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Other / Seeing in complete Darkness and Extremely low light conditions
« on: August 30, 2005, 11:45:24 PM »
Hello everyone, I would like to get opinions from you on the topic I posted about. I have been staying up late as of usual and usually walk around with either no light or very little and can see. For example, when I walk into my room despite to the low levels of light(from a switch on a power stick, the power indication light on my computer and a few other small things) I can still see just about everything in the room that I am close to(2 or 3 feet from). I see what the colors of the rods or cones(don't remember which is for which) are, an almalgamation of red, blue, and green pinpricks of what can only be described as light. Is it possible I am seeing a very low frequency of light or just that my memory is so familiar with the enviroment that it compensates in such as manner that when I am close to something it tries to simulate the position and size of the object. Also, this isn't just with my eyes open. I can close my eyes and see my arm through my eyelids as well. It is not acurate in size or movement or distance but I know the general location of my arm. It is possible though that the memory compensation method I spoke of earlier is in effect here too as my arm is part of me. Is it also possible that in the low light and dark areas I am seeing the energy of there objects(though I highly doubt this possiblity as I have never seen anyone else's "enegry" other than my own and object 2 to 3 feet from me.)

I thank you for your opinions and suggestions.

Other / Improper Awakening?
« on: February 18, 2004, 04:31:08 PM »
I remember that when I was younger...below the age of 12 that my mind was always full of thoughts and clouded with information.  About for 5 years now I never knew what was wrong with me if anything was actually wrong.  I looked around and found out some kind of energy called kundalini.  I've heard that when one awakens kundalini or whatever that one becomes enlightened, their mind becomes calmed and almost what some would called empty since there is nothing clouding it. If awakened improperly it can be bad.  If these things are correct is it possible that I accidentally and improperly awakened my kundalini?  I've always felt like I could never meditate and I still can't but I had put a post up saying how I couldn't meditate, one of the guys replying said that my symptoms sounded like I was always meditating.  Also sometimes when I'm sitting there and something is triggered I just know stuff like I've always know it but more like I'm remembering it.  The other night, last night infact I felt as if I knew the answer to all things, not questions like:  "Whats the square root of 20030495?" more like things such as the things most people don't understand in life, they're having relationship problems and I know what to do when they don't, or they ask "what are we here for?" and I can give them the answer. I think that if it is kundalini and I've awakened it improperly that it is some of the reasons I have things like lack of emotion motivation and I just don't care about school and stuff cause I know that even if become the president of some super corp that it won't matter when I die...I dunno...any opinions?

Other / I feel it but its not there!
« on: February 07, 2004, 07:03:16 PM »
Ok, ok...short and simple.  I like to imagine stuff and I think I know the answer to my problem but I'd like to confirm it.  Ok I have an anime char. that I made and he has the ability to call a guyver like armor over his body at will.  Sometimes I feel the armor on my body or feel it attaching or growing onto me.  Its probably the phenomenom like the chi ball thing where if you think there is a movement between you hands you feel it, but anyway I think this is my problem. Am I correct?

Dreams / Dream Suggesting to Another Self?
« on: February 07, 2004, 06:53:53 PM »
Hmm I should I start, I know.  Ok, anyway lately I've been dreaming rather a sense that it's almost like I'm not there.  When I was younger I wouldn't dream at all because I had a sleeping disorder.  The disorder consisted of the levels of consciousness, the guys descirbed it as a ladder and when falls into a slumber or sleep state they would decend down the rungs of the ladder to a point of sleep, my problem was instead of decending 12 or 13 rungs, and would go down one then immediately be on the 14th or 15th rung in a extremely deep sleep. I got over it eventually but when I was twelve something happened to me and I feel like I'm slowly deteriorating and that I am seperated from my true self, almost if like I'm a copy of the real thing.  I went through some traumatic stuff as a kid and would make this post too long by describing but I think that the real "me" is in an unconscious state. When I dream now I can in a sense control my dreams but it more like I'm watching my other self and giving him suggestions since he was still a child when we seperated (hypothetically speaking).  Also when I am conscious sometimes I fall into this level of consciousness were it feels like I'm sleeping but I'm still awake.  Some times when I am awake my id (those who know the fruedian theories of pyscology understand) almost it seems manifest in my present conscious self to make me more...excited and hard to explain but I even growl and stuff and I twitch (more like jerk) alot and laugh...I'm not sure of all of this and I have more than stuff about just dreams but everything ties into my main intent of this post being the dreams. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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