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The Cafeteria / Can psychokinesis set off alarms?
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:53:46 PM »
Yesterday my three emergency alarms were set off. Police, fire, and emergency. Then it was just the cops. The ADT guys are here fixing the alarm by now. So it occurred to me if it wasn't the fairies, or maybe it was the fairies, it could have been a spirit or just random psychokinesis. My debit card misreads or demagnetizes when I'm ungrounded. So I have to blow on it or rub it on clothing to get it to work. It doesn't matter how many new debit cards I get, I still have this happen. So getting a new card is pointless and time consuming. It takes a week to show up anyway. Psychokiensis is a possibility I hadn't thought of. Maybe a spirit used it to set off my alarms. Thoughts?

Psionics / Psychic Attack
« on: August 02, 2016, 04:48:51 PM »
My mother is someone capable of using psi. She does it to manipulate people mostly. She also does it to brainwash people. Aside from that I have seen unethical uses of psi most of my life from both parents. I wanted to hear about psychic attack and combat. They feed and try to dump MI symptoms since they both have concurrent mental illness symptoms. I will have to learn some better combat skills if I'm going to keep their energy away. I have three servitors and one complains steadily. They continually cut the cords of attachment. Fortunately both parents are leaving the country. My dad is merely going where the money goes. Mom wants to return to her family of origin. I can't say where for my safety. But you guys have some idea. Europe. Spanish. That's too strong of a hint. At least I have a screen name for my safety. Not that she knows where to look. Nobody say the country for goodness sake. I see two mentally ill people who are about to crash and burn. My tarot readings say they will get caught. The heat is frying my brain right now. I got the Death card. Change. Something massive will come. A bad psychotic break perhaps that will cure them of shared delusion. I might wind up having to call 911. Fortunately, we have buttons for that. It will be merely pressing a button. I have turned into a most ethical psionic user since starting my meds. I love my meds very much. Okay, so if anybody can teach me more about psychic combat, I'm ready.

I'm looking for a knowledgeable person who might understand psychic ability as it pertains to also being genuinely on the schizophrenia spectrum. I'm schizoaffective bipolar 1 OCD and I'm a tele-empath. How confusing is that? Very. I love my medication for giving me a buffer. I'm also psycokinetic and can bend spoons, forks and keys. I will have to figure out how to post pictures of my spoons from my phone. Here's at least one. Everywhere I go, I bend silverware. I'm scared to go to the silverware section of any department store by myself. My psi might go off. I spend my life hoping nobody notices but on the other end I wish I could get the randi prize already. He's just a chronic debunker who will never believe. It might never happen. Thanks guys.

Main Hall / My mom's future psi attacks
« on: June 24, 2016, 08:38:52 AM »
I know that when my parents leave, my mother is going to throw psi attacks. So I will shield my condo quite carefully with a bunch of citrine around my bedroom. Also, I have my angels and black tourmaline. My parents are officially retiring in Spain. I have no leave date and no move-in date. I want to start a non-hierarchical occult study group in my condo. I want to have a ritual room and my boyfriend is not moving in any time soon. So for any Veritas folks in the SF Bay Area, feel free to PM me.

I'm trying to figure out how mom's psychic attack will work. I am thinking it will be energy bursts. I made three servitors to cut the cords automatically. I also use mirror shields daily. I avoid her inside the house. I will simply not be home a lot when we move to the condo. There is a whole mall to explore in the neighborhood. I'll be okay.

I haven't been around in a long time. I have a complex situation though. A friend of mine is dating a guy who she has to break up with constantly because of his temper. He is undiagnosed bipolar. Or at least he knows but doesn't take his meds. He is controlling, mean, and abusive. She likes him. She likes his energy. At first she put a positive spin on his temper tantrums by saying she enjoys it because it meant she's free from passive-aggressive idiocy. Of course, passive-aggressive people who don't tell me they are mad at me really bothers me. I stay away from people like that. They get the boot really fast.

