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Hello and Goodbye / Cheers Veritas
« on: April 28, 2016, 05:56:32 AM »
Thanks for a few years of interesting discussions Veritas. It's been swell, but the swellings gone down now, so I'm out, and I won't be back. Time to move on permanently from my OEC forum-dweller phase. I got what I came here for a long time ago already actually, and for a while now coming here hasn't had any further utility for me, and the atmosphere is a bit stagnant of late (maybe just a phase). Fortunately, there seem to be enough other places for people to go, and the gap left is already filled by various other things, things that are becoming increasingly easy to find for those who care to look. That, at least, is exciting. It's an exciting time for magic and mysticism, and Veritas has been a part of that, and in turn I'm glad to have been a part of Veritas.

Thanks to everyone who made my time here worth it. Go forth and conquer - let true success be your proof and reward, and may God bless you.


~ Pulse

Magick / Magick and Enlightenment
« on: July 16, 2014, 05:12:30 AM »
So Hellblazer asked a pretty good question in another thread, and I thought it deserved it's own thread:

So you reach lesser enlightenment then greater enlightenment, what's next. What is there after all that? What is the real point of it at all? This is a honest question. You spend your entire life basically just reaching a state of mind. Which is nothing special. You just spend all your time meditating and letting life pass you by. Why?

So I'd like to hear some opinions and reasons here. How do you define magic, how do you define enlightenment, and do you think they are related - if not, why, and if so, in what way?

Main Hall / A New Hermetic Blog
« on: September 28, 2012, 03:26:06 AM »

Enjoy, please subscribe  :bunny:

*disappears again*

Hello and Goodbye / TTFN
« on: June 06, 2012, 10:15:50 AM »
Once again I'm going to take a little hiatus from Veritas. Thanks to everyone who made my short recent stint here enjoyable. Hopefully when I return I will have more to share, but for now I must attend to my own studies. Peace!

Yours Truly,
Ekstatikos {Formerly The Pulse of Awakening}

PS. Be Victorious!  :cool:

Technical Support / Header missing
« on: May 16, 2012, 01:36:19 PM »
When I log in, I can no longer see my avatar, and the 'unread posts since last visit' options?

Other / Crop Circles
« on: April 25, 2012, 05:50:33 AM »
What are they?

Hello and Goodbye / Taking a break from Veritas for a while
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:58:48 PM »
Hey everybody,

I'll not be visiting the forums again for a while, at least a few months. I've reached the point where debate on these topics would be counterproductive to my development. Also, I believe here are enough experienced folks active in the community to help out - someday hopefully I will return with my own knowledge and experience to share.

I'd just like to say that it has been an honour and a priviledge to be a part of this community. Since I joined Veritas in 2009 I have learnt an immense amount of valuable knowledge from this site, and have been blessed to be able to take part in several interesting and stimulating debates and discussions. After years of searching the internet in vain for a good community with great information I found Veritas, and I haven't looked back since. It was the portal that lead me to true spiritual development, and I believe it will continue to serve as such a portal for all those hopeful aspirants of the occult, magick, and mysticism who are truly dedicated to finding the Truth and the Beauty of our shared human adventure.

Good luck to all of you, it's been a blast!

Peace, Love & Understanding

Main Hall / Fun things to do with cats?
« on: February 10, 2011, 01:45:59 AM »
So recently two stray kittens walked into my life. I decided to keep them and they were promptly named Aleister and Cerberus.

My question is, what fun can I have with these little guys, besides just playing with them or watching them romp & frolic, which provides me with a massive sense of wellbeing  :).

I've heard they react well to psiballs, so I'll have to try that out, heh. Or could I turn them into familiars? Hmm..

Any suggestions?


Magick / Theurgic/Yogic Adorations
« on: January 20, 2011, 02:28:01 AM »
Not really being a Thelemite myself, I find it somewhat inappropriate to use Crowley's Liber Resh adorations, so I was wondering if there are any sun salutations/adorations that would be applicable for one pursuing a theurgic path?

Alternatively, any applicable yogic mantras?

