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Martial Arts / Re: Learning a new Martial Art via Internet - Possible?
« on: January 30, 2017, 10:36:57 AM »
Yes, it is possible to learn it. To learn it right? Still possible, but less likely.

I practice Lu Shi Xin Yi Liu He, as taught my Yu Hua Long to my teacher. So I'm a 3rd generation student. Now, if I showed you a form, or your saw it on Youtube. Lets say, Dragon Hangs Shoulders, one of the "old three", and one of the first few animal forms taught. You might notice that it's an elbow strike. But you might not notice that it's a block with the arm coming out, a shield with the forearm, and a strike with the elbow, and that the first arm turning around can also be a block, grab, or strike as well. This is the most basic of the form, not the internal aspect.

Now, the footwork isn't the easiest to get down, but you could learn that on your own, but would you understand why you are doing what you're doing? The back foot is lifted, with pressure on the K1 point on the foot, because this form is also a Kidney Qi Gong. If you don't press on this point, you also lose part of the form. When the hands rotate around in this form, the back hand smacks the kidneys, giving a gentle massage to the kidneys, covering the mingmen, and protecting the back while the front hand strikes. Also, when the hand is on the back and the front arm is striking as an elbow, the back hand traditionally would grab a dagger or short blade, right after the hand smacks the back.

While you block the one attack, I'm grabbing a knife to stab you. In Gong Fu, one hand lies while the other tells the truth. This is a very old saying, and it's true. Though most of this that goes on in the form isn't something you would notice. Other forms are even more complicated. Bear Scratches looks like it could be used for some Chin Na and Trapping, an elbow strike and a back fist type movement, and it can. Though at the same time, it's our equivalent of Silk Reeling. To understand the movement and how to do it correctly, it would be quite difficult to understand from a book or video. You can get the external shapes close, maybe even perfect. But you would probably still need some critiquing.

Martial Arts / Re: BJJ or Kuk sool won?
« on: January 30, 2017, 10:23:59 AM »
With what you said you wanted, BJJ wont give you that. Though keep in mind, most of these schools have eliminated a lot of the practical aspects of self defense, by changing key things that you wouldn't know. When I did TKD a long time ago, there was a movement where you would rip the testicles off of someone, hold them over your head and allow them to bleed on your head. The move was changed to be a forearm block above your head.

Weapons, acrobatics, Arial kicks, etc. Most of that stuff isn't going to help you in a street. That stuff will get your ass kicked. Unless if you carry a knife or stock/baton. Don't kick. If you do kick, don't kick above the knee. It's not a good idea to be on one leg, it makes your balance not so good :). Though telling you take BJJ isn't a goo choice ether. Most fights, from what the FBI says, statistically end with one person on the ground against 2 people, usually with a blunt weapon. So, you would more then likely get bashed with a stick, a bat, or something.

BJJ is some good stuff, but not the kind of thing you want to do on the street. Never give someone your back. Don't make yourself vulnerable. Wing Chun is a good option for you. Search for something local. It's really easy to find now. If it's a little bit away, go once or twice a month. Train at home. I learn Lu Shi Xin Yi Liu He, as taught by Yu Hua Long, who taught my teacher. I learn once a week, I take it and I train it, I train hours a day. If this is what you have to do, do it. I've also trained in the Hebei Xingyi, which is more common, and Wing Chun. Wing Chun is easy to find, easy to pickup and learn. You still get to learn some cool weapons too, which is neat. You also develop some amazing reflexes and smart hands.

My two cents.

Body Energy Arts / Re: Chi Kung - 4 Weeks experiment - journal
« on: May 24, 2016, 04:54:51 PM »
I live in a state where it's actually legal, and a good friend of mine sells it to me for 3.5 a gram of really quality stuff. Though sadly, working as a trucker makes it to where I can get drug tested very often. If I test positive, depending on the time of the day, it could be a criminal case. I mainly buy cheap and sell for supplemental income. I love that I love in a state where it's legal. I could picture that though, it would be hilarious.

Body Energy Arts / Re: Chi Kung - 4 Weeks experiment - journal
« on: May 24, 2016, 08:55:26 AM »
Hello again.