My friend's friend is aware of his effect on people. One of my bizarre psychic talents is smelling pheromones. Pregnant women throw me into a tizzy. Its because they have two energy fields. Pheromones are what attracts people to people. It is all a chemical response given by the body. Scary right? Any time you think somebody is hot, that's a biochemical reaction, nothing more. Chemistry is the basis of attraction. My friend's ex-again apologizes and lures her back. Typically abusive relationship. This time she might be done for good. I cautioned her to quit taking his apologies. The thing is, he manipulates her on a psychic level too. She's hooked on his energy. I heard from a mutual friend that she was acting like a junkie on New Year's and she ditched an old friend to hang out with the douche bag. I call him that because his energy puts me off and I have barely met the guy. By now, I have some nifty mental health diagnoses. I'm on great meds. I also have better habits like a computer curfew that I implement on or before 7 p.m. PST Daylight savings and 5 p.m. during Standard time. I don't stay up late on line anymore. I hopped on here to get some advice about pheromone addiction.

I heard that her boyfriend would lift his arm pit and waft his pheromones all over the room. She would get hooked on smell alone. I think he's a calculating predator who knows what he is doing. He is a telepath like me, not just an empath. I'm an empath-telepath. I also know who douche bags are real fast. I can determine who is a jerk very quickly, male or female. I got rid of frenemies.

In other news, my parents are leaving the country. I will be living in a condo. I want to turn the condo into a ritual space. I live in the SF Bay Area. I basically want to turn the second bedroom in the condo into a ritual room. I stand up to shebeast daily and my dad needs a hearing aid/sleep apnea mask neither of which he is making an effort on getting. I have proof my dad is a sociopath. My mom is in therapy, finally, and it is somewhat improving her. I dislocated my knee cap, a ligament, and had a fracture in yoga one day. I have been out a while but the thing is, I'm finding time to finish my as well as to finish my business plans, and learn new skills. I'm looking for a job. Safeway might go for me but I'm not sure yet because of my knee. Every illness I have is under control. My diabetes management is excellent. I'm on a quest to nail perfect blood sugars. I want to reverse diabetes using insulin and cinnamon pills. I am close. I'm not always perfect though. I can get to 161 mg/dl and then I'm high. I'm trying to make friends with it instead of be adversarial. I'm doing great and I'm about to get a job with said Safeway. Thanks for teaching me a lot guys, this website is a huge resource. I do not want to participate too often as I'm on the schizophrenia, bipolar and OCD spectrums but I will definitely be occasionally logging in. I learn a lot from you guys! I like the new layout.

Hello and Goodbye / Hi everybody.
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:35:25 PM »
I survived a trip to Southern California with my family. I had to get a new insulin pump because I over tightened the battery compartment. Silly me, it will never happen again. It was also having problems but anyway nothing too serious. I wanted to mention that I'm bipolar and a psychic. Special considerations apply to my situation right there. My goal this month is to shut off my psychic ability. No hot chocolate in my rice milk in the morning. I have to keep everything except basic empathy shut off. I'm a telepathic empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I'm a medium as well. My therapist is a psychic so I have a mentor by now although I could use more help. Any suggestions about how to keep the damn thing off would be greatly appreciated. I can also bend metals, like keys, forks, and spoons and occasionally my insulin pump set. If  you guys have any ideas on how to restrict the use of psychic ability while the veil between the worlds is thinnest, I'm willing to hear about it. My bipolar is now very stable because I take my medication. October is a tough month for me, I could be manic. I might have to increase my meds. I'm not sure about that one yet. Only if I feel edgy and manic. Suggestions would be great as magickal practice can also leave me a bit manic. Greyschool is helping me get a referral to a pagan psychiatrist. Throwing more medication at it seems to be the only solution my current psychiatrist is offering although my old one is coming back. The one I trust completely. I'm far less desperate for help these days considering I know how to shield better. And I have a psychic therapist I'm about to go see. That was hard to find. But I found it. Thank you all.  :headwall:

Hello and Goodbye / Hello Everybody!!!!
« on: August 27, 2013, 04:16:03 PM »
I wanted to say hi because I've decided to continue looking for resources. A lot has changed in my life. I go to the gym for starters. I'm still looking for mentors because I'm still working on grounding myself. I'm a teleempath who can shield to an extent. I'm working on better shields. I'm actually working in a concrete way on my anxiety. In which case, if anybody out there would like to take me on as a student, I'd like to hear from you. It is great to be back. I wanted to post to say hello. I'm really doing much better.  :cool:

Technical Support / Forgot Password for my Secure Email.
« on: May 08, 2009, 01:09:08 AM »
I have to stay logged in.

I forgot my password to my secure email on Lavabit.

Without my other email for my other account that I wanted to keep private, let's just say that this is a recursive loop. I can't use my Lavabit address anymore for whatever reason.

No, its not what you think.

I would need someone to PM about this because I will have to get a reset password on the NEW email address but then I can't remember my current Veritas password since I can't get into my Lavabit account.

You see the situation?

After you PM me,  we could discuss what to do since my email on this site is currently not valid because it doesn't exist. I have my screen name being used only.


Main Hall / How do I not have the energy of a Chaot?
« on: January 22, 2009, 11:34:37 PM »

Someone answer me this question...

How the hell does a person not have the energy of a chaot?

(Somebody who practices chaos magick)

From what you guys know I practice, how the hell am I not cut out to be a chaot? Here we go again.

Somebody says I shouldn't do xyz, I'm going to try it.

I think chaos magick is truly the way I define myself on some levels, as a magician in general. For that I take many adjectives to describe myself such as occultist, magician, the tamest by far, being pagan.  I can do things like "hey, what's a good astrological sign for xyz"

(officially I tell most people I'm not into what's your sign as a come on let alone a screening tool for people I will start talking to).

This is brought on by how I use a system, then turn around and say "You know nothing! This isn't the practice I define myself by."

Granted, the one definition of chaos magick I disagree with on this page:

is that whole bit about the achievement of gnosis from excess. The thing is, I'm not about excess.

I've never been about super-excess.  You'd see I'm a careful drinker & I'm a careful person in general. If I had a nicer car for example, I'd be driving around like a maniac for awhile but then after that not all the time. I've been with those types, anybody in foreign countries besides knows that's mostly how everybody drives. Its not this, "omfg" writhing of hands, "I can't honk my horn,"  polite bullshit driving either.

I'm always though, about the whole, try something - if it works, like do it again, approach.

Take the way instruction manuals instruct you on how something works or how to put something together to that end.

My favorite approach to putting any contraption together is in fact, to put aside the instruction manual when that is possible so that the intuitive can take over. You want me to put together some device for you that you don't know how to? I'm your individual.

Other people are too busy being linear-thought snobs who have to look at every little picture to see how the pieces work or read all the words because they want to fit the words with the pictures. Never mind the verbal sorts who need someone to read it for them when they can read if they are able to do so. (Not intended as a diss towards those who have eyesight problems & need to rely on others for much anyway.)

If someone comes crawling to me, weeping in agony over some book they have to yet read for class, expecting to give me their I'm wounded with Opus Dei style inflicted methods as an excuse for why their Cliff Notes are blood-covered,  (as in, they didn't read the book at all!), I will mock them.

Some people need to be pushed into doing their actual work. You think it was bad in high school? Its worse in college, my friends. You won't get the entire thrust of the author's work in the freakin Cliff Notes people. Not their writing style, not the metaphors drawn for you, NOTHING. 

Magick is just like that. You have to be DOING the ritual working yourself because some template won't cut it! I'd rather carve out my own little magickal system than have someone mumble to me to "pick one path and sticking to it." Puh-lease. Is my life ever about one path or one endeavor?

I'm not even going to get into atheist wrestling matches either with some depressed there-is-no-God sort, nor for that matter, a person who will try to make me think I'm deluded or even the third enemy, a Christian who will think I'm naive & would be better off trusting them.