Also, I read somewhere that for sun adorations to be effective at all their content must be meditated upon after reciting them. I assume this to be correct?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

- Pulse

Magick / Yoga asana routine
« on: December 01, 2010, 06:08:27 AM »
Just a quick question on yoga:

I'm nearing the point where I can advance from doing the 5 key asanas in Veos' article on yoga for 5 minutes each to longer. I noticed that in the article, in the 'More Advanced Sadhana' routine, the two extra asanas (Bhujangasana and Matsyendrasana) are dropped in favour of doing the 3 key asanas for longer. When should this happen?

Also, I'm wondering when or how one should start pushing the asanas as far as they can go. Obviously I don't have time to do more than 2 hours of yoga twice each day (since I'm also doing the IIH and a bit of other things), so when and how can I start aiming to achieve Mastery of Asana (holding one for 3hours+)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
- Pulse

Magick / Ceremonial Magick; where to start, where to head?
« on: December 01, 2010, 05:53:54 AM »
I'm getting steady in both my Yoga and IIH practice and would now like to know whether there is any ceremonial magick I could start looking into?

I realize it may not be necessary at this point (I'm still on IIH Step1), but the thing is, I just love ceremonial magick, and it keeps me very motivated.

I feel somewhat disillusioned with the Golden Dawn, so I'm wondering whether I should substitute the Quabbalistic Cross with the Aurum Solis' Calyx ritual, for example. Also, would it be a good idea to join the Aurum Solis once I have the funds available? I would prefer to join Prophecy & Veos' classes, but they seem a bit too, exclusive.

So my basic question is what rituals would be of benefit to me at the moment, and once those are a solid part of my routine, where do I go from there?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
- Pulse

Magick / Siddhasana, Padmasana and Celibacy
« on: October 05, 2010, 08:59:53 AM »
Which is better, Siddhasana or Padmasana? Will Siddhasana really do damage to my man bits? Is padmasana even worth it if even the name 'siddhasana' implies it is superior?

I'm a bit at a loss here as to which one to choose as my primary asana for meditation, pranayama, japa etc.

Even more confusingly, is it really necessary to become celibate? Or rather, if I want to do yoga properly, will I have to give up sex? If I become celibate and do siddhasana for say, 5 years, will I become unable to enjoy sex or practice sexual magick/tantra? Or is there some kind of back-up plan here?

- Pulse

Magick / How do you fall asleep?
« on: September 29, 2010, 10:56:54 PM »
Are there any specific techniques, positions, breathing exercises etc you do to fall asleep/right before you fall asleep? Dream induction, projection, pranayama, japa?

Personally I do japa last thing at night, but I generally have some trouble dozing off even after that, since my mind tends to wander/plan/work when I switch the lights off. This has been improving since I've been meditating more regularly, but I'd still like to know if there's anything specific you guys do before you fall asleep?

Peace & Love
- Pulse

Magick / IIH Tips & Tricks Thread
« on: September 29, 2010, 10:42:03 PM »
Got any special tips or tricks relating to the practice of any of the IIH steps/sub-steps? Post them here!

I'll start:
Tip #1 (IIH Step I): GET UP EARLY!  :elephant:

Prophecy mentions this here:, and I cannot recommend it strongly enough! If at all possible, getting up at 4 (a truly magickal time of day) and getting in an hour or two of practice to start the day (including brushing and cleansing the body, meditation and prayer) will lead to amazing progress. From personal experience I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest ways to kickstart your Initiation process. Also, doing yoga, meditation and some form of exercise daily will make you sleep more soundly at night, meaning you need less sleep, so getting up that early won't seem so bad. If it's difficult, motivate yourself by putting your alarm clock across the room, and have some coffee if you still feel groggy. This is also an excellent time for reading scripture and doing japa.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys, I'll be posting more things I've learnt in my experience of the IIH as this goes along.

Peace & Love
- Pulse

(Edit: Post a tip by giving it a number and indicating what Step/Sub-Step in the IIH it relates to, this will make discussing individual tips easier.)

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