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Magick / Re: Franz Bardon IIH- An Interview with Martin Faulks
« on: March 27, 2017, 02:42:16 PM »
Thanks for the share! It was an enjoyable read and gave me some important reminders and tips.

Magick / Re: My wonderful experience with Bune
« on: March 27, 2017, 11:05:14 AM »
I have worked with Bune several times. He has promised me a great many things. Careful of what he gives to you when you don't request it. I always summon him with the proper conjuration and corresponding Shemhamforash Angel. He has delivered on my request on numerous occasions. Don't let your guard down.

Are you using the triangle, magick circle, and obsidian mirror?

Magick / Re: Mirror Magick
« on: November 22, 2016, 09:07:08 AM »
I personally would first practice open focus meditation and candle meditation. Be able to hold the image of a single point in space for at least 10 min, even a blank mind.

The video I am sharing is one that I have discovered that shows a great depiction of the Lesser Key of King Solomon done through an obsidian mirror.

The Goetia is not for everyone. One should not expirement with drugs while practicing the Goetia. I live a completely sober life and only now do I feel that I have the strength to partake in these rituals. Crowley's approach is one stating that this is an ancient system of Psychology unlocking hidden parts of your mind.

I believe the path of Wicca has something less intense for mirror gazing.

Magick / Re: Sigil magick: Multiple sigil charge? Opinions wanted.
« on: October 27, 2016, 10:18:25 AM »
I feel from my experience that you should take the scientific method approach to your Sigil expirements. Choose your intent carefully and think it out well as you will get what you desire. I remember a famous author made a sigil to 'Sleep with a Vampire' I forget his though.

Take your time with each one. Document only the sigil itself in your journal and not the meaning. Then patiently wait for the outcome while working and acting along those lines. If you will to 'Sleep with a Vampire' you can't accomplish this in your bedroom alone, one would go out for a walk at night after he/she has cast the sigil.

If you are held bent on performing a peloretha of sigils, 200, then may I suggest a creative alternative. Create a sigil matrix. Have one domineering intent and then branches of that intent as part of the whole. Create a Servitor, a living entity. With each sigil you build its body, mind, heart, etc.

My fear with fasting 200 sigils in a small time frame is one of bad practice. You will be doing magick to simply do it. Your intent and casting power will be weaker then if it was more profound. That being said, if you can devise 200 problems and issues or intents that require magick you will become a stronger caster; similar to working out at the gym.

I quoted an article on Prophecy below. Do your magick with purpose and also grow as a magickian, not just an idle caster. However, I can only advise and suggest, it is up to you to decide.

A jester will call upon the wind to impress those whom he has gathered, and an idler will call upon the wind for no reason other than the fact that he can, but a magician will call upon the wind because he is looking upon a group of sweating workers who have been laboring in the hot sun all the windless day. A jester will turn to those who will listen and say “observe, for in two days a storm shall come,” and a useless idler will call upon a storm simply to see his own power, but a magician will call upon a storm because he looks around and sees that the grass is brown and the trees are dry from drought, yet none shall ever know the storm was called by him. The entertainer will call a crowd around an injured person and heal him only to hear the applaud of the audience, and the idler will cut himself just to heal himself, but the magician will stand at a distance where he will not be noticed, and mend the bones of an unknowing person whom has injured himself, and the magician shall walk away without saying a word. Therefor we can say that the jester users his feats to entertain and gain recognition to extend his ego. The useless idler knows such feats, but does not seek to gain recognition from them, yet only applies them uselessly. The magician then knows how to work such wonders as the others, but does so only to the benefit of others, and humbly rejects the idea of using them to expand his own recognition. In the same way we can class those three types of magic users in an order from the most bastardized to the truest way of applying magic. The jester learns magic only for self betterment, and is therefore the lowliest of the three. The idler does not seek to increase his ego and recognition with his magic, and is therefore above the jester. Yet nor does the idler properly apply such knowledge, and therefor is useless to the world. Finally, above them all is the magician, who uses his knowledge only for the betterment of the world around him, completely devoid of selfishness, and who devotes his entire life to study and sweats blood not for himself, but for the people he crosses on the street everyday, whom will never know his greatness.  - Prophecy

Questions & Suggestions / Sign-Up Security
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:05:23 PM »

It's nice to be back here. I tend tread the esoteric side in cycles; however, I hope this time for much longer.

My concern was that on there should be a main page warning or notice for new members saying that their password they use to sign up will be emailed in plain text form. This is not a problem, however, I know that some people who do online banking may choose the same one password for everything they do. As secure and kind as I remember everyone here to be, there are always those looking and snooping, having an undeleted email in your inbox with that password could be dangerous.

Just looking out.

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