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Psionics / A little tip for the beginers
« on: March 08, 2010, 11:15:46 AM »
Firstly, (in case some of you still remember my existance, lol) hi everybody, I'm back ('didn't have the time to write, had to study for my proficiency, wich I passed, btw, if you hapen to care). I'm glad to see (actualy read) you all, agen!

So, my little tip is this:
Trust your power!
yeah, I know that it is a little gliche (wich would normanly take an accent, but anyway) and everything, but here is why I wanted to point that out:
There is a thin line betwin beliving in something and trusting it.
Beliving in something, like for example in psi, is ok, as long as you want to study it in theory. But, if you want for example to use PK, beliving that it can be done, is not enough: you have to trust your source (either it is your own energy, or for example a deity), to trust that what you want, is definitly going to hapen, not to have any doupts about yourself, or the eficiancy of your method.

I know this is a realy tiny tip, and also it is quite sure you already understood this by yourselfs, but belive me, it would have saved me months of exercice (if not a whole year) if somebody had told me that at the very begining, even if, deep in my mind, i knew it.

btw, even if I wrote this in the psi section, I think you'll agree it suits about magic too!

Magick / Nocturnicon
« on: June 23, 2009, 04:32:21 AM »
Hellow agen!
I have a friend that want's to read the Nocturnicon.
I have never heard of that book, so I don't know if it works, but if someone has a pdf copy, please let me know...

that's all.

Magick / experiment 048
« on: June 11, 2009, 11:25:41 AM »
Firstly, I would like to calculate how much help I will have (and the reason). Secondly, I would like some coments ONLY about the reason you will/won't participate.
thank you  :wink:

Magick / The rice of a new magic system: experiment 048
« on: June 09, 2009, 05:22:48 AM »
A new experiment, based on an idea that came up to me from the topic "necronomicon":

If it ever works, I think it would be the chain reaction from beliveing in it, that it would be made based on the belives of all those who have read it and belived it... It would be like a huge spell or construction around the earth; a construction of rules and chain efects... Same way, If many people belived that the harry potter magic was real, maybe all the laws it states etc, would work for those who belive it: Let us not forget that magic has many virtues, but the most basic is that it is shaped through will and belive. An other reason that could prove this theory is today: most people belive that metaphisics etc are not real, so magical phenomenons are leaser nowdays. Midle age scripts state that once mages could simmon whole hyricanes within a few minutes and throw fire in seconds. Today everyone thincs that it was just exajerations, but who knows: maybe, since most people belived they actualy could do these things, made them able to DO it!

that is just a theory, but I think it worths to be checked by a serie of experiments...
if anyone is interested, just PM me...

the main idea of the experiment is to prove that magic (systems) is a conclusion of mass belif and will, wich create a "program" of "mechanics" that acctivate the dessired effect. In simpler words, that (at least some) magic systems are not natural, but created by humans (or other beings), like a huge construction around the world!

Also, if the experiment works, we will all have deeper knowlage of our world, plus (maybe) enhansed powers (if we base the new system on simple laws).

I think we should start with a simple spell, to see if it can, at all, work.
I was thinking of some spell that would be based on kinisis, so, let us try a physical force pushing spell (I think, most of you have at least once dreamed of being able to push something with much power, in less than 5 seconds/I do not belive that someone can pretend he can do so).

First of all, we have to deside a particular way to visualise the "force push". If we use the same way, it will certenly work better. A good way would be as a ball of psi that pushes the desired item. Let us now, see how will that ball be: let us say a marin blue-trensparent ball, solid, cold with a "radienergy sound"( like "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"). Afte that, we have to give an exclamation to the spell. A good exclamation would be "pulsus" wich is the latin world for "push". Briefly you have to:
-visualise the ball: marin blue-trensparent ball, solid, cold, radiation sound
-visualise it hitting the object and pushing it, and belive it will
-at the same time doing the second step, exclamate "pulsus"!

it is proved that the exclamation, can help in the expectation of the desired effect.

 And now, the most critical subject: You have to belive it! Convice yourself that it will be done, that all this is real, and if you are not able to do it yet, it is because of lack of beliff. If a big amound of people belives it can be done (and ofcource, if my theory is right), it will be done.

 Some facts: why do churches so desperatly want followers and belivers? why all the casts, brotherhoods etc. want to have more and more people beliving them? (Also, I have to mention that I belive that the churches use some kind of magic, and god has nothing to do with it. After all, the Creator has no need of followers, it is the church that needs them, to enhance it's magic!!!). Those things made me belive this theory. If you can, please help me develop my experiment. You never know, it could actually work!

« on: June 05, 2009, 02:09:29 AM »
Hi, I was just curious, since I have always been on the good alighment, to see how the other side is studing magic... so I asked a friend of mine that calls himself a "dark wizard" and he advised me to study the necronomicon...
Befor I study it, I would like advice, since I know it has highter than regular spells in it. What do you think of this book, should I buy it or not (considering I want to stay on the "good side")?

Psionics / official telepathic programs???
« on: June 05, 2009, 01:55:32 AM »
well, since I was more focusing on energy manipulation abilities, I have left my telepathic abilities far behind... you see, I realized that when I tryed to find the writ answer on a test from other minds, and I don't know, maybe It was my stress or somthing, but I just couldn't. It is natural that, since I am practising with psi I have some telepathic skills, but not at the level I wish. So I needed to ask you: Is there any propabilyty that there are official programs for shielding the students when they are writing exams? (ok, I am not proud to mention that I tryed to cheat, but that is off-topic. after all, everyone has at least once cheated on a test).Or it is just that I am not experienced enough in telepathy?

Ok, I firstly want to make myself clear: I do believe in God, I am a Christian but I am antidogmatic (nether catholic, nor orthodox nor protestand nor whatever other dogmas are). I believe in the existence of the holy-3 but recognise also other entities, not as gods, but as high spiritual level beings (example: the Buddhas(es) and and saint Peter have the same spiritual level in my personal believe). Anyway, enough about me: Let us go into the main subject:

As, I am sure, most of you already know, the religion subject (mainly in high school) is doing a very clear propaganda. I believe it is unacceptable to have "professors" telling you not to practice anything metaphysical 'cause it's evil (yeah, right, Like if the rituals they do aren't magical). Let us say in a class there is for example a Wiccan child: Is he/she obliged to hear the fanatic proffesor of religion swearing his/her religion? Well, you may say "no, they can give a special papper to the director, allowing 'em not to follow the religion lesson". Well, that is unfair too, 'cause the child would miss some easy points in his/her final card. That is why I think the religion lesson should just inform us about the believes of all the religions instead of making propaganda about the main religion of the country...

please share your opinions with me...

edit: yes, I belive in Jessus too, as the son of the holy 3 (aka, one of the 3, himself).
edit 2: forgot to say, I am agest the churches!
and finaly, edit 3: I also think there are some good priests (like a 8-19% or smthing). I have met that kind of priest, who does not try to make propaganda, and discuses about other religions, and tryes to REALY help you (not by forsing you to belive him). But, this type of priest, is rare!

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