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Questions & Suggestions / HEELLP!
« on: January 11, 2009, 06:25:15 PM »
There is something wrong here, I've registered a new account, as Eclipse-Midnight, with the same email adress as this, I even confirmed my mail, but I can't always log in......... So please delete the following two accounts..




Please do this ASAP
Thank you, I will re-register as a new account later... :teethy:

Main Hall / Some more questions...
« on: July 18, 2008, 12:21:19 PM »
Hey, I have a few questions, and I need someone with experience in magic (preferably hermetics or some other form of elemental magic) to clear some things up for me in as much detail as possible, also addin little chunks of extra info you might think I'd like to know.

I was planning on trying something new in magic. I will let you all know if it works, but to succeed I need to know:

1. What are the basic workings of elemental magic? I mean where the energy comes from, how is it redirected, is all the creating of the black and white soul mirrors needed.

2. Would it be possible to start physically manipulate the elements as soon as you can accumulate elemental energy? How exactly do you accumulate this elemental energy. The reason I ask this is because I've read a bunch of stuff and they all say different things.

3. What are the mechanics behind physically manipulating the elements?

4. Would the manipulation (see no 3) perhaps involve telekenisis.

5. Some shamans believe in upper, middle, and lower worlds, and that through trance you can travel between them and thus meet up with your spirit animal. Is this true, can your spirit animal help you improve your magic?

6. What is the difference between akasa and vital force, what could be done with them. What are their working mechanisms?

thanx allot in advance, as i said before, please explain the above in detail. The reason i want these questions answered here in great detail is because i have read a bunch of stuff (initiation into hermetics for one, but it, i feel, is too "you have to"), and for some reason they sound so different.

once chain, thanx in advance...

Questions & Suggestions / Name change
« on: June 13, 2008, 02:31:43 AM »
Can one of you great admins plz change my name to Bender?
Thanx in advance

Main Hall / Where are most metaphysicist situated?
« on: April 16, 2008, 04:41:37 AM »
Vote on the poll, and say where you are?

this is just to apease my curiosity. . .


Some opinions on the Mentoring program here at Veritas wanted. . . 

I was considering signing up for the mentoring program here, but I'm not sure if its for me, or if it will clash with my dayly life.  I would like to hear from some of the mentors and mentees here and hear some coments. Like if it afected your dayly life, its pros and cons, ect. . 

thanx in advance

Where do I start, so many Questions on magic. . . I need expert input. . .

1. What  is with all the labels? I know a whitch is a wiccan, but  what's the difrence between a wizard, magus, warlock, magician (and some other wierd ones I've heard of but can't recall)?

2. I have an extremely uncontrollable mind, I find it very close to impossible to sit down and concentrate on meditation for more than a few moments (a practice that is esential for the magic I wish to take part in). So please could someone sugest some way to tame my TOO-free mind so meditation can become easyer. . .

3. I also seem to rush trough visualisations, once again "Help is needed. . ."

4. What, for curiosity's sake, would you guys (the experts) say the pinnacle of magical power would be, some abilities?

5. Is physical transformation through magic possible (like werewolves, etc. . ), and if so, how is it done?

6. Could someone recomend a tipe of powerfull protection magic, and how to preform this please. . .

7. I have a friend to who strange things happen. I recall two incedents, the first she was stalked by a woman walking on the roof who plays with my friends  hair, and has a 'undead' cat that apears a few moments before the woman herself (this aparently hapened a few years prior to me and my friends meeting, but no longer hapens). A more recent ocurance is the sudden apearance and almost immediate dissapearance of a ginger cat (larger than normal) standing in front of an ancient wall covered in egyptian heirogliphs. I believe in reincarnation, my frend doesn't, I sugested it could be a flashback of previouse life, but my frend doubts it. What do you people think?

thanx in advance for your input

Public Classes / Practical Basics of elemental magic - I need help!
« on: April 07, 2008, 05:33:40 AM »
Halo, i'm juan0521

is there a beginning in magic class yet, coz i just joined, and all i find is theory pages, but nothing practical... I REEAAALY wana be a elemental magus, but evrything i find on most sites is either theory or waaay too intelectual to understand by a novice like me, and i mean no offence, this is one of the best sites i've found thus far, but realy, i need some practical help from proffesionals.

what i realy need is:

1. Some basic elemental magic exersizes that will show results
2. And explanations for, forgive my bluntness, al those big words

i appologise for bad spelling and this post's length, help would be apreciated,

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