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Main Hall / good starting point
« on: January 07, 2004, 03:10:46 PM »
hey i have a friend who is beginning to show some intrest in telekinesis and basic ki control....any pointers on what he should start with? (he is currently into some buddhist philosophies and stuff, if that is relevant)....mabye i should get him to join the forum? :fightmonk  MONKEY!!!!!

Main Hall / Limit breaking--just what happens?
« on: January 05, 2004, 09:39:42 PM »
for the past few years i have wondred about an experience i had while in a very bad fight....(i try and avoid fighting at all costs, but this time my life was a variable)... i was walking in town when 5 guys approached me, looking way more pissed than anyone should ever be...i recognised 2 of them from a previous fight(months ago) basically they brought some of the guys had a skateboard, and another had a knife. right when i saw the knife, and the look in their eyes (other martial artists will know what i mean...the uncontrolled look of hate, the intent to kill with no honor), it occoured to me that they could kill me. ...the guy with the skateboard started swinging it at me and the guy with the knife got behind me, so it was a bit of a tense situation...i knew i had to win, but i couldnt...and im not what you'd call a well-built individual. the guy with the knife started slashing, and now i have a huge scar running across my side from a nasty hit with that thing...then i lost it...i can barely remember what happened, but a guy in a nearby store said he saw the whole thing...right as the kid with the skateboard swung it, i punched itin the middle and the board broke clear in half, then i kicked the guy behind me in the chest and broke 3 of his ribs...then i swung out with both fists and hit 2 of the guys who were unarmed, knocked them both out, and ran the guy with the (half) skateboard and the last guy (who hadnt touched me) into a light pole and gave one of them a concussion...then the police came and i passed out...the store clerk said i did all this in about 3 seconds...and i dont remember half of my question is this (after this very long post)--has anyone else ever experienced a "limit break" like this before? and if does this happen?

Main Hall / pyrokinesis
« on: January 03, 2004, 10:16:13 PM »
hey im new here and i noticed there isnt too much about pyrokinesis that ive seen..... im 16 and i have some pyrokinetic ability...i can make a flame larger or smaller, and i can put it out...but i am really interested in building up my skills...does anybody have any info on this subject? thanx

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