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Poetry / mirror-Maker
« on: January 20, 2013, 10:24:30 PM »
You create your reflection
but live as if it creates You,
you think the two are of the same light
but all you see is only shadows
cast from the fear of your obstructions.
You cannot see by looking outward.
The mirror is a lie-maker, a spirit-taker -
Break her.
Her silver-screened mercury projections only pollute You;
her flickering images only dilute Your inmost essence.
Concentrate Yourself. Close your eyes.
Can the soul be not self-knowing?
No you must become Your own reflection,
you must escape this womb of darkness
by Necessity You are your only light
and your only need. Set ablaze your world
with Your incandescence, step into the fire
and enflame yourself with your Self,
electrify Your unique elements
to haunting, spectral luminescence,
and have no fear of death.
For You were once upon a time
born from the Death of nothingness
and are now dying and ever Dying to be immortal,
and Born from Timelessness coiled 'round Infinity!
It was the death between your hands
that made your fingers, and it will be
the Death of your frozen fear setting you free.
Do not remain clenched so tightly
forever, safeguarding your vulnerability
Break the mirror! Take back Your spirit and seize Your truth,
thrust your fist skyward victoriously
and now release it to brush Your countenance,
painting the colors of Your subjectivity across the heavens
they are, after all, only Your objects,
although bejeweled with the stars of your illusions.
Break your mirror-mind be!
Be the Lightness behind the light -
Forever reflected by all Eternity.

Questions & Suggestions / Countdown?
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:29:14 PM »
Yo, what's with the green countdown timer at the top of the forum screen counting down to 8PM EST April 8th, 2012 which links to the Google Trends page for 2012?

Questions & Suggestions / Display name change?
« on: March 09, 2012, 12:45:44 AM »
Hello there. I was just wondering, would a moderator please change my name to Iatros (with a capital i)? I'd be very grateful.

Thank you!


Magick / Memento Tacere
« on: November 21, 2011, 08:32:43 AM »
Selah - a tongue in motion cannot taste the sweetness of the Mysteries.

TO BE SILENT is the final code of the Magus. Most that read this never reach far past the aesthetics of secrecy and the implication of hidden power. And why should they? For those people, magic is a badge of their own individuality and ego - nothing more; for those people, the reason for one TO BE SILENT is to flaunt loudly and ostentatiously one's silence for the purpose of recognition.

For those people, that false badge will tarnish and fall, and their colorful clothing and shining symbols on display will blind them to the Truth that they never truly wanted. And for them, this is just as well.

But if you do not count yourself among the above wanderers, I offer this memento tacere as an act of service to you in particular. You walk a path towards the peak of all liberation, but now your choices alone reign sovereign, and your eyes stray shamefully from your heart's courageous pursuit. They would rather see the grandeur of the mountain's many features than divine an upward path; your feet long to shed their shoes and caress the grass, and your ears yearn for the music of the city which is even now below you. In this way you are stopped, and yet still dare to call yourself a climber! And yet justly, for erring and wavering is human, but constancy is the keepsake of gods and truer magi. Still, one more step forward is one more step towards both gnosis and apotheosis, and if taken with renewed spirit, your momentary rest can be justified.

But hold - another traveler appears from behind and beckons you to descend and Speak. They ask for direction. You do not know the exact way, but speak nonetheless, and what direction need they know but Up? And yet your answer leaves them dissatisfied. Theirs is the desire for a blueprint of the sacred mountain, and an effortless ride; they must know every detail, to better forge a better path, with better views and better accomodations for better rest upon their journey. It may be better to retrace your steps, they say. They may have found a better way farther down, they say. At the very least, perhaps the combined Knowledge and Conversation of two humans might warrant making camp for the day, they say, so stay!

. . .

The tongue winds more sinuously than any rope, and binds more insidiously the feet of the would-be aspirant. Even the inner voice, outwardly silent, grasps at the attention intended at first only for the Highest. Make these voices quiet. Talking to oneself is an insanity which, while not violent, spells death in subtler ways. Speak only through action, and let your words ring out only as service to others, prayers, blinds for the blind and Divinities' names.

