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Magick / Bit off more than I could chew at a cemetery: Ghosts?
« on: August 19, 2016, 10:19:41 AM »
Hia, long time since I've been around, but I had an experience which isn't in my area of expertise and I need to open the floor to those more experienced than myself in these matters, please give your thoughts on what occurred and how to proceed.

Here is the short version:

My partner is sensitive to ghosts, I was skeptical about spirits until tonight, ghosts aren't my thing and I still think the vast majority of 'hauntings' are fake or the result of an overactive imagination/hallucinations.

When she sees them its (until tonight) only one at a time, right before the encounter she feels faint, then when she sees it the whole rest of the world drops away for her, her only awareness is of the ghost. She either experiences what they experienced in their last moments, such as when she had horrible chest pains and a sense of laying on the ground, when she walked to the bottom of a set of stairs in a house, where she later discovered the previous owner had fallen down the stairs and consequently died a heart attack on that spot, or she babbles uncontrollably trance like about what the ghost is doing and saying to her. Afterwards she is extremely unsettled and has difficulty reengaging with reality for a short time, and usually feels very drained and fatigued.

This only occurs with what she terms 'loud ghosts' which are typically people who died in a state of anguish and pain, she sometimes encounters 'quiet ghosts' but she has to willing open herself up to them, they do not intrude and hijack her consciousness forcefully, she is simply aware of them as shadowy figures.

Tonight while walking the perimeter of a cemetery we both encountered at the same time a distinctive and strong energy in our solar plexus which in both cases radiated into our chests (I'm not very sensitive to energy at all, so this is surprising), and then at another point along the edge where the high walls drop away to be replaced by a low wooden fence and the cemetery is visible, we were both struck again by it more strongly, in her case (being more sensitive) she was near catatonic and had to be dragged back to the car. She described it as similar to her previous 'loud ghost' experiences but too many at once (she saw dozens and dozens of shadowy figures in the cemetery), and they didn't make a desire or sense of themselves known as others do, they simply overwhelmed her and drained her, she was extremely fatigued, later at her apartment I noticed her eyes had become very bloodshot.

On the way home we both felt some traces of the energy attached to us. When we got home she did a centering/grounding and as I saw her come back to herself I felt something like the energy from the cemetery proliferate into the room, I felt it try to attach to my body but I banished it and a few minutes later it dissipated. (we were burning white sage and a storm had come over the building)

I then did my own banishing, grounding and centering.

She has told me in the past that cemeteries are always completely devoid of spiritual activity in her experience, she has only ever seen very very subtle 'quiet ghosts' in such places.

What I want to know:
How typical are her experiences/symptoms of people who encounter ghosts? What do you make of the experience? Why might a cemetery have been so spiritually active in this way? She is determined to go back at some point, so how can we better prepare for encountering such a strong force again?

Magick / Physical Exertion During Ritual
« on: December 24, 2012, 07:31:31 AM »
Often during the LBRP or similar rituals, when inhaling and projecting elemental energy I find myself sweating heavily even in cold weather, (hot weather can leave me light headed and faint), unless I specifically make a point of absorbing a good deal of energy at the end of the ritual I will find myself feeling physically drained and exhausted.

Has anybody had similar experiences when energy working in ritual? How have you managed it?

Magick / Elemental cardinal directions
« on: October 09, 2012, 06:19:31 AM »
There's something about the association between cardinal directions and elements that has never made sense to me, and I was wondering if other people had noticed.

The importance of cardinal directions has a lot to do with the motion of the sun, rising in the east and setting in the west (cresting in the north or south depending on what side of the equator you're on)

So it makes sense why (in the northern hemisphere anyway), Water is associated with the west as this is where (from our perspective on earth) the world is receiving the sun, so we associate the receptive element with that direction. North being Earth makes sense since the sun never traverses to the north, that is the side in darkness, also the element is associated with death in some ways, and so being where the sun has (from our perspective on earth) descended into, we associate it with the death of the sun.

However, what doesn't make sense to me is why Fire is associated with the South, and Air with the East....

Air is an element of medium, balance, the interplay of the active and passive, expansive and receptive. If anything it should represent the South, the sun in transit between its initial spark of birth (Fire) and being received (Water). Fire would seem a more natural representative for the East, as this is where the initial creative spark of the sun comes into being from the darkness.


