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With 83.3% of the Staff vote, and 63.6% of the Member vote, the rule regarding "Advertisement of External Groups" has passed.  There was no Council vote.

However, I have asked that this vote not be put into effect yet.  After some private discussions, I realized that the Council did not ask for this responsibility, nor were they comfortable with the idea.  Therefore, I propose a revision:

Change this rule:
"No recruitment or advertisement of external groups, orders, or schools is allowed without the permission of a member of the Veritas Council.  Discussions of experiences and validity are allowed." the following:
"On-topic groups and organizations may announce events or recruit only if they do not require a financial commitment at any level.  Discussion and testimonials about groups and organizations is allowed."

The intent behind the rule stays the same, which is that our Truths should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial status (personal opinion).  While this wording does prevent some legitimate groups from advertising, it also removes the responsibility placed on the Council to be "watchmen"/"judges" in addition to their other tasks.  Whether or not a group charges for knowledge will be easily researchable, and enforceable, by all of our moderators without Council involvement.

Should this revision pass, it will replace the rule just passed on October 21st (EDT).  If this revision does not pass, the October 21st rule will take effect.

You have seven days to vote, and you may change your vote.

Main Hall / Be smart.
« on: October 18, 2015, 12:49:18 PM »
We recently had a disturbing incident and I've been asked to discuss it in further detail publicly.

We had a user, let's call him Bob, who happened to have a password for user Tom's account, without Tom's knowledge.  Tom happened to have moderator powers.  Bob signed in to Tom's account, used Tom's allotment of "karma", checked Tom's PMs, posted as Tom ("accidentally", and then deleted it himself), used Tom's moderator abilities to modify another user's profile, and changed Tom's email address (likely to maintain access to the account should the password be changed).

Needless to say, Bob is now banned.  We don't specifically have a "don't log in to a moderator's account, use his karma, check his PMs, post as him, use his powers, and change his email address" rule, but this obviously shows a lack of respect for the moderator, which breaks rule #1 (and arguably rule #4). 

We have the capability to track a lot of activity on this website, and while we don't go through that information just for kicks, we can and will go through it if we suspect foul play.  Before the user was banned, I contacted them for some sort of explanation, to give them a chance.  Unfortunately they lied to me in PM about the extent of their activity, and that added to the duration of their ban.

The take-away from this, is be smart.  Be smart, be civil, be forthright to everyone on this site, regardless on whether or not you agree with them on issues.  Be better than Bob.


Voting Forum / Vote: New Rule: Advertisement of External Groups
« on: October 14, 2015, 02:22:16 PM »
The proposed rule:

"No recruitment or advertisement of external groups, orders, or schools is allowed without the permission of a member of the Veritas Council.  Discussions of experiences and validity are allowed."

As we cannot verify the validity of every external group, I feel as a member of the staff that we should keep our members' best interest at heart.  We cannot guarantee that an external group will not harm you physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  To allow any such group to advertise on this website is negligent.  Therefore, I propose the above rule.  I do not want to prevent discourse from other communities, I merely wish to protect our members and guests.

The vote will run for seven days, and due to the potentially sensitive nature of the poll, the general results will only be shown after the poll has expired.  Discussion of this rule should take place below, and you are allowed to change your vote.  As per our constitution, a vote on the same topic will take place among the staff elsewhere.

Edit:  Edited the title to ensure it was clear that this is a vote.

Psionics / MOVED: Introductions
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:38:58 PM »

Main Hall / Forum Experiment: Guess the number in 40 attempts!
« on: May 24, 2014, 11:10:38 PM »
I have generated a random, whole number between zero (0) and 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000).  I have PM'd this number to kobok for verification.

Your task,, is to correctly guess the number in 40 attempts or less.

When a member guesses a number, and it is incorrect, I will reply within a reasonable amount of time with either "Higher" or "Lower", and update this post to keep a record of guesses so far.

The only two rules I have, are that 1.) You must have more than 10 posts as of today, and 2.)  After your latest guess, you must wait for four(4) other guesses to pass before you can guess again.  If you were guess number 3, you'd have to wait for guesses 4, 5, 6, and 7 before you could make your next guess.  Updated:  As long as you weren't the last person to guess, you can guess again, as of July 1st.



