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Main Hall / Google Books PDF downloads, What have you found?
« on: January 19, 2008, 09:05:19 PM »
This thread is for posting about what cool, free, and legal books you've discovered at What cool religious or spiritual books have you discovered at Please mention FULL VIEW books found at Google Books only, which have PDF files to download. Please do not go off-topic with books not found at Google Books, limited view books there without a PDF download, etc.

Here's one I discovered:

Dictionnaire infernal

You will notice it has a PDF download link at the top right of the page linked above!

So.. what cool spiritual books with PDF downloads have YOU found at Google Books?

Magick / Demon Worship
« on: January 05, 2008, 05:57:55 AM »
Without following any strict code of approach like the Goetia or other grimores, I have been experiencing contact with one demon from the Goetia with a fantastic degree of success.

= Approach:
1. Treating the demon with respect and honor
2. Chanting name of demon, visual focus on sigil
3. Incensing sigil with fragrance of plant listed with demon's planet
4. Daily thanks for past favors
5. Placing sigil under pillow at night
6. Offering wine, fresh plant listed with demon's planet, and water on a plain altar
7. Lighting candles, black or of the specific color of the demon's planet
8. Offerings of personal energy
9. Drawing the sigil and using it in artwork for others to see
10. Private sigil drawing in art for devotion

= Environmental observations:
1. A sweet smell, at times overpowering, comes and goes
2. Ripples through the air, like something moving through water
3. Pockets of what appears to be heat vapor as the type you see rising from hot objects like pavement, in midair moving and fading away
4. Candles rising and crackling noises during meditation
5. Crackling noises or popping in the air without candles lit
6. Sudden cold areas in the room, usually near my arms, face

= Communication Methods From Demon:
1. All through dreams, information given to me beyond my wildest expectations, dream images range from obvious to heavy symbolism
2. Odd coincidences in real life which usually point directly to the demon to some degree

I don't believe in "dabbling" in magick, this is not idle amusement, I've done my research, which is not to suggest a convoluted ego. I note and appreciate written cautions against befriending demons and not using protective measures [meaning I use no circle, I never banish, I do not call upon any godform or higher power before, during, or after communicating with the demon]. I am not a practicing Satanist nor do I belong to any Satanic group or order, that includes the recent web-popular "demonolatry" bunch. I'm not knocking such groups but I wish to make this point clear as some may ask if I call upon Satan as some texts describe, I do not. My devotion towards this particular demon from the Goetia has been on-going for several years. During the early contacts, I inquired to another demon from the Goetia about a matter and received an instant response that night in a dream, followed by another dream which was disturbing and made it appear that I had offended the demon I so honor by contacting another for advice instead of him. Since then, I have only maintained contact with the one demon I had so devoted my attention to and the rewards in dreams have been miraculous.

I evoked the demon a couple of times but have not since and never to a degree where I could hear or see it, I blame this on spending no more than an hour on them, an error on my behalf. Honestly, I felt I was pushing it by trying evocation at this point, feeling it best to continue with light contact for several additional months. My main communication is through the Approach outlined above. I plan on evoking to visible manifestation. A recent dream was a scroll with writing on it and a line thrust before me, which leads me to believe the demon wishes to make a long term pact with me. Should anyone wish to comment on my experiences, as briefly as I have stated them thus far and perhaps share any tips on evocation before I attempt?

Edited on Jan 19, 2008
Reason: Added information I had originally intended to include

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