Here is the link to the video. ignore when he does it quickly or ads the Bufa (footwork) to it. Stick to the slow movement you see him doing in the beginning. When you do this movement, try to press your forearms to touch when compressing downward. Curl your spine as you go down, like a circle, get a good stretch when you do this. Make sure you have something to look at so you can keep your eyes fixed on something. When you compress down, your chin lifts and looks forward. When you expand, your chin is tucked. When you compress yourself, your stomach pulls in and you breath into your Lower Dan Tian. When you expand, you breath out and expand your stomach. It's just basic reverse breathing. Once you understand the movement and you can perform it, then focus your Yi (intention) on the rotation of the Dan Tian. Every time you compress and expand you are rolling your Dan Tian, building up the elixir. The video is below. If you have anymore questions about it, feel free to ask. Also, make sure that you keep your tongue pressed to the top of your mouth when doing this, touching your teeth if you can.

Body Energy Arts / Re: Chi Kung - 4 Weeks experiment - journal
« on: May 23, 2016, 10:46:49 PM »
Hey guys, it's been a long time!

Anyway, I thought of something you could add to your practices that I've had amazing results from. It's not something you find commonly, and it's from an internal martial art that I've been learning. I'm pretty deep into Xingyiquan, and I recently started teaching Dai Shi Xin Yi Liu He. This is where modern Xingyiquan came from. In Dai Style, we have a posture that everyone learns. Traditionally you learned only the posture for 2 years before moving to footwork and learning more advanced variations of the posture. The posture is two fold. It teaches you how to compress and expand, in a manner that allows you to use your spine, reverse breathing, your Dan Tian, and the lower back all at the same time to where you can use the full rotation of your lower Dan Tien in combat. Outside of this being combat orientated, it is extremely quick when it comes to cultivation of Qi in your Dan Tian and starts the process of alchemy to where you begin transmuting the internal energy upward. When this is done, your Yi (Intent) is focused on the Dan Tian and on the movement when you compress and expand, and you roll the Dan Tian forward. It's as a ball, and you roll it and churn it, developing the Elixir at the same time while you train for combat.

My Shifu has developed a physical bulge in the area of the Dan Tien and can rotated it in any direction now and this is some what common in high level Xingyi teachers, though I haven't met anyone else that teaches Dai Shi Xin Yi Liu He.. The entire system of Dai Style is combat orientated, though it is very internal orientated as well, Alchemy is a very important aspect, more important then the combat aspect. Combat is secondary. There are 8 additional ways to train the lower Dan Tian that this, to help develop and train it, and churn the field. It is explained in the system how to transmute the energy upward, it is very Daoist based. One of the forms, the 5 element forms, is based on the 5 elements, a creation and destruction cycle. The elements of the Organs are based upon the 5 external senses, and the 5 major internal organs. When you perform a form, say Pi Chaun, which represents Metal, and it represents an Ax, as it chops like an Ax. When this is done, and you perform the sound that correlates with it,, you are practicing a Nei Gong, as well as a form of combat at the same time. For example, you are regenerating your eye sight, and healing your lungs at the same time while practicing something that seems combat orientated.

Originally it was against the rules to practice the squatting monkey in public at all, the Dai family was extremely secretive about this. If you would like I can post how to do it here, then link a video here to the Grandson of the lineage holder, my Shifu. There is a good demonstration there, though a bit quick. With seeing it and an explanation of it and what to do exactly, it is something you can do without physical instruction in person. I'm not saying this is the be all end all type of thing, but I will say that I've tried multiple different routines of Qi Gong, and this system over all has done more for me then anything else I've ever done.

Thought you might be interested.

Magick / A question concerning Taoist Alechemy
« on: August 03, 2015, 12:25:24 AM »
I've been reading, studying, and meditating a lot about this, though I'm still having difficulty finding an answer for this. When Qi is refined to Jing, Jing is refined to Shen/Spirit, and Spirit is refined to Emptiness, I can't find anything that explains how this is done, not exactly anyway. The process of "birthing" the yang body seems to be the entire goal, at least in everything that I'm reading. The yang body must go through 1,000 to 10,000 transformations prior returning to the physical structure. Though, I've also read that when you can empty your mind, with nothing is within your mind, when you lose the idea of dualism, of attachment, when you separate nothing, you have already reached the state of Emptiness; you are already in Wuji when you do this. Some of what I read make the Dao seem like it is something far away, though from some of the more prominent writers on the Dao, they say that the Dao is something you are born from and is always part of you, you cannot be separated or escape from it; that it's about realization of that fact.