#1, Koujiryuu, 500,000,000,000.  --Lower.
#2, impervious, 250,000,000,000.  --Higher.
#3, RanmaBushiko, 285,785,298,121.  --Higher.
#4, Mind_Bender, 373,000,000,002.  -- Higher.
#5, Theopholis, 436,500,000,001.  --Higher.
#6, Akenu, 472,500,000,002.  --Lower.
#7, XxxX_Edyn_XxxX, 444,444,444,444.  --Higher.
#8, Enchia, 460,000,000,000.  --Higher.
#9, Silver_Archer, 465,000,000,633.  --Lower.
#10, Messiaen, 469,499,249,622.  -- Lower.
#10, RanmaBushiko, 463,250,000,000.  --Lower.
#11, impervious, 461,625,000,000.  --Higher.
#12, Mind_Bender, 462,720,000,002.  --Higher.
#13, Enchia, 463,000,000,000.  --Lower.
#14, Silver_Archer, 462,860,000,000.  --Higher.
#15, Hellblazer, 462,323,712,310.  --Higher.
#16, RanmaBushiko, 462,930,000,000.  --Lower.
#17, Theopholis, 462,895,000,000.  --Higher.
#18, Mind_Bender, 462,900,000,000.  --Higher.
#19, Silver_Archer, 462,925,000,000.  --Lower.
#20, Enchia, 462,912,500,000.  --Lower.
#21, RanmaBushiko, 462,906,250,000.  --Lower.
#22, Theopholis, 462,903,125,000.  --Lower.
#23, Mind_Bender, 462,902,500,001.  --Lower.
#24, Theopholis, 462,901,250,000.  --Lower.
#25, supadude, 462,900,165,382.  --Higher.
#26, Theopholis, 462,900,707,691.  --Higher.
#27, supadude, 462,900,847,362.  --Higher.
#28, Mind_Bender, 462,900,900,000.  --Higher.
#29, supadude, 462,901,050,500.  --Higher.
#30, Ekstatikos, 462,901,100,000  --Lower.
#31, impervious, 462,901,075,000.  --Higher.
#32, Silver_Archer, 462,901,093,877.  --Lower.
#33, Ekstatikos, 462,901,084,438.  --Lower.
#34, supadude, 462,901,076,832.  --Higher.
#35, Akenu, 462,901,080,635.  --Higher.
#36, Shadowx089, 462,901,080,000.  --Higher.

Is the current implementation of the karma system flawed?

This vote is to identify whether action needs to be taken, as opposed to demanding specific fixes.  If the vote shows a majority of users saying that changes need to be made, then further discussion can follow on how it needs to be changed.

I trust that the staff will monitor for multiple-account usage to avoid skewing of the vote one way or another.

Please keep personal attacks out of this thread.

Poll will run for 14 days.

Main Hall / Gather around, everyone. Lets have ourselves a little chat.
« on: December 03, 2011, 05:55:55 PM »
Many of you probably don't know me, which is justified, considering I haven't made many worthwhile posts in years.  But, I am still here, I lurk, and oh yeah I'm secretly a staff member.  Not really, but yeah, I am. 

But I'm going to display some vital truth to a lot of you, right here, right now. 

The staff of Veritas is not controlling.  The staff of Veritas does not influence you.  The staff of Veritas isn't sending you down a dark path.  Mobius, kobok, TakeV, XIII, Vecna, Rawiri, Silver_Archer, etc do not sit around in a secret room talking about you guys in a grand conspiracy.  There is no round table with men in shadows and hooded cloaks directing the grand vision of the website.  The karma system is not a conspiracy.  There is, in fact, no conspiracy.  I'm going to repeat this a couple lines down to make sure even the skimmers read it.

There is no conspiracy.

Now, to the subject of "attacks."  I'm going to be incredibly frank with you all, do not take offense.  You are not important enough to be receiving "attacks" from any entity, person, energy, et cetera (adjust for your respective belief system) that actually could cause "damage" to you.  Anyone or thing that could do "damage" to you, is probably a.) smart enough to not do it with such abandon, b.) busy with other matters of more importance, or c.) both.  You are not being "attacked" by any members of Veritas or it's staff.  I, again, am going to repeat this a couple lines down.  Gotta make sure everyone sees it.

You are not being "attacked" by any members of Veritas or it's staff.

On a similar note, if you're going around attempting to "fling attacks" at random members of the website, you are a.) not that "powerful" to be of note, AND b.) not that smart.  You are Carrot Top attempting to knock out Bruce Lee.  You are an unarmed pigeon attempting to destroy a tank.  The tank might just ignore you, or the operator might pop out and just backhand you once and knock you away.  You are less than an annoyance.  Save yourself the trouble, and cut it out.

Now, for the veritas.  The veritas about Veritas.  The staff of Veritas are only on a mission of awareness, and are seeking veritas just like the rest of you.  We all have differing opinions on what that veritas is, but we're at peace with that.  We are open-minded.  And, we are not out to get you.

We are not out to get you.

So, before you have a spat or rage-quit (I'm somewhat of an expert on the latter), take a deep breath, and use that faculty that we all have:  logic. 

The Cafeteria / Arthur
« on: September 15, 2011, 01:53:00 PM »
Since kilik has inspired me to share shows that are very important to me, I'd like to share with you... Arthur.

Over 100 episodes, and about to celebrate it's 15th year anniversary!  This show shaped my mornings before school, and is the last bastion for true 'Arthurness.'  I highly, highly recommend you watch every episode.

Spirituality / Campo quote
« on: May 14, 2011, 11:36:27 PM »
"For one man or one institution to claim that there is only one true way to godhood is an insult to the god they represent, because they have reduced it's omnipotence and omnipresence to the scope of their own minds."
Gerald del Campo


Magick / The "Druid" movement
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:40:44 AM »
I've started reading John Michael Greer's The Druid Magic Handbook, and was wondering if anyone else is familiar with the book, what their opinions are on it (and him), etc. 

