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Main Hall / Spam on the wiki... what...?
« on: October 27, 2012, 09:13:19 AM »
Yeah... so...
I was browsing the V-tas homepage and noticed that someone inserted an advertisement for some random telemarketing company underneath the articles links.

Somebody should definitely do something about that.

The Cafeteria / Blackhat Stack
« on: October 11, 2011, 09:23:50 PM »
Game Objective:
The objective of this game is to force others to break the rules. This is accomplished by setting a restriction on future posts. This is called the stack. A restriction follows a set format that can be changed by other restrictions or "stunting." Stunting is accomplished by Challenging (calling out another player to take an action) or Flighting (boasting about surviving a set number of posts or causing a reset within 3 posts). The Stack resets when someone finally breaks a restriction.
-One restriction may be made per post
-A restriction may possess only one term(a single narrow rule) and a mandatory reservation (an exception where breaking the rule doesn't cause the player to lose) by default.
-Challenging a player lets you add two more terms to your post, but you must also add another reservation.
-Flighting allows you to add three more terms to your post, but 2 more reservations.
-If you are flighting a reset (reset the game in three posts), you may not post until those three posts have past)
-If you are flighting survival then the post count you designate only applies to your posts.
-For the purposes of determining a winner of the stack, the one who set the rule that was broken wins (everyone else loses).
-If someone challenges you, you may either accept (fulfill their challenge) or pass (if you pass, you cannot set a restriction in that post)
-No double posting

This ends the obligatory rule post (does not count as part of the game)

Magick / Psychic Sensitivity
« on: October 11, 2011, 05:37:36 PM »
I've been doing a little bit of practice building psychic sensitivity, and noticed that after *ahem* "failing to retain vital force" my accuracy in my practice goes down.

I've been on a 3 day streak of such failures, and each day my accuracy with reading cards went down. My accuracy was really good at first, I was basically batting 100 for an extended period of time before I got tired. But yesterday my accuracy was roughly 2/3 and today it was less than 1/10 success rate.

I've been working with two methods prophecy mentioned in a couple of articles (one of which relies on vital energy), so I'm not really asking a question but rather commenting on my observation.

Main Hall / Mindless Apologies to Mindless Folk
« on: October 03, 2011, 10:22:28 AM »
I noticed that I let myself slide back into my more abrasive personality even though I had made an effort to grow out of that. So I guess now is as good a time as any to write apologies to people I've rubbed the wrong way.

Arnie S, Psioninja, and Hunter P: I apologize for equating you guys to the three stooges. I guess everyone starts off somewhere and I tend to view "occupational ignorance" from being new to being Stupid. Even then, it's rude of me to be so dismissive to you when this entire situation could have been fixed by me actually taking the time to share my experience.

Namihero: I'm sorry for being so critical of your tastes in Japanese animated programming. It was hypocritical of me because I also like shows that I know are totally crap. Quality does not keep someone from liking something and I should have been more sensitive to that.

Bubbafett: I think you've probably forgotten, but I was really rude to you earlier on because you took a world view that I saw as closed minded. It was more closed minded of me to reject you for disagreeing with my world view than what I thought of your world view itself. It was hypocrisy on my part, forgive me.

LeZebra: You're probably not going to read this because you seem to hang out exclusively on the Magick Forum, but I'm sorry for more or less the same attitude I once had with bubbafett. In finding fault with your words in the way that I did, I devalued my own argument to dogma. Everyone has a right to an opinion and I acted as if you didn't.

Kilik: As much as I hate to say this, I was a little harsh in my judgment of you. I still don't particularly care for you, but I won't be as hostile in my opinion of you from now on. The same reasoning as above applies here, and I really think that you're trying to contribute in your own way (even though everything you post annoys me).

Wren: This is a small one, but after the Earth Inferno segment of our Spare Study group I started procrastinating and lost interest. You went through the trouble of arranging that study group so people who were interested could read and discuss Spare. I should have put more effort into it instead of falling into my habit of losing interest halfway through a project.

Prophecy and Veos: I'm apologizing to you two because you gave me a chance at the Divine Science probationer's class and I didn't put very much effort into it. I was lackluster in my askesis and I only read about 3/4ths of the article studies. I was a lazy student, and I definitely think I should apologize given the nature of theurgic tutelage. A certain story about theurgy I read when under your care came to mind just now, and I feel doubly inclined to apologize.