What is a bit irritating about this is

1) The lack of material. Not that the amount of material is lacking, it's that a lot of the material has been written in poems, and many of which are very short. So you can understand it in any way that you want, it allows for a lot of interpretation.

2) It's difficult to find material that isn't a mixture of Taoism, Buddhism, etc. It's difficult to find something coming from the original source of the information, and not something mixed in and added later on.

I know that a lot of people here are very intelligent and have a good understanding of Taoism, and the process of Alchemy within it. One of the ways sounds similar to Western magic, which has been described as the immortal self; something that you have to give "birth to", in a spiritual sense. Though at the same time, it sounds quite a bit different, as when they speak of "birth", from my understanding it's not really birth, that is just the choice of wording. Though the order method that I've found seems to be far less alchemical and it doesn't seem to match up with a lot of what I've learned so far, it doesn't have anything to do with the Yang body, etc.

If anyone can shed some light on this, please do.


Magick / Re: A questions on Evoking vs. Invoking
« on: July 28, 2015, 10:56:47 PM »
I would be very careful as to what you call upon, as I'm sure many people here will tell you. If you haven't done this before, I would recommend reading up on Crowleys material, where he speaks about assumption of Godforms. You can do much the same thing with assuming the Godform alone, and it is a much easier task to accomplish. Though, if you did want to attempt to call something into you, I've had good results with it, through two different methods. One being more traditional to native practices, where you use an animal skin that you ritualistically make for wearing (as in, it's not just a skin), with crushed bone, and some other things. I can post the way to do it here, though this is more for animal spirits; though depending on the entity you are calling upon, many do have animals that represent them, something to think about.

The other method I used was much more ceremonial then this, and I can also explain this in more depth. Though I would say ether method, or anything you come up with will take a fair amount of prep time. I would also be careful of anything you call upon. A lot of people come here to this forum thinking that Angels are all good, Demons are all bad; so they go right to working with the Angelic, and even calling upon them. If you read the old words of what Angels are, they aren't what most people today think they are. They are Warriors, and they do have an agenda, as most entities do. Anyway, my two cents.

Magick / Re: Some help is appreciated!
« on: July 28, 2015, 10:48:57 PM »
Sense she left her books, circles on the ground, etc; did you get any information as to what type of magic she was working with, and which entities she was conjuring? Part of a magicians ability to combat someone/something is to know exactly what it is. The more information you have, the more you can do.

Magick / Re: A Beginner's Schedule
« on: July 19, 2015, 11:40:17 PM »
I would recommend similar things as to what people have explained here already. Though if you would rather speed your learning up, there are some things you can do to help this. When practicing Trataka, I would recommend using the Sri Yantra. The goal when you do this is to keep your eyes opened for as long as you possibly car, staring at it. You do this until your eyes water, and only shut them when you absolutely cannot handle it any longer. When using them Yantra, I wouldn't do it for too long. I would also recommend that you carry this Yantra on your person, such as in your wallet or close to your person. Over time you will be able to stare longer and longer, and you will notice the effects from this quickly. You will also notice the effect that it has on your eye sight, and ability to focus, as well as will development. I strongly encourage you to do this daily, up to 15 minutes being the goal, though eventually you want to make it to the 30 minute mark.

Next, Sun Gazing has been something I've come to enjoy over the last year. I started it as an experiment and a time for myself in the morning when everyone is asleep. I get up early for this (as you have to, to do this properly). If you like, I will PM you some information about sun gazing. The theory behind it is that the sun gives off energy, energy that makes plants grow, everything live. When you consume something, you are consuming a portion of vitality out of it, along with physical food. Though as a magician, you learn how to breath in vital force as well, so this is much similar to doing that. The idea being that the sun is a large force of vital force energy, and you can pull it into yourself through gazing at it, the energy coming in through your eyes. After the first month you'll notice a huge difference from it (I did!).

