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Body Energy Arts / Question about Chi
« on: March 19, 2004, 09:16:55 AM »
Could any of you define for me what the presence of chi feels like? When I'd try to sense it's presence ? What kind of a feeling would I be searching for ? And what does it feels like when Chi courses to the point of where you want it to be. Mainly for combat reasons. I asked the student right below my teacher to teach me Qigong ( Chi Kung ) and he told me that I should meditate for a while first. Would any of you know why? I didn't ask him at the time, dunno why actually but anyway, I practise Ta Hsin Tao Kung Fu by the way. I thought I felt chi the other day while we were meditating after class. I concentrated as hard as I could on visualizing my dan tien to release a single string and I thought I felt something. Mainly because it was something I had never felt before. I think it faded away because it surprised me. Any help is appreciated.

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