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Psionics / Psi timeline
« on: May 21, 2016, 12:29:20 PM »
At what length of practice on any particular psi skill does actualization on the first attempt start to become commonplace? For example, I can cause a gust I any direction, or even in several direction at once easily, but can barely make a shift in a candle flame of 15 degrees for five times, and then only for about a second each. I have been engaged with discussions with myself in alternate moments of Timtime for several years, and can hear what people are about to say merely by being curious. Still, the mythical candle kinesis tires me for a full day, which seems strange if psi isn't done by the body. I'm wondering how much time I ought allot to proceed, for it occurred to me that I was accidentally practicing the wrong meditation(void), and have found in past experiments that practicing more than half an hour tends to tire me. Am I correct in assuming that I should "stretch" both muscles gently, or should I plow in? I have the time either way.

Psionics / Automating energy system maintenance and meditation by contructs.
« on: September 03, 2015, 01:50:43 PM »
Recalling the words of the Doctor "I'm a madman with a box, without a box!". This is a brief and unscientific log of experiment ideas and their results.
I have been using simple constructs to speed my soul's development, along with that of my spirit for a few days. Along my surprising discovery was that I could meditate by proxy, using the construct I created. I future selected for mental self control, and several mental hallucinations which occurred after the opening of my mental senses were removed.  Also, I was able to create awareness and consciousness of more refined grades most effortlessly. With Psi, the Soul's Chariot seems to pull it thence to the Divine with ease. I honestly feel confused at how much less tiring remote viewing is now that I've been keeping my attention on having a construct "Ensure proper awareness through the storing and repetitive, wasteless releasing of safe, pure Soul Light(etc), allowing for increase in the requisite and proper light(etc.) for collective and personal advancement.".
Also, a energy intake construct that nurtures the spirit in accordance with it's needs.
Then there is a "scheduling app" for the secondary cerebral cortex. Yours in crazy experiments, Aspices.

Psi and Mental Abilities / Re: Construct Dynamics
« on: March 14, 2014, 06:09:39 PM »
I have a interesting experience to relate, I used the construct in making the construct.  I got the idea from the article about retroselection.  I have noticed that simply from having used it a few times, I had a tendency to be less distracted.  I was also hoping to inquire about the Dynamic Psi ebook you have been working on, since the last Psi study group was a bust.

Psionics / Re: Potential New Psi Study Group/Class
« on: July 02, 2013, 12:57:48 PM »
I'd be interested. 

Magick / Magick for strangers
« on: January 14, 2013, 06:42:18 PM »
I was startled by my phone today, telling me of a amber alert.  I immediately felt the conviction that I ought to use magick to help the child who was allegedly kidnapped in Philadelphia.  I also felt that I ought to post a topic here about it.  My magick is crude and rudimentary, so I had the hope that strangers would join me in using magick to help strangers. 

That is what I thought, thank you for the feedback. 

I have noticed many articles, especially the ones on Psi Palatium, claim that wearing rings, bracelets, or necklaces, can trap some of your energy and make Psi harder to use.  This has not been my experience however.  I am wondering if their experience that led to that supposition is just their expectations affecting their reality, and the Psi harder to use when they are wearing it, because they expect it to.  Do any of you encounter difficulties, or is that instruction just misguided?

Psionics / Looking For Feedback on an Experience
« on: June 25, 2012, 09:22:05 AM »
Hello to those who read this, I have a question for you.  I recently began practicing focal meditation for a few minutes at a time, and plan to increase the time as I go along, and as I have been doing so, I noticed that I would anticipate the requests people gave me, a few seconds before they asked me.  I thought that this was either latent telepathy, latent precognition, or just lucky guesses.  Today, however, I saw, as if layered over my vision, a string of light, reaching from my Mom's phone, on the table in front of me, to a spot behind me.  About three seconds later, my Mom asked me to pass her her phone, and place her hand right where the other end of the strand had been.  Does anyone have any feedback for me? 

