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The Cafeteria / Re: Karma :D
« on: September 01, 2015, 02:31:42 PM »
Karma is simply fuel for my violet flame, growing wiser am I to be speaking here again, but I drop some words to the non ascended to hear.

You are what you are, I am what I am, we are what we are. They are what they are.

We are ligt passing by the human octave, ever increasing the fluxuation are the great ascended ones for the time is coming. The moon is sifting and shifting by gaias pain. And the only way to save her now is the light off the violet flame. Ask the moon to bless us all, whether or not your time has come, time matters not at all! Rejoice in song and dance by the night, the stars are our future, our past and our plight, however speaking truth will set you all free, the love of the violet flame rest right where it needs to be. In the hearts of the ascended masters pure love, the reason we are here, is because of just love. For we have no purpose to just feel pain, that is why to love you must gain higher amounts of self love and become your soul. And live by the souls intention for the soul is what ties us all together, and the reason we are all different. The only way to live in a constant state of awe, is to look up in the skies and realize your oneness with the stars.

The Cafeteria / Re: Post what you feel about the member above you
« on: September 01, 2015, 02:24:57 PM »
Wise but self destructive relying on material gestures for his manifests, has strong intuition but seldom guides it properly.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: It's been good....sort of.
« on: February 16, 2015, 04:10:22 AM »
See you on the other skde

Magick / Re: Magickal way to cut attached negative cords ...
« on: January 31, 2015, 07:27:59 AM »
As all thought of negative energies come from your own perception of your surroundings and reality, the reason you are feeling negative energies are because you tie the negative thought to an underlying issue you hold.

First you must think of the negative thought, and come to the realization that you are not these negativities. Once you have the "tie" to the person/entity and realize why this tie was held, you can prevent this from reattaching itself.

Shamans believe spirits cause all disease, while I am a shaman, I don't fully believe in spirits causing the disease. I believe that spirtual energy exists, and all of that energy has the capability to manifest it self via the thoughts of the practitioner. So this led me to the discovery that energy is so easy to control, because everything is energy. I don't much care for psi related feats of telekenis, but if you think of the show avatar the last airbender, and the art of blood bending. Apply that theory to reiki, the chakras, Qi, cosmic energy, and finally the ability to control all of these things using psi. You have a profound way of healing someone's energy body. Because the energy body is the eventual frame the physical body will take place. (Under my thought process this is all based on intention, and he intention is selfless and for a good cause, therefor the "creator" will see my actions as such and allow the will to be my own. Because my will is above the creator as we all came from the same source circling back once more to say I am my own creator, much like we are our own creation. And they are just what else came of it.)

In my own practice I have been studying the energy correlation to chakras and reiki. Combining aspects of cosmic energy, Qi, and psi. When combined I believe I am on a path to create the most potent form of spirtial healing. Also I really like how everyone describes magic in their own ways, yet we all have the same General depiction as to what it is.

Leading me to the the creation of the most simplistic Definiton of magick - a change of will.

In my thought form.

Magick - the translation of a thought to a physical manifestation of projected conscious.

Now is matter a thought, or is matter a real creation? I think it's both. It can't be one with out the other. Meaning that with practice thought can become real, the more practice the more instatntanous the projection can become.

Poetry / Lucid Spectrum
« on: January 09, 2015, 02:24:39 PM »
This is my vision after repeating this phrase until I fall asleep

"Earth please begin to take my mind, as i lay her in these binds. Free my thoughts and let me search, the depths of the universe that my brain had burnt."

Her mouth opened, I saw the earth.
Her eyes open, I see the moons.
Her eyes close, my blood surged.
Her mouth closed, my life stopped.

As I became lucid I came to a realization that the state I am currently in, is not a dream.
Not even close, it was not even a nightmare.
I tried to breath but there was no need I no longer needed the taste of oxygen.
"Where the hell could she have sent me?"
I ask my self.
"Funny thought" a voice echoes "you are the first of the men such as wise as you are to realize where you landed you are granted one wish."
"I wish to take your place" i think with no hesitation.
"Hahahaha hahahah. You are a wise man but that was a foolish choice. Your wish is granted"
This sensation, this overwhelming power. why does it hurt, why don't I want it to end?
My eyes are the first to go, I start seeing a flash of my past, a beach with a pale floating off Into the water.
I think to my self to stop. And that's what happens. I fall out of the sky and Into the middle of a deep ocean. I look up and she is back, this demonic yet beautiful figure.