Next, I would recommend that you take part in a Qi gong or martial art class. Preferably a school that offers both the soft, and the hard. Look for Chinese Martial Art schools local to you. They generally teach more then one style. I would recommend Xingyiquan, Tajiquan, or Bagua as the internal art. Each one of these will take you a long time to truly master (though some seem more simplistic then others, don't let the exterior fool you). These martial arts, and the majority of the internal arts, will teach you how to move your internal energy (Qi/vital force), how to master your Yi (Intention), how to transmute your Qi into different polarities (Yin and Yang, used for different purposes). As well as going in depth with the use of the elements, how they correspond to internal organs, and the 5 senses. This helps to train you energetically, and in the spirit. A "hard" martial art, one that is more physical, will help to also develop your Will, and strength your body. It's a triangle, the Mind, Body, and Spirit. If each one has balance, it makes your magical journey much easier to follow. When one of these areas becomes out of balance, you feel it in the other areas. A poor diet (physical) will effect how you feel, your energy level, and what you're capable of doing. So it stretches more then being just physical. I would recommend Wing Chun, often times you can find a Chinese Martial Art school that will teach Tajiquan and Wing Chun; probably the most common of the two taught in America.

Well, I tried to not just repeat what everyone else already said. I hope this helps! If you add this to your training, you can kill a couple birds with the same stone. Such as the martial arts, they are going to the gym, your workout (if you have a good teacher it will do more for you then just going to the gym). It's all about time management. The more you can manage your time, the more training you can get. It's not always about setting aside an hour to get some training in. Some of the time you have to use the time you have driving, walking, shopping. This lets you use your time for more then one purpose, time is valuable. Every minute that goes by is time you wont have back, so keep that in mind. When I walk to the store I often practice forms on the way there, and on the way back, even with grocery's in my hands (they act kind of as a weight I guess). When I go to the store, I might run, or do something to get more out of it. This doesn't just apply to physical activity ether. One technique you can do for developing your mental agility and focus is to do mental math. Multiple long numbers in your head, visualizing the numbers there. 4 to 6 digit numbers, by 4 to 6 digit numbers. You use your mind as a blackboard and do it all in your mind. When you get better at it, increase the numbers. These are only examples of what you can do, you just have to make your time work for you. Bruce Lee did this too, and it's what made him the worlds best fighter. When we would go to the store, we wouldn't walk. He would run. He never let a minute that he had be "normal", because he thought of it as lost time. He wanted all the time that he had to be useful.

Magick / Re: Some help is appreciated!
« on: July 15, 2015, 11:56:27 AM »
I would go further then just doing that. I developed a method for protecting a house, though it takes a lot of time to do it. The basic idea of this is to use sigils that you create. These would represent different things from protection, safety, to good feelings. Anything that you can come up with and making the sigil for it, charging it, and preparing it for use. You would use these sigils around all the doors, and the windows, carved into the frames. From there, you make a mixture of sea salt, coal, red brick dust, and sand, an equal part mixture. You mix this with a basic glue, I use rubber cement. it's very cheap. I start with a cup, and I poor the entire container of rubber cement into a cup (3 containers usually, I do this all at once). I then add a little water to thin it, not much. You have to stir it well, the rubber cement doesn't mix great with water. You then add the mixture to it, 1 to 2 cups. Stir it in, it will get thicker and thicker as you go; though you still want be able and use the glue, so not too thick.

Once done paint around the entire frame of the doors and windows, any entrance or exit. Make sure to do this about 3 times, this stuff dries pretty quickly. I do all of these very quickly, as this stuff dries pretty fast. Next, It's important that you set up a shrine for the family if they believe in anything. The power of faith is a very powerful thing, and it builds up over time, especially if they use it frequently. The difference from a house and a home is the threshold that is made inside of the structure. Memories are alive and live, they exist though most do see then (astral). This helps to strengthen the house into a home, if someone understands how to direct and control this energy, it can be a very powerful tool. These sigils are strong right now once made, though over time they will become stronger and stronger, being part of the structure. If they are spiritual or religious people, this will also strengthen and add to the power of the sigils being used. The sigils help to direct and make use of the energy as a whole, instead of it just doing nothing. The mixture that I use i a very protective mixture. My teacher in necromancy used something very similar to it, this is the more simplified version without a lot of the stuff you wouldn't want to deal with.

