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Magick / A Simple Inquiry...
« on: March 30, 2005, 07:17:20 AM »
There is indeed a Being whom has taken residence within my room. I am confussed as to why it has decided to stay within my room. Now, you see, it hasn't done harm to me or anything, infact, this Being hasn't done much of anything other then meander around my home and primarily my book case.

I am unsure of how exactly it was attracted to my area. I really have not given much thought to any of this in the previous months of this Being being around, but now I am too curious to prolong my own inquiry.

Now take in mind, this isn't the only 'Being' that had made my room it's home. There was one whom in my feelings and vivid thoughts resembled a child at times. Though this said 'Being' no longer resides its presence within my room.

Would any of you seem to have an explination or theory of exactly why this Being is here? Could it be that is was attracted by my simple emotions, for I indeed have rather strong ones. Or is it freelancer in a sense?

This may sound to say, odd, but then again what doesn't these days?

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