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Poetry / As I am
« on: March 28, 2014, 07:36:45 AM »
As I am
Stomp it Out
Chant Deep
Shoulder Shimmy
Reach to the Sky
Pull down a High
Flick off Negatives
Water Water Water
Lay in a Cocoon
Rock the Body
Frankincense & Myrrh
Dance Dance
Breath Breath
Inhale Pant
Feel that Buzz
Smile at Will
It is Most Natural

Poetry / The V of KC & BB
« on: March 27, 2014, 10:15:39 PM »

The energy expands
Every sound vibrates
The energy of buzzing bees
I whisper BB and feel the wave
Calling to you-no phone needed
Our connection blessed
As nothing that has proceeded
Glad I was ready for the energy of You
Such powerful stuff
This energy string
Wired together
I feel everything
If you whisper KC
I will feel your ping
Stronger than ever
Buzzy BB sting
I am zapped, tapped and wrapped
On a vibrational swing
Whispering BB
My energy sings

Hello and Goodbye / Flow with it~
« on: March 26, 2014, 03:27:57 PM »
I am just as I was- for the most part.  I am more in tune than I ever was before.  I spend my time keeping myself in tune.  Dance, drums, chanting, nature.  I am me, as always.  I see familiar faces.  That is super sweet.  I missed many of you!
Life is good.  I get paid for art.  I enjoy motor cycles and my scooter and my cameras.  I spend time everyday in photography as well as meditation and dance.
Still the same YOUNG energy I always will be.

Hello and Goodbye / Hello Again
« on: January 26, 2007, 06:57:16 AM »
I am sure some of you know I have been away for quite a while.  It has been for health reasons.  I am still awaiting a surgery March1st.  After that I should be up and walking around like a normal human!  I have been laying down for so long, I just want to have a working body!! :headwall:  I miss living!  I miss dancing and going to class..MOVING my body..ya all have any idea how frustrating it is to have a wandering mind and a body that does not follow! ARG!
I am just letting people know I am alive and kicking..just not very high kicks for now.
I am sorry I have been gone so long and visit so infrequently.  I am going to change that, be here more often.  If it makes a difference to has been a while afterall.  I am sure some people felt abandoned, I assure you my health is the reason I have been away.  I did not abandon Veritas  :rolleyes:
I hope this finds everyone well, healthy and happy. 

Hello and Goodbye / HI Im New!
« on: March 25, 2006, 10:31:02 PM »
The hell Im not NEW, ask anyone. :elephant: :HA!:

Spirituality / It Is All Wasabi
« on: March 17, 2006, 03:02:11 PM »
It Is All Wasabi

What do I mean by that?  Why is it a favorite mantra?  How does wasabi differ from other hot sauces?  First, this is a metaphor for feelings and how we deal with them; or we do not deal with them out of fear.

Most hot sauces or hot food has a tendency to keep being hot on your mouth for a very long time, even after you are done eating.  The mouth is a place not only for food but expression.  Some people can stand and like heat in their mouths, some can't.  For some it is thrilling and exciting, for some it is a dreaded thing, something to be avoided at most any cost.  That dread stands in front of any willingness to try something new.  Fear of a heat you cannot get rid of.....sigh...

Ever feel like your feelings are going to consume you if you let them breath?  Ever had hurt so deep you were afraid to let it out for fear it would take over?  Ever think you cannot handle another second of pain?  Had your very breath be of nothing but hurt?  Do you know of what I speak of?  Fear of letting yourself feel for fear it will be too much.

Hot food is like that.  But the more I spend time in healing, working with my shaman, and working on myself I am finding everything to be of 'wasabi'.

Wasabi is a hot food item unlike most other hot foods.  Its heat and intensitiy is 5 times that of other hot flavors,IMHO.   You think it will consume you and your head is going to literally explode with this sensation that is unlike any other.  You really think its going to sting you forever and you get scared...and after a deep breath or two it is gone.  The heat, the explosion that was so all consuming to me the minute before, nay..seconds gone!  How can this be?