Magick / Using Enviromental Audio in Group Ritual?
« on: February 26, 2012, 05:56:55 AM »
Recently I've been getting together a group of practitioners and soon we'll be doing a group ritual, nothing too complex but part of it involves raising the elements.

Now we've been thinking about having an audio track specially constructed of ambient environmental noise (Not Music) for each element, played softly and non obtrusively.


During the raising of Fire there is ambient audio of fire crackling and burning, during the raising of air there is the sound of wind blowing, etc.

It would be designed to be non obtrusive as possible, the speakers would be placed equally at the four corners of the room, covered in dark fabric and turned low so the audio is ambient without clear origin, each track would be designed not to draw attention to itself, each track would loop until I press a button and then it will gently fade into the next elemental track.

The thing is I'm wondering if despite being designed to as non obtrusive as possible, will it detract from or prove a distraction from the ritual? Does anybody have experience with this? Any tips or tricks you've found with getting it to work well?

Magick / Stopping breathing during meditation
« on: October 24, 2011, 09:09:56 AM »
Recently I've had a problem, whenever I get into a highly focused one pointed state, either when repeating a mantra or meditating on something, I stop breathing.

For some reason my breathing doesn't seem to continue unconsciously during this state, and I'm always drawn away from my focus by the need to reassert my breathing rythm,

Has this happened to anybody else, are there any techniques I can put into play to overcome this?

Magick / Spirit Teachers
« on: May 15, 2011, 07:39:39 AM »
Hey all, I haven't made a post here in a while.

I've heard of people seeking out spirits to teach them magick, and I'm curious if anybody here has experience with this, particularly:

-The process of selecting and contacting a teacher spirit

-The means by which wisdom and lessons are communicated

-Dangers and pitfalls, words of warning (I'm sure these will feature prominently)

I'm not asking to have my research done for me, if anybody with experience could point me in the right direction and share their own experiences I'd be appreciative. I'm not certain this is something I would do, I'm certainly no novice when it comes to conducting my own research and experiments, though having some source other than my fellow human beings would be interesting.

Main Hall / James Randi $1000000 Challenge
« on: April 21, 2010, 10:26:37 AM »
I'm interested to hear people's opinions on James Randi's million dollar paranormal challenge.

In case you haven't heard of it, the challenge pretty much promised one million dollars to the person who demonstrates psychic abilities under controlled conditions.

The JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) makes big point about the fact nobody has won this yet.

Though the experience of certain people who have inquired regarding the challenge, and looking at the rules for myself, doesn't paint it in a very good light.

Sean Connelly recounts his experience when he tried asking some specific questions on the nature of exactly how the money would be payed in the link below, he also provides the email logs and forum posts in HTML form (though easily faked, it would be a lot of effort to write up 6 pages of forum posts which can still be found on the original forum anyway) The rude and evasive responses he received didn't exactly reassure him of the integrity of the JREF.

Personally after looking at the rules and other material from Randi I'm inclined to think the challenge is designed to exclude as many people as possible,

You must have a media presence to be accepted, i.e must have appeared in mainstream TV or Newspaper on the subject of your abilities, also Randi only allows certain types of phenomena to be accepted for testing, the ones he doesn't allow he only provides very unsatisfactory answers as to why, if at all, really its very arbitrary.

These are just two points out of many, but its hardly surprising nobody has succeeded in the challenge, considering that not single person on this forum for example, would be eligible.

Magick / Hemisphere Differences
« on: January 28, 2010, 06:03:18 AM »
While researching for something I've been writing, I came across the idea that in the Southern Hemisphere the elemental attributes of the cardinal directions should be reversed, I already knew about people practicing pagan holidays switching the dates of Beltane and Samhain down here, since the seasons they link with are reversed.

I can understand the holidays being switched because of the seasons being reversed, but what is the reasoning behind reversing the elemental attributes of the cardinal directions?

Also is anybody aware of other attributes which are commonly altered between hemispheres?

Hello and Goodbye / Micky-P Is Back
« on: January 10, 2010, 05:57:56 AM »
On the 18th of June 2009 I realized I was spending too much time debating and discussing magical theory without practicing as much as I should, the idea of myself as an armchair magician disgusted me and I left to focus my drives inwards on my own development, deciding to return when I was more dedicated in my practical work.