Let's just say that on a college campus, I try to make my aura downright filthy walking through just to scare them out of inflicting their oncoming "hey innocent! We need to protect you from the monster Wiccans! They mean you lots of harm even though we will be even more harmful to you in the long run because of our anti-immigration bull & how we shelled out tons of money against civil rights advances!" I have to laugh at those with a hearty MUHAHAHAHA and move on.  There is no reasoning with 'em. Can I be the scary one?

We believe in what we do because we've seen results! This doesn't need to be a thread about how to debate with a person who doesn't believe in this stuff at all because we're not into converting other people to our ways if they don't agree although I'm sure we got some fundies out there. Thank God my communications with 'em have been confined to the Internets although I've met them in the physical world as well. Then I get away because I'm actually rather selective about how I spend my breath & to whom I speak to.

In conclusion, any insights from anybody out there? I'm already studying Wicca in an eclectic coven that doesn't necessarily define itself in boxes. I've done my time in a spiritualist circle, and I'm gonna be working on other stuff too this new year like getting my feet wet in Feri through the aforementioned book Evolutionary Witchcraft.

Main Hall / I apologize to anybody I may have offended
« on: January 15, 2009, 06:04:19 PM »
Look, I'm apologizing to anybody who I have offended in recent days.

I didn't want the whole thing to get that point.

I certainly didn't mean to piss anybody off. I regret doing so although I'm mentioning what is only a possibility at this time which should be looked at. Running away from the way the world is won't help anybody though since running away from challenges is not something I do.  I hope to make amends to you if you have been hurt by what I said to you in the microchip thread by whatever means I can.

The last thing I want often, is to hurt someone. I know I can be blunt although I'm capable of beating around the bush which is typical of some forms of communication that other people seem to prefer although I think they're being crackheads

EDIT: In my past that is,  & yes, some people need to hear that.

- More specifically, the people from my past acted like this when they couldn't tell someone what they want let alone the truth until it blows up in their faces. Then again a rare few people you can actually bother to not beat around the bush with.

Unless direct communication is preferred by the many?

I also know that even with my friends, some people I talk to can't keep up with my ideas & I must say, I hate having to dumb it down for people who can't handle this or that. Its in fact something I really don't accept about myself.

I do make an effort to be diplomatic with anybody, even when it seems to be a wasted effort on my part.
Granted, I feel chased around by accusations of whatever since I know someone else will make false ones anyway regardless of my preference for honesty. I really wish I could lie better but I don't believe in lying or choose not to lie when I don't have to.


So far, I swear, I want to study everything pagan in sight as you all know.

My book list this year was only 18. One fiction book, (yes, I know, I studied creative writing, and wtf am I doing reading non-fiction?), the rest all non-fiction books on metaphysical, and magick topics. I'm like, hoping for 30 books this year.

Along with reading about psi, as if the whole I'm beyond neurotic about how sometimes metal objects seem to change shape in my hands, often without my willing it to happen, I have been trying to read as much as I can on those subjects as well, having found some good web pages on the subject,

I find that page quite thorough actually besides informative without a woo-woo mystical ooh bent which I find somewhat distasteful about indigo communities. What happened to earth-plain mundania for God's sake? Are you guys so strung out over your spechul that you can't see the practical stuff we need to get done despite your warrior spirit anger over it? Step A leads to Step B which leads to Step C or Step D. You can't just go to City councils or other open meetings to chant about how spechul the indigo movement is but rather, lend your energy towards telling them what you want, openly.

The thing is, the second somebody tells me that so and so is dangerous to read,  or that idea is dangerous or whatever,  I'm immediately falling headlong into it, at times giving them one or two middle fingers that I was born with! Some Christians would say, come to Christianity, you innocent little girl, you are into a bad path, yet pagans somehow respect the divinity in me as I in them, so I have had to deal with less disrespect in that community by far! When someone says, I don't want you to read whatever, I go straight for it.  How dare a Christian treat me as though I'm stupid or something, when I know what I'm into? The Ancient Mysteries surrounding all faiths are quite powerful but modern day organized forms of Christianity can seek at times, to degrade people's self-respect tied to their power of choice.