How can what I feared so much be so easy to transcend?  Oye!  I feared the old fasioned hot.  I feared the old way of feeling things.  The old agony, the old hurts, the pain I thought I could never outlive-. <---that is my old hot sauce.

Now life is all wasabi.  I know it is going to be extreme to jump into.  It is going to test my threshold of what I can tolerate.  But I know when I take a bite, no matter how has a short life span.  It is not going to consume me, take over, or last forever.  Diving into myself has never been so hot;) but I like the heat of challenging my old thought patterns, beliefs, and self limiting concepts.

Wasabi rules ;)

I am curious as to who you would send a gift to here at Veritas if you had just one gift to give?  Why them?  And what would it be?

Just one is very hard ;)

I would send kobok a $1000 gift certificate for Toys R Us
for the child within

Spirituality / My Perfect Angel
« on: November 25, 2005, 04:19:35 PM »
Among all the Christmas traditions one of my favorite is finding a good angel. 

Since I moved back to Idaho I have not had an angel on top of a tree.  Not that I really like having a tree, but I felt it was wrong to slaughter the life of a tree for my amusement.  Trees are my protection, shelter, air giving, ass wiping, clothes making wonder of our world.  I know in some places cows are worshiped- but to me it is the mighty tree that should be really worshiped and used with respect.  I love shiny pretty lights, I love holiday spirit..and I love the spirit of trees all year..all of my life and ..well spare the tree and keep the spirit alive i say.  However that does not mean I do not like angels;)
So since I moved 2 years or so ago I had no angel around for the holiday decor.

I found my perfect angel in the clearance section of real life ministries.  What a place to find a discount angel.
The thing is this angel has no wings.  She once did and has the harness still on her back from having wings.  This angel has no face.  This angel is made of wood and her roots are white as the sparkling heavens and there are stars carved into her roots.  The rings of the wood are centered from her first chakra out.  lovely
Her head is adorned with a ring of stars.  In her right hand is a star. 
In her left hand is a key.
I will very willingly adorn my home with a tree angel with roots in the stars, with no wings yet has the keys to the stars.  My perfect angel.

The Cafeteria / Be honest..How tall are you?
« on: November 14, 2005, 06:04:39 PM »
No one is taller than life.  I wonder just how tall you all are.
I have known many of you for over 3 years and I know damn well all of you have gotten taller.  I would like a record of how tall everyone is.
Come on..tell VeritasMommy how tall you are :elephant: :HA!:

Main Hall / Your Support is Needed *Donations to Veritas*
« on: September 18, 2005, 10:47:49 AM »
As you have seen over the last year many changes and improvements have occurred here at our community.  We implemented both magick and psi classes that have gone extremely well!  Our community has grown, thrived and continues to do so.  That is just wonderful isn't it!  I am very thankful for all the time and energy our staff puts in to make Veritas what it is- a wonderful community.
I am sure all of you also appreciate the advancements our fine community has made and continues to make.

It is that time of year again-time to pay the bills of running the site.  We owe $190.00 for the fees for the next two years.  I have faith that our members see the value of the site, have enjoyed the classes and want to help Veritas continue.
Last year you all blew my mind at how you helped.  I am so pleased that you all care enough to contribute.  My hope is that the same care is going to continue.
Veritas needs your help-your community needs your help. 

We have two donation methods. The first is paypal, for anyone with a credit card or paypal account. To use this, log in to your paypal account, click on Send Money, and use the email address "".

The second donation method is by snail mail. The bills will be due in U.S. Dollars, but I will be able to accept donations in a few other common currencies. Donations will be accepted in U.S. Dollars, Euros, Pounds and Canadian Dollars. For other currencies, send a private message to LadyKalee to ask. You can mail checks, money order, or cash to the following post office box:

Karen Cosson
PO Box 1752
Post Falls, ID

Show Veritas you care, help us pay the fees.  Remember all the staff and teachers work for free-all you are helping pay for is the net fees.  Even 5 bucks is a great help.  Support your community!

