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Projection / Instant Out Of Body (A crock or for real?)
« on: January 17, 2004, 03:37:15 PM »
The other day I stumbled upon AP in a forum and I got real interested and I am in the process of doing a lot of research right now. I haven't actually tried it yet.  While searching google for information I came accross this "Miracle Substance" called Lucid Dragon 5X.  Supposedly you are able to smoke this plant and after about 3 hits you look around and you are out of your body.  What I am concerned about is that it could be Halucinative Drug that makes you think you are having this so-called AP.  Anybody have any experience with this or not.  Any help greatly appreciated.  Check it out hereLucid Dragon 5X.  Give some feedback on your thoughts about this.

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