Magick / Silence Reminding You of Itself
« on: May 08, 2011, 08:05:57 PM »
Silence calls, and demands recognition by your invocation.

It says,

I am the language of God...

I am the space between your breaths; I am the dark glass of your mind's meditative depths, and the mystery of Mysteries speaking...
Drink deep of me and be refreshed--halt your speaking.

For an open mouth proclaims and projects, but a closed mouth spoils no secrets and makes no regrets. The ear's wisdom is the Sun to the Moon of the mouth's word; let your actions shine if you must be heard.

The light nourishes, but it is in the darkness that we grow; after you Dare, Will, and Know,
Be Silent.

Technical Support / Invisible PM?
« on: April 09, 2011, 12:46:31 PM »
This morning I was filled with joy as the little box came up telling me that I had a new message. 8 messages, 1 is new. So I click into my inbox... and see only my old messages. I count. There are seven. I search for the name of the sender provided by my emailed forward (which doesn't display the PM, incidentally) and no results turn up.

So I PM'ed the sender, and I'm sure that that will be resolved... but now I can't delete the message, hah. Not only that, every time I log into a session, I get the notification box again. It's pretty annoying.


Psionics / Science and the taboo of psi - Dean Radin (Google TechTalk)
« on: April 05, 2011, 05:22:45 PM »
I found another excellent video that I think you all might find interesting. Unlike My Big T.O.E. that I posted in the Other section, this clearly fits into Psionics, and additionally is much, much shorter. :)

It is a lecture both on exactly why psi is merited by research and exactly why mainstream science has been so unfortunately slow on the uptake. At the end, we get to hear some good answers to common skeptical questions, as well as (in my opinion) an example of exactly how negatively affected some people apparently are towards the validity of psi phenomena, even though they have no practical knowledge of, say, statistical power, whatsoever.



Magick / What qualifies somebody to teach magic?
« on: March 30, 2011, 07:33:27 PM »
I've always been possessed of a desire to teach others about my passions, magic in particular. Whenever I come to an opportunity to teach somebody, though, I immediately question my own authority in the matter. Will I be able to produce results if called upon to do so, and is an ability to produce such results necessary to teach with a clear conscience, as an indicator that what I have PERSONALLY learned is valid?

When I've been asked, I've usually instructed the would-be pupil in the basics of meditation, and then elaborated my self-doubts to them, usually resulting in their letting me alone. While I'm going to try to maintain these people's interest, in the future, I'm not totally disappointed, because I'm not confident in my qualifications. But I do want to know what marks a point of qualification.

So, in your opinion... what qualifies somebody to teach magic? Is there a level of skill or development that you believe should be met, or do you think that anybody with more gross knowledge than another in magic can freely take on students without fear of too much misdirection?

Magick / Another odd experience: Sickness and a Sapphire
« on: March 29, 2011, 03:33:23 AM »
This isn't very exciting and has almost no academic value, but if you're bored, feel free to read on. Just coming here once more to share an experience which struck me as somehow significant but isn't easy for me to interpret. As always, thank you for your interpretations... I enjoy reading them, as subjective as I know these things are.

So, I'm trying to improve my life. For nearly a month, I've drastically reduced my intake of caffeine, and have replaced it with only water. My diet has become mostly vegetarian, and more varied than usual, to the best of my ability. I'm waking up at 6, now, to attend a morning group meditation. Etcetera.

Just yesterday, I took a good look at my magical practice. I consider myself a legitimate practitioner, but when it comes down to it, I'm as eclectic as they come. Something clicked into understanding for me, in contemplation. Could my aversion to a recognized teacher just be an unconscious resentment that such a teacher has never before existed, for me? Could my efforts be much better invested in a system that I know possesses some masters than a trail blazed entirely on my own? I decided to give hermeticism a chance once again, and to give the IIH a run for its money.

