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Spirituality / How Do You Define Wisdom
« on: September 17, 2004, 10:26:57 PM »
I'm taking a class in college right now that combines history, literature, and philosophy. We recently went over Socrates. According to the Oracle of Delphi in something we read regarding Socrates, Socrates was the wisest man in all of Greece. He discovered for himself how this is true: when in debate with people, he always knew that he knew nothing, whereas everyone he talked to believed they knew things that they did not truly know. Think of it as if a construction worker said he could do a better job than the doctors at the hospital he goes to for emergencies when he's had no REAL medical experience other than what other regular people would go through.

Hello and Goodbye / Can you see with your eye's Closed ?
« on: September 16, 2004, 09:21:16 PM »
...why is this in the "Hello and Goodbye" section, and not the General Discussion section?

Main Hall / Near Death Experiences And Limiter Releases
« on: September 10, 2004, 03:15:39 PM »
Quote from: jimmy1200
not if those who are working together arent making a single point and are only arguing with lol's and stupid innane comparisons to cartoons, so they could come off as superior and intellectual when in all actuality, it comes off more like a stupid illogical, irrational comment from a middle schooler.

Umm...excuse me, but how is detailing a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of mine on the subject, explaining it in detail, and then having you completely disregard what I've said, at all stupid statements with no point to them? You said you wanted responses to this, I gave you one with some very strong insights I personally obtained. If that doesn't at all enlighten you in any way whatsoever, then you're just blocking out what you don't want to hear.

Main Hall / Near Death Experiences And Limiter Releases
« on: September 09, 2004, 05:03:52 PM »
Jimmy, I think Zake is basically saying that your body can naturally reach the heights done within a "limit break", just that they're usually not accessible because to access them would go beyond what you can handle. And that only in extreme cases, such as saving someone you care for or surviving by flight, will you probably ever do something like that.

Main Hall / Near Death Experiences And Limiter Releases
« on: September 09, 2004, 12:18:19 PM »
In terms of my rape example, it's pretty much like this. If a person has been raped, chances are that at least for a while, they will be mentally and emotionally fragile. There are thousands of different problems to address. Why did the rape occur? What could have been done to prevent it from happening? How close was the connection to the person (in most cases of rape, both victim and rapist know each other very well)? Guilt and shame crop up often for a person who has been raped. They might feel like they were "bad" and "deserved" it. They might feel defiled and dishonored, ESPECIALLY if they were a virgin prior to the incident.

What am I trying to say? That it's not as simple and clear-cut as "they choose to have that outlook, so it's their fault, and they're idiots for it". Most of these people can't help how they feel. At times in your life when you were extremely sad over an event in your life (whether or not you've had training on shifting perspective, though primarily on without the training), such as a death in the family, how often did you change your perspective and end up the happiest person in town for it? I'm doubting you've had many, if any, incidents where you were exuberant in the wake of the demise of someone close to you.

I'll give a simpler example for you. Have you ever heard of Pavlov's dogs? At first, they were presented with meat, which made them drool because that was meaningful to them. Then, Pavlov paired the sound of a bell with the meat numerous times. In the end of his experiment, the dogs salivated, as a trained response, to the sound of the bell, even when food wasn't presented or anywhere near them. Events in life shape behaviors, whether we want them to or not, and it's this way no matter what age you are. This applies with situations you end up in with rape and NDEs too. Just because you have a strong intent not to be a certain way in response to something doesn't mean you'll necessarily succeed in your endeavor, at LEAST not instantly.

Main Hall / Near Death Experiences And Limiter Releases
« on: September 09, 2004, 08:40:42 AM »
Quote from: jimmy1200
perhaps they dont give any long lasting benefits but i believe it also has to deal with the persons intent when he is having the nde. um no one said limit breaks had anything to do with nde's and some of those people who are left in bad condition, are that way because they were old or they just didnt have the physical or mental awareness to deal with such a release of power, whether it be mechanical or energetic.

Considering the way you responded, I feel compelled to make a reply. What kind of psychological effects do you think it would have if you had someone else do it, you did it to yourself, or someone else did it to you without you wanting it to happen? Furthermore, how do you think you would feel and react to losing most important senses of being (who you are, what you are, where you are, etc) for the amount of time that's happening, as well as feeling like your soul is ripping from your body and you're just barely holding on through sheer force of will?

To me, I'm annoyed by the fact that you assume that people are left in a bad condition "because they were old" or because "they just didn't have the physical or mental awareness to deal with such a release of power". Aside from the fact that one of your prior questions goes in COMPLETE contrast to this ("do these events get rid of subconscious limiters?"), these statements are akin to saying that the negative effects of a rape last only because the person wasn't mature enough to handle it or because they couldn't handle the added sexual experience.

I'm aware how extreme my example is, and that it may not be in good taste to bring up such topics. But making it sound like a person only has negative effects from nearly dying because of their age or because they can't handle going through the experience perturbs me. This isn't some simple thing where you go through a problem and just can't handle it. The stuff being talked about in here is serious and extreme, you don't play around with the concept of death. It's highly unlikely that ANYONE could walk away from a near-death experience and not have some lasting negative aspects of it on them.