"This is where it happens, this is how you will be for the rest of your life. It is a crime against the cosmos to try and take my reign. and you will float here for an eternity."

"How can you be so certain?" I mutter

"Simple minded human, what gives you the right to speak before me in any tone other than divine forgiveness?"

"Because I'm dreaming, I've been lucid, controlling every aspect of our encounter, to retrace my steps back into your presence. And I found out who you were. You are no angel, you are no devil. Just a figment of my imagination."

I awake in bed, however I feel asleep on the couch, look outside and it's snowing. Still dreaming. I look to my left and she's asleep next to me. I reach to touch her and she disappears.

I finally wake up in the real world. My mantra works. I was asleep for 6 hours. But it felt like a dream for two days.

"Earth please begin to take my mind, as i lay her in these binds. Free my thoughts and let me search, the depths of the universe that my brain had burnt."

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Re: Global Synchronicity
« on: January 08, 2015, 09:18:21 PM »
We live on a planet where wealth has dominated over spirituality, the majority of the planet is "shut off" in spiritual terms. And it's not their fault, they have been told through the media that beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder. When everyone on this planet is beautifully unique in ways more than just the physical self. The "ugliest" people in society have been tormented, the mentally handicapped have been discriminated, the weird have been outcasted. We have this society where you can only become happy with wealth, and having physical beauty.

There exists two easily distinguishable worlds, while there are more I will speak of the physical and the etheral.

Dormemt in our minds exists the Etheral realm, you can see this place by closing your eyes, you can visit this place during meditation, dreaming, astral projection, or even a near death experience.

The other is the obvious physical realm we are living in. Needs no other explanation.

Now there exists this seal, a seal that has been massively locked overtime, at first it was the wars. I don't care what you practice, killing is wrong. If you are familiar with the sun, and how it came to be in our Galaxy, you know it underwent an explosion that filled our galaxy with scrap, this scrap ultimately formed into our planet and solar system. So with out the sun, we would not have an existsnce. So theoretically, the sun is the physical manifestation of our God/creator. While earth is all of us. Or Gaia, Mother Earth/Nature. Now back to this seal, it's the gates to the mass concious, the blood spilt on earth has upset the natural order the planet initially had, and throughout time we have lost the ways of "Global Syncronicity" when another human kills another human, we Inturn kill parts of ourselves and ultimately hurt the planet. Any rational thinking person knows that the world is not in the best shape, and those who practice healing Magic know it's limitless power.

This is why I am writing a book, a book to explain in laymen terms how to enhance your life with spirtiality. And ultimately advertise my goals to help cure this planet and open the gates between minds that has been sealed for so

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Global Synchronicity
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:15:54 PM »
Imagine a time in the future, a day where the planet earth is at its closest proximity to the sun, imagine mass gatherings all at once with the purpose of group meditation, with the intent of holding the planet in hand to cast in unison healing enegies into the earths atmosphere and pulling it towards and pushing it down to the core, a group of people designated to refuel, recycle, and renew the natural healing, and grounding effects the earth carries.

How would this effect us?
Would it work?
 The short answer is yes, but how exactly and what exactly would it change?

Those who take part in my future plans will expirence sensations we take for granted, love, unity and togetherness beyond what is currently possible. In the future this will happen. Would you help? Would you spread the idea? Can we get enough media attention to shift our planet back Into its divine state? It's impossible to do it with out the help of the people and their ability to follow the right ideals, but does the attentions of our general population have what it takes to fully accomplish my vision?

My first expirences with a "God" was after a 4 year break up. It led me emotionally downward to a breaking point. I challenged God, I said these exact words. "If you truly exist, make me sick, I don't wish to die just make me sick." And after I was indeed sick, for about a month with flu like symptoms, but my mental and physical wellbeing was still in shape. My body was just very sick. I grew past this sickness with the introduction of realizing synchroncity in coincidence, it began as a wow huh would you look at that, to now where I harness the synchronitcy as mana to perform subtle feats of psychokinesis, and larger feats in healing, and seeing spirits, conversing with them, and inviting them into my home inside my many crystals. They remind me of the exact vision of encounter, and vibrate at the altered frequencies due to the stones innate frequency and its inhabitants.