Koujiryu: I'm apologizing because of something little. When you shared those suggestions for RPGs I should play, I basically ignored them until I had offended you. I did read that post before I had continued my obsessive rant, but I didn't factor that into my post at all. You were trying to contribute to the "discussion" (which was little more than a fanboy rant) and got little recognition for it until you had voiced your disappointment over being ignored.

I'm not very good at finishing apologies, papers, or letters, so I'll have to grit my teeth and end it simply:

I'm very sorry guys.

Main Hall / Perseid Starshower tonight!
« on: August 12, 2011, 08:29:14 PM »
I missed most of the major celestial events last year and the year before (I swear on all that is holy that I will murder the Genius Locii of my area for the storm that covered up the Leonid Shower in 09), the only one's I've gotten to see were the solstice lunar eclipse from this year I didn't even get to see the northern lights flare last summer (people in the pacific northwest and similar latitude could see the aurora borealis from their locations in late june of 2010) due to cloud cover(I'm going to reproduce the TIAMAT working from the 90s and direct it at the Genius Locii of this place. Just try to stop me.)

I'm going to hike up to the Lake Sylvia State Park to cut on light pollution, and I'm bringing my camera and a set of binoculars (because I can't afford a telescope when I'm spending all my money on video-games).

I can't legally be on park grounds after hours because they lease campground there and have to follow the laws of a campground for that. Besides, the park ranger facilities and bathroom buildings give off WAY to much light to make it a good vantage.

Instead, I'm going to situate myself on the gravel outlook 3/4ths of the way up mountain (large hill, not a real mountain). Still, it's a little dangerous out there because most of the wild animals stick to the region between town and the state park rather than the state park itself. I'm not particularly daunted by that prospect, but getting cat-scratch fever (don't you fucking dare!) from an angry racoon doesn't sound particularly appealing.

Anyone else going to watch? I'm going to bring snacks. I'm probably going to grab a thermos of matcha and some mochi (I'm a japanophile culture-wise, it's not otakudom because it doesn't particularly extend to my love of japanese animated programming.)

Main Hall / Effing spam season.
« on: June 11, 2011, 01:11:12 PM »
Every year around this time, many forums such as this one and the game development forums for my volunteer project get hit with mountains of spam. I dislike this very much, but there's no real solution that is acceptable or even feasible.

Unacceptable infeasible options would be like declaring war or letting th GOP pass their internet bills in to law (the one that gives American corporations the right to censor the entire internet as they see fit.)

this makes me sad that this is a reality.

Main Hall / Mima Mounds and Tofu Hut(or is it Shack?).
« on: May 31, 2011, 11:51:32 AM »
I visited Thurston county yesterday because I was bored and wanted to do something interesting.

I visited an amazing restaurant called the Tofu Hut, which was voted to be the best restaurant in Olympia and managed to get a piece of their legendary vegan cheesecake.

You see, their cheesecake is so amazing it sells out the day that stock more. In other words, to most regulars "the cake is a lie."

I have a photo of the cake in question, as well as photos of landscapes and flora from the Mima Prairie.

I'll upload them later, I've got a fever and vertigo and I thought I could get by on cruising the internet.

I'm gonna throw myself onto my futon and call it a day.

The Cafeteria / Boredom leads to great things.
« on: May 23, 2011, 12:54:47 PM »
I compiled a recipe from one of the practical alchemy sites that I can't remember the name of on paper from memory so I can do something so god-shatteringly awesome, I will be worshiped as a titan (not for my stature).

I'm going to make a Nuka Cola Quantum Lamp that works entirely on a weak phosphorescent reaction. It seems that if i remember the science they posted, it works something like this:

By titrating glauber's salt with carbon, you make it receptive to bonding to heavy metals.

By introducing trace amounts of a heavy metal to this compound while in its molten state, you cause it to become a tinted crystal that gives off luminescence.

Now, I don't know if this part is true, because this is conjecture derived from some of the colors you can get from each metal, but the photospectrometry of each metal used will produce an identical color in each variation.

So lead makes purple, gold makes red, and copper makes green (note that heavy metals aren't the only reactive metals). I am assuming on this conjecture that I can get blue from using silver.

