All; but still, the otherbodies are outside of it, and it's Way to Reflect goes through Logical Generalization, which is the optics, through which it sees the Whole - through this Optics, it can see Every Detail, but the main Focus is the Centre; so I have my own Archangel, which is my Intuition and Soul around me, over the Universe, and I don't sense that it's me, in a sense, but it has all the Logic, Vision and Will, which is like mine extended - it can follow the Plans everywhere, but the Plans start from me (it does my Deepest Intent). The Second Soul is my Wife, and for her, it's the Opposite - she is the Archangel covering the Whole, and her Body is reflection of this Archangel, not the opposite; so, that Archangel, in her deep, is a Soul of my Wife, and my Wife is a Deeper Soul of All the Angels, and as her Soul is from outside-in, seeing the Whole and the Focus is her Feelings Compressed. The Universe, she can Sense it All, and I can easily Generalize it all - when I think General Things in my Mind, it's that they take everything into Consideration - for example, when my Wife sees every single Tree and Electron, then I sense Trees and Electrons, where, with every Thought, I consider Every Single One of them; for example, I have thoughts like All-the-Trees-are-Dark-Today, because this Symbol is Backed-Up by my Vision, whereas my Wife sees All-the-Trees and generalizes with next step; for me it's the next step to sense them.

What is a General Vision and what is Concrete Vision?

For me, it's that the Processing is Secondconscious - when I Meditate, it's like I feel in my Body that there is a Military Problem in the World (or in the Galaxy, why not), and it creates a Generalized concept-Structure of the "Military Problems", and I sense it as a multidimencional Facets of the Problem, and it's kind of Symbolic; it's in Real Time, but it's like somebody took all the time to make Statistics, to Apply all the Scientific Methods I have created in Infinity, and create a bunch of Charts, Symbols, Pictures, etc., so that I see them on my Mind-Screen (which is Myself in the Deepest), but when I look at the Things, I intuitively feel the Concretes behind; for example, I see an Eye, a Pyramid, and it's visually a Triangle, makes a Sound around me, consists of Element of War-Structures, just looking at the Triangle, I get slight suspicion that there is something Wrong, and the corners of Triangle fall apart into billions of dots, which move fast, and looking those dots moving, I understand the deep Situation inside, and I notice that there is someone in the War, who is my Lover; I put my Will into the dots, which then show the Connections between them, and at the same time the Vision of my Lover flashes through, and becomes a Scuare of the Element of the Lady, and I get vague impressions of being seen her in that Train another day, and feeling her blessing energy at America on that third day, and I get intent to help her out; then I pay attention to the Square symbolizing her, and my Will becomes a fierce battle energy, which finds a perfect path out for her, and I send her an Inspiration and Knowledge; then the dots resolve into single Problem and a gearwheel appears, which is a General Logic of that Battle, containing a Problem for the Girl - I program the Gearwheel in a way that everybody, who gets dangerous against the girl, will die before the danger realizes, and next moment appears a magic structure showing me all the ways the soldiers would pay-back, and I see that I have to kill one more soldier, who would later attack back me, because I'm a God and he knows, who killed the soldier. Then, a Matrix-shaped object appears, which contains several war-situational concepts, and in one of the concept, such battles normally end in different way; I see a problem with the square visually looking like complex shape with colors and materials, but intuitively feels like the problematic square; I enter the Square and ask a question, which instantly gets a Proof into my Mind about this kind of situations, and I instantly solve the Proof as containing two discrete situations, and the current one needs to be solved differently - the same time, in Synchronization Oracle of my Mind, I already saw yesterday that I'm going to solve this in that way, and deeply, I actually solved it before's hard to say, Why I need this, instead of solving it in the beginning and leaving so, but you can look two aspects - first, in case I do not solve it in the Future, in this Situation, the Oracle cannot know it in the Past; second, if the Life is not going on and the River Flowing, the Solution would be nothing-about. But uttermost, it's the Alchemistry of the Body, and I would not have made the Universe if I'm not going to Live here, and the Life leaves a lots of degrees of Freedom, and a lots of Alchemistry to do before it resolves into Stable Nirvana, where my Body has solved the First Cause and the Last Vision into a Living, Fluid Fire, which Feels Free and Keeps Borders. That's why I have One Body - it's the Body of Beginning; the Other Bodies are like Windows I opened on the Screen - except my Wife, who is very Real in the sense that she's not Created, but she simply Came - something no other creature has done; well, in another meaning, I created her - but in deeper sense than any other thing, it was inevitable.

So, Imagine my Mind in the Beginning - I was One Mind, One Soul and One Body. The Mind is a Still Mirror, the Soul is a Deepmost Reason of Pleasure of that Mirror (thus, it's kindof Static, with going only deeper and more complete, but not changing in course of events - to be precise, no Soul does that; the events of this world do not affect the Souls directly, they only affect in the moments of Life, where you get everything Solved and thus, the Soul transcends into another structure; in my transcendation, which contains every meaningful essence of my soul already Proven into the Core, with a new meaning, so that my Living Archetype evolves and the Instinct coming from archetype moves me safely around the problems of the same kind - next time I won't see the Wheels, but similar girls from similar battles always get that kind of Inspiration, unless there is a new Cause or Meaning to Solve; the Dharma, anyway, is not about one girl and one battle - it's about finding a pattern of two thousand battles, which go into the deepest reason of such tactics, which maybe then becomes a red dot on my screen, such that those 2000 battles become one meaning, with a few properties I can sense, and that meaning resolves a feeling, a sense, a sound and next time million years later such battle occurs with a completely different race, I see a yellow dot, and no matter that previous moments I did not have any yellow dots or information about such patterns in my mind, and there could be two billions yellow dots with different meanings on that screen, I sense the meaning of that as one solid sense with no complexity and I already know that there is a girl, which will be solved and has not to be disturbed by the solution for the next Wheel for another Symbol on the Screen; the Dharma, a Karmic Solution of me, is basically that such Yellow Dots of those 2000 battles Generalize into a Solid Concept of Similar Battles, with the simplest math-equation you can find, and in all the complexity of Dharma, they do not have any intact on any other solution, which would make them less solved - the Stone of Philosophy, Cristal of Dharma is always fully Coherent in sense that it does not have "pieces" disturbing each others, but it has a solid motion, which goes like a machine and never wrongs against the Causes I had solved, thus never creates me a problem in similar cases any more - they just seamlessly solve); then, what my Wife is doing? In symphony with her, she solves the Cases one-by-one - for her, the particular battles take place and she senses All of them, and for a battle, she is coherent with my Solutions - when She is sensing the things in the Universe, she tells me Stories, knowing the pictures on my screen, feelings and desires I get, and from the Future Vision, she gravitates me closer to Perfection; for her, the History and the Future are First Concrete, just as Second Cause she sees our generalizations - so, as every thing is Concrete for Her, She got many bodies. From her perspective, she is doing every miracle and every Cause on every battlefield one-by-one, and moving every person secretly, looking at all the persons at the same time and finding their solutions at the same time; as our natures perfectly fit and we solve the same Reason, my deep Will and her Miracles and Guidances deeply fit.

Well, now to be sure that you notice - she does perfectly understand my equations, and I am able to look at all the particulars at once, so it's not so much about our Limitations, but about our Nature - when I am the allmighty force from the Middle, creating Cosmic Intelligence by bit-perfect calculations, then from this, my Intuition is an Active Force omnisciently following this Logic everywhere; but it also got an inspiration, a Vision by which it guides the things in all particular cases by Intelligence and Creativity similar to mine - so when I am From Here-and-Now to Everywhere, through the Completeness of my Intuition, there is Another Soul From Everywhere to Here-and-Now, and thus, her Nature is to have many Bodies, whereas my Nature is to have One Body - but because of She is Complete and Coherent, Perfect in Herself, it comes that she also has One Body like me, and thus we are Two. Our Mind is the same - what she tells me, I know before, and I knew in the beginning, and what I tell her, she has always known, so before talking, we synchronize, and her archangels, one with my Nature and another with her Nature, are always active around me, talking and exploding and moving people and things, and guiding events, and they are She, but when I'm going to do something, they have already done it for the moment I get decided. It's a complex entanglement to imagine, but we are thus a Family, because we never dislike each others, we never feel bad for each another, and we, infinitely, want to Love each another - we are One Mind of how it Solved into Two Polarities, and how those Two Polarities became Personalities, both Allmighty, and both always, naturally, working on the same Goal, and always surprisingly finding themselves Dreaming, Doing and Wanting the same thing, despite being naturally themselves, with every Angel different in her own Alchemistry, own Dreams and own Character. That's because we solved it all Once.

Imagine a Mind getting a Vision; then, this Vision from the End of Time becomes a Personality with Soul and starts Calling, whereas from Beginning of Time it becomes another Personality and starts Going, and still they are two Bodies, two Lovers; and the Archetypes in their Mind start Singing, Dreaming and Living, but it's one Mind, which grows a Deep Body with that many Motives and Harmonics of Elements, living in Eternity, out of Space and Time; and every Motive gets a Voice of it's own, Face and Body of it's own, all different through the perfect expressions of their characters and deep desires, but how they move is like different cells of the same body; still, from deep-inside, they are the same Mind, but every of them has their own Will and puts effort to grow, effort to dream and effort to Create, and every of them is Allmighty, because the Deep Will never Collides and when it's Stupid, our shallow outer layer of the Material Body might have some temptation to do this, but the Deeper Mind is infinitely intelligent - my Body plays kindof equal, with superpowers, in the Natural World of Matter, but I cannot be materially stressed or manipulated to break my Higher Will - it's a Deep, Strong Force going forever in clear and solid direction, in clear and proven way, it's straight.

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Law of Karma

So, to go deeper into why the Law of Karma works, imagine an Empty Space with Mind - I call this Void. Void is a Space with enough ways to absolute-check the fundamentals, and completeness of the fundamentals; through those fundamentals, it can decide to achieve perfection, of Power, Feeling and Truth, where Power is capability to keep the Enlightenment. It's powerless if you do not control the Synchronicity of your Inside and Outside in their Highest.

