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Dreams / Probably the strangest dream I've ever had
« on: January 01, 2007, 10:50:19 PM »
I was going thrugh old livejournal posts and came across this dream, which I remember vividly but had forgotten I'd written down. I'd like to share it and would be interested in thoughts you might have on the subject.

The sun had just set, but the residual light illuminated the quietly waving ocean lapping on the edges of many small, rocky islands. the statues stood larger-than-life on the edges, complicated headdresses standing black against the fading sky, arms and legs in difficult (and impossibly-limbed) asanas. Their power radiated palpably in the air, as if the gods themselves could sometime come and animate them. A mere glance at the faces told you this had once happened, you could not meet their eyes for the power of their divinity. People crawled these tiny rocks in the sea. and the boat pulled me along at an impressive clip, moving of its own accord through the mostly calm waters. Everyone was occupied, I put no thought to their doings, I merely watched what came before me as I went along. The boat rounded the largest island, in the centre of this sprinkling of rocks above water, which was decorated all around with statues of these gods. I knew them to be Thai, though I don't know why. I know nearly nothing of such beings. The answer was there in my mind when I wondered what they were. The boat circled the island, as if to impress me with its array of gods, forming a wall around the tiny mountain in the centre. I landed on a patch of beach no bigger than a rug, climbing through a natural arch with a cave underneath to a small plateau where a stunning dark-skinned woman was speaking to a group of people. The gods stood behind this plateau, which prevented the island from being perfectly circular. I sat on the smooth rock, the stars peeking brightly in the sky, pale pale blue and green as I adopted the posture of someone shooting an arrow into the sky. I opened my mouth to speak, expecting to hear language I wouldn't understand but the audience would, and nothing came out. Until I asked why I was doing this then, as I was embarrassed at the attention I was getting for interrupting this lecture and sitting in this strange posture, I did not know I was supposed to be channelling a god. It didn't seem to be working. I had a vague idea that I had spoken something, suddenly, I couldn't recall the words, only the strange texture of them as I spoke them and a quiet whisper to their tone, knowing more time had passed than I recalled, and I was sitting on the tiny rug-patch of beach. The sky had clouded over, but a faint purple light eminated. Patches of midnight sky, starless, could be seen behind these low-hanging clouds. My friend Di is there, she is wearing a loose, light, sheer blue shirt with belled sleeves. Her hair is free but pulled behind her shoulders. We are in the process of discussing a system of magic. We try to tell these people, who seem to be largely Carribbean or South Pacific Islanders that it's a system of debt and repayment, checks and balances. The words are jumbled and repeated in different orders. Time sped and slowed. The others did not understand what we were saying, we understood. It was an entirely different way of thinking for them, they couldn't grasp it from only one conversation. We sat in the cave, firelight coming from somewhere, and we held small cloth strips in our hands; someone has handed them out from a sack or a drum. On them is hand-written a language all understand in a dark blue ink. Prophesies, the fates of our lives. Some read theirs aloud, complaining of the evil or painful fates to which they were due. Others seemed fearfully pleased, as if they wanted to show gratitude, but not to boast of their good fortune. I listened to these, hearing the fates of people in places I would never see, and felt slight pity for those who suffered, and slight joy for those who would enjoy. It seemed a grey fog came up around me. If I know my fate, I cannot articulate it. The severe dark-haired woman, straight shiny hair cut straight below the chin, and which swung sharply back and forth as she talked, came and told us the water would be rising soon, we needed to go further up the mountain. The circle broken, prophesies vanished, I turned to carry two small dark blue towels laying behind me, and it was over. I have been left with a strange sense of having travelled.

Hello and Goodbye / Hullo
« on: November 23, 2006, 08:07:18 PM »
Good day all, just found this forum/chatroom, thought I'd stop in and see what it's all about. Been interesting so far.

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