I've come back now nearly six months later, not because I've reached the dedication in my practical work that I desired but because I've overcome the reason why I was distracted by debate and discussion to take on practical work, in short it came down to arrogance, ego and ideas of intelligence and wisdom which I didn't have.

Meeting with other occultists far more experienced than myself, made me realize the insignificance of my knowledge, experience and ability, in the face of such experience my ego in relation to magic was left in tatters, I don't pretend it isn't there but it doesn't blind me as it used to. Not only this but reading more in depth about astronomy and physics obliterated the attached twin of my magical ego, my scientific one.

However recently as I've completed my degree and left college, I've found myself very embroiled in the mundane world of superficial media driven consciousness, without an anchor in the form of this fantastic occult community I've found myself swept along for the ride.

So with new found humility and awareness of my own insignificance in this vast cosmic drama, and a need for a base I can return to in order to "recharge my batteries" of metaphysical thought, I've come back.   

Lots to catch up on and lots of new faces, which is always the best thing to find when you return somewhere you once called a home.

Hello and Goodbye / I'll return when I have something to contribute
« on: June 17, 2009, 07:44:52 PM »
I've decided to stop participating in the Veritas Forums with the exception of coming here when I have a particular piece of information I need from an article.

I've come to the decision that idly posting silly discussions and debating theory and so on is distracting me from actually doing anything in occultism, I've come to realize I spend more time discussing magick online than actually practicing it.

So I'll be leaving for a while till I have my training back on track and feel I actually have something in the way of knowledge and experience to contribute to this community. Because most of what I have contributed so far has been based on theory and material drawn from other sources not experience, and that just seems pretty hollow.

So hopefully when I return I'll be more of a practicing magician and not an armchair one.

I know that in one of his articles Prophesy stated that one must be careful not to jump to conclusions when evidence of a possible spiritual threat comes to light, due to the danger of your own imagined image of this threat being projected onto the astral light, and thus you end up seeing exactly what you expected to see but not what is actually there i.e nothing.

Now as I understand it (not being experienced in evocation) when one engages in evocation, one normally studies the entity they intend to evoke in great detail, learning as much about it as they can to ensure their efforts are fruitful.

Is it possible that in many if not all cases of evocation that the magician has such an intense and strong image in his mind of what he expects to see that he ends up projecting that image into the astral light, rather than actually evoking the entity?

Dreams / Dream Fighting
« on: February 12, 2009, 04:48:25 AM »
I've noticed an interesting change, for as long as I can remember, any time I have a dream in which I get into a fight I always move very slowly while my opponent moves at normal speed, all my punches hit with the softest touch no matter how hard I throw them while my opponents send me reeling. (in fact in the real world I hit with strength unexpected of somebody of my build)

Recently however all the dreams I've had in which a fight has taken place not only have I moved at normal speed and hit with normal strength but I've beaten my opponents.

I've tried to think of some real world change that has caused this shift but nothing comes to mind. All I know is it feels god not to be helpless in my own dreams anymore.

Anybody have any idea what this signifies, basic ideas of better confidence I get but it feels like something deeper is at work here.

Magick / Techniques for entering the magickal mindset
« on: February 09, 2009, 07:16:03 AM »
I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about, that particular mindset one finds ones self in, where the desire to work with magical forces is like a raging fire, the focus to do so is likewise razor sharp and you know with absolute confidence that you can succeed in your endeavors...and do. No door is closed and the world is a myriad of magical possibilities all at your fingertips. Passion, Power and Possibilities.

Israel Regardie discussed this in The Tree of Life as well as other authors but that example comes to mind, he said that many magicians develop techniques to awaken this super charged mindset.

I myself have had limited success in awakening this mind set at will, some occasions a particular technique works, but mostly it doesn't. The mindset comes and goes of it's own accord seemingly. Many emotional states I find simple enough to invoke, but this one mindset constantly eludes me.

I'm curious what methods you all use to awaken this mindset?

Main Hall / 4D Spacetime is a frosty doughnut
« on: February 06, 2009, 06:53:25 AM »

All that talk of higher dimensions in the "visualizing higher dimensions" thread got me hungry, look for 4DST=Donut on the streaming thing to the right.

Brilliant song called "Four Dimensional Space time is a doughnut" I'm sure you'll find it amusing.

Anybody else know any funny songs?

Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / HOW to ask questions
« on: January 18, 2009, 08:03:57 PM »
NOTE: I originally wrote this article for but I figured it would also be useful here.