Not fifteen minutes after these thoughts I began reading through the online PDFs of the IIH and trying to determine which one had the fewest typos and therefore more accurately matched the actual printed book. After only five pages or so, I began to feel quite ill, in the manner of pain. From slightly below my navel to my solar plexus I had at first a dull ache and later a constant, sharp sting. Between my solar plexus and heart correspondences on my back, my spine felt painfully cricked. I couldn't undo either of these feelings with my usual methods, and after ruling out actual muscular tension and gastrointestinal causes, I was too distracted to continue reading the IIH any further and just called it a night, about 4 hours earlier than I usually do. I felt no energy sensations with this pain, but am at a loss for other sources and therefore can't rule out some kind of energetic conflict.

Lying in bed, I am attentive to my body. There's a bit of swaying that those of you that have attempted projection will be familiar with. After a time, my girlfriend texts me, and snaps my attention into sharp focus once more.

What I see is not the back of my eyelids and not normal hypnagogia. Attentive once more, I find myself staring up at what appears to be a massive sapphire lotus, with facets innumerable. I remember thinking that I couldn't possibly count all of the facets / petals, and not being sure whether it was a gem or a flower. The vision persisted until I opened my eyes and answered the text; I had a floating sensation all the while. It seems simple, but the vision was very, very immersive and left a great impression on me. I fall asleep.

I wake up at exactly 3:33 to a dream of no great magical significance. I get some water, and return to bed. I cannot sleep. To my terror, a strange electrical sound begins to emanate from somewhere in my room. It is my radiator. I fiddle with the mechanism and it stops. As soon as I get back to bed, it resumes. Rinse and repeat twice more. Finally, I am annoyed. Should I just get up now, and meditate or something? I won't be able to concentrate with the damned buzzing. I ask for a sign. Not ten seconds after this thought, the buzzing stops, and I hear some building-wide mechanism power down. Then, an alarm rings three times in an adjacent room--at almost exactly 4 in the morning--and then stops. I hear nobody stir. Bewildered, I wake, dress, and begin my meditation.

Magick / Riding the tide of clairvoyance?
« on: March 24, 2011, 07:40:34 AM »
Hey, all.

After upping my scrying and visualization practice, I've been experiencing little spontaneous bursts of clairvoyance which are clearer than my usual passive haze. Of particular note, yesterday I looked at my hand and saw a very clear, rainbow pastel corona around the fingertips. This state lasts for a minute or so, maximum.

So, this begs the question: in addition to continuing my existing practices for further development, is anybody familiar with ways of prolonging these little episodes, maybe even to the point of blending them into each other to achieve a more constant state?

Thank you in advance for any reponses!


Dreams / Subliminal Programming Video for Lucid Dreaming (NLP)
« on: March 23, 2011, 02:45:23 PM »
Hey guys. I found a link containing two very interesting videos.

The first outlines a technique to help with realizing the state of lucid dreaming, and contains subliminal programming in the context of the video.

The second is straight-up subliminal programming... and also a bit of flashing. If you have epilepsy, I recommend against it, but you know yourself better than I do.

Other / Extreme meditative weirdness for your entertainment
« on: February 05, 2011, 06:32:12 PM »
So I'm sitting in meditation, and around the 35-40 minute mark I start getting visuals. I scry frequently and am always looking to hone the skill, so I let myself become engaged.

I was flying over a desert, and looking at a strangely elongated black winged humanoid carrying a human woman. I've seen these things before, and so have some others that I've talked to, in dreams etc. Their recurrence in multiple people is actually pretty interesting. Anyways, this dark thing is holding the woman by its claws and she's panicking, and I wonder, where is my body in this picture? My perception of myself doesn't have a means of flying, and I'm certainly not intending to fly either, I'm just being..l. carried.

I look up, and what is carrying me is another dark winged thing. Visions are often just visions, but I don't really like being carried by dark looking creatures, whatever the context. So I shot the thing with a mental spear, ignited with violet fire (a favorite of mine for psychic attack / defense). I turn while falling and attack the second aggressor holding the woman, and while the fire is taking down the dark things I grab the woman and pop off to an astral sanctum that I created several years ago, a pirate ship suspended in a nebula. I let the vision intensify and get a good look at the woman, who is not a woman at all.

She is vaguely humanoid but primarily insectoid, sort of like a bee. Her garments are dark but interspersed with bright reds, yellows, and greens. Her eyes are either yellow or green, I cannot remember, and her skin / exoskeleton is a dark navy blue. She begins to thank me, but at this point I become very intrigued as to WTF this woman is. I pull us through the ether to a different sanctum of mine that is more conducive to questioning.