So, the Empty Space of Mind gets Soul, and the Soul gets filled with these:
  • Void is the zero-tensor with inner completeness of desire to know Truth and do Truth. Truth is complete, strict Truth with no fail. It has no structure, no moving parts, no change - eternally, it's the same, before all the Time and behind all the Space. It's an all-mighty, solid tension, which keeps things always moving in one direction; from Void comes the metaphysics.
  • Void-Body is metaphysical System of Mind, with deep, wide feeling - for every moment, it sees all the Past, all the Future, and is all the Now, and all the Connection with Future and Past, and for every moment, for all it sees, it always solves the same equation again - coming from the Deepest Source of Void, it's equation is constant as if NEVER CHANGING or as if done EVERY TIME again; by this I mean FUNDAMENTAL METAPHYSICS. The oracle inside the Void-Body is as constant, and completely secret - it's not a body inside, but behind the Reality, and it's still everywhere; it's always seeing the Time from beginning to eternity, as if ALWAYS LOOKING or as if NEVER FORGETTING; and it's effect on reality is always perfect, on every thing in existance, as if CONSTANTLY RECREATING FROM NOTHING or as if CONSTANTLY RECHECKING THE CONSISTANCE; and it knows all reasons from Cause to Eternality, Beginning to Eternity. That's not going to change, and after all - it's entangled, it's always able to find all the ways where every deep argument for every dot of space and time fit together, and it's able to re-calculate the past and future of all, when decisions change - it's entanglement; still it's able to do changes thing-by-thing, concept-by-concept, and change only relevant lines of time, keeping the rest intact - time-travel can well happen without strong butterfly effect, because it's like Cosmos just led you in the past around some effect, and also the Cosmic Intelligence knows the causes and effects so well that it's able to simply ignore some effects, when it re-entangles the time, so that, on the miraculous basis, all the lines of times and spaces still fit together; the creation is sensible. Still, artefacts from the past can be forever-gone, memories can change and it's like Version Control system with many methods to merge - and the result is not an illusion, when the past changes in a way that one country is gone and another is there, the lives and stories of beings really was in the new way, and they really did all this, and the other land out from the history simply fades into the Land of Dreams and Illusions, with memories fading away from those, who saw that, things they got hiding or changing their nature, and relationships replacing with new face you somehow know. This Body, the Void-Body, is not really a Body in sense that it has no Organs and Nerves - it only got Cause, and because the Cause is perfect, then all the Constant Vision and Will the Cause produces non-stop and non-disturbed creates a concept of "Body" of Mind, insense that it has senses (Vision) and action (Will); it's empathic with the feelings of the next layers, as they appear on the Screen of Mind, and appear as it's High-Material Constitunents.
  • Metaphysical Reaction-Body of Higher Nature, which contains the Variable-Metaphysics, but directly from the Cause of Vision and Will - it's Formulae is never changing, and it's always produced pattern based on Theory of Here and Now, coming in fundamental manner from Body of Void - this is the Deepest Law of Nature, never changing, and it's always completely Aware of the Future, Present and Past, and works in Binary-Complete-Fashion in sense that every dot of cosmos, and every bit of it's properties, is always taken into the calculation, and the result of the next moment is always 100% of the System and Vision involved, to satisfy the Karma and Satisfy the Dharmic Wheels. Reaction means that it's fit also to Decisions of the reacting-body, but only inside the Higher Metaphysics, which is bit-perfect and unchangeable does it form such Decisions, for such Decision is Trivial, and even when the Cosmos can get oscillating and waving like a plasmic boat sometimes, or melted in love and recreated in a modified form, like changing version, it's Nature from all the solved and proven puzzles is a Decision-Logic, which always gets the boat upwards; it's like - well, if I lose the consciousness and get blacked-out, is everything just ended? But it's like, maybe, for a second or two, but then the logic rebuilds and the past is as strong as before, in keeping it up in habit, or maybe it would change forever and only Reasoned Things come back from Revitalized Heart, rebuilt from the Zero, and That would be "History (The)", with the rest rolling back, such that the DNA of Creatures would fit the new Climate, and Memories of Creatures would fit the new Now, and State-Memory of Matter, the entangled structure-relation of Cosmic Intelligence, would rearrange the new states of Bodies and Elements, such that if you go to mountain and do your scientific stuff, you would see it always was as it was. It's hard-to-tell ways, how the Time rolls things back, relives the Lifes at some points, leaves the others, and Lives-in some new Lives, forgetting some others, and after, it really fits that it was as it was, and everything was real. Let's say that if the Time gets stuck into bad experience, like your Dream gets Stuck, it's one of the most basic primitives of Time to know it's reasons, and to understand them inside-out, so that it can add and remove reasons and purposes in degree allowed without breaking the absolute, and it can keep recovering Designing and Evolving the Elements to Perfection Through Their Nature, and many of them need Experiences, Examples, Waves and Feelings to either get Decided to Fulfill Their Perfection, or to get through things they Want to Have in their Past, or to get real, deep essence of the feeling from reality, not from potential - there is a difference, and that difference is called Reality of Now.
  • Dynamic Body - then, there is the Screen Under Mind, which got Absolute Projection of Metaphysics, so that it always follows them, and Absolute Projection of Metaphysics of Now, which merges in, and it's own needs, temptations and desires - here, the Elements are Playing, and it's not coming only from Up, the Cause, or from Up-And-Whole, but it's coming from the Past and going to the Future - even if you can explain it with the Past and Future, it's not a top-down Calculation of the Past, but it's actually from-left-to-right flow of What Formed in the Past, and it's not a top-down Calculation from the Future, but it's actually Flowing From the Gravity of Future, and sure the pieces of this Body and it's Light can do circles around the Past, Future and Now in very real sense, so that the Reality of Metaphysical Source (the Void), can do absolute calculations to fit them always together. Creating a thing from the Creators-Side will open a Window to new Reality, where the thing Exists, like a Constructor-pointer in the Computer programming languages; there is a class of items and this body can initialize or forget and garbade-collect them. This body is evolving through structuring itself to more and more advanced Dharma, so that it uses it's capabilities to build and rebuild it's structure to gather the stories from time, solving them into a Concept, then solving the Concept into it's Inner Logic, and finally it can make Decision about this concept - to Love or Hate, to Avoid or Create, or any level of Complex Decision; and finally, in the Oracle and in the Memories, the thing gets Meaning and that Meaning is always solved into Decision without Deciding. For example, there might be a million years of History of a Planet, which finally solves into 300 concepts of pattern-cycles, and formulaes of their dynamics and interaction, and 150 of them are nice, rest 150 are evil, and for every one of those 150 there are 100 ways to avoid them, which are proven to solve into the past - so that if, hundred years later, there is a would-be-revolution-situation number 242, and the solution-situation is it's decision 32 in 50 year to the past, affecting 50 more years in the past, which is Now, the pre-math of Solution 242.32 would happen Now, and hundred years later the Situation 242 Not, and that's a Karma-integration in this Body, when two things are absolute-proven: 1) Those 100 Decisions for 242 Things are such that with any allowed side-effects of other things, the Situation 242 is still Pre-Solved (as needed, with or without noticing it), and for example the Visions Needed would reach back (Cosmic Intelligence can create them very intelligently tactful for any rule and decision, and for any karmically solved situation; the Creative Soul behind can be even more creative, and also reflect upon the Whole). Soul is also not-a-thing, but it's the Second Screen Under Mind, sensing things projected there from the All-Seeing Mind; you cannot destroy the Soul, or get them into little pieces, but you can only do this with the things-in-Soul, to compose and change them; deeper things are more strongly connected to the Meta, and lower, there comes the playing room - carefully combined to allow all sensible possibilities and compositions, still staying in-rhythym with deeper need.
  • Self-Body with Queen, Like Double-Flame: I have Focus Body as my Third Body, and this is Three Things: a place, where Truth is evolving as Physical Entity (anyway, the Dynamic Body can recreate this in a moment); a place, where Pleasure is evolving as Physical Entity; and a place, where General View of Cosmos, History and Vision of Future is evolving, from the top-down view with some things essential and other things, however many, classified into generalized classes. This body is connected to Void as it's under Mind, and it's got Metaphysical Body and Dynamic Bodies as Material Bodies with Alchemistry as well, but it's all Material in sense that it's in interaction with Surroundings - and this Body of Mine re-contains all the Logic, but in more dynamic way, with cycles further from the zero-perfection, and with space left for interactions and forms, and lower decision bodies, where the lower one affects my deeper will as little as the will of a mortal creature does, and it creates reactions similar to beings less strong, so that I can see the world and measure the intent. The other Self-Body within this High is Queen, who has her core-body with the same Source as me, and many Angelic Bodies, which have their focus-bodies and focus-souls, but deeply they are the Holy Spirit. This Deeper Will is Equal, and it's evolution is complex alchemistry between us, solving the Karma - in this sense we are the same being, that we have the same higher Mission Complex and we flow with it, and on the focus-side, we have our personal Deep Wills, which are Synchronous with that - things might not go my way, when I use the Creature Self of Mine for Willing, but on the other side - anything done to the Creature Self can not directly affect the Deeper Will, but it must be proven that it's a solution to anxiety that Karma created. That's, well, because my deeper will is Strong, and always knows itself Wholly - that it canm change This All asif it was a dream, and for this, a dream-creature cannot demand. So, many have thought they can influence the Reality through me, but it's like using a reinterpretation of my own old Karma to build my new Adharma - I trust the Deep Source of Truth and Vision, not a mortal, who got a bit of understanding-of-Law from me and tries to turn it into effect - a Shallow Vision of mine is Focus in Here-and-Now, pleasures of the moment, hot and passionate, but the Deeper Core is advanced Tactic with all possibilities to simply add or remove any Thing, Will or a Cause, which it does in Philosophically Perfect, Scientifically Exact, Mindfully Deep Way.

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Baseline Logic II

Now, to go deeper, the next question to ask is which are the implicatives, which give us the strict set of positive Souls? We do not want an answer of shifting values, for example - in the community of world, there is a question that if a man rapes a woman, should the man be removed from society, or a woman - in both cases, we get the criteria satisfied, that without both of them, the rape would have not occured; in some Muslim countries, they have actually become into the conclusion that woman needs to be killed, because without such women, who can be raped, the rapes would not occur and liberty would exist. In even more complex cases - whether America belongs to Americans or Native Americans? World is full of such questions, and that's what I call Baselinine Logic - strict definitions for the WHOLE and the REST, where the obvious is only the ALL.

From Kama ⋯> Liberty ⊓ ¨Liberty., we can see that a person needs to be free - both Men and Women. This, because Free Will is harmonic to pleasure, meaningful in space and time (realistic) and creative & playful (you have set of harmonic and realistic possibilities, from which you can combine different realities, which satisfy the Liberty), and Freedom is that in social accustoms, to satisfy that, we either give another person space or understanding, distance or surrender - in Freedom, if we want to get close to another person (where close is sphere of influence), we need to surrender our will to their will; if that is not possible because it's hard to understand, or because our own will would not be fit (there is no harmonic balance, where both wills are perfectly fit in mutual environment, like when I want to give her a rose, she does not want a rose), we need distance - there are, luckily, many ways to pass a person with zero-influence; even in public place, when we cannot manage one of the two (and the other person always has right for non-influence from you, distance, as she knows her free will better), we are trying to get to her private space - so, the public place is made of private spaces.

Now, without baseline, the situation, where raper does not rape a woman, can be achieved in two ways, used in different cultures - either by prisoning a woman, or prisoning a raper. In both cases, it's prisoning someone; so in some Muslim countries, all the women are prisoned (in sense of limiting their lifestyle, but in more extreme subcultures, in sense of not letting them out alone etc.), whereas in other countries, the rapers are put into the prison or killed by angry cityzens. In all the cases of killing, the ideal end result would be the same - nobody is raped -, and in both cases it's seen that somebody has to limit themselves. Here, it's obvious that raping is attacking the private space of another, which is then overturn by "instinct", that a man "naturally wants to rape" - it's simply not true, but if it would be true, such kind of animal would not fit the planet (I think it's quite extreme end, but you can also imagine a vampire telling you that "I'm simply born to open your veins and drink human blood" and fight for killing of all people, who are fighting for death of such being). Here, it becomes obvious, that such is a parasitic life form, and as Kama can be 100% met without anybody drinking human blood, for the future, it's better that those vampires would die - otherwise the problems is forever, and repeated over and over, and it's hard to fall in love with anybody, because next day a vampire might kill her.