There are guidelines to asking questions if you want satisfactory responses and to be taken seriously.

Every day I see people who don't get the answers they want, are ignored or ridiculed because of HOW they asked.

So, I provide to you my reader....

Micky's Guide to Asking Questions

So you have a question you want to ask of the interweb masses? The occult is a very confusing subject of study, the word does mean Hidden Knowledge after all. But before you ask your question, there is a step by step process you may want to follow, to determine whether you really need to ask it at all, and if so how you should go about asking it. Following this step by step guide, will ensure your question is answered accurately and quickly.

Step 1: Consider the question before you ask it.

I frequently see posts along the lines of "Where can I buy books on the occult? I have no idea where to look!!!!". If this person had taken the time to think about the question before she had asked it, the obvious answer of "Your local bookstore" would have come to her. But by posting the question as soon as it popped into her head, she is no longer thinking about it, having handed that responsibility off to somebody else, looking silly all the while.
THINK THEN ASK is the rule here.

If the answer has not come to you after a day or so, or you don't have that much time, move on to step two

Step 2: Do some basic research.

Many common questions can easily be answered by doing a basic Google search. An example would be "How do I cast circle?" Typing "How to cast circle" into Google would have given you all the information you needed right away without waiting days for replies.

By not even doing a basic level of research you appear lazy to those who read your post. Many people take the attitude of "If you cant be bothered to even TRY to research it yourself why should I be bothered to help you" your post is likely to be ignored this way.

If you're uncertain how to research, here is a good method

Google the topic and read the relevant parts of at least five or six sites which look reasonably reputable (as in they aren't trying to sell you anything, aren't hosted by geocities or other free site providers and are well written)
If you find points of information which are common to all or most of the sites you have visited, those nuggets of information are likely to be reliable information.

If you are still unsure, or could not find any information, take what information you think is reliable and some that you're uncertain of, start a new thread in the appropriate section and move on to Step Three

Step 3: Be Specific

The questions which are least likely to be answered are the ones which are extremely vague, very short or both.

One example is a post I found some time ago with the title "WITCHCRAFT SPELLS" and the body text "CAN SOMEONE HELP ME TO LEARN MORE ON THIS SUBJECTS" (Keep in mind this was on not here)

This person has not followed step 2, nor this step 3 (spelling/grammar and caps lock aside, this will come later).
The question is so vague, one has no idea where to start when answering, what kind of spells, what kind of witchcraft. The person has put no effort into articulating the exact nature of the question, simply banging out one line and walking away.

Again, this indicates laziness and lack of effort, it is also difficult to answer because the exact nature of the question is impossible to discern.

Also be sure to make your discussion title specific, "NEED HELP !!!!!!" is not specific, is cliched and sensationalist. None of these things endear you to your audience.

Once you have made your question specific, being sure to state exactly what it is you want to know, and giving a brief rundown of what you already know on the topic (so people don't tell you what you already know)
Move on to Step Four.

Step 4: Use Spell Check

I cannot stress this enough! Check your posts for spelling, when you finish typing your post copy and paste it into a program such as Microsoft word and run a spell check. Or visit

Poor spelling implies several possible things to your reader.
-You are possibly very young and lacking maturity and experience.
-You are poorly educated
-You are lazy and cannot be bothered to correct your spelling.

Also look out for common cliches such as using several exclamation marks, typing in all caps, using net slang (lol) and sensationalist wording . These do not speak great tomes of your maturity.
Example: "NEED HELP LOL !!!!!!"

Once you have checked your spelling and weeded out common cliche's move on to Step Five

Step 5: Post, Pay Attention and Give Thanks

Post your message, pay attention to your replies and be thankful for them. Somebody has taken the time to consider your question and compose a reply, when they do, thank them for replying or imply thankfulness in your wording. Remember people answering your question is a privilege, nobody HAS to answer your questions.
Also actually consider their answers, fit them with what you know and make a decision inspired by them.
I recently encountered a discussion in which a 14 year old girl was asking whether she should start her own coven. The vast majority of people told her she should not, but she only payed attention to those who supported this idea. If you aren't going to consider the answers of people who may disagree with you do not post a question, what you are actually posting is a statement disguised as a question.

And there you have it I hope you found this guide useful and informative. Please reply with any constructive criticism you have.
May you find the answers you seek.

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