Hope this helps the family. If you prepare this ahead of time, it would help. Besides this, I would construct a personal item out of Pewter and Silver, for the family. It's quite simple to do if you've ever worked with pewter. You can make it something simple they wear. Or, you can make a medicine bag for them to wear around there neck. If you want it to be cheaper, a medicine bag would work best. I would make a copy of all the sigils, empower them, burn them, and place the ashe in the bag. I would then add some lavender, sage, distilled water with a little honey in it, a small stone of Lapis Lazuli, or Emerald. Along with a small amount of Silver. All of this could be tied into a small leather bag; though make sure it's tied well and advise them not to open it.

Anyway, hope some of this is helpful to you.

Body Energy Arts / Re: needing less sleep, meditation for that?
« on: July 14, 2015, 01:47:16 AM »
I have a wife, a son, school, a job, I teach martial arts on the side, I meditate daily, and I have hobbies too! So, I have a pretty busy life as it is, I manage about 3 or four hours of sleep a night, some of the time I don't get none. I don't feel tired through out the day though, and here is how I manage it. First, I dislike the idea of sleeping in general. We sleep roughly 1/3 of our life away, and I really dislike thinking about that. So I avoid sleeping as much as possible, though not to the point of making myself sick or a horrible person to be around. I nap almost everyday, though the kind of nap and the length of the nap largely depend upon how much sleep I get later. I usually try to get a 30 or 40 minute nap in through out the day somewhere. Usually about 8 or so hours after I've been awake, around the mid day hat I've been away. I don't ever let it go to an hour, because then I just feel groggy and would rather sleep more. From what I've read, if you sleep for more then an hour your body will release a chemical/hormone that makes you drowsy, or something like that. I also catch smaller naps through out the day.

Day before yesterday I was driving to meet someone for a craigslist deal, getting some free stuff. I hadn't slept in more then 36 hours, and it was getting to a point that I wasn't driving safely. So on the way back I pulled off and took a 15 minute nap. it might not sound like a lot, but it makes a huge difference when you've had no sleep for so long. When I'm riding with friends or something, some of the time I'll take a 5 minute nap here, a 10 minute nap between classes, etc. It all helps to bring more energy back in. Also, I hit the gym for no less then 30 minutes a day, I take the weekends off. I also teach a nightly martial art class, so I hit the gym in the morning and teach at night. Being active helps to raise your base metabolism, and energy levels.  Which is why i like both of them spaced apart, it helps to be my energy high and focused through out the day. Besides that, always having something to do helps to keep me going; focus is important. Meditation helps me to keep a clear and focused mind.

I think it comes down to what some people can handle. I can handle 3 or 4 hours a night, though it depends on you as a person. My little brother (who has been an adult for a while now) needs 10 hours of sleep if he stays up for 24 hours, it takes it out of it really bad. You have to ask yourself; if I get less sleep, is the quality of me worth while? For some people they are like a zombie, and if they would have had 1 or 2 more hours of sleep, the time they have; even though it's less would be much better, and of more use. Anyway, I hope this helps :).

Body Energy Arts / Re: Ask any question about Qigong or Yoga.
« on: July 14, 2015, 01:27:08 AM »
Qi Gong is the watered down aspect of Nei gong, though traditionally the sifu would teach both. My sifu taught me both Qi Gong, and Nei Gong, in Wuji style Xingyiquan. Will it help you? It can't hurt. It will strengthen your body, and not just physically. Ever stand in Ma Bu or San Ti Shi for an hour? It doesn't only take strength from your legs, lower back, stomach, and other muscles. It also takes a very strong mind; a developed WILL to be able to do this as well, and self discipline to reach this point.  These are aspects of self development that you need along any spiritual path I have seen that demands development. How can you be expected to meditate for two hours or more in one session if your back isn't strong enough not to cause you pain? To sit static in one position without being bothered? I would generally say that Qi Gong (and later Nei Gong if you find a teacher and want to learn) would help anyone a lot. Even if you chose a path of Magic (say, for example; Hermetics), Qi Gong would still be of benefit to you. It would strengthen your muscles, develop balance, build endurance, teach you to develop, move, and store Qi (Which, in Hermetics, they do the same thing with different techniques and call it something different, though Vital Force energy is is still Qi, regardless. I would say go for it. If you want a system that will teach you Qi Gong, that isn't too slow and will keep you entertained, I say go with Chen style Taijiquan. It's harder then what you see, and you learn to emit Fa with it. By harder, I mean it's a harder style of Tajiquan. If you can find a Xingyiquan teacher locally that will teach you properly, that would be even better. As Xingyiquan teaches you the basic 5 elemental forms, though few teachers in the West will teach you how they are connected to the 5 major internal organs, that each organ is represented by an Element, and that each sense is also connected to an Organ, and represented by an Element. You end up learning a lot about your body this way, and different ways to manipulate the Elements, and your Qi. Though Xingyiquan is much more in depth then this, that is the basis.