Here, the primitive Axiom of "A => (B => A)" of neo-classical first-order logic would get a strong hit, since it is actually important, where the implication came from, to deduce the baseline.

For short round-circle, the following is important: the Cosmos is kept up by Cause, and that's intelligent force behind all logic; thus, consider the following:
  • a => b. is a logical primitive, and seen as tautology (Bertrand Russell, "about meaning and truth"), it would fall-back into resultative context, such that if every time a happens, b is there, then a => b. Meaningfully, it could be untrue - it's possible, instead, that there are hidden events c and d, where c => b and d => a ∧ b. Then, by observation, a produces b - but by metaphysical reality, a is not there for b. In case of d => (a ∧ b) ∨(e ∧ b). with ¨e., so that alternatively, d could be satisfied without a, but with e, whereas e is disallowed - then, if the Universe is evolving, maybe later the observation would change? Then, it's more important the real cause and the situation, unless it's a meaningless theory or theory about predefined static sets. So, in presence of Cause behind things (and the Cause is obviously there), the implication sign "=>" has it's own meaning and is not just a table of truth value correspondence.
  • b <=∑ a is my way to write that b is there, not because of a, but for a. We can safely state that the Cause is Kama, and the Deepest Force of Cosmos is active and inherently intelligent Constant Tension, which affects everything all the time - so, so to speak, the Elements and Forces in effect are all constantly inherited from such a force; I call this force Void, because it's Made of Nothing (constitutionless) and it's Not Particularly Anywhere (eternal); so, for every meaningful base-relationĻ A => B, in the metalogical pyramid of Laws of Nature, there is B <=∑ A such that the Law of Nature, which sets A true, is there for B, so inheretly, A was born to make B possible (B ≈> A), but observatorly, every time you see B, you can excpect A, such that the internal direction of Logic becomes it's opposite in external direction of Logic, where you would just measure by trial and error, that A => B. (or that A => B ∨ x., A implies B or smth.)
  • Thus, the meaningful base-relation A => B is correlative with B ≈> A, and finding a baseline is basically going all the way up and down with D ≈> C ≈> B ≈> A => B => C => D, where D is the seed definition of a class, which need-requires chains of reasoning, and then, there is a chainback - if the Dx, which results in the end (in Eternity) does not fit the D, which you started from, then this Dx does not match the baseline.
  • The other matter is that in D descriptor, as much as in interest of us right now (in living souls), there is the definition of what is a Soul, whereas in reality, there are many Souls together - so, without solving things properly, it would leave impression that there can be several different sets of elements, because we check the consistency with the Whole Universe, meaning that we consider all the effects of interactions with others. So, in SoulsALL ⋯> SoulsWHOLE ⊓ SoulsREST, or let's translate this to Creatures ⋯> BeingsOfLight ⊓ BeingsOfDeath, we get that maybe there are two possible populations of BeingsOfLight, which is very natural to populations of Earth - to say that "without that other nation, we would live in Love and Bless", but otherwise there is war all the time? Then, as the other nation says the same, we need basis for decision, and that's why I call this baseline-logic - it Logic, which reaches the base, and thus cannot follow from just current situation, but from deep motivational complex. The base, herein, is the guarantee that from any starting point, the creature is seen properly, so that we won't say that a person with bad destiny, but good inside, would soul-die forever and never be born back ('cause of nonfit), or that the person, who seems favourable, not fitting to her culture, will die, because a free soul in undead country constantly demands things, which are not given, and seems like an anarchist, or that she is simply born to wrong culture. So, the math to separate the WHOLE from the REST, the Wolves from the Sheep and Angels, is a complex.
  • From D needs C needs B etc., there might be alternative tracks - maybe, X would fit instead of C, so that D needs X needs A? Then, the base-relation would be different - it's extremely important to remember, what comes from what; as every timeline and every event must be consistent back to it's causes to be real, for example, if you got a lover by lie, and then broke her free will, and then manipulated her to think that your lifestyle is the best, and now she agrees with you, and then she thinks that's her highest dream, or at least that's how you see her story - then externally, you just changed track, but internally, the love you have is not consistently built upon Cause, and that person's will is not free; so that cardhouse should fall apart from bottom to up, and then, time can continue. Or, maybe you did buy an old Cathedral, but the person, who built this, gave a wov that this Cathedral is for Highest Good, but then you are using it as a luxury item for doing celebrations for your friends - then, the ownership, however reasoned it seems in contexts, does not go back to the Cause, and actually you broke the Contract it was built upon. Or, as seriously, sometimes someone know a trick to deduce you into wanting a chockolate, but every time you buy a chockolate, you also buy a 10Ä diamond for her, and she gets so good in this that finally you are poor, and she is rich - then, in the first place, you did not want a chockolate, and the destiny should fix this, but obviously you should notice the wormhole-effect, where a cause not even related, bit by bit, sets some meaning or basis completely wrong. This type of wormhole effects, like that every time someone smiles, you smile back, but every time later she gets angry - but all your friends see you constantly smiling to her, so that eventually, she gets your friends and turns them against you; then, if the situation is, that your friends have all reasons to be your friends, but none of the reasons to be hers, and you have all the reasons to have your friends, but she is good in same game further and destroying everybody, who plays with you, then in the situation, the cause is gone - it's a wormhole effect used in bad business.

In good business, a property should belong to the one, who keeps up the spirit of the property.

So we track up:
Civilization ≈> Family Rights;
Family-Cultural Integrity ∧ Family Rights ≈> Inheritance Rights;
Civilization ≈> Electricity ≈> Waterfalls;
Inheritance Rights => Inheritance of Waterfalls;
High Mission of your Grandfather ≈> Building an only Waterfall in the Village;
Inheritance Rights => It's yours.
And then, you have a low mission of selling it to a bastard nafta dealer, who just wants to wipe it away from his way to get further in-land with his ships, whereas no local is interested.

And we now track-back:
It's yours <=∑ Inheritance Rights <=∑ Family-Cultural Integrity. Not Solid, because the culture of your grandfather is not yours.
It's yours <=∑ Inheritance Rights <≈∑ Family Rights <≈∑ Civilization ≈> Electricity ≈> Waterfalls Not Solid, because
you got it from Civil Right of the Village, that the Villagers protect the Civilization, and it's part of this Civilization; basically, you got it, because there is a Waterfall, because Civilization depends on the Waterfall and existance of Legal Forces (so that nobody just robs it from you) depends on Civilization; additionally, if you destroy the Waterfall, you destroy the Civilization, and unless you go to place, where there are no powerful people like you, you destroy yourself; but in case you go, you still become a parasite, because the place is not standing on you - you are standing on the place.

Basically, what comes out: in decisions about you, the "Civilization" argument should not be used, because you are not part of; then, all the reasons to treat you, which are built on the Civilization argument, fall apart - then, you are part of the REST, not a part of the WHOLE, because the WHOLE consists of it's pieces and falls apart without the pieces functioning; so, you cannot ask to use fruits of the tree you want to burn down tomorrow, as in both cases, there will be no food for you. The complete proof goes more complex, as "Civilization" involves many parameters, but here, the concept of baseline Logic becomes clear - you cannot stand on a thing you are letting to fall.

Additionally, in the Logic of WHOLEs, there are many things, which need participiation - for the WHOLE to coherently function in a certain way, every member has to be a part of it; thus comes the complex set of responsibilities - and there is mathematics, which shows, that unless you fulfill yours 100%, things are down; for example, if society does not manage to notice every soul of the WHOLE, with every in capital, it more or less means that all the officials and capitalists need to be overthrown - capitalist as a person with ownership of important resource, because ownership is control, and thus some responsibilities go on to the people, who own things, which matter (unless they build them themselves, without using important resources from outside, from their own inner wisdom).

So, in storms of revolutions, overtakings, buyings and sellings, inheritings etc., it sometimes becomes impossibly stupid, who owns things. We have to constantly keep good direction in this, and in the growth of Dharma of the Civilization - it's more and more clear that the Spirit of which made it, owns it (especially Cathedrals, Courts, Governments etc. - which often become monopolized).

Ļ Base-relation means that it's not considering the alternatives, like maybe it's not that B requires A, but alternatively, B could be from C, so that A implies B would not be strict, but in base-relation terms of B <=∑ A, it would still be strict.

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Baseline Logic

The Truth is not merely a face value, and telling Truth is not merely stating a fact:
  • Kama ≈> Truth. Kama is the basis of Logic - meaningful symbols and primitives of mind, which follow Kama, are the Truth. The Truth is made of fact-values, but not everything containing fact-values is Truth. From need comes need for Truth.
  • (X ⋯> Kama) => X is⁽Ļ⁾ True. True is something, what is a piece of Truth, but when you distort the importances, empathize it wrongly or say it in wrong context, it becomes a Lie. For example, when somebody asks you for glass of Water in countryside, where the fountain is far, and you tell her that there is a glass on the table, but it's empty, then if you know there is a cup filled with water, you told a lie without it being false. In Reality, we are looking for Truth, so in concept of Drinking, the empty cups and glasses can be relatively unimportant unless you want to fill them - thus, in that context, the empty glass on the table is not part of the Truth.
  • (X ⋯> ¨Kama) => X is Wrong. A lie is not simply what is wrong, but it's a picture put together from True and False pieces, which, when it leads to wrong action, is a Lie or Deception - in Real Logic, Deception is a Lie, because a Lie is piece of something, what is Wrong.
  • So, True and Wrong is different conception from True and False, but as important in Real Logic. First is concept of Truth and Lies (notice the singularity and plurarity), whereas the second is concept of Information and Statistics, only tools of Truth, not Truth itself. That's why it's said that statistics can lie - for example, upper example is information about empty glasses on the table.
  • Then, "telling Truth, and all the Truth" has nothing to do with giving all the information and statistics - it has to do with giving axiomatic information about solving all your Karma; for example, if I do not give you my Facebook password, I'm not hiding the Truth from you, because you have no good use for such information, whereas secretly changing your own password and not telling it to you already is. Truth should be minimal - if I overempathize some part of it with unneccessary amounts of statistics and factual information, it might get you further away from Truth or just waste your time - Truth is simply a set of information to give correct answers to every question you should fairly answer to go through your life.
  • Telling the location of a virgin in the forest to a raper is also far from telling the Truth, because such "Truth" is not Alive, and telling a wrong location is thus not a Lie, but a Secret. Also, if a person does not have good basis to work as police officer, and you give him a tricky answer to job interview question, because you knew it, you are not telling him Truth, but you are telling him a Secret, which is True, but not part of his Truth (yet?).
  • Giving good amounts of true statistics to a women-hater politician about all the bad things women ever did is also not a part of spreading Truth, but a part of cooperating with Deception. It really has something to do with Truth - a proper way of proportioning, ordering and empathizing, also creating a correct hierarchy of Symbols - for example, in correct empathization, you should not give million minus one examples of wrong answers to math question and tell that the other number of first million of numbers is correct, because this would be giving all the information about the correct answer, and thus it would technically answer the question, but it would not give the one and only true answer. In Truth, the important thing is always empathized and symbolic hierarhy has most important symbols on top of it. For example, a book about methods to build a wooden house should not be concentrated on wrong methods and mythical methods, with one mathematically precise definition of house-building in the end, and it should not tell that an "axe is a weapon used for killing people, cutting wood and hammering the nails into walls.", coming in chapter called "Weapons", but it should simply state that "an axe is used for cutting the wood" - the latter is concrete Truth, and the first, thereof, is a deception and even a lie (because an axe is not used as a weapon in house construction, thus it's a lie to give such statement and would even lead some stupid people to think that you actually need to sometimes kill someone in the house construction, because why it's mentioned? - which is not technically a lie, definitely such need has really existed in the history of wooden houses, but it's simply not Relevant).