I have access to finely powdered silver, so I guess it couldn't hurt to try other than being out whatever I paid for the silver.

Main Hall / The Grays Harbor Zombie Games.
« on: May 12, 2011, 04:28:08 PM »
It's May, so that means the community college I go to is holding their annual Humans Vs. Zombies competition.

The serial numbers for the survivors have been handed out, and the mandatory orange bandanas have been distributed.

I WAS going to be the first person to sign up (and thus have the coveted 912004001 serial) but I ended up missing my chance because the advisor who organizes the signups went on a smoke break. I left the room for 10 minutes and when I came back, there were already 47 people ahead of me. So I have the 912004048 number. I did get my bandana first though, I got mine roughly half an hour before anyone else because I snuck into the student government building where they were being held and took one without anyone noticing.

Anyway, monday is the official starting date. We're going to watch the first resident evil movie at 8am then hold the AIDS lottery (the slang name for the drawing that determines the five people designated patients 0 through 4). After the gathering is adjourned, the game starts.

The rules are very simple. Inside safe, outside not safe. If a zombie tags you (with their hands), you become a zombie and must relinquish your serial number to one of the refs. If you are a zombie, you must make at least one kill by the end of each day, otherwise you are disqualified. This continues for a week or two, and at the end of that, the statistics for each player are posted on a wall in the cafeteria.

I'm excited because I love events like this. I'm planning on being a survivor till the end, but if I win the AIDS lottery I have no choice but to hunt down my friends. I'm one of 5 people who should not be allowed to be initially infected due to athletic prowess. Last year my friend destroyed the bulk on the human team in 2 days. He let the others live so he had targets to pick for the rest of the week (If he had killed everyone in those two days he would have ended the game on day 3 because none of the zombies would be able to fill their quota.)

I'm trying to decide how I'm going to wear the bandanna because I have scrawny arms(they pack a mean punch, but they're still rather lean) so I can't wear it on my upper arm because the HUMAN or ZOMBIE tag on it won't be legible. I can wear it on either thigh, but that might be troublesome if it slips. I'm actually one of 5 people who can tie it around their waist, seeing as other than my absurd height, I have the figure of a twelve year old chinese girl. The thing is though, when people in the fireside lounge (it's a place to socialize and study named for the twin fireplaces in the center of the room) were experimenting with our bandannas, PJ (last years top zombie) and I both got the idea to tie it about our waists at the same time. A bunch of the girls started complaining about us lowering their self esteem. Apparently when two very tall, very handsome guys can each tie a standard bandanna around their respective waists; and you're a girl who can't, it ruins your self image.

We can't use them as headbands unless we get infected, as it is mandatory for zombies to wear their bandannas that way. I may wear it as a bandit mask.

I already have my route to each class figured out, so I'm good to go unless someone was scouting me out as a potential target.

I'm going to hide out in the lake swano forest in between classes as it provides me a direct route to class that will avoid all of the high traffic areas.

I'm so stoked, I'm champing at the bit, waiting for the competition.

EDIT: I took a picture of my bandanna folded up so as to display the human tag:

Main Hall / Mental Illness and Public Safety
« on: April 09, 2011, 05:14:05 PM »
Mental Illness is an unfortunate occurrence. People with mental illnesses generally are either miserable and cloistered, or manic pariahs. My town has one such manic pariah who is also a religious zealot and quite possibly schizophrenic. He's volatile at the best of times, and downright dangerous at the worst. Due to the guidelines for handling mentally ill people in this state and the relative cowardice and incompetence of the local police force, this man is free to walk the streets of my town despite not only being dangerous, but in need of help.

In washington state, you cannot hold a mental patient against their will for longer than a set duration (I think it's 2 weeks). This irks me because even though it's a very progressive policy designed to keep people from abusing the system to imprison others for whatever reason, it also lets people who SHOULD be hospitalized for life so they can get help run wild.

The man I mentioned is the second case I've been personally involved with where I know that this person needs help, and he's not willing to take it. Because of this unwillingness to change, this man goes through cycles of aggression, capture, stabilization, and release. This man threatened my mother on her way to work one day, and he tried to pick a fight with me only to attack someone else when I demonstrated that I would break him if he tried anything. Though these were two separate occurrences, they are far from isolated incidents.