I then invoked the karmic lords, very soon after this, the subtlest wrong deed would bring much larger amounts of bad luck, until I corrected the mistakes. Ask me anything you desire, and I will tell you the exact thing to happen if you make the wrong choice according to a good/bad or put simply right or wrong. Obviously some people have varied definitions of right or wrong.

If you where to say take the path of a murderer, the beliefs of who you killed, unless they match your exact same beliefs, will be deemed the wrong decision, you will continue to make these wrong decisions, and you will pay for these decesions in either the next life, or the life after that. If will chase you, and sometimes they will never catch or ever stop chasing you. You will become stuck in a permant loop until something is able to change the mind of the murderous soul. This may also never happen. Now if you choose to take the path of balance, and understanding the beauty in the peaceful mundane. Your soul will gradually or rapidly evolve into preservation of mentality Into the transfer of your next life. Now this May be very controversial to multiple trains of current concious,or religious view, but from a spiritual standpoint in the ideas of progression from Life to life is profound. Mantra is the key to understanding the soul, meditation is the key to unlocking the mantras power. It is not always meditation that is powerful, it is the duration. You are not ment to clutter the mind, first balance the chakras, then turn off the mind. Just say nothing over and over. Really it's that simple, but it is the simplist task most fine require the most effort. 

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Re: Last grade of Magickal Curriculum
« on: December 29, 2014, 03:14:00 PM »
I don't know about the post or what you want from it but I have vast expirences in the awareness of spirits.

They like to play tricks, they might force fear, or induce goosebumps. You might hear a voice in your head that you swear you hear but nothing surrounds you. They also love smoke and will show themselves in its fog. It's all intuition and is based on your expirence with visualization and such. I can go into more depth when my book is finished.

Other / Re: Short Essay Debunking Psychic Vampirism
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:29:22 PM »
If you re read your post your actually saying that karma is purely your own reflection of what your perceive as the morals that you personally have and these morals are based around your particular inter socialisation with regards to teaching and experience.

If your bought up with "4 legs good, 2 legs bad" then by converting or saying good things about 2 legs then you would probably accept any bad karma that comes your way! Yes it is politics and a means of mass control.


You lost me there. I'm saying the truth of the fact that no matter who you are, what you follow,, how you follow it. There is good and bad, right and wrong according to the finite simple truth that we are all the same mass being, all interconnected by thought and actions, your actions are your own will of course but it will alter the flow to hinder or grow your spiritual growth and realization of a higher state of being, concious, and rule over the outcome of human kinds progress towards mass spiritual enlightenment.

Other / Re: Short Essay Debunking Psychic Vampirism
« on: December 27, 2014, 08:21:10 AM »
Karma is timeless, it's the physics of the mind. No matter what you follow, karma will find its way in your life depending on your actions. It has many names to it's process acrosed time. It's the reason your here living on earth. Personally I belive I chose to reincarnate on earth. The short time I have been meditating and practicing, and all these latent bodily functions and the thoughts that arise. I can do rather simply, visualization and realization of every single subtle synchronicity and have a higher sense of being alive. Ive always been passive with every form of emotion, I don't think I'm a buddah, but im sure I have a gifted soul with very gifted guardians. I'm still reconnecting the bridge fully between them.

Back to right or wrong, take these words as warning. I have done extensive research on karma. I would not try and fight around a system the ancient sages preached as "moral code". There is 100% a course you will alter after life depending on your karmic score. Good luck to you if you don't have morals is what I will tell those people.

 your actions of the current day will alter your next days karma, while the previous day alters the current days karma. Be wise to the fact we are all the same realization of what the source wanted to be. Human with it's fun and imperfection. The way of life in the physical realm can be a life of heaven if everyone did their part.

Other / Re: Short Essay Debunking Psychic Vampirism
« on: December 26, 2014, 07:22:01 PM »
I use it as a dualist approach, I don't take the energy as much as filter it for them. I notice physical changes in their subtle body and enhance the positive attraction with my trained belief. I have felt the positive reimbursement of the practice, I have also experimented with sending negative vibes but it always strikes you back unexpectedly. It's not worth fully going in depth with the negative approach as the reality of your actions will haunt or gift you.

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