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Psionics / Illusions
« on: November 07, 2004, 03:11:59 AM »
Sorry Iavas, but I have to slightly disagree with you.

I'm not a very skilled psion, to say at the very least, but I'm trying. Now in my country, if I just tried to ask anyone to permit me to practice suggestion on them, it would be:
a. more difficult (because when they know about it even the non-psions CAN deffend), so that it would have a high probability of failure, while practicing on psions, supposed I would find some would be difficult too, because we don't like to be controlled and

b. I would quickly get a mark saying "total weirdo." Now as Prophecy had posted elsewhere, the practitionist should free himself from the bond of the sociality - telling people you are a psion while being inept is a good start to do that, by the way - but even a magician/psion is a pretty normal part of the normal society and HAS to be, unless he achieves some degree of greatness and even then, they still have the social desires for love and acceptance, unless they practice sorcery (yes, I'm a TLOK bred type, btw their forums have mysteriously broken down recently; anyone knows why?) or something which allowes them to directly control their desires; btw. I'm practicing such a path and I tell you that it is NOT easy. Telling everyone you want to practice empathy on them is, aside from being an absolutel absurdity and nonsense,  also a total ruin on your self esteem and you will either fall into a depresis or a neurosis - for example you'll start imagining you are in fact  BETTER than those proles - and that's no life, no happines whatsever, trust me.

So in order to grow and to be a solitary practitioner, one has to, according to my experience, in the end resort to practice on the random people. Now if you are not telling them to do something.. unnatural, bad for them, ot in case of empathy, to get depressed, but just telling them to move your head to the right, you are not harming them that much, right?

I repeat, if you know how to learn suggestion differently, please tell me.

Magick / Starting Magi?
« on: November 03, 2004, 10:03:48 AM »
To CrimsonDemon:

As to my experience, the two most obvious examples of working magick are: a working, simple spell, and Astral Projection.

To cast a spell, one should: Think of an intent fulfilled, think it thoroughly and sort of feel it throught your emotions. It may require you to do some self-searching in order to find out where precisely it would be the best place to put it. By where, I  mean whith what spot in the body. I myself reccommend focussing on the area just behind the navel for the thinking of the intent - it's the area where you feel the "righteous fury" and the "drive" when yelling at someone who has been annoyiong you for a long time, teling him about all those little annoyances, etc..- and then observing yourself to see where do your emotions come from. The latter is just for future guidance;
Nutshel: In practice just imagine the situation and then feel it. That's called visualisation and it's the step one.
Well, anyways, now you have the intent and you feel it; what you should do now is hold the intent, feel the emotion and breeeeeaaath in into the place in your body where you feel the intent, even flexing the muscles if necessary. Why? It summons, or activate the "energy" that is used to fuel spells. You can imagine the enrgy forming in your navel and in your body (as a white, or whathevercolor ligh - what color suits best your intent) WHILE  STILL VISUALISING THE INTENT.
Nutshell: While visualising the intent, do what corresponds to you with energizing of your body; typicaly: breathing in, flexing muscles.. etc. Imagining the energy flowing in may also help. This may be named raising and it's the step two.
Now all you have to do is to RELEASE the energy, when you feel enough of it has been raised (and charged with the intent via the raising). Unflex the muscles, breath out, feel deenergized, imagine seeing, hearing the energy leaving you. This is called "projecting," or "releasing." The spell has been cast. Feel as though the intent has been accomplished, or as if there were no obstacles to the accomplishment.
I, when I have been a total newb (now I'm JUST a newb), casted this spell over and over on one intent and it worked. Just remember: It accomplishes the intent the quick and plausible way - hence, it may hurt somethone, evenif cast by a newb. You may command it not to do so by saying (and feeling) "harm none," or somesuch. Just remember that some intents just require harming or coercion to work for a newbie, so don't be surprised if you cast a love spell with the addition of "harm none" and it doesn't work..
Note: This in actuality is a very simplified process. To the LOK (link in one of the above posts) to learn more.

The Astral projection:

In theory it's childishly simple: You move your "energy body," mind, whathever away from your body. It's exactly like flying in dreams.

In practice it's DIFFICULT to do the aforementioned. I reccommend this method: When relaxed (like, after awakenning or before falling asleep), feel yourself running backwards. Not "into" the bed, but as if your "body" was running "on" the bed. See some kind of terrain look before your eyes as if running backwars, etc.. and don't move a limb.
And pray for success. The projection is perhaps THE most useful skill in general after spellcasting itself.

Just my two cents.

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