Hell, I want to study Crowley now because I wonder at why people are so scared of his mixture of truth laced with bull.  What made him become a nutcase drug addict besides working with dark demons, his work influencing Satanism among other paths? What did he contribute to OTO & such paths I'm starting to learn about though my mind is not so open that my brains are falling out? When you claim to be open-minded my friends, look out because people are more than happy to shove their own ideas into your brain!

The vampiric aura technique he wrote for example, can be modified to return the energy that you robbed someone of! I can change my aura color to black if nothing else. I do it for my own personal safety since I wig out when I perceive negativity in my direction but then again there is much to ignore anyway in stores. I go nuts as it is, I have decided therefore that retail is a bad environment!

I also want to know, frankly, what's so scary about the Satanic path in general? Are they just negative people or is that a horrible stereotype seeing as I met one in college who was a pretty good friend? I can't exactly bring myself to attend anything they do, hell no, but I want to study Masonry which also has this rep as a Satanic thing but it depends on the lodge. Masonry has a bad rep due to all the secrecy & woo woo attached. I think Golden Dawn seems interesting too but I have to pick at least one or two seeing as I can devote some time this year to the spiritual given I'm not in school. (sigh)

Then again if I take one or two classes online at an accredited school for paralegal studies, that might have some kind of credit exchange with a university that has a law department, I'll be doing great along with maybe taking some stuff for my grad school credits seeing as I want to start psychology but I live in mortal fear of the GRE which I see myself taking a few times since I've never been a good tester to begin with.

Between school in low doses, work in low doses and not overdoing but rather, excelling in be-ing shall we say, I want to make sure  I keep up with what I'm working on spiritually. My coven is Wiccan, heavily Gardenarian influenced, eclectic. It turned out to be the saner place rather than the whacked out spiritualist circle/church that went totally under when reverend takes our cash and runs, without so much as a whisper to our mediumship certification status. Hell, I'd like to be taken seriously with that.

Nevermind that I have to get the practical things like getting a job & other governmental cash flows squared away which I will dash off to the Main Hall to update you about. More magickal workings abound right now for these purposes, since I have tons of ideas in the floating around in my head stage.

The second somebody says there is a territory that's "bad" for me or forbidden to me, I'm gonna go into it because its human nature. Why on earth do some people seem to think I'm just a kid when I'm a powerful woman for God's sake? Its like they want to tear that down! Excuse me if that's not going to happen. I can read whatever the hell I want  now first of all. This is why I get mad at that. You see, when I was growing up, somebody told me I couldn't read Firebrand (Marion Zimmer Bradley). Okay, then why was it in the bookshelf still? Oh and girls today, why tf would anybody let them read mind-warping garbage like Twilight? Isn't Kassandra of Troy a much better role-model than Bella for God's sake? Bella's just a whiny little werewolf/vampire groupie anyway who gets converted which means she can still die if her vampire body gets killed but in a more horrific way than she would as a human? I would not let my kids (not that I want any, EVER), read this Twilight crap to begin with! I'd rather if anything, shove Firebrand into their eager hands!

You know I was going to attempt to read as much as I could when parents were gone?  I told my entire creative writing class about this one, I had the class laughing hysterically for the most part at the way my parents still don't know. That Thanksgiving, I do believe I confessed. This was pre-Twilight I imagine. I think its probably been erased from the mind of my traumatized mother who still wonders why I didn't turn out a Good Catholic? 

Firebrand can turn many pagan actually, it was my first very fascinating introduction to a concept that I had always suspected about besides, the female aspect of creation that the Catholic Church kept hidden from people or disguised as Mary, which some fundies, apparently, feel is a waste of time.