Spirituality / MOVED: Relationships
« on: August 07, 2005, 10:56:53 PM »

Spirituality / The Path of Practical Spirituality
« on: June 04, 2005, 11:35:33 PM »
I would like to invite all of you to check out one of my favorite places online for spiritual guidance.  Pathworks.  Here is what it is about.  I have copied from the site what I now write:

The Pathwork lectures offer specific, practical tools for dissolving misconceptions, for making the unconscious conscious, and for activating the greater consciousness dwelling within every human soul.

The lectures cover the wide spectrum of our human journey, from our struggles with self-doubt, self-hatred and fear of inadequacy to the barriers we put up to relating with others, and ultimately with what we each know as God. The lectures teach that vital life energy, feelings and insight are often buried under misconceptions about the nature of reality. We are all familiar with some of these wrong conclusions. For example, "It's weak to need and accept help; I don't deserve love and kindness; responsibility means a loss of freedom."

The Pathwork is a spiritual path of self-purification and self-transformation on all levels of consciousness. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing, accepting, learning to know and ultimately transforming our Lower Self or shadow side of our nature. Pathwork helps us understand that through honest self-examination, with carefully applied tools and practices, we can overcome and remove the inner obstacles that keep us from living fully from and in our Godself, our true nature.

The Pathwork is not dogmatic. It has no required belief system and does not ask that we abandon religious practices or beliefs that nurture and support us. It does ask us to be willing to examine our beliefs, and to accept the ultimate authority of the true Self. Pathwork also encourages us to develop a healthy, mature ego. For it is only when the ego is strengthened, and purified of its misconceptions about life and its own task, that it can look beyond itself and recognize that it is only a part-albeit a vital part-of our greater self. By using the ego to transcend itself, we are afforded a way to become fully and consciously who we are: our Real Self, our Godself.

The lectures given by Eva Pierrakos from 1957 until her death in 1979 are the heart of the Pathwork. They are an astonishing roadmap to self-responsibility, self-knowledge, and true self-acceptance. They point the way to genuine love of self, others, and the Divine.

Please have a look at the lectures.  They are filled with pure goodness.  
I always feel better after coming here.  I have never found a better site for spiritual wisdom.

Spirituality / Life of Learning Foundation
« on: May 18, 2005, 02:54:22 PM »
I wanted to share with people a very good web site full of inspriational goodness.  I have been a member of 'power quotes' for 4 years now and find them very helpful in daily life.  I hope you have a look around the site and find something to your liking.  Enjoy~

Dreams / Creepy Goodness
« on: January 08, 2005, 11:46:00 PM »
I had 3 dreams about being tortured.  I woke myself up out of two of them I do not remember.  The one I do remember won't go away.
As a child I was going somewhere with someone I trusted.  I was led to a basement of a house.  The first person I saw was someone with a yellow and black(yellow inside/black outerlayer) ring around his right eye.  He was just sitting there on the ground, he was not being hurt.  Around the room was various people who were in different degrees of torture.  There was a man in a small room off to the side, like a coal bin or something.  He was bound and covered in blood, just laying there.  It felt like these people were there of their own free will.  Like they liked it.  I don't remember anyone complaining.

Someone took my hand and started cutting up my thumb.  I did not want to be there, I was scared.  The cuts were different than anything I have ever seen, infact impossible to do.  
The layers of cuts, how it all came up and there was no way it could possibly be repaired.  It would look like : cutting the long edge of a paper every half and inch and then rolling the paper up, so it looks like a bloom of a flower but with all squared edges.  I spent a lot of time trying to put the layers back in order but could not.  I did not bleed.

After I was cut I was let go.  I woke myself up as fast as I could.
I am left with the image of the cuts, I can't get it out of my head.  And the man on the floor with the colors around his eye, and the man in the bin.  

What a wonderful dream.  How nice it is that I do not fit in or bleed for the self inflicted torcher rituals of those in this place.  I did not bleed in the place made of people who were there willingly.  To me that is an awesome thing.
Notice all the colors are warning/danger colors.  The cutting of the thumb- nurturing
Very interesting

Spirituality / Basic Buddism in 5 Minutes!
« on: January 08, 2005, 02:52:28 PM »
Here we have a 5 minute bussism introduction.  Nicely done and simple..enjoy!

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