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Main Hall / I lost an url
« on: November 21, 2006, 07:07:54 PM »
Can anyone here help me find this page again?

I'm quite certain that it contained the word arcade in the url and and that the first part of the name was "garden of", yet using google hasn't helped much. So since the page's games required the use of psi related things I thought that perhaps some of you remember it or still use it. (Also I think I learnt about the page here)

I remember that the page was mostly green, and it was done in flash.
the name was garden of dreams or garden of god or something of the sort.
it would log your archievements and show a top ten for the different games if you had an account, but you could enter as a guest too.

in the "garden" there were several games that required the applied use of psi abillities. this were
"the gate" in which there were 6 keys and you had to know which one would open the gate

Tiles: there was this picture that would get scrambled (much like a jigsaw puzzle) and you had to click on the tiles to make them move. you needed to click at a certain time so they would move in the right direction.

there also was one where you had to try and see a picture that was not shown, and then select adjectives from a list, this was done in a part of the garden that was a lake.

there was one were a fearie would be "hiding" in a picture of trees, and you would have to click where you thought the faerie was and your accuracy was meassured in pixels.

there was one that looked much like a memory game (that were you have remember where 2 similar pieces were.  it used only 6 pieces and the idea was never to miss.. i think some of them had sounds instead of pictures.

and there was another game where a butterfly tried to reach a flower flying against the wind. and if you werent focusing the wind would blow the butterfly away. your accuracy was meassured by the time it took the butterfly to reach this flower.

Well, I hope someone here remembers and also that some cant find the page useful.
thanks a lot for your time.

Technical Support / Reporting of a bug on the login
« on: April 30, 2005, 06:54:57 AM »
I seem to be unable to login from the main page.

this is the error message shown to me: "POST requests from foreign hosts are not allowed."

I am using Mozilla to browse the forums and I am also connecting from a foreign host, I guess.. In Argentina.

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