The Goddess was an eye-opening experience to come into contact with. Firebrand also happened to turn me into a writer besides. Much magick can influence creativity of course but then that's a book left for me to write. However, paganism is misunderstood as this superstitious nonsense we take literally because we supposedly live in this la-la land of magicikal thinking yet many of us on this site seem to be rational people who look for alternative explanations before we jump to a conclusion? 'Cuse also, if the majority of us believe in working hard on concrete stuff before you consider a spell's survival as valid or effective? Scientology has similar leanings in the magickal realm that I sense but actually don't completely understand let alone approve of their money-grubbing ways.

Coercion is not a part of religion in my mind but organized religion you notice, thrives on it. This would be left in Spirituality as another post. Yes, folks, I have a problem when somebody says that whatever magickal blah blah is dangerous to me. The people who really respect me as a person, will not say "pick a path and stick with it" but rather suggest how to manage my time or tell me to make sure I do. I mean, do people have half a brain in their heads to know I'm a rationalist in some ways? In the indigo communities, they freak out at that because I'm like, hey who says I have to believe every thought or impression that pops into my head, everything I read or hear like some thought-less drone? I'm not an effing robot! I have to reiterate though before I get the AAH dangerous reaction or lecture that I'm only reading about Satanism, to understand, not, omfg, lets do this!? Satan? Hmm. I'm not exactly wiccan though, I'm a non-wiccan witch that uses the wiccan system, but I consider myself more occult leaning. The second somebody says, "occultism has a bad reputation", its like, hey cool! bring it on! The last thing I need to hear though from some whiner who claims to want to protect me but doesn't really give a shit, is "that's dangerous, or I don't want you studying that, if I'm going to xyz mentor you or teach you". How freakin old am I? I'm an adult!

I'm going to age well. I still get carded when I ask for booze. I responsibly wait the prescribed amount of time to drive. I'm otherwise very capable in the realm of social life, school and work. Comes from hearing from other "adults" with the maturity of null space whilst they are engaged in the bullshit that is black and white thinking or black/white magickal perceptual tendencies, that I should do this or should do that or whatever. Can I listen to myself already? Oh wait, I forgot why, because my rage can take over and make me psycho. Maybe that's why Sekhmet, my patron Deity and myself, get along so well! She tends to try to tell me to think straight. Emotion cannot run your life. You have to regulate it internally. I am no longer bound by the censorship rules a (former) Catholic kid was bound by. People in my family will treat me as though I'm stupid for even being fascinated by the occult to begin with but like, what do they know? Self-respect is imminently tied to the wielding of the universal forces that magick is but see, I'm not giving up being pagan to get along with family who wouldn't respect me even if I was Catholic? Giving up self-respect is giving up your power but see, I want to take care of my personal safety at large, emotional, & physical. My self-respect is far more important than my religion though. The self-esteem movement fucked up in coining a term such as that, they should have simply used self-respect that would have been taken more seriously.

Your thoughts are graciously welcome and appreciated since I've not heard it once from any of you, "ooh that's dangerous", somehow you guys get it in a community like this as diverse as we are, with even the occasional Christian who isn't going to engage in smarmy, "you're going to hell" whining. LOL. I used to try to think like that to see why they did but then I realized just how stupid it might get inside their heads when they alienate people different from them.  I suppose that when somebody says "that's dangerous," they still envision me as a child they knew, who has given up the Catholic baptism, first communion and confirmation my parents invested in, now somewhat viewing it as a waste? Okay, well,  I'm not going to care since I realize self-respect can be viewed in a secular format as well.

Peace & Happy New Year!

Magick / Post-24 hour rule, how the exorcism went
« on: November 16, 2007, 10:48:43 AM »
I think it went fairly well. It was about a week ago by now, and I think I'm feeling a bit better. Needless to say I can control it when it comes on. I'm less angry or at least more willing to stand up for myself. I believe that the psychic splinter is almost taken care of though I'm planning another self-exorcism ritual myself, as a five-fold portion of a larger ritual. Its the longest ritual I've ever planned for myself. Actually, I call that portion the "exorcism of my former professor of writing", I am attempting to exorcise his voice. In fact, I'm trying to exorcise the energy he stuck in me about my self-doubt in my writing. Its going to work really well, let me tell you that. I'm also going to have to buy some quarter candles soon.

