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Hello and Goodbye / Hello. :)
« on: November 05, 2008, 12:10:49 PM »

Hi, I am new here.
I'm very interested in occult, magick etc. Few weeks ago I've started to study Franz Bardon's Iniciation to hermecy (I think that's an english title, but I'm not sure.) and I like it a lot. So I'll continue. I hope I'll have enough time to read all the interesting things you guyz write here. I'd be glad if I met new friends who are interested in same things as I am, because I'm the only one my age I know, so that makes me some kind of loner, I guess. >> And besides, it's nice to have friends from abroad. :)  :wink:
I'm sorry if my english ain't that good as yours and if I confusing all those tenses... well, whatever. ^^
I hope I learn sometin' new up here.
Bye to all! *

- R.Y -

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