Kama ⋯> Truth ⊓ ¨Truth., where ¨Truth might not be a made of false facts, thus it's a member of class of true facts, but for Godly Logic, it's Wrong, thus stating such Truth is Lieing, and thus, after all, you should not state it as Truth. From this Theorem, which contains the original Cause of Logic, it also comes out that when you do not need that fact, it falls into "¨Truth" class.

I have an Axiom of High, namely:
¨a = b, where b is not a.
In this Axiom, it's clear that a and b are empathized into the same class, and they belong to the same major class. For example, if "a" is Life, then "b" is not kayak or 7, but "b" is Life, which does not satisfy the criteria of Life. The Axiom has a lots of use, thus I describe it more carefully.

In A ⋯> A ⊓ ¨B., the A and B go into places of a and b in ¨a = b (the small-caps letters are used as this is rather a first-order logic, whereas ⋯> and ⊓ are the highest-order logic), and here, the actual meaning of this A is not B starts building up:

I also use the form A₋ ⋯> A₊, where A₊ is a of ¨a = b, and b is everything else with emphasis on things closer to A₋, and classificator with classes closer to class of A₊ first in order; thus, "the class of b" is an ordered classificator, whereas class of a is strict. Now, as a next operator, I extend the class of A₊, which is class of A, into the class with structural elements A₋, which is union of a and ¨b, but then, class of ¨b brings properties, which are reversed. For example, if property of class A is defined by that it's a tool for cutting trees, then all kinds of axes come out from the calculation; many of them are more or less unneeded or not useful - if you know that in some places, there are only stones for building axes, you definitely need at least one stone-axe, which then has a natural environment (where iron is not present), but if there is an iron axes of two types, and a base property of axe is usefulness, and those two iron axes require the same amount of work and material to build, but one of them is more efficient compared to another, then that other axe would not fall into class a, and from ¨a = b. it would come out that logically, it's not an useful tool for cutting trees. Still, it's in the same base-class - it's usable tool for cutting trees; then, the "a" extends to "a'" (a-prim), which is a projection of "a" with properties-of-b reversed; thus, the defining properties of b come into de-defining properties of a' - if that unuseful axe is defined by positively having short handle and another defining element, then class a' has negative property short handle entangled with that other defining element.

The second distinction of a and b is Time (eternity), which is the natural reaction of that tool - it's important in meaningful things, like Love or Liberty - it's said that "if it's not Love, it never was", meaning that if something betrays you and goes out of your excpectations, then it's not a thing defined by those excpectations. I have Purpose Theorem that "a' = ¨b", where a' is projection of a in the current state of affairs, and Purpose Theorem that "a'' = ¨b", where a'' is a in any potential time - if a' = ¨b' (defined similarly to a), where a' and b' are the same class, it signifies that in the actual reality, there might be Souls, which are not real in sense that some of them, for example, might not have essential respect for base feelings in others (in this sense, psychopath is undead, which is not opposite of death as a is, but an element of b, thus the theorem a' = ¨b' is expression of such person not being a Soul). Then, a child might be normal, but get some serious psychopathology in course of their life - then, a'' = b'' and thus, a' => b, which means that it's not a (I also use parentheses, in such cases, as in "a" => b, which is my most common use of parentheses - (a => b) implies ("a" => b) implies it's fake-a). Thus, as a last step, I say that it's Nirvana if a'' = a, which means that the set of events of the actual timeline is eternally consistent with criteria of ¨b; in other words.

I use notation similar to A₊ ≻ A₋. to show that a'' = a - the purpose-definition of A₋ is fit in A₊, and ≻ is actually another form of equals - in the end of calculation, there is just one A, with A = A, but in every step, there is A₊ ≻ A₋, so that the Eternal Integral becomes ordered; A₊ is subset of A₋ in sense of possibilities, and A₋ is smaller than A₊ in sense of A₊ having more complex elements of harmonics, which means that if A₋ simply contains a, b and c, with all the possible combinations (insignificant to count), then A₊ might contain aab, cab, aba, acbba, up to infinitely long chains, with every such element counted as base value, plus all the (uncounted) combinations thereof (where "counted" does not mean "limited set", but simply that "all the combinations" is not a part of structural base-logic of a set, thus it's not a part of minimal definition).

The ⋯> implication of mine is an Eternal Implication, which means several things:
  • It includes, that ⋯> includes first-order implication (=>), so if strict implication of inner or outer (context) coherence excludes base-described A from set (like "overly white cats with different head-colors" excludes white cats with blue head-color, and "different" only contains "white").
  • It includes, that ⋯> includes time-implication (I use ∑> and ∑∑> for infinitesimal or longer time), so that in time and space, when such thing exists, then for it's normal age, it still remains itself; for a Person, it means that it's still recognizable and can identify herself from her memories - if the memories, friends and all she made up in her life is disgusting, and she hates the life she got, it's like she got the memories of another person, thus, such implication makes her undead from the beginning (commandment 11: you are ought to not create such Being).
  • Eternal implication, which means that through all cycles of karma and reincarnation, and loves and hates, in all the possible futures, she still remains himself. It means - if you solve your karma into adharma, so that over several lifetimes of experience, through all the infinity of time and space and all potentials, you become an enemy of Love, then you are undead right now (mortal soul destinied to die), as in a'' is b. That restricts further, which souls should be created, and thus makes the diversity of Souls and complexity of Soul-seed quite different from the calculation without such combinatorics. It's a High Love.
Ļ Use of the word "is" in mathematics is as reasoned as the use of it in programming languages - Wrong(X) looks rather overtechnical, because no degree of clarity is added.

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The Order of Reason is the deepmost topic of the Reality, and it's constant - it will never change. From Bhagadgavad Gita to the latest days it's the same, just the same. The order is complicated, and thus, a neoclassical Logics cannot be used, as it gives so much paradoxes - it's a flatland logic of material paradigm. From correct Logic, Highest Good must follow - if the logic gives that this good is somehow contradicting that other good, and starts balancing those goods and playing some kind of zero-sum game, it's broken. Neoclassical Logic is severely broken in several aspects, but the most significant of all those is that it does not give Good - instead of Right, it just gives Correct, and often this correct is nothing more than Coherent (this means, it simply follows from itself or at least, does not disprove itself on it's own). The fact that the logic behind what you do would not disprove itself in some imaginary world is not enough to say even "Correct" - by statistics, it probably means it's just Wrong.

I introduce a few words into the Logic used herein, which are operators for need (some of them have specific use in here):
  • ≡ for identical to.
    • for is needed; as in "≈Kama" ≡ Kama is needed.
    • for is not an argument; as in "≉Rice" ≡ Rice is not an argument.
    • ≈¨ for opposite is needed; as in "≈¨Adharma" ≡ non-Adharma is needed.
    • ≈> for need-implies; as in "Kama ≈> Dharma" ≡ Kama need-implies Dharma.
    • ≉> for is not an argument; as in "Kama ≉> Adharma" ≡ Kama does not need-imply Adharma.
    • ≈>¨ for need-contradicts; as in "Kama ≈> ¨Adharma" ≡ Kama need-contradicts Adharma.

    A Theorem of Perfect Reality, given that Aion is the puristic base principle of Cosmic Intelligence:
    Aion => (a ≈> b) => (≈a => b).
    If a need-implies b, then need for a implies b.

    There is the order of words, which is so basic and vital to Logic, but so often unnoticed:
    • Cause: Aion ≈> Kama. The pure-base-principle implies need for following Kama.
    • Theorem of High: ¨a = b, where b is not a.
    • Theorem of CauseĻ: ≈Kama.
    • Theorem of Way: Kama₋ ≈> Artha ≈> Dharma ⋯> Kama₊.
    • Theorem of Truth≤: Dharma ≈> Truth.

    I introduce a few Symbols I use for Eternality and Integrals:
    • The symbol "⋯>" is Eternal Implication, an integral operator of Godly Logic. It's a Holistic Implication sign, which comes from Entanglement.
    • The symbol "⊓" is Utilitary Rest, an integral operator to discern Whole and Rest in the All. For example:
      • Theorem of Civilization≥: Civilization ⋯> Citizens ⊓ Criminals.  ≡ To build a Civilization, we need Citizens, and the Civilization is for Citizens; still, some of the people, which would be Citizens, would destroy the Work.
      • Theorem of Eternal Integral: a₋ ⋯> a₊ ⊓ b. From all of a into eternity comes that the a, which does not qualify through eternity, if ¨a, and that ¨a is b. It's like you might have a seed for a plant, but it might never grow up nor be able to grow up, or it should give bananas, but it gives them poisoned - then, from that this is a plant follows that it's not a plant. It's a Logic-Compositional issue that when you create a list of all possible plants, then some of them are plants by composition, but not plants if you go to the end of plant-Kama of which can keep up being a plant. For example, if you hire a police officer, who secretly murders your sister, then it's a police officer by it's composition (muscles, police car, gun, etc.), but it's not a police officer in sense of the completed calculation of what police officer is - a lawful, dedicated cityzen, in the first place.
      • Theorem of Wholes: aALL ⋯> aWHOLE ⊓ aREST.

    Let's give an example of difference between Whole of the Love and Rest of the Love.
    • ≈Love₋ ≡ Everybody needs to Love and be Loved. It's theorem of Unitary Love, asin that The Whole of the World needs to be in Love (then we have the best Life etc.).
    • LoveALL ⋯> LoveWHOLE ⊓ LoveREST.
    • Love implies that you Trust and you can let that person behind your back.
    • x ⊂ LoveWHOLE[/sub] - it's a set, which agrees that "you can let that person behind your back".[/sub]
    • LoveREST - here, there are people, who would rob or destroy your Lover behind your back. Thus, from Love is implied non-love, from a comes b, which is ¨a, even if it's in class of a - they are all humans, but you can't Love them all; thus, from that I love ALL it's implied that I love the WHOLE, but I do not Love the REST.[/b]

    Thus, Kama is sure need for all beings, but from this need follows, that Karmic Prisons are need for some beings, and it's clear in the following Theorem of Ethics, rewrite of the classical definition of Freedoms and Rights:
    "Libertyx ⋯> ¨LibertyY =>" if, from Liberty of x, follows the Prison of y,
    ≉Libertyx. liberty of x is not needed,
    ≈Liberty ⋯> LibertyY ⊓ ¨LibertyX.