Magick / serious topic - spirit possession
« on: November 05, 2007, 12:14:31 PM »
Since the server wouldn't let me search it, I need to ask you guys what you feel about this topic in general. I know in Haitian voodoo and African religions I can't remember right now this is normal. But in modern Western thought, it is implied psychosis. I've had anger management issues for a long time in my life. I'm starting to attribute it to a family generational spirit possession. I.e. demon or some such nonsense. I admit it, its nonsense. I did the LBRP using my wand, all over the house including my yard. I set up permanent circles in every room. I'm having trouble concentrating, I'm not steadily employed, I'm unemployed on the verge of a job. Should I be really looking into spirit possession? I'd rather discuss the majority of this in private messages. I'm basically freaking out less though because where I'm at now, I get to drive everywhere, public transit is hell for people like me. I had a major anger moment yesterday, I resent people keeping stuff from me lately and not only that I did the whole "walk over running water in the hose", situation, recommended by Robert Bruce. It worked. It got rid of the d-I mean spirit or Neg. I can feel something watching me. I think its been with me a long time and only now I'm starting to become aware of it. Funny, I only argue in the house, when people are out of the house, its fine. What am I doing magickally? I don't summon anything. Spirits are allowed to speak to me in circle every so often because I tell them to buzz off the rest of the time in mundania. I don't know how many spirits I have, but if someone can help me for relatively free I'd like that, because I'm too poor to afford to pay somebody right now. I'm planning on seeing an acupuncturist with the first paycheck I get. Thanks all for your support.

I found this link which may be of interest or at the very least, which I've looked into and that has helped me. Thanks.


Magick / is it worth the 20 bucks I'm going to have to throw down?
« on: August 02, 2007, 04:34:19 PM »
Is this,

really worth the $20 I'm going to have to spend? What do you guys think, not that opinions will factor into my decision NOT to buy this stuff, seeing as I think I'm going to be writing rituals on my own although it is informative, and does add to my curiosity about the occult in general. I do believe in writing my own rituals like most of you, although lately I've been really confused as to order of steps to conduct the ritual in and whatnot as well as how to write this in my very messily written Book of Shadows of which I want to add computer printouts to from a Paint program if it comes down to that. I keep my paper print outs everywhere in different locals (basically its still a mess). Also, I had a Christian come to the door today before I even managed to get myself awake. No breakfast, no nothing, it was around 10, he practically knocked. Basically, he got the no-thank-you not interested stuff before he'd opened his mouth. I didn't give an explanation. I feel I did the right thing for me but I'm also interested in hearing about that stuff from you guys too. Its like they sense a pagan, I wonder if they smell it or something. Sheesh. Onward and upward.

Psionics / PSYCHIC TMI
« on: June 23, 2007, 12:50:28 AM »
So how do all you psions or psychics-cope with psychic TMI?

How do you deal with the fact that you're somewhere, out and about in daily life and out comes information from someone's head that you just don't quite want to deal with, an example being that so and so is having an affair with so and so and you happen to figure this out. Of course an obvious answer someone will come up with is to ignore it. Ignore it, yeah, easy to say but hard to do if you're for example, an empath or driven by ethics to some level. Or if you have no ethics then you can leave it alone I suppose. I would. But I have ethics and they involve leaving some stuff be, since you can't step in where you don't belong. 

What if you hear something gods-awful one day that you feel obligated to report? What if someone else is planning on hurting someone? What if you turn out to be right? We're all a swirl of irrational thought, let's face that fact for a moment and I bring this up to the other psychics/psions in the group.

I know the answer will be grounding and shielding but what if it becomes too much? Are some of you out there born without shields? Does it just plain suck to be intuitive because of all the garbage swirling out there? Thanks for thinking about this.

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