Another, less volatile example is of a sociopath who happened to be what I call a sleeper con artist. Regular con-artists make a fast buck frequently. Sleeper con-artists make big bucks every few months. At this point I have no respect for this person's privacy, so I shall use her real name when I speak of this case.

Stephanie Mcpheters was a massively overweight, short, and flat faced girl who 'befriended' my sister one day during homelink (online classes with in person classes at the YMCA). This girl had used a fake ID to enter homelink for whatever reason even though she had already passed the age limit on public schooling (at least in washington state, if you are over 21, you cannot attend public schools). After becoming my sister's friend she partook of our families generosity; and as she grew closer to my sister, she was simultaneously casing our house. When a bunch of my stuff went missing (I had tons of games and consoles go missing, the net worth was at least $2,500 USD.) we thought we had been burgled. It turns out stephanie mcpheters walked out the door with a backpack of my stuff after one of her visits when hannah was the only other person here.

When we found out that she was actually a sociopath and had been bleeding us dry, my mom took her to a mental facility to try and get her put away. My sister was devastated because her closest friend was never really her friend at all. Unfortunately Mcpheters was released and she is currently happily married in forks. As If I needed another reason to bomb that place. (forks is the real town that twilight was based on, and now someone who I hold absolute loathing for lives there).

The police never handled the situation, and even though she has a criminal record of at least 4 felonies, she still walks free.

Personally, I want to get back the stuff I lost or cash equivalent. I only want this because if Mcpheters were to pay out what she stole from me, she would be in debt up to her eyeballs and her life ruined to a degree that would grant my sister some peace.

As much as I would like to pretend it's just the money, I want Mcpheters to feel what my sister went though.

The points I'm trying to make with these arguments can be summed up thusly:

-The system through which help can be given to mentally ill people is fundamentally flawed and can't be fixed without making a new problem

-The system through which crimes are punished is also fundamentally flawed.

I'm tired of being at the bottom of my developmental spectrum on all levels. I've let myself atrophy so much, I feel ill thinking about it. I've devised a plan to proceed at an even pace in the three disciplines veritas caters to in an integrative way.

After posting my workout plan (subject to improvement as needed), I'll keep a daily log of my progress and anything of notice. I'll post once a day in this thread at minimum. My hope is the break my personal record for relative proficiency and strength on every plane of existence (that sounded fluffy, but I mean it.)

Backstory on my overall health in all fields:
- When I was 8, on to when I was 16, I was throwing people around with light jabs (When sparring with my dad, I would sometimes knock him back a foot or so. Back then he was larger than me, but now I have a size advantage over most people even though I've physically decrepit now).

-I was also classified by UW, WSU, and some psychological progress organization, as a genius. When I have two state universities and a nationally recognized standard behind me, It's hard to call that a fluke. (I let that atrophy too, but in the day I was the go to guy for the knowledge bowl training. Knowledge bowl is a statewide middle-school and highschool competition that tests students in all fields. I never participated because when I signed up a bully picked fight with me over it and I used his face to paint the wall. I was banned from participating because I might give the school a bad reputation)

-From ages 14-17 I was highly proficient in psychokinesis. I could roll a coke can, spin the psi-wheel (under a beaker) like a ceiling fan. I was also highly gifted at intuitive pre-cognition. When I played dodgeball or sprout ball (a battle royal dodgeball) I was always the last man standing, and always avoided sneak attacks.

Workout Plan:

-wake up during the hours of brahmamurta.
- wash hands, face, and neck in the wash basin
- Qabbalistic Cross of Light
- Lesser invocation of the pentagram
- Gnostic Thunderbolt
- Use the Qi Pumping exercise from kojiryu's qigong plan. Do so for 5-10 minutes.
- Dantian Meditation for 20 minutes
- Focal Meditation for 10 minutes
-Take a 5 minute shower, 2 minutes hot, 3 minutes cold.
-shave and brush skin with a boar bristle brush.
- Eat a hermetically consecrated breakfast (may include alchemically significant foods as per the alchemical foods manifest)
- walking meditation to bus stop.
-Void meditation until bus arrives.
-Void Meditation on bus until I get to aberdeen (washington) station.
-take a break until college bus arrives.
-Admire scenery on the ride to the college (pure training is psychologically unhealthy)
- take a walk on the lake swano trail until first class.
- 45 minute break (after a month, I'll be using this time to practice any abilities I may pick up)
- class
- weights (hit the weight room for 45 minutes, I'll probably practice silent Japa mantra during this time)
- bus to aberdeen station. (mental cooldown)
-bus to home (study diligently)
-home (log progress on this thread)
- cup of matcha
- void meditation in thoth asana
- 10 minutes focal meditation
-pump qi for 10 minutes
- Qabbalistic Cross of Light
-Lesser banishing of the pentagram
-qabbalistic cross of light
- exorcist's sleep preparations (push all energies out of the room and seal the entrances)
-sleep until brahmamurta