My two cents anyway.

Magick / Re: Requesting someone to cast for me to bring my ex back
« on: June 03, 2015, 09:47:28 PM »
I disagree with the idea of people saying "just get over it", or to grieve first. If you feel that in your heart that things can still work out, go for it. Though if she has openly said "I'm done, leave me alone". If she doesn't answer you, blocks you, etc. Then give it time. It will ether work, or it wont. There is a man only that has studied relationships and the psychology behind them, and it's generally one of three reasons why a woman leaves ma man. 1) She feels like she has to be the man, 2) You don't take care of yourself anymore/She has to act like your mother, or 3) You took her for granted. If you two were "in love", and this isn't a short term relationship, chances are she had feelings for you originally. People do grow apart, though at least from everything that I've learned it's not just from growing apart.

Ask yourself if you did anything to make her leave. If you come up with something, then try bettering yourself. If she left, and an action you did caused her to leave, then that action should be changed and it will increase your chances of getting back with your girlfriend. If she had feelings for you, bring those feelings back up. You can't make her come back to you, but you can make her feel the same way she use to. There are a lot of questions that need to be thought on though. Mainly, what caused it in the first place?

Magick / Re: Requesting someone to cast for me to bring my ex back
« on: May 30, 2015, 07:43:41 AM »
I recently went through some tough times man, it's been difficult. But I'm getting her back, and it's being done the right way. Could you live with yourself if someone forced her to come back to you, that it wasn't her own want to be with you? I personally couldn't do that. That just isn't love, it's dominance over another person. If you want help trying to get your previous girl friend back, the people here are pretty awesome. Not a person here would could do this, would ever do this for you.

Magick / Re: spells
« on: May 30, 2015, 07:41:48 AM »
Concerning spells, I haven't been to that site. The idea of spell hunting is something you do when you are ether very young, or new to the Arts. You will evolve out of that, i swear! It's something a lot of people here went through, as well as the radki movement. Now, a lot of those things are possible, but simply speaking of Resurrection with a simple spell and Bam! It's done, no. Not going to happen :). Though, if someone was advanced enough, I do believe it to be possible, and it might look like that to someone from the outside, but far more is happening then that. They would be manipulating Shades/Demons, an entity of some type into the shell, physically binding it on multiple different levels of existence, and then materializing elemental energy on the body to form physical tissue. this isn't even close to what you would have to do to do it. Or, from a Hermetic stand point, if you are advanced enough you could physically change it on the Akashaic level. Are these possible? I've seen enough with Magic and the different Arts to think so, yes. Though, I've never met someone advanced enough to do it. I think that in our modern work, especially America, you probably wont find someone. I think for feats like though, you have to go elsewhere. Where the person literally was raised doing it, it is what they have done there entire life, and it's what they're family has done. It's not a hobby, it is a literal way of life for them.

I've seen Martial Artists do amazing things, things you can't explain except by ether metaphysics, or tricker. I've seen papers caught on fire, not just by touching, but by distance. I'm a practicing stage magician, so I know a thing or two about deception. This is why I got into stage magic, to avoid frauds. I've seen other things too, and I know others that have literally traveled the world and seen some very amazing feats. Though these people usually have something in common, they live it. They have sense they were very young, it is part of there life. They don't know anything else.

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