Those that are tempted to cry "OMG WICCA", I suggest to them to become informed.  :)

inb4 Rawiri posting "OMG WICCA"

Main Hall / If Anna gave you a large sum of money to give to Billy...
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:41:54 PM »

- Billy doesn't know exactly how much money Anna is going to give him, except that it's a very large amount (not enough to retire), but he has a general idea of how much
- You never have to see Anna or Billy again
- You know both Anna and Billy slightly but aren't good friends with either of them
- Anna won't tell you why, other than it's "important"
- You have one day to get the money to Billy (investing isn't really an option)
- Anna is 38 years old, a friend of a friend introduced you to her about a year ago
- Billy is 25 years old and could probably beat you up (yes, even you)
- You are unaware of Anna's relationship to Billy

What would YOU do?

Voting Forum / Vote: Trowa for Moderator
« on: October 11, 2009, 03:08:35 PM »
Trowa, also known as Xyphon_Sinclaire, has been around Veritas for 5+ years, most of his activity being in the first year or so at the site.  Then, after many lies, little fits of drama, and bouts of ego that come with being 16, Trowa has finally reached a point where he pretty much just doesn't care either way about most that happens at this site.  Rarely does he open up the forums, instead choosing to lurk on the chat room, occasionally chatting about surgeries or the latest girl he's interested in.  This detachment from the majority of what happens on this site makes him an unbiased, cool head, able to be neutral in almost any dispute, disagreement or argument that might occur in the chat room.  It doesn't really matter all that much to him if he is made a chat-room op or not, he just thinks it'd be kinda cool, and wouldn't take it personally if you vote "no".  But you should vote "yes" anyway, because Trowa would love you long time if you did.

(P.S. Trowa understands the possibilities and punishments of abusing the moderator powers, including possibly being banned from the site, which makes him less likely to do such a thing.)


(EDIT - Minor title change, see here.  --kobok)

Hello and Goodbye / Hi.
« on: May 24, 2009, 02:37:08 PM »

Voting Forum / Amendment to Section II.A the Veritas Constitution
« on: April 06, 2009, 07:39:43 AM »
Currently, Section II.A of the Veritas Constitution looks like this:

II.  Veritas Staff - The Veritas Staff will consist of a Council, Teachers, Moderators, and a Tech Team.

     A.  Veritas Council - The Council will be the highest administrative authority under this document, and will be responsible for the general guidance and oversight of the community.

         1.  Council members will be added under any of the following conditions:
             a.  Unanimous approval by the Council, with one month for voting and discussion.
             b.  Two-thirds approval by the Council, and two-thirds approval by the Staff, with two weeks for voting and discussion.
             c.  Two-thirds approval by the Staff, two-thirds approval by the members, and the approval of one Council member, with two weeks for voting and discussion.
             d.  Three-fourths approval by the Staff, and three-fourths approval by the members, with two weeks for voting and discussion.

         2.  While it should only be done after careful thought about the future of the community, Council members may be removed under any of the following conditions:
             a.  Resignation of the Council member.
             b.  Two-thirds approval by the Council, two-thirds approval by the Staff, and two-thirds approval by the members, with two weeks for voting and discussion.
             c.  Three-fourths approval by the Staff, two-thirds approval by the members, and the approval of one Council member, with two weeks for voting and discussion.
             d.  Three-fourths approval by the Staff, and three-fourths approval by the members, with two weeks for voting and discussion.

I propose that the following be added, as Section II.A.3:

The Veritas Council will have a minimum of three Council members.  If, at any time, there are less than three Council members in the Veritas Council, nominations and voting for a new Council member will begin within one week.  Nominations and voting will continue until the Veritas Council has the minimum amount of members.

Let me begin by saying that I have the utmost respect for both kobok and Mobius.  This amendment is not intended to attack or limit either of them in any hostile way.  This amendment is just to help protect Veritas in the years to come.

I have been across many internet forums in the past few years.  Administrators (and those in administrative roles) change their outlooks on the site (in an unproductive way), resign, or simply leave the site as it is to rot.  We ourselves are not immune to this.  Without a minimum amount of members in the Veritas Council, we are putting all of our eggs into one or two baskets.  And it would not be Veritas if one of those two baskets eventually seemed to fall off the face of the internet.  When left with one Council member, under the Constitution he would be able to freely nominate, approve and remove Teachers, Moderators and, most importantly, Tech Team and Council members, turning the Constitution into a joke (yes, even including sections II.A.1.d, II.A.2.d, II.C.1.c, II.C.2.c, II.D.1.b, and III.C).

While it is possible, in such a worse case senario, to grab all the articles and transfer over to a new forum/site, the new forum/site will take a long time to return to Veritas's former glory.

With 3 Council members, such a situation has an even less chance of occuring.

Edited for typos.

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