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Hello and Goodbye / For Newcomers: about the right perspective
« on: June 13, 2004, 09:04:32 AM »
For people who think they are interested in Chi because they watch DragonballZ
Words aren't just words. Words are more. And you know. (Wow it sound really wrong ^_^) what I mean with it is that words have got a meaning, and sometimes, a million. Only one meaning is the good one and you need to choose. You can only choose the good one if you look at it out of the right perspective right? :-) And this isn't a little article for the most people out here. This is for newbies  who are addicted to DBZ and related.

Take myself as an example:

I was a big fan of DragonballZ and wanted to learn what they did. There where some chi related sites out on the internet who made you believe you can fly, do kamehameha's and chi can become visible if it is strong chi. First, Chi isn't strong. Chi is Chi and also the Chi of your neighbours is the same as yours. Second, you cannot fly, (so climb out of that tree and DO NOT jump ^_^) And kamehameha's? Ask somebody else, but you? No you can't.

Now I will get to my point: Never start Qigong and stuff because you like DBZ
and want to do the same as they do. They make you look out of the wrong perspective and will cause that you cannot choose the right meaning of the words. Chi is about visualizing and if you still have the view out of the DragonballZ-Z world you cannot visualize things as you should. If you want to do chi, wait a couple of years after you quit watching DragonballZ and then ask yourself again: "Do I want to walk the path of Martial Arts?"  Now your mind isn't clouded by DBZ and you can answer the question and see things in right perspective.

This is what I have to say to newbies. (Not that I am not new to it, but this is something Id find out for myself and want new peepz to know also)

Enjoy your life,
Teike aka DragoniQ

* this is only for people who believe things in Dragonball are real because they have experienced the feeling of chi

if you watch Dragonball as entertainment get lost here and start learning ;-)

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