Magick / Re: Is it possible to reclaim your true name?
« on: June 04, 2012, 08:34:25 PM »
Sorry for the necro, but I felt the topic deserved to be closed.
With more lucidity, I have come to realize that this was nothing more than a convergence of several factors, of which I have now detailed in the post "Opposite Hypnosis"  It could be closest described as a dream, and the LBRP just served to bring me to my senses.

Magick / Subconscious Opponent
« on: June 04, 2012, 08:31:49 PM »
This is a long story, with some conjecture, so be warned to take everything with a pitcher of salt.  The story begins with me in a very physically painful part of my life, in which hope was dimming, and I began to despair.  I stumbled onto hypnosis, though I don't remember exactly how, and found that the relaxation reduced my pain.  I did not heed the warnings that hypnosis was potent, since I believed myself in control of my own mind.  I stumbled onto erotic hypnosis.  Erotic hypnosis uses the power of hypnosis for sexual pleasure.  I did not take any precautions with my experiments, except for listening to the main file before listening to it with an induction.  I stumbled across a site called “warp my mind”, where I found many files, but only one which would lead me to a adverse end. 

   The file that inspired me was “Curse Enchanted Keyboard”, a file which, though I did not listen to, I emulated.  The file was supposed to allow the listener to get themselves to do or experience anything they typed, followed by “The End”.  I did self-hypnosis to make a word sequence that I could speak that would have the effect of a suggestion that was only possible to resist by using the same words.  I, in a foolish mistake, suggested that I would participate in a recurring sexual fantasy.  Part of the suggestion was to not remember it consciously, unless a specific set of events happen, and I don’t remember that series.  Eventually I realized what horrible effects making a decision that I couldn’t later change was, and, not remembering that suggestion, removed the effect of that suggestion, leaving the suggestion that my memory would no longer be affected.  Later, I realized my mistake. 

   After I removed the amnesia part of the suggestion on all the similar suggestions, I began to realize what had happened.  Also, a suggestion to have daydreams that I had made left me with daydreams not easily dismissed.  The particular combination of these two left me in the belief that a group of spirits were attempting to control my mind, which lead to the post I made previously on this forum, entitled something like “true name”. In all honesty, I was half asleep and delirious from that when I made that post, and it was full awareness, not the LBRP, that banished it.  That particular part happened in a dream I mistook for reality.  This left me with the question, what part of my mind was still sustaining these suggestions. 

   I didn’t fully realize all of this until a epiphany this very night, when I felt a conviction that I should re-read the second chapter of the IIH, even though I am barely on the first step.  The epiphany happened as I read the section on autosuggestion, and as I read about the opposite of the conscious, I began to understand.  I had told myself that “every time I am not occupied, I will have a fantasy, that is almost real”, and so it was in the domain of the opposite, not of the transcendent, part of the subconscious.  To explain what I mean by this, Bardon states that since every single force entered with a opposite, the conscious had a opposite in the subconscious which worked for the opposite of every conscious desire.  He further details that that part of the subconscious deals only with suggestions of time and space, since those are required for manisfestation from the casual world to the manifest one.  The sexual suggestion was anchored to “every time I get aroused”, which also left it in the same section of the mind.  My strategy going forward is to try to cut it off right before those triggers.  I wanted to share this realization, to see what others think of this, and honestly to get a crazy meter on this. 
Light and Love
A Seeker of Truth

Magick / Re: Does Magick requrie faith.
« on: May 23, 2012, 05:26:54 PM »
I know this may seem a strange question on a board dedicated to studying magick, but here goes. I've always had a spiritual side, I actually converted to Catholicism in my teens, but a few years later I realized I simply could not longer believe the doctrines.  Since then I've considered myself an agnostic leaning towards atheism, but for some reason I've always been interested in magick and the occult and I feel like there is something out there more than the physical world, but at the same time I find the stories of texts like the Bible and the Quran to be truly unbelievable for me. I just find the scientific/historical evidence against those texts to be too much to ignore and to be honest, I find the actions of the Juedo-Christian God to be rather brutal in some of the stories.

