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Spirituality / Century of the Self
« on: October 17, 2015, 09:50:00 PM »
I had a great convo with my brother today, about the Century of the Self and everything we've lost, as well as a few things we've gained as we've become increasingly self-obsessed. Besides depression sky-rocketing and self-aggrandizing becoming expected in our society, one of the big things I observed was how spirituality has become such an inward quest. We seem to ask ourselves more inward questions like "Who am I?" or "What is my path?" As opposed to the more community centered quests of centuries before like, "What religion is best for my family?" or "Do I see this religion making the world a better place?"

Do you all thing this is a good shift? If so, do you think the consciousness of humanity will shift back to a more community-based perspective eventually?

Magick / Time and Space?
« on: May 26, 2008, 07:21:18 AM »
It's really funny that for thousands of years, thousands of spiritualists have known there is no time and space. But it took an absolute mathematical genius with his impossible mathematics and physics to prove to the masses that their might not be time and space.

What else do we know that will be discovered by scientist in our lifetime?

Poetry / :D
« on: May 13, 2008, 05:39:31 AM »
The time we spend in meditation
The peace we feel in pain
The light that comes when darkness folds
The pieces peeled away

The child's heart we held at bay
We fight to find each day
The life we tried so hard to make,
Now leads us all astray

The time we spend in meditation
The hardening of our thoughts
The soft still eyes look for the sun
On the high cool mountain top

Magick / Just the possibly interesting thoughts of an aspiring initiate.
« on: February 07, 2007, 07:55:41 PM »
As it is that we have much to gain from introspection and the analysis of the self through writing, which acts as an interpretable medium for the soul to speak through. So it is that Divine providence uses the akasha as a medium to speak to the world. So as we use ourselves to interpret the will of our souls, so does the Akasha use itself to interpret the will of God.

My want for children is as an initiates want for power. I will get children but only through the loss of the want and not as I imagined. God will give me what is due to me when it is due to me and what is due to me never comes as I am desiring it. Because desire is a disruption of the soul, blocking the path of that which I desire from soul to manifestation.

Training is not a jump from one pedistal to a higher one after another. It is a series of failures where you must learn to identify these failures as such, cut your losses, and accept the Karmic law that is the natural result of your failures. So though you are climbing, the real key to successful training is being able to catch yourself when you fall and make sure you have a firm grip before you continue to climb again.

And remember that judgement is an action righteously reservered for God.

Magick / Tree meditation
« on: October 13, 2006, 08:19:04 PM »
I am developing a new type of elemental meditation, and I was just looking for some advice on the matter.

I call it the Tree Meditation, and like the name suggests, you grow a tree. The idea came to me when thinking about all the different elements and their roles in the life cycle. And what better organism to represent life than the tree, right? So what makes a tree grow, thrive, then die?

First you have a seed, then you put the seed in the earth. Next you water the seed daily while it is in the earth. So you start with Earth and Water. Then the seed starts to grow towards the light and air above the ground. Then once it is grown it thrives on those same Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

The meditation is simple. You start by visualising a seed inside of you. That seed is your soul. Then you visualise the seed of your soul going into the ground and do The Earth accumulation breathing excersise and visualise every breath of Earth energy as the nutrients and minerals that the seed needs from the ground. Visualise it going into the seed of your soul and helping it grow.
But it can't grow, not without water. So you do the Water accumulation breathing excersise and visualise every breath of water energy seeping into the seeding of your soul and helping it grow.
Now you have the initial elements of growth for a tree. But it doesn't know which way to grow. So now you do fire accumulation visualising a great white light at the top of your head drawing the seeds growth upwards. Each breath of Fire energy is penetrating through the dirt of your body to the seed of your soul, helping it grow in the right direction, on the path of the great work or whatever you believe your path should be.
Then you do the Air accumulation breathing excersise pushing the air through the dirt to help your seed grow.

After you've done this enough you will reach a point where you feel the energies of each element within you. That's when your seed has grown above the surface of the dirt and is ready to absorb the full energetic strength of the pure light and breath in the pure air untainted by the dirt of temptation.

Any comments are appreciated, thank you for your time.

