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Hello and Goodbye / I'm back. Again. Maybe.
« on: July 28, 2014, 09:07:57 PM »
I haven't been here since 2011 or so. I've moved around quite a bit and had a mental breakdown or two. High stress employment and horrible relationships will do that to people.

At this point it would be unfair to say that I've studied anything magickal or had any experiences over the last couple of years. It's mostly been a deep dark void for me. A place where I've contemplated a lot of the events over the past decade and have finally coalesced my resolve to not be a victim of other people's hopelessness. In other words, I'm finally channeling my rage into a proper direction.

If anyone's wondering where I stood before leaving, I met Prophecy and Veos during the Vcon they hosted years ago. I have no clue what they're up to now, but I hope they're doing well. Having said that I doubt that I would be welcome back at this point. My personal philosophy had done almost a complete 180 degrees from back then, from idealistic to completely cynical.

Anyway, I'm back.

Hello and Goodbye / Hello again to some of you.
« on: May 15, 2011, 07:40:51 PM »
Hello all.  I expect that there are a lot of new names here since Iíve been gone.  It has certainly been quite a while but Iím back.  A case of life got dropped at my door and I had to go live it for a time, so Iíll just put it here for what itís worth.

After that shindig down at Prophecyís about two years ago I went back to my job and proceeded, more determined than smart, to actually live a life worth leaving.  So I started walking almost daily (I had a nice couple mile loop that only required risking my life for about 200 ft, and that was quite a stretch there) and managed to drop a fair bit of weight.  I then found a woman who accepted me, more or less, for who I was/am and stayed at that weight for a bit of time.  Then, a few stressful projects later, I managed to regain most of that weight.  Cíest la vie.

Much more recently, Iíve changed jobs and location.  I lost the fantastic walking circle but gained a much better atmosphere.  I actually have a window that faces east enough to see the sunrise in the morning.  A very awesome improvement.

So the long of the short of the whole deal is that Iíve had a pretty good time these past couple of years.  Read a lot of books, seen a few shows, and tried a local martial arts school (injured wrists take forever to heal).  Now Iíd like to try coming back to something I left behind.  Hopefully Iíve come back a little wiser than I was, but who knows?

Anyway, hi again.  Iím back.

The Cafeteria / Now for something different.
« on: December 18, 2008, 04:46:37 PM »
This is just too good to keep to myself.

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