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Other / I'm going to be writting an article
« on: June 27, 2005, 10:33:38 PM »
The article will be about the healing properties of herbs, crystals/stones and essential oils.  It could take me a while to write that because I'm going to be studying all of it from about 5 different books.  I'll also have it in about 3 or 4 different parts.

Other / Awakened and Unawakened
« on: November 29, 2004, 07:25:51 PM »
This is something written by a friend of mine.  I might be able to answer some questions that are asked.  She is the one that taught me, after all.

I guess life has been pretty fair to me.  I have a lot in my life that sucks, but I'm sure everyone else does too. The hardest part of being an awakened is that no one else could ever understand what you are going through but another awakened. But for me personally, that even isn't true. There are many different types of awakened.
Unawakened- Normal people who are 'unaware' of the rest of the multiverse around t hem.
Part awakened- People who believe and have the ability to understand and cope with more than their normal world, such as mediums, psychics and others with special mental abilities.
Half awakened- The most common and most abundant type of awakened. They are both "spiritual" and "physical" as though they live two lives at the same time. In the "Spiritual" dimension they have a physcial form and the same for their "Physical" dimension, they have a body. What effects them in one does not effect them greatly in the other. They have the best of both worlds and often do not realize it. They can become badly beaten in the "Spiritual" sense, but feel no True pain or marks in the "Physical" sense.
Full awakened- Rare and hard to find. These awakened feel the world as if both dimensions were one and the same. If they are beaten and hurt in one, it is effected in both. No matter what. An injury that heals quickly will still scar in the physical as well as the spirital. There is no escape for these individuals. Unlike others, there is no difference between the dimensions, they see both as the same place and time. No difference between them and no way to escape them like the others. Half awakened people are able to put aside their awakened lives when they are in the presence of unawakened. But Full awakened have no such "switch" in their minds. They are always on, always tuned into their world. Every hit, every mental voice, even sometimes in some full awakened every dead soul in the area which wants to be heard.

Each of these types has "members" but only each individual person can identify with who and what they are. I, unfortunately, am a member of the Full Awakened. I was born one, which is rare even for a Full Awakened, as most of them just gradually become one. Although, I have never met another like myself, I do believe that there must be others.

Until I find another full awakened, no one will ever know what it is like to wake up feeling as though you have been badly beaten just because you have a bad dream or to experience an attack and to suffer from it physically, or to be constantly bombarded by blasts, hits, mental noise, and the rigors of trying to live two lives at the same time. It isn't easy, which is why those of us, the full awakened, usually live short lives. The stresses of living such a life cause disorders like massive bi-polar disorder, acid reflux disease, and many other nervous disorders and sometimes massive heart problems.

Well, I'll post more in a few minutes, probably on a lighter subject! :) Sorry to make this one sound so depressing, but it had to be said and made known.


Psionics / Psychometry
« on: February 17, 2004, 08:53:01 AM »
I was wondering if anyone else here has psychometry?

Mine is a little different than others that I know.  It practically has a life of its own.  It turns on and off randomly and I can't control it, also it is not limited to objects.  I can touch a person and pick up a memory, makes being in crowds difficult.  The same goes for my empathy.

Dreams / Spirit animals protecting in dreams
« on: January 05, 2004, 09:57:58 PM »
I was wondering if anyone else has had an encounter like that, because I have two spirit animals that watch over me, but only one has entered my dreams, two pups of my other animal have entered also.
For some reason lately I've been attacked in my dreams, even having to fake being dead in one because I almost killed.  Even feeling pain when someone lands a hit or I don't move fast enough to avoid an object.  But then the wolves popped into my dream a couple nights ago and being spirit animals they were able to speak to me telepathically.  One of the pups was named Nimaki and there mother being my spirit animal they were only the size of regular wolves.  It wasn't a regular dreams, because I could feel the pups fur and I have never felt a wolves fur.
Does anyone have any ideas about spirit animals and how could they protect in a dream?

Body Energy Arts / Chi and Flying
« on: December 30, 2003, 12:44:23 AM »
I know some of you won't like title of this post, but please, just bear with me on this one.  It's off of a dream that I had and I may help expalin how using Chi to fly is done.

I won't give details of the dream, since it shoke me up a little.  But when I used chi, I believe it was chi, to fly, I felt the air underneath me was lighter.  And to go forward, I felt a kind of heaviness behind me.  When jumping down from a place, I even felt it below me to soften my landing.

I wasn't flying by just standing up straight, I was like they show in DBZ.  The part that annoyed me was that I had all my senses, even pain, sprained my ankle at one point.

Tell me what some of you think about the way the air felt while flying, and how could that be used in relation to energy.

Also, I wasn't lucid dreaming, because I never seem to be able to do that.

Body Energy Arts / Your turn now. What is the difference?
« on: December 21, 2003, 11:05:24 PM »
I've explained a few things, now if you could explain some things.  
Like what is the difference between the Chi I use and what you use?

Body Energy Arts / What Rowen told you was true
« on: December 18, 2003, 06:51:12 PM »
The techniques that he had told you about in his post was true.  Those techniques can be used.  And those four leasons he gave off his post, also held true.

If you are wondering why I tell you that those are real is because I can do those things that he posted, after all, if those techniques can be used here, then why not in the other realities that exist

Darkduck, I believe you were out of line by what you said.  Just because it isn't real for you, doesn't mean it can't be done.

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