Magick / Just woke up
« on: September 27, 2006, 01:40:57 PM »
I just woke up from a nap. I usually never have to take naps. But recently I have strarted practicing magick more furvently than ever and a biproduct seems to be a lot more dreams, and a lot more intense dreams. I feel like my quality of sleep has gone down a lot.
I am thinking I have an imbalance of elements, but I don't know which elements. I'm finding that I have a bad attitude with people that I have never had before. I don't enjoy my work at the resteraunt like I used to and I'm having horrible neck problems. Thank you for your time.

Magick / Topic 3/3
« on: September 16, 2006, 10:31:38 PM »
This topic has 3 topics in 1.
The three topics are body, mind, and soul.
The one topic is, the forces against us and the forces for us.
The body is the perfect representation of the world we live in. It is the Microcosm. An Earthly representation of the Macrocosm, The rest of the Universe all together as one.
And what I, as well as many other Hermetic Scientists, have deduced, is that problems with your health and general well being are not just results of imbalances in the body. Imbalances in the body are the cause of a lot of Health problems, but problems of the mind are the biggest cause of problems in the body. When the mind becomes unbalanced it not only creates problems with the normal functioning of the body, but can also make you make the wrong choices. Which with a little influence from the forces against us can send us flying down the wrong path. But at least, as soon as we realise we have gone too far, the forces that are there for us will bring us back to the right path and send us on our way.
Honestly every time I go down the wrong path and have to be carried back, I just feel like a little kid who can't live without his parents watching over him. I worked hard in the physical world to become a responsible adult. Now I think I need to spend my due time in the spiritual world.
But back to my little topic. So we know the mind is the main cause of the problems with the body. But what causes everything to go wrong in the mind. The Soul??? No. The soul is pure. The soul will lead you back to yourself when you strayed in to a life you don't want. The soul is the only light you'll see when your subdued by darkness. Your soul IS the answer to your questions in life. And it will always be there for you. No matter if you appreciate it or not. Your soul is your best friend and can get you through anything if you trust and listen to it. A friend like that is one in a million in this world. So instead of playing the lottery, why don't you get rich the guaranteed and easy way just play the numbers your soul tells you. It knows how to win every time. But your going to have to work for it. Once you know the numbers playing them is gonna be one of the hardest things you ever learn to do. Because those habits we all have of just doing what we want instead of what we tell ourselves we SHOULD do, are a deeply integrated part of our society. Wrong doing is SOOOOOOOOO common and accepted that the righteous man is cast out by most. But it is just as well because for someone who listens to their soul, it's easier to hear what it is saying if you don't have to listen to anyone else.
So problems do not start with the soul. They start with the mind. They start when you let the forces against you run your life into the ground. Trust me when I say they are against you. They will find those little gaps in faith and righteousness and they will exploit them to their fullest extent. And when those evil forces are inside you, the only way to get them out is to take back control of the mind and start doing what is right again. Start loving your enemies and fighting only against the part of you that's fighting against you. When ever your having those little arguments with yourself about what you should do, always make sure the right side wins.

Magick / Occult Virtue lecture
« on: September 12, 2006, 09:18:30 PM »
I have never used the pole feature in the forums, and I am curious about what people think of the lecture.

Magick / Righteousness
« on: September 05, 2006, 11:23:54 PM »
Right is subjective, Right???

I don't believe it is. I believe you can easily determine what is right by the effect it has on others' quality of life.
In order to judge what effects it has you have to consider all the ways we can affect a life. (One thing can not go un-said, no one is resposible for someone elses choices. Only that person is responsible for the choices they make.)

Here is the start of a very long list of ways you can affect a life.

1. Emotion - Someone who does not have control over their emotions (which is most people these days) does not deserve to be emotionally destabalized. This includes saying and doing things that may hurt their feelings as well as spreading rumors to make others do or say things with the same result.

2. Freedom - You do not have the right to infringe upon someone elses freedom unless they are your responsibility, such as a child or they are doing something that is wrong towards others.

3. Deceit - It is not right to lie, or in an other form, deceive someone to make them think something that is not true. This is especially wrong when you know they do not have the knowledge or recources to find the truth. Even worse than that is actually preventing them from finding out the truth.

Please add as much to this list as possible. I ask this of you as a request for knowledge not the bragging rights of a popular post.

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