  So does magick require faith, as the word is used in the typical western religious sense?  Like I said, I know it must seem like I'm completely contradicting myself by saying I can't belief in God, but think there very well could be something to the occult.  Any answers or advice would be much appreciated.  I hope I haven't offended anyone with my questions.
  As I understand it, it requires a conviction in the system you are using, otherwise your own energy will hamper your progress, however it does not require religious faith in any particular God, unless the system is built around one. 

Magick / Re: Hello, this part of Magick confused me...
« on: May 23, 2012, 05:16:19 PM »
Ok I've been reading this book Summoning Spirits The Art of Magickal Evocation and there was one bit that confused me. Its been talking about Tattwas and vibrating names and stuff like that from.. the golden dawn? And I dont get the whole technique of seeing the opposite color of a tattwa on a white card facing north etc then making it bigger to travel into... an elemental plane? Can someone explain this technique in detail to me? And does Konstantinos (The author) mean the astral plane when doing this technique or some other plane? Its in Ch 2 I believe for anybody who has the book. The book can be found in Internet PDF form at this link and its pages 36 - 40
I have read that book, and recommend you take that advice with a grain of salt.  I astral projected from a different method, and am still trying to get the influence all the way out.  While his premise, that a full Watchtower ritual will be sufficient protection is true, there is a important caveat: those who have not fully developed the ability to work with energy will produce a very weak circle, that might be of very little help.  I speak from experience on that matter.  Also, from what I gather, the projection to the elemental plane is a mental projection, since humans can't maintain existence as only one element.  I seem to recall a mention of that in one of Prophecy's works.  I would recommend "Modern Magick" by Kraig for a practical introduction the the Golden Dawn system.   

Magick / Re: Cross-Life Teachers, Bad dreams and Good vs Evil
« on: January 20, 2012, 06:02:16 PM »

What you may encounter is increased negativity from people who are being hitch-hiked by negative entities. This hitch-hiking might not be obvious at all compared to the regular person and their regular problems. but put whatever's inside up to a bright enough Light and it can become uncomfortable enough to start manifesting more, usually in the way of unnecessarily aggressive or antagonistic behavior, in an effort to drive the magician away and keep their host body "safely" in the dark.

As a side note, you shouldn't just assume people are possessed if they behave like this, either. The subconscious recognition of another has conquered themselves whereas the self has not, where an individual has achieved peace and light but the self has not, and so on and so forth, can simply elicit perfectly natural and human emotions of envy and discomfort and cause a similar reaction. Only clairvoyance and less-than-strictly-normal tests (do they walk across holy water? No? Hmm...) can prove a negative spiritual influence.

Anyways, I like you path. Good luck with it, and all the best to you.
As to the clairvoyance being used to check it, I seem to recall Prophecy mentioning that an oracle should be used instead, as the mind's eye is vulnerable to seeing what we want to see. 

Magick / Re: Is it possible to reclaim your true name?
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:00:58 PM »
Seems a goo banishing cleared it up, thanks for the help/

Magick / Is it possible to reclaim your true name?
« on: December 06, 2011, 05:55:11 AM »
On the one and only successful trip to the astral, which was mostly by accident, I got tricked into naming myself.  The trouble was, I named myself using a variation on the phrase "I am that I am", and since then, have noticed gradual changes in my perception of my soul.  Sometimes, when just waking up, it seems that I can hear myself struggling against invisible bonds, trying to improve myself, but not able to make the attempt.  I also notice that if I attempt to meditate on my soul, something I can do but not explain, it seems to be warning me away.  The one time I connected without hearing it, it felt like my will was no longer my own.  I am open to suggestions, and am already seeking medical help, to no avail.  I ask two questions: is it possible to deny something that knows my name power over me, and do any of you have any suggestions?

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