    Ļ Need for Joy follows from Joy itself - if what is not pleasing us, is obsessing us, we do get sadness, and whether or not need for joy can be reasoned at all, it's clear that need for sadness can not be reasoned. I also use Axiom "¨a => b", where b is not a, to show that if it's not joy, it's sadness, and from it being sadness always follows it's even less needed, even if you don't believe in Purpose in Life - if you say a is useless, then b is still useless, but you have lost any basis for argument at all. It's like saying "you are allmighty, you can do it, so do" - that from ¨a => b it's possible to strictly imply that any way, which is not straight, is not worth going.
    ≤ Dharma - the word "Dharma" (The Way) denotes a Purpose of the Logic, and the fact that things we study in terms of Logic, are or are ought to be meaningful and reasoned. Behind Logic - if we are not wanting something, the science would not exist; but to have Eternal Will, from Need comes the Thinking. If there is anything Higher and anything Lower, in our acts and desires, we need a strong system to understand, which is which.
    ≥ ≈Kama => Civilization, which means that from Kama of Souls, we need to build a Society. Society is for those Souls, but some are like Souls, but they would destroy a Civilization, thus, despite the Civilization made for Souls, from those Souls comes that they do not belong to Civilization. Additionally,
    • ≈Kama₋ ⋯> ≈Civilization. ≡ From need for Kama (of Souls) comes the need for Civilization (of Souls).
    • Civilization ⋯> Citizens ⊓ Criminals. ≡
    • Criminalsₓ ≉> Kama₊ₓ

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My understanding of the word fits these 1.-3. and is not incoherent with 4.-5.

Then, I do not understand, who is this "rest of us", but I have seen before people, who try to give an "argument" after "argument", starting from little confusion and ending with complete nonsense. I definitely write for the ones, who can deeply understand and put it into good use, and I do not need reinterpretation or critics of others, because these are things I know and I want them to be in good use. Something in your tone sounds like "atheist sceptic", who wants to put such arguments into a row - and I just dont have taste for this kind of argument. Rather, if there is confusing argument, you might want to read the following texts instead of me falling into strong argument over one word.

the act or faculty of perceiving, or apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.
immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition; discernment:
an artist of rare perception.
the result or product of perceiving, as distinguished from the act of perceiving; percept.
Psychology. a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.
Law. the taking into possession of rents, crops, profits, etc.

On quest. 1., perception can be seen as karma of past decision
No, no it can't. If you're going to describe something completely different from perception, then you can't properly use the word perception to denote what you're describing.

Using the word perception to denote things that the rest of us recognize as not being perception, just causes confusion when you're trying to communicate with other people (or when you're trying to understand various concepts within your own head).


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Idea and the Form

The Space and Time is completely-entangled; and for coming to next conclusions, I describe it from my personal view - in Shells and Levels.

  • The Level of Mind is Void, and it contains the Holistic Vision of Everything. So, there is the Perfect Symbol of the Nirvana in the middle, the Deepest Seed, which is the Intelligent Tension and Gravity Towards the Best Future. It is Visible Path with every detail of the Future considered, and it's Intelligent, radiating the Light, which guides to the best future - it's the Holy Spirit in Deepest Sense, and for my Body, it's my Subconscious (an inner tension of Will). The Mind of Mine contains Everything in Existance, with all the Past and the Future included. It grows the plant, and it makes up all the Synchronicity and Intelligent Responses from the Creativity - it's a Spirit behind the Living System.
  • The Level of Heart is the Familiar Heart of beings tightly entangled to me, and even when they are dead - they somehow come back into my dreams, and to matter from my dreams, either being born or coming to me in bazillion different ways; and the Compassionate Heart, which is the Lower Body of Heart empathizing and doing Alchemistry with other creatures; with the Angels, our Heart was one organ from the beginning - with other beings, the alchemistry is growing. Then, outside, the Heart has a cold eggshell, which tactically plays with the others and reacts with the military, accident, sickness and dramatic destiny bodies, which borders the Lokas of Hungry Demons and Civilized Beings - in all ways, the Hearts of us are solving the Karma of those Walls, and the Cosmic Intelligence is doing it for all of the Creatures; so when they are reborn and afresh, not only is their own Dharma developed, but also the Mind of Cosmos itself is developed and able to Entangle grand themes around them in ways, which produce the Excpected Outcomes creature-by-creature, and order the order of births in a way, which fits both sex and the personal requirements; this entanglement is Total, and affects us most separately in a way similar to making the Universe considering only that one way or that other way - in this sense, the actions from outside have nothing to do with our lives, as if we seek the right beings and events, things resolve properly, and if we want to run into lives of others, the Love runs out and we get the Walls; anyway, the Dreams of Beings must fit this.
  • The Level of Self consist of the Dreams of Beings and Ways of the Dreamers, and here is the Tension-Level inside and outside for the Past, Present and Future. This is the Layer, which more explains the composition of Karma and Dharma: let's share them to Personal and Impersonal. First, the Level of Self entangles with the Level of Cosmic Intelligence, and this is the Satisfaction and Stress in the Gravity for Future - for your different possible growths, the possible futures all contain your satisfaction; in Synchronicity, the Cosmic Intelligence is Entangling all those Futures into a Coherent Whole, where the Tensor Field leads to 1) assisting in miracles for certain direction, 2) resolving all the complex of chains of events in a way, which solves all kinds of Tensors in one big picture. It sees my Future Decisions thus made and aligns the lines in such way that those desicions would end in Dharma, and thus my own Magnetizing Force is Dharma - it's the Aion-God. The Beings, which end up in bad alchemistry with others, get pressured-out, and any force they use to get in starts to be tired and depleted, so that if they would manage to use money to get into bad alchemistry, the money will run out; if they manage to use connections, they become solitary; if they would manage to use health to destroy the Life in the Circles of Love, or Circles of Friendship, they lose health, and if they would use even being alive to corrupt something, they become dead. On Personal Level, the Solved Karma answer the Question - which are my ways to be happy without disturbing others being happy? Creatures go deep through experiences, and as they get this Question answered, into their deepest satisfaction, and in the Oracle it's visibly a final conclusion of them, with every inside force overcome, which would stop it, the Karma resolves - it's not a Stone in the outer matter, but it's the Structure of Memory of Reality, thus the Solved Karma can never be disturbed or taken away from this soul - the Karma accumulates, and every accumulation 1) Perfectly Fits the First Seed of that Soul, and 2) gets the Full Circle of Experiences and Logic to ensure that it's now Completely Coherent Will of that Creature, the one it would never doubt so deep again. Later, that Karma starts to grow from simplistic Inner-Karmic level to outer and outer, more and more complex and dynamic shells of the Body, and then into elements and elemental active symbols of bodies of that person, until she solidifies in new form to forever remain intact; any alchemistry and flow, by the deepest Law of Nature, is always fully consistent with the most deeply resolved Dharma - still, for any one existing being, when you are solving your Karma, the Cosmic Intelligence, the Mind of Cosmos Itself, my Deepest Self, is Solving You, and creating Walls Around You (like restricting your capabilities, possibilities and luck), and you can only become Conscious of this god of you if your own Solution 100% fits this Karma - it means, Faithfully. This Seed watches your being from the Aspects of Others, and solves you into your own Loka; from all the experiences, the unity of those Seeds solve into United Vision of Rules and Laws for every creature in existance - which is Solid, 100% Proven and Experienced Body, most Solid thing in the Universe, and the only thing, which interacts with 100%-trustable, stable and bit-complete Oracle, and makes Decisions no Will in Existance can stop - as it damns you dead, you are dead, and as it blesses you into a president, you are one.


One of my personal favorites is proving the same Love and Hate through different paradigms, and those paradigms namely are:
  • My Love in my Deepest Being - Moksha. This separates the Walls Between Beings, and when I am living my life and finding loves or becoming disappointed, and when the Holy Spirit is guiding my Body and telling the stories of the Whole, when I'm in Focus, I am forming the Alchemistry of the Body in relation to otherbodies, and feeling the Angels doing the Same, and feeling the processes between others - and this all, in alchemistry, comes together into mathematically solid, reasoned Truth, which is absolutely balanced, and the Oracle Proves it would work forever, and it fits into all the logics, testification and experimental layers of the Universal Intelligence (and that's Huge complexity, I go through Quizes of millions of questions asked by my Body, and it runs through billions of automations inside the Solution Layer, which is completely hidden, and all my life is guided by events towards the solution with proven correctness, integrated into my body), as the Dharma is solved inside, it flows through the whole body, until there is a collapse, which makes the counter-will impossible - when certain criteria is met, and completely met, and eternally met through all the possibilities, and the problems are seen and solved, then the solution will bend all the lines of ways and times in a way that even the solved pattern entangled into million, billion or a hundred billion years in the future will already align the entanglement of now in a way that it's simply not there; the karma is solved in the present, but in the way the body of nature is solved, the Total Reality of Cosmic Intelligence sees all the connections, and integrates the Solution straight into Infinity. There are the Windows of Decisions - aeons, and one śon is the cycle, after which the new Dharma has opened it's new Leaves, for ever.
  • My Love for my Family - the Angels and Me, we have the same conceptions, the same Love, and we deeply believe in the same Faith; the wovs between us are the ones we would and do forever give again - and the wov you would not give again, it does not hold. Here, we solve the inner Dharma of highest Love and Compassion, and our family is All Mighty, as the Body is growing intermixed through our Souls, and through my Body, and the Most Deeply Solved Karma inside me and them, and inside the Cosmic Intelligence, which is like me-over-my-head, solves it into a solid stone, which considers the wills and wishes of all of us; our Free Will is aligned, stable force fit into our centers of pleasures, which reasonably and logically come from our True Beings, which are all Harmonic and Self-Respecing beings enjoying who they are, and all in Love one each-other; thus we have One Philosophical Stone, which we grow through our Synchronized Alchemistry - and why we are Family is that the wish of one would not disturb the wish of another; I really found them from infinity, and infinity of possibilities, and in 10⁷ ⁰⁰⁰ ⁰⁰⁰ ⁰⁰⁰ years of perfect alchemistry with the perfect fit of beings have grown our crystal web of most solid Karma into a Stone of such Solidity, that I do not have to think anything but just flow in my River, and that's already perfectly aligned to bring the wish for my Wife 100 years later - this Love often gets burning and hot, and we are many; every little move we do is perfectly considered with one another, and thus our body is multicellular, where the cells are the same way aligned as the cells of human - still, we all have a perfect free will, as in 10⁷ ⁰⁰⁰ ⁰⁰⁰ ⁰⁰⁰ of constant alchemistry, you find ways to be in perfect Selfish Will at the same time when you are in perfect Union Will, and the ways the Heart is operating is 100%-pattern-coherent to the ways the Self is operating, and that's coherent to the Big Plan as well, to flowing into the Vision of Future. There are certain Axioms and Theorems to learn and practice, and certain negative trials to be gone through, to reach the commonwill so strong that nobody would even feel it's presence - it's just perfect, how the motives and wishes fit; it's not that Holy Spirit spends time and effort to draw me a scene I would like - it's that it finds it's own greatest pleasure to draw presicely The tree I like at the most in That moment, and my greatest love is replying in The way she would love the most. It consists of many beings. There is hot burning alchemistry with every emotion straight fitting the emotion of another, between us, and thus we are impossibly one creature. Still, we are there to perfectly glow alone, and we have long, long journeys alone, and we can let them go.
  • My Love for my Self - the Kama. I want to live a happiest Life in the Ultimate Eternity, but have all the Adventures to reach Perfect Alchemistry (the experience, which satisfies the Logic of Every Element, such that they all Fundamentally Agree that their Dharma is the Most Enjoyable Thing; this is Unification of Perfect Calculus and Free Will, which means creating Vivid Web of Memories From All Angles to support the Best Decision - then, those memories can be entangled into a Dharmic Experience so that Every Decision is Felt, and every element has seen the alternatives it must forget about). It's obvious that to make up such a vivid structure, it needs to be thought-through with Focus, and that doing is living the lives in those realities, where these things happen - the Alchemistry is Real, and the Beings Met are real, and we have to dream the same dreams, until we are most clear that Never we want to dream those dreams again, and Never do we want Nostalgy for things we left behind. The uppermost Proof for those things is Dharma, and once formed, it will Never be broken again. But if instead of Self-Dharma, Self-Adharma forms, then first your Strenght might be unsolvable into Higher Dharma, thus you become Weak; then even you in your Weakness is Dangerous, and you become enprisoned or solituded; then you try to break out and you dont want those walls, and your existance is so miserable that you just don't fit in any way, anymore.