Main Hall / Near Death Experiences And Limiter Releases
« on: September 08, 2004, 10:50:23 PM »
I joined Veritas...I don't know...4 years ago? Anyway, I had an incident in my life at one point that might be considered an NDE, in that I did nearly die (as in I was on the verge of doing so, not that I died and then came back to life). I would have to say, you learn quite a bit from such experiences. It does kind of awaken the mind's eye. I can't say whether or not it aids in psionics or any of that stuff, maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. But for me at least, it allowed me to realize multiple concepts, such as the basic premise of the movie "The Butterfly Effect", on my own years before the movie was ever even mentioned and amongst classes years away from ever bringing the concept up (the basic idea came from a meteorologist, who asked the question "does a butterfly's flapping of it's wings in South America create the hurricane in Texas?").

So does it give you greater wisdom and understanding? Yes. Does it take limits off of abilities like psionics? I couldn't say. It's true that I get strange phenomena happening around me from time to time, but it's actually lessened in some senses since the experience, and in others it could be natural progression that pushed me forward rather than an experience within my life.

But I can easily say this (and you probably know this already as common sense, but I'll still say it just to be careful): do NOT attempt to induce an NDE just to try and get some kind of boost or improvement of your abilities. Despite the advantages I have stated I gained from it, there were, and still are, multiple disadvantages to the ordeal that I will probably have with me for the rest of my days.

Hello and Goodbye / Somewhat old, somewhat new.
« on: September 06, 2004, 09:10:08 PM »
Yeah, I think I left shortly after you did, Proph. I don't remember why I left either, I probably just got bored with the place.

I created Zoghade randomly when trying to think of a name to call the "Flame Champion" in Suikoden III. When I first created the name, I thought it absolutely sucked. These days, it's one of my iconic name creations, and my cousin has commented on more than one occasion that it sounds like a name Square-Enix would create for a character for one of their games. I've talked to Blud here and there on MSN. I haven't seen Micky in a long time. I still talk to shinn (I won't say her real name since I don't know if she wants me to, but we're REALLY close :) ), Ceiro I've seen online pretty much four times a year. Riney and Kalee (I haven't checked the Spirituality she still here much?) are on MSN quite often, I just don't talk to them. I lost contact with Stormy a long while ago. Also haven't talked to Syko on AIM much for a while now either.

How many of the non-older members even know what bleaer is, and how it originated? :P . I also remember jokingly making up stuff like Blrine and Blormy in the chat. That was good fun.

Main Hall / I resigned.
« on: September 06, 2004, 11:12:34 AM »
Quote from: Q
More like, "I resigned my position and I'm taking a break and y'all SUCK and BTW I deleted all my articles not that any of you SUCKERS care", deal, but, whatever.

Having been an admin at a forum (and currently being an admin of one, though the one I'm an admin of now isn't known of much yet cause we aren't publicizing just yet), I can say that high positions such as "admin" and "teacher" tend to get highly criticized negatively with little to no respect outwardly shown in return. When you pour your heart and soul into making something work out well, in trying to change things for the positive, you tend to get a fair bit annoyed when people just repeatedly bring up the same things. I also don't know how he was treated during his time as a teacher, but I know that for me leaving a different forum as admin to go to a different one, it took people not getting the whole picture and badmouthing me for trying to keep things going good that made me want to leave. I got sick of the membership entirely (it's filled with mostly people spamming now, with a few who are actually decent thrown in so it doesn't completely suck), I got sick of people trying to understand things only from their point of view and not mine ("OMG, WE NEED SPAMMING CUZ IT IZ FUN111 LET US SPAM111" when I just know that's going to ruin the forum), and I got sick of having my character attacked constantly simply for trying to keep the place from turning out awful.

As I said, I don't know what exactly happened with the person who originally created this thread, but this is what's happened with me and my insights I could share.

Hello and Goodbye / Somewhat old, somewhat new.
« on: September 05, 2004, 09:05:04 PM »
Not really. I'm at college, and I have broadband both at college and at home, so most of the time I just leave it active. Same with AIM. I only de-activate those IM programs if I'm watching a movie and don't wanna be interrupted, or am turning off the comp completely.

Hello and Goodbye / Somewhat old, somewhat new.
« on: September 05, 2004, 10:00:34 AM »
Yeah, it's been quite some time. I realize that a lot of the old people are gone now too; I don't see Blud, Micky, Ceiro, or any of the others that used to be here. But maybe I just haven't searched the forum thoroughly enough :P.  I don't know much I could say to remind you of who I am, that's how long it's been. But I do remember the multiple variations of Veritas :P . Still miss the small atmosphere and a lot of the people that are no longer here.

Hello and Goodbye / Somewhat old, somewhat new.
« on: September 04, 2004, 08:13:28 PM »
Greetings people. My topic name is "somewhat old, somewhat new" due to the fact that I have been gone a long time, and chose to create a new name rather than get back on my old one. I am TGOrlandu, and though I have been out of the loop for a while (a year? maybe longer? my last post not counting). I do not know whether or not I will stay, but I felt like re-joining and such.

I mostly returned because I'm looking to re-develop skills that I've let fall by the wayside as of late (if I have time to do so in between college classes, work study, and free time, of course). I'm currently looking into the Runic Magic article Prophecy has put up (he's back? interesting..), and perhaps it will help me with a few things.

Anyway, just making an introduction due to the fact that this is a new name, and I am returning at least temporarily.

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