Main Hall / Earth Quake
« on: March 11, 2011, 07:51:15 AM »
Well, I woke up to news of the earthquake near the coast of japan and how the quake caused a tsunami that may hit my area.

I'm literally in one of 10 locations in my area that is in a higher elevation than the rest of the county to a degree that may save my house.

In other news, there's a nuclear weapons damage calculator designed to work with google maps. For some reason, even though my house isn't all that far from lake sylvia; if my house were hit with a nuke then I would be safe at the north edge lake sylvia territory. (It's an hour's hike for me, but my friends call me a demon on account of my landborne speed).

So the question is, do you guys think that I'll have enough time to go to lake sylvia if they issue the tsunami warning?

Magick / FTMCS
« on: February 05, 2011, 03:14:19 PM »
Fotamecus is a deity of time as a maleable construct. He lies into direct opposition to chronus (time marches on). Ever since I started using fotamecus i felt like I was slave to his whims rather than time itself. I finally said "screw it" and taught myself fotamecus's technique (which I'm not at liberty to discuss because it involves a lot of personal imagery and conjecture). I finally pissed him off to the point where he intentionally started screwing with me. That in itself is a feat because fotamecus is very laid back. I finally projected him into a mental space and asked him what his problem was. He basically told me that time was his bitch and I wasn't to mess with it. He added the stipulation that a worthy gesture of devotion may lead him to forgive me my transgressions and even let me continue on with timefuckery unmolested (he intentionally works against me in all time related operations either magickal or mundane).

Essentially he wants me to walk around with a broken wrist watch with his sigil on the back for the rest of my life and deface a couple of major time structures. There are 3 such structures in my town, and defacing any of them is a bad idea.

My question is, do I perform the act of devotion and have fotamecus not only ease up on the dickery and let me do my "chronomancy" in peace, but aid my attempts as well? Or do I roll over and stop fucking with time dilation and compression?

I would prefer to keep this technique because I use it for time sensitive issues like grocery runs and errands. On the other hand, a fine or jail time doesn't seem to pleasant to me.

The Cafeteria / How do you drink your coffee?
« on: February 02, 2011, 09:17:26 AM »
I had to stop drinking coffee because it caused my digestive tract to shut down. But before I stopped I drank my coffee with a quarter tablespoon of sugar, and a light splash of cream. My coffee was always the darkest roast I could get, and I brewed it in an aeropress for 5 minutes before hand. (normal brewing time for an aeropress is 30 seconds for extra dark roast).

My friends tell me my coffee is like tar, but I say they give tar too much credit.

Anyways, I'd like ot hear how the coffee drinkers here drink their coffee.

Remember that caffeine may be bad for spiritual growth but alchemically, coffee is a mental enhancer and should be had daily.

Magick / First Overt Feat of Healing
« on: February 02, 2011, 09:11:24 AM »
I did something stupid yesterday and nearly ripped the flesh off my toe in the process. I pulled a piece of crystallized infection/callous material out of my toe and the last bit of the shard(which was strong enough and sharp enough to cut cardboard) snagged on the meat of my toe and pulled a great deal of it away from the rest. I treated the bleeding gash with neosporin and a bandage of a size that would bind it tightly.

Anyways I was in alot of pain last night. So I used the first rune of the elder futhark (which has fire attributions) to lessen the pain.The weird thing is though I woke up pain free and when I took a shower the bandaid fell off and my toe is more or less intact. The only wound is a small area where I made the cut to remove the crystallized callous thing that was causing me so much pain this week.

There is no evidence that I pulled back the meat on the right hand side of my right big toe.

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