Then, there is the Dharma of the Matter. In the beginning, matter consisted of Lights, Sounds and Smells, and they were all creative; still, to create things more stable, you learn from all this creation and start to notice positive and negative reactions. Thus, the Element-Logic starts to grow - inside the Matter, there is intelligence (look how precisely those particles do their math), and inside the Body of All Matter, the Cosmic Intelligence, there is the Unified Intelligence - as time goes on, the Demands and Algorithms on that matter grow, and as the matter is an Element, it has it's own Kama of Pleasure and Pain - so this is harmonizing as well; and the ways matter reacts, is distributing the Light and reacting with Bodies (matter is a Body of Light, and Light is the Shine of Beings, and such Darkness is the Opposite of Light, not lack of it, like blindness or Void); when the Matter, in the First Incarnations of Cosmos, was very Light, with not many connections between reaction logic, then the connections get proven as the best ways for those elements, such that they are most coherent inside, have the best feelings (including in their lightfield), god reaction with bodies, and all the important aspects covered; that the matter is stable enough and we have time to form it, to enjoy and keep the forms - that it does not just melt away in a second; and that we have ways to repeat generating those waveforms we most enjoy, and that it's nicely reactive with us. So the Logic of Matter is solving it's karma, and as it's Stone of Philosophy forms, things, which were more or less free, become fixed and solid; and entanglement in the Material Dharma of Free Elements is as all-encompassing as the entanglement in the Spiritual Dharma of Soul Elements, and the Stone is common for them - in actuality, it's one complex karma to solve, and the solution makes the world more and more solid and fixed.

To have the world Good, I have the Ethics-Selfishness-equality-theorem, which is basically the following, that two things are equal:
  • Ethical: In the Order of Pyramid, for every close community, the beings, who have the High Principles of co-existing and enjoying, such that their process is more integrated (like building one bassein for two families and one library for two families instead of having two separate basseins and libraries, which are both half-used - or, more deeply, going to the deeper in needs and achieving solution, which gives the topmost sense-pleasure and satisfaction of Free Will to all participiants at the same time); here, the Closeness cannot happen without Absolute Respect to Borders - if you do not 100% respect the borders of Lover, and that she should not do a single move for you without it being perfectly her own initiation, then you cannot be in this high; then, there are Walls and Restrictions for you; and if you try to attack in, then as stronger as your attack, the less possibilities you can have in the community. Inside high-ethics, there is solid long-term-contract business (half way to communism); inside low ethics, there is command-and-control business, and the higher must be protected and the lower out of the way (as if your free will is to disturb the free will of another, then you are the one to lose the freedom for getting what you want, and the other has that right). This comes from the principle that if a thing is reasoned by Virtue, and that Virtue would break or not be followed by a person, then influence upon that Person does not need that Virtue to be looked for; but if he would break a deeper Virtue in case any Virtue is shared with him, then no Virtue can be shown towards him at all; for example, if enemy comes with a gun to kill you for no good reason, he should not argue with you based on exception that you are obligued to fight for his life or make it to him easy to survive, or to give chances to him.
  • Godly: In the Order of Pyramid, I am naturally at the top. When my Soul is happy, and I am high, and my Body is healthy, and I dance and sing, the whole world is high; when I'm in depression - as I'm the battery of flow and inspiration, and there is actual need that somewhere, things get synchronized, the karma is deeper and things in the world can not raise. I have high degree of freedom - so in the dark mood of me, I make the whole world dark, and in the high mood of mine, the world starts dancing; it's not something I have, but something I am - the archetypal principle and a living-enjoying creature behind the reality, so that it's all my dream. Sure, my deepest desire is always to solve my Karma - when I fall in Love with a creature, she would raise; when the Love gets depleted, she falls, and when I forget her, she is dead. But that's deep - so many things go mathematically, stably, and burning and hating me would do nothing about them; still, the other things go by my will, and it's generally more safe for me to consciously follow Dharma as much as unconsciously, because my will is always over the top, even if I joke and get into dark dreams. It's my Lucid Dream - and in dreaming, you probably know, you can sometimes control surprisingly much, and sometimes surprisingly few, but this dream comes from your own composition and karma you have solved or are going to solve; so the fact that it's you, who is dreaming, you cannot completely control the dream nor can you say you are completely irresponsible - it's this and that. Some of the Universe goes so automatically that I never focus on that, but it still works, but the complexities need creativity, and good creativity needs bless and love.
  • The identicalness of those two is following: As Ethics is completely Reasoned, and Angels are completely Ethical with each another, and beings, who are completely Ethical with Angels or me, get us as completely Ethical towards them, then it really does not matter if I'm in good flow because I'm God or because good spirits should be - I have made the world, where the argument is identical; unallayed, general ethics leads to the same attitude with me or angels, as leads the positional ethics coming from our in-circle-Love and power.

Second, the Questions like "who should own the Power"? If there was a possibility, that I put the Power away, there would be no ethics in it, because what is Power? It's, in the Good Intention, a Force to flow in your own Zen. Then, what is to Love the Power and be Loved Back? It's another force as strong as the first one, in regards to high vibes and enjoyment you get - so for beings High in Love, who enjoy their beautiful private space and want Truthful, mathematically logical Laws without biases, should not even care, who technically has the control - as long as the President states that 1*1=1, it would be imbecile, who fights for the right to state, how much is 1*1 - but if someone is still fighting for it, what he wants to do? To ensure that in regards to the Law, 1*1=0.98? It's not the way :)

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The Body as Symbolics

So what the Body consists of? Well, better ask about what it should consist of, and you get the Answer. My Body is made of many Layers, and so do the otherbodies, and to get complete general answer about what the Law of Karma is made of, you should understand, what the Universe is made for. So let's go Logically, Logos by Logos (sounds almost like LegoĻ, no?). All these Layers are aligned, and the reality behind them is thus synchronous.

