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Body Energy Arts / Testing chi?
« on: March 12, 2004, 11:59:25 AM »
hi, i'm new here, but very interested in chi.  I started training TKD around 6 years ago.  When I moved to go to college, i started doing hapkido.  In TKD, we did a lot of meditation and chi excersizes/demonstrations, which i found interesting.  But here in hapkido we don't do anything like that.  

Here begins my problem.  I did Kundalini yoga last semester, which involves a lot of chi-like ideas.  For example, chanting a certain mantra is supposed to stop a bad thing thatwoudl have happend from happening.  Others are supposed to improve awareness or some other inrinsic property.

In TKD, most uses of chi translated directly into something i could test.  I coudl feel the generated heat or fight better.  And a few of the techniques, interestingly enough, also had an explanation in science (muscle memory, etc).  But in Kundalini, i couldn't tell if anything was working or not!

Obviously, not all methods of harnessing chi will work.  Websties like that provide instant answers are BS.  I'm studying to be an engineer (hence the sn), and I guess i'm approaching the subject from that viewpiont.  You guys here seem to have a lot more knoledge on the subject than me.  So how can you test if a method for usig chi works?  And how have members here done so?  Stories welcome.

PS. I prob not going to be here all weekend, a lot of midterms on monday, so don't be mad i'f i dont' reply till then

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