So she thanks me, and asks who I am. I tell her that I am a young magician from Earth (what would you say?) and she nodsand puts a hand on my forehead. I feel my third eye pulse, and I'm not sure if it was a natural reaction to being touched there or her intended effect. She implies nonverbally that I'm owed a favor, and begins to leave. I stop her, since I might forget about the favor, and she gives me a small, round, partially flattened yellow pebble inscribed with a downward-facing triangle in a circle. I then flat out ask "what are you?" and she responds "come, I'll show you" and drags me through the ether... this weird subworld over a city which possessed features very similar to the woman. It was all made of the kind of dark navy blue chitin and reds, yellows, and greens. It looked sort of like the robot architecture that is seen in The Matrix, with similar bulbous lights and exoskeleton quality. I get pulled through the bowels of the city through some tunnels to a gathering place of some sort. I'm initially welcomed, but then the other insect people begin shooting things at me, glowing yellow things that remind me a bit of syringes. Pulling them out and shielding myself psychically, I tell them to stop and ask the woman what's going on, but she's absorbed in the mentality of the others, like some kind of hive instinct.

I eventually flee back to my normal meditative consciousness. Something that looks like the woman follows me through, and begins saying negative things to me. I'm suspicious of its identity, and question it. It freezes, and I will any illusions to peel away, to find one of those damn dark winged humanoids again. I attack it in the same way and push it out of my mind, then decide that enough is enough and stop meditation, light some incense, and ground myself. I open my eyes and stretch, feeling very disoriented, in that touching-things-through-glass state of mind.


I'm perfectly fine with my experience just being entertaining for you guys (it is, in a way), but has anyone else encountered those winged things or insectoid people? Any interpretations on this?


Theories, Articles, and Philosophy / Derivative of consiousness
« on: February 03, 2011, 07:18:33 PM »
I was talking with a friend today, and the conversation had a certain spark that got me thinking.

Energy condensed to matter, and matter formed atoms and molecules. At some point and through some process, life arose from molecular structures, and eventually mind arose from life. Some would argue that from animal mind arose human consciousness.

See a pattern here? Something completely novel arises from baser parts out of the same chaotic process of evolutionary order trying to avoid its own entropy. Take whatever form of consciousness you are subjectively familiar with... what comes next? Is it enough to describe the "next state" in terms of consciousness at all, or is consciousness a pawn to that state in the same way that our minds dominate the molecular world through our biological bodies?

Woo woo.


Magick / The Art of Memetics
« on: February 03, 2011, 01:44:28 PM »
OOO posted this on DeathByLollipop (DKMU), and it was just too good to not post it here, too.

...on the use of media and the study of meta-belief to cause change, a large part of which comes from the modern magickal perspective. The nature of referring to modern media makes it pertain more to chaos magick than hermeticism, but I still recommend it.


EDIT: Oh, look thar! A quote.

Because it is difficult to observe the shape of things when one is within their midst, individuals coming to some sense of themselves from within this superorganism,12 from the center of the zeitgeist, must develop a kind of intellectually rigorous intuition13 to peel apart the symbolic structures and to prevent slipping under hegemonic control, and it is this expansive intuition which magic develops in the course of dedicated study. We are a world divorced from the superstitions of the past, and new myths are generated by those wielding media as a wand, one as powerful as the holly wood wands of ancient ceremonial magicians were rumored to have been. The Hollywood of today is the true sacred site of today's elite magician.

Magick / Dreaming Sigil
« on: January 31, 2011, 07:36:24 PM »
I am the True Dreamer

L is for Lucid. This should be self explanatory.

I've been using this for a while as a focus for lucidity. My methods vary from writing it next to dream journal entries to dissolving its pink-orange, firey form into drink or the air surrounding my sleeping body. Feel free to try your hand at it. I've offered it to some other magickal communities, so there is a possibility that with use it could become charged in such a way as to allow shared dreaming within a gestalt of occult knowledge.

You know you want to try.


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