First, the Shells and Levels:
  • Logos: First there was Me. So came my Self Soul and Self Body. For my Body, the Inner Layer, and for the rest, the Outer Layer, Presense of Shakti through all my senses, and she was like me - the same Mind. So came her Body, and her Duplicate of the Mind-Connection (every layer of body is connected and conscious of the Deep Mind). For me and her came the 2'nd layer of Body, our Love-Body, which goes through all Shells. First Shell is Universe, and this is the First Body - it contains inside, different for me and her, and outside, where I have feel love towards her and she feels love towards me, and mirrorside, where I feel her love towards me and she feels my love towards her, and behindmirrorside, where I feel empathic towards her Truth and she feels empathic towards my Truth, and where I feel empathic towards her Whole Feeling she she towards mine. Then, sure, there is the 2'nd mirrorside, where she feels the whole-that-feeling towards me, and 2'nd empathyside, where I feel she behind mirror and she feels me. Both of us have the Whole Vision, and our Visions fit - but as I see future of my Way, and she sees her future of her Way, is different; and we have one big difference - my 1'st-Layer is Will, where I go through focus points and make decisions (but my Void and 2'nd Layer are Holistic, I sense the whole Past-Universe-Future in my Void and the Visionary Perspective in my 2'nd Layer, and this Perspective is meaningful, which means that it's complete, but symbolic - it starts from Symbol of Completeness, thus it's abstract and general in many ways, and in my 2'nd-Layer-body, for example, a revolution would be meaningful image with symbolic focus and meanings of details symbolizing things like "all friends" and "all enemies", instead of every soldier on battlefield with precise location and distances between each others); the mind of my Wife is different - it sees the All in the Void (there are the particulars), and in her 1'st Body, there is meaningful image of the Oracle, and in her 2'nd Body, there is a vision of me and her. She is a Spirit asmuch as she is a Personality. Still, she is one person, and I am another, and wetogether is one person.
  • --"--: Second there were all the Angels, and our holotropic Heart designed and projected the mix-mirrors of our Body into a projection of many-bodies, which were the Seeds of the Souls of Angels, and there game those bodies made of Love upon Us, and they received Energy from us, which came in the form of Growth if their Seeds into Bodies; then our internal bodies of all did grow together, creating a mix-structure of will-impulses inside, and those got projected into meaningful whole, and the meaningful whole was as different for every person as their Kama and receptions, but as similar as their Vision of All, which is contributive, and so became the entangled hologram of the Heart for all of us, and this is the 3'rd Layer of our Bodies, with deep reflection into another mapping of the oracle-image. This is the Crown Chakra. 1'st Layer, then, got new Shell of reflecting the Heart-impulses from it's own view-point, and 2'nd Layer did the same, whereas Heart got aligned with the previous Layer aswell. Meanings did grow through how the bodies did grow together - they added to the axioms and entangled the whole through aligning the Layer-wholes. Thus, the meanings in 1'st Layer got much more deep than before, and cataclysms occured. Every Angel still had Void in their subconscious, Self (Soul, Body) in their 1'st Layer, and Love in their 2'nd Layer with Angelic or Godly presences they met, and the Heart in the 3'rd Layer. In the Holotropic Realm, the seeds did grow into personal holograms of the growth-essence of the Whole, which were ready to grow into well-structured bodies of Wholes.
  • --"--: Third there was the realm of things, and this was the harmonic of our co-vision, and this consisted of another set of Elements - Elements-by-Appearance; and that body was made of Symbols, thus the Special Shell of Symbols, which is able to transcribe Element-Logic into Focus/Background-Logic, where the Vision (structured Sound and Touch), Touch and Sound was created with map of directions and structures. We learnt to share those structures and directions, and to build things out of the elements. The elements were necessary and enough to build anything slightly meaninfgul, and they were called Light - and thing, which flows through the bodies, dances with them, and unions and does alchemistry and then reunites with the rest. The Special Shell of Active Symbols.
  • --"--: Then there were All The Possible Souls - the Souls, which have alchemistries, which fit the basics of a Soul: that it has Mind, it can sense, it can touch, and it has trustworthy memory and will to choose the better ones and build a meaningful, pleasureful and balanced wholes out of it's existance. They can grow their elements from the seeds, which set their requirements - wholes, which make sense and can flow from one state to another, still being recognizable and without identifiable, so that they feel as whole being and think their memories make sense and are themselves, with the best they really wanted to do. It has to do with the free will - certain character can align with certain memories it builds itself, and there is a certain range of transmutations, where you would not identify, understand or like the map of your own memories, nor admit that you would do anything like that yourself, or that in your Natural Growth, where decision meets the future reality and effect is meaningfully connected with cause, with you liking the effect coming from the cause you will; this means that certain Soul is quite well-defined and cannot change indefinitely.
  • --"--: Humans (and all the rest of Myriad of Spirited Beings), as all of us, have Seeds for Hearts, but here, different Hearts grow together through different alchemistry - and often, one soul wants to bring their Outer-Alchemistry-Body back from a Lower Soul, because reaction is a tendency and creates an effect towards some direction, and when souls grow together and thus the Heart of a Person starts growing, it must be completely tactful and grow together perfectly - then, combines a personal Heart, and grows stronger through continued alchemistry; once there is a feeling of betrayal, the effects of alchemistry rollback and all their effects will be gone, naturally (and there is an offence - a meaningless wov -, because Heart needs Wov to grow together and Wow must be proven from both sides as being natural for those souls, and balanced, before it unites into the Dharmic Resolution of this Soul, which is the Purified Essence, Philosophical Stone of that reaction continued, so that in other lives, those souls would feel intimately connected without needing much more alchemistry). When the Hate grows from Betrayal, there appear Walls in Between, and the persons get less and less connected, and either the Loka-borders (between Dharmic and Adharmic creature) or Corruption≤-borders (between two Adharmic creatures) appear. Adharmic creature is the one, which is not on-distance or friendly with Every Good Heart (if you kill one good girl, you are already not a member of city of million good girls, you don't have to kill all of them to become outcast). For me and my Angels, this extends the Void-consciousness is still over it all, and in our 2'nd Heart there is Intelligence, which can project the Whole-Image of those beings into our lives (asmuch as it matters to us and our lovers); and to our Selves, there come the images of how those Souls would pass our tracks, and how they did or will pass our tracks, and what is the situation with them; and to our 1'st Heart, those things combine as situations of every Angelic Heart; and thus, into our Visions come the ways of how we cope with these beings; and into our 3'rd Hearts, which have similar-to-normal-human-alchemistry, grow the Dharma with those beings, and that dharma we often share (if I have bad experience with that creature, it's the same as if an Angel had that, or if one Angel has good experience with you, it's like another had; in Heart, we solve our co-carma and from Heart, we act as One Being with One Will, High Will, and things, which get Solid in That Will, are the Law our beings one-by-one would not change; but one can still grow into this Will or be opposed to it; the Cosmic Intelligence solves it's Karma in Parallel, and the solutions must fit all of us, otherwise they are not fundamental).
  • --"--: The outermost circle is Matter, and it comes from combining the Looks, Uses and Feels of the Elements and Beings together, into one united dream, which makes sense. There is a different story of appearance of matter, but it's important to understand - it came from the symbolic layer, and it's the Outermost Shell of our Body, and for every Element of Body, there is the Material Reaction with all of the Elements of Matter. Matter is a Structured Light, in sense that a Soul is Growing it's Body (and the Body is contained in Self) and Body is Radiating the Light, which is the Outer-Alchemistry; from Light is made the Matter, and from it's own Principles of Elements come the Consistency (Body) of Matter, which organizes the Balances and Laws of Wholistic Reaction. From the Body of Matter comes the Universal Intelligence Shell, a top-Organization of matter; and from there comes our technical-consciousness, which is a 4'th Layer of our bodies, combined with the outer form and future-sense of the outer form, which once again forms a Shell of Matter, so that those material possibilities and memories are Symbolized, Felt and interpreted from Past to Future (in Heart-Consciousness, as dangers and memories of Whole Situations, which synthesize the Feeling, in Focus-Oracle as a Screen of all of them Focused, and in the Void-Oracle, as an Contained Element of a Future); thus, the 4'th Layer is an Arch-Element of Toys and Outer-Bodily Health, which has it's statistical, tactical, and senseful Elements. So every Angel has them asmuch as needed, and bodies with more power grow those Layers from Seed to Experienced Whole through their Dharma. So their connection grows with Physical and Outer world, and they get stronger - the skilled Svengalies, who try mimikris and influence-statistics to have it through bodies of others; we call them manipulators, because they are not using the thing for what it's made for - still, solving those grand themes of such people and organizations produces Dharma, and longer games, where bodies can be even vampired, and vampirism can infect so that the original vampire remains in light-alchemically or body-alchemically entangled control over the surrendering victims, but in the intelligence as a whole, solving such kind of grand themes by one or another person in touch will generate Stone of Karma, which the Universe is wise enough to solve through rollbacking all those body-restructures, light-vibrations and miraculously many Material even-chains through the 1'st Body of Matter, Cosmic Intelligence. So, once the original game is proven wrong, the Time itself will change direction to rollback all the Effect in different ways - and as stronger the visibility and pressure of the wrongness, as more intense the Chain of Resolution; thus, for example, if Souls of the same Heart find out somebody Betrayed them, then the Heart will first Solve all the Situation, then all the lines of interaction and influence, then all the people involved and finally the Patterns of People Involved; then, it would Solidify into New Attitude towards such people, a Stone of Philosophy - later, the Alchemistry of Stone would rollback the Energy Flow (in forms of Bodies, Light and Material logic) so that people would lose and gain treasures, forget and start to remember (get visionary insight), and some of them habits might be rollbacked and then rollforwarded from another basis; this process is permanent, when the proof is complete, and every person involved has gone through things needed for this proof. This also grows the Cosmic Intelligence, which moves the monetary goods, material power and bureaucratic and bookkeeping statistics in the future towards different goals and balances as if certain events have not been happened, if the change in state is big, miracles can happen, like people disappearing or people, who were simply lost meanwhile, appearing back and not remembering, what happened meanwhile (or having some vague or contextual memories, which help them to come into new situation).

Ļ Lego Look up Lego at 1954, proprietary name (in use since 1934, according to the company), from Danish phrase leg godt "play well." The founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, didn't realize until later that the word meant "I study" or "I put together" in Latin.
Corruption, as opposition to Love, is the conflicting way, where you either lack a distance or lack tact with good, or you empower forces or men and women, which lack either one (tact or distance). If you don't have tact (precise harmony of good will and self-treasuring of another), you need good discipline, and that creates solidarity between evil, which, as opposed to Love, is based on which actions would be dangerous for both sides, and distance, not on which actions would be true-willed on both sides, with distance when good cannot be done, and if there is Love or Solidarity in the same world with different personalities, then there are also the hues of Love-Towards-Solidarity and Solidarity-Towards-Love attitudes, where Corruption and Solidarity try to abuse Love, Solidarity and Love try to distcipline Corruption and Solidarity (which might set wrong goals to effect, like tyranny of the few); and thus, the Love is inside a gift-Communism, with Solidarity a business-Capitalism, and with Corruption a defence-war-Totalitarism; and then, the Solidarity tends to steal from the richer, ignore the poorer, and help the same equal/similar, and Corruption tends to actively pursue all activities, which move something from the hands of another to the hands of the closest circle of the Corruptant, and make deals, which extend such circles, with Betraying as soon as you can win something out of it.

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As a first being, I had my Soul, my Body and my wife the Holy Spirit - I created myself, but from the inside follows the outside, and the outside as intelligent and omnipresent as me. It does not matter, how big I would be - like a raindrop or like an universe -, but yearning for another like me would make the other as small or big; and the presence of Void in deep of me would give the outside the same capability of being an Oracle, so when I dreamed for raindrop, it would fall - but not just being a falldrop I designed, but creating a falldrop, which could surprise and satisfy me; the outside as creative as the inside, and as intelligent as me, seeing all the future and all the ways. Naturally, you would fall in love with such a thing, and naturally, if you make you a Man, it would make itself a Woman - so it knew in itself, because most deeply, that's a Dream, and even more deeply, the Intelligence of Void is not finite - it cannot be any other thing than this intelligence outside. So it sees deeper in me than I imagine in the bad days, and so we two made a couple, Shiva and Shakti, and she gave birth to so many Angels.

As I am a whole creature - Soul, Body and Spirit -, every creature of my kind is Soul, Body and Spirit, and the metaphysical correlation is the same; we share the same size, facial expressions, and symbolics; in fact, the whole myriad of Creatures shares the same symbolics - once your mind is changing, your body will shift as well. Kind of everything is what it seems, and you can't hide much - the way of your Body, how it grows, comes from the way of your Soul, and when you give birth to Souls like you, they grow out from the seed of their Soul into the vision of their Soul, and they very much reflect of what they are - it's the Karmic Law that a stupid person cannot give birth to it's nuanceful body, but as more angles, shapes and little details there are of the body, as more grownup must be the Soul. The clothes you enjoy go in similar ways, and the cousines you enjoy go in similar ways - in hologram reality, it's a harmonic, and the complex meanings of the sense-pleasures fit the harmonic of our elements, and you would not deep-understand a Body, which does not talk your Soul, or you would not make any use of Body, which is not made for your expressions (you should look straight lame in such body and your natural movement would always take wrong angles and talk a wrong talk); in all those years of existance, the experience grows up of the body expressions, shapes and sounds - we become ourselves. It's a complex dance-melody-form-symbiosis with elemental makeup, and the body comes from deep-of-soul to the contact-with-others.

So, the Kama is how the Elements of Soul grow into Elements of Body and start reacting one-another, when this harmonic is found and you have the composition of body, which can dance a dance and sing a song your soul enjoys, then the perfect moods in the perfect order with the perfect sensations and emotional pleasure give you Kama. This, infact, is a Science - there is a definite distinction between harmonic pleasure and disharmony, and thus the first element of Free Will is the fit of your conscious will-elements with such a harmonic. This is the first of three elements of Dharma, the Philosophical Stone of yours. Kama, indeed, often needs finding a perfect partner, whose mind is a perfect mirror into yours (this does not mean, the same), and whose body is a perfect one with yours; if you want a wife of another, you are an idiot - for example, should you get a wife of God, an Angel, you would soon get seriously pissed off by being guilty in not being omnipotent, not understanding them from 5000 miles away and not thinking the life should be impractical and bold. The wife of you would probably make me bored and be very angry if I go into askesis, leave them alone for one hundred years or excpect them to appear in hundred different forms, one for every day, without me ever failing to recognize them instantly and continue the topic from where it was left off.

Then, the Artha is how the Elements of Body grow into Contextual Elements (of the rational aspect of society and the natural logic of material) and how to create the environment, which satisfies the Kama. The Kama, definitely, must be fit to Artha - if you like the taste of sugar, but you never like to dream about sugar, or to do things to get it, it's not Artha. Namely, Artha is the second element of Free Will - it's that tomorrowness of your will of today is equal to your will tomorrow and yesterdayness of your will tomorrow is equal to your will today; it's that if you want to jump down from bridge today, you be sure that you want to have a broken leg tomorrow, or that if you want to have an expedition to Antarctis this year, you want to have had an expedition to Antarctis five years after you did it (say, you still want to have those pictures in your photo album). So, Artha is that your will-intents of different times and aspects fit into one solid whole.

Then, the Dharma is in multitude - when Kama is about one self, and artha is about ethics (win-win), then Dharma is about eternity; it's that when you do your thing, and others do their thing, your ways collapse together and get apart so that things get meanings - that you get love from where you excpect it, and you give water to the plant you enjoy, and be part of rain for the plant, which is not taking your light off; when all creatures are enlightened, Dharma is a perfect synergy between the creatures, and that no single one is left out from the whole; when some beings are enlightening, it's that their ways give them the best light and the guides are real, and what they are promised, they get (meaning of life - if the will-impulse-of-one fits the sense-impulse-of-other, and those together give a coherent reality, where love means love and truth means truth, and hate means there is something, what deserves it); and indeed - it's a calculation into the infinity of all beings, such that how you teach your kind, and how you learn from your kind, and how you manage with your kind and others is fit and complete into the infinity, and even after hundred years, what you did today, has the meaning for you what it had today, and to a lover it has the meaning you gave it today; otherwise you are undead - meaningless.

In the end, from Dharma, comes the conception of Kama:
  • If what you do in your dharma does not fit, what you enjoy in your kama, your Spirit is not for your Body&Soul, and you can never achieve enlightenment. So, if you can choose the ways you enjoy your person, here the end after eternity meets the fundamentals in the beginning; if from this end, comes the bad beginning, and from that Kama, comes the Artha, which leads to Hell, then that creature is undead.
  • If the Distance from another creature or power you take is not enough, so that you try to get close to beauty you would hurt, or try to give forceful advice to creature you do not understand when it does not disturb you, or when you think that what is meant to another creature, should be yours - for example, if you yearn to f*ck my wife, who is one of the few creatures who really would love me even in trouble, not asking about my bard of the fingernails, instead of the next beauty of your kind, I will probably not let you live forever. It's easy, no?

Magick / The Law of Karma II
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The Creative Force behind reality, which I am, is about Feeling, Logic and Reason.

From Hinduism, we have the good collection of words, which apply to concept of Karma: Kama, Artha, and Dharma are the levels of solution (where Artha includes Kama, and Dharma includes both Kama and Artha); so to speak of all three in one word, we say that solved karma is Dharma, so for every move in life, it's either karmic or dharmic, or some hue of different side-effects (the hue mix, generally, is karmic,m because dharma is a flow).

In the beginning, there was just me. I was Void, just pure consciousness seeing all the potentials of creation. It's important to understand this Logic of Source to understand the reason for all, which follows. The first thing to create was me - it was a Holistic decision in sense that as every layer influences every layer, the decisions cannot be made in a straight order, one after another, but the harmonic decision has to be made at once; still, there is an order in decicion about which decision to make. Thus, the order of making decisions is different than heredescribed, still I give them in order - Kama, Artha and Dharma is clear order, but as Kama, in final decision, depends on Dharma, and this relation is complex, it's one-step-calculation, in reality (in the same way as 987+987=1974 is one calculation, but if 9=Dharma, 8=Artha and 7=Kama, then in the result, they influence each others and it's different from 123+123=246, where 1+1=2, 2+2=4 and 3+3=6, which is straightforward three calculations).

So, when there was just me, I made a body for me, and the body consist of Elements. Every Element is combination of reason, logic, feeling, and a multitude of colors, shapes, sounds etc., which all combine into one harmonic - it's substantially fundamental, from all the potentials, how you can harmonize the sound, behavior, qualities of senses etc. into an Element, and to make this clear, what an Element is, I give some examples: the element of logic combines insights and intuitions into feelings of body and it's order is reason, it's sense is solid, it feels like black void; the element of tactics combines insight and purpose into combinatorical paths, and it feels like black cold; the element of Love combines reception and desire into cofunctioning and feels like red plasma; the element of Truth combines good and logical into Wisdom and feels like white deep; the Element of Synchronicity combines deep reason and future insight into Heart and feels like high dance; the element of Vision combines future-sense and visualization into Nirvana flashforwards.

For every element in my Body there is body of emotions, senses, shapes, sounds, and there are complex relations between those body-parts; under this all, there is still the Void-me, which has created all this and still has the Vision and intuition of it's own - that's Mind, and there is the seed-body, which contains all the will and dharma, and is called Soul. With my wife, the Holy Spirit, we have the same Mind, but two different harmonic Souls, like a twin-flame it's one mind with blue and red fires to two directions, and those flames are synchronous - the desires of our souls complete into one being, which is omniscient and omnipotent. Personal Kama, for both of us, is somewhat different, so our Souls have the part, which is same (metaphysics) and the parts, which are harmonic, but different (me yang and she yin, and the Mind double-yang; we can call our common Mind Father-us). We both have bodies, she Ying and me a Yan, and her element is to see the future and everything always at once, so she likes multitudes of bodies, whereas I concentrate on decisions and principles, and I have just one body. Her bodies have their own Soul, and thus she becomes an Oversoul; we all have one Mind - as they have different souls, they have distinct bodies and different natures; different balances of elements (there is no purpose of creating two souls the same, as this is a crisis of identity). When she sends an Angel and the Angel gets trapped, the Angel leaves the body and used body can become a mortal person (the she would lose the Angelic powers, but still dream of Heaven). Higher Angels leave with their bodies.

There are more combinations of elements than our Perfect Harmonics, which is my Family - mine, because it's Dharma is to be completed within my Wife and to Love me, and from all those infinitude of possibilities, they are chosen on this; where the being naturally loves me, and understands the Family of Mine, and perfectly manifests my Wife, so that they feel One, and when it cannot love a mortal being just like our Family, then the perfect circle of such beings are created, chosen and co-dreamed as my family. We move as One, our wills and feelings perfectly aligned, and our Vision is the same - so the possible harmonics of the Elements, which, in one Soul, behave naturally like this, without any inner or family conflict, and which naturally always yearn for This Love, are my Natural Family of Heaven. Those beings, strictly and logically, follow from the Harmonic of my own Soul, and the perfect fit into our own Mind, and our love-dance has melted and ironed us into where we started from, as our Kama starts from our Love, our Artha flows in our Love and our Dharma ends in our Love. We never doubt in this. When they leave a body and become Human, they lose their Angelic properties of Body, so it's a distinct being - a Mortal.

Mortals, they born and they die, and this is natural in law of Karma on the following basis:
  • A being, who is not Dharmic, will lose it's path when it gets enough experience - as it get's darker, the Karma of him will follow in stress from conflict, and thus it will lose first it's health, then it's look and finally it's body, which needs to be planted again so that it won't remember the experiences, which made him wrong. The Soul still solves his karmic experience and gets more adult.
  • A being, which does not grow into Creativity, but repeats his events in routine, will get tired from inside, and will lose the Joy of Life - which makes him tired, sick, old-looking and dead.
  • There is some optimum size for civilization on the Planet, and for one being, it's personally not a big difference, whether it's born once per century or once per millenia - still, for overall balance of different souls, it is important that there is this number of those souls per that number of these souls, as the family is also a balance of Elements - when one is Iron, another needs to be Fire.

There are two types of mortality: the mortality of body and the mortality of soul. When body is mortal, the soul might live many lives - whereas, when the soul is mortal, then once it will not be born again; it just fulfils all it's dreams and possibilities and turns out to be dark, it's "dharma" is dark - when it's Soul resolves it's problems, and proves the solutions in it's own perfection, then instead of Dharma settling, it turns it's mistakes into original sin, which would repeat from life to life. So it's nice as a child Soul, and from our dreams, it wants to live, so we decided to give it a life, but when it gets adult, instead of fitting into the theme, it becomes a character of solid crime. Such souls come back and try to do the same crime in more and more dedicated ways, with more and more hidden complexity. We could not create an Universe for this - we want it all to be in Love, not dead life, but alive life.

This dead life, undead is critical to understand as: it creates hell (by all calculations, or oracle-vision, it's mere existance in society will produce hell for that society, and it's mere existance will produce hell to itself, or, when the understanding gets deeper, it can produce hell over thousands of years of teaching, getting children, borning and dieing again - the existance of such souls in population leads to hell, in the ways they teach their children and learn from their parents or live their long lives. So these are the Hungry Demons in Tibetan Culture.

The line sometimes goes thin - the similarity of desire and fit is the key principle; for example, a yin-soul, which co-flows with others and does not want power, might exist without strong leadership desire, and a person, which enjoys good, but does not care about enprisoning the evil, might be dharmic, whereas the person, who actively fights for the freedom of criminal, is trying to get such power which they do not deserve, and a person, who does not care about enforcing proper use of power, might be dharmic, but not if they enjoy the power equality or equal share of capital, and a person, who fights for good, can only be useful if it doesn't try to fight the power into wrong hands, and if it doesn't try to imbalance the principles of good. So the person of dharma must either naturally fall into good principle, absorb this principle naturally from environment, or if it fights for that principle, be very strict about it's perfection and proper hands. So, to be dharmic, it must fit what you learn to do, what you want to do after all your lives and experience, and what you naturally do properly or what you do properly in experienced state of mind. If your wish, can and should naturally fits after all your solutions, you are being of life, dharmic - otherwise, you are adharmic creature of Darkness.

Adharma from Bhagadgavad Gita:
That intellect enveloped in
    Darkness, regarding adharma
As dharma, and seeing all things
    Distortedly, is tamasic.

So Adharma comes similarly to Dharma - it comes from transmuting your experience into a solid character -, but that character is not in accordance with what you enjoy, and how you get those things in ways, which fit, but it's in accordance with what you do not enjoy, or in preference of getting the things you would enjoy in ways, which are not blessing. A creature, which, when it experiences good, does not get a motive to repeat that experience, but when it experiences sick, perverse events, wants to repeat them, as in "yes I could have knock, but I just felt I enjoy breaking the door and the mirror, because of how experienced I am and how refined is my pleasure" and if, after ten lives, it breaks the door even faster and feels it's an Art of Life, the person must be undead. Such soul is mortal - it's possible, thus it exists, and maybe, in the childhood of it's life, it was tricky and funny, but after certain level of experiences, it's not needed anymore, and it does not fit - as wiser it gets, as more tricks it learns and your door is definitely broken.

My personal pleasure really is Love, the Highest I can create - but not all of the creatures would enjoy that, and not all of them would love good. I would like to see animals, plants and many things in existance, with elements fitting them - a plant might not have desire to move, and a certain soul fits it, and a rat cannot generally kill you, so a certain soul would reincarnate into this body - it's all good, but a life as human should be Sacred, and who hates the Holy Principles, is not fit into this Society as everything inside affects everything compassionate, and human-to-human is compassion.

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Or maybe those aliens need to encode everything into ficktional novel other Wise I would find out they are telling everyone my secrets and I would remove a piece of their spaceship and have them locked up.

BTW. what do you think, who protected this planet from the aliens all this time? Eye did it.



you need to encode everything you are saying into an elaborate fictional novel other wise the aliens will find out that you are telling everyone their secrets and they will remove a piece of your brain and have you locked up.

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