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Projection / Astral Projection Tip
« on: June 09, 2004, 05:14:49 PM »
get a good book. sorry all ap sites, but a book is, just so, much better. really. just make sure you find a good one.

Main Hall / Great Program
« on: April 17, 2004, 07:10:45 PM »
check it out: :P  really really good, yup, I'm advertising, lol, found it today, and its the best, lol. err, bit of  a boo boo, heres the right link:

Main Hall / Hmm...
« on: January 29, 2004, 07:50:53 PM »
I was thinking the other day about the film, and when it first happened, how much it could freak someone out, seeing someone walking flat on a wall? think about it.  So what I was thinking is, couldnt someone (dont give out, I'm just theoretizing lol) from the future ( it might be possible, might not) come back, to 0 AD, and pretend to be the Son of God, with like a little healing gadget (or supreme healing abilities) it would seem extremely possible, if a you wanted to do something like that.. What do you think?

The Cafeteria / Heres the Second
« on: December 13, 2003, 11:40:23 AM »
The Question is, when you die, what would you prefer to happen?

[INDENT]A: To go to so called heaven, and live in bliss for the rest of eternity[/INDENT][INDENT]B: To go on, and live again, ie. be reincarnated?[/INDENT]

 I am not saying what is and what isn't, I'm just asking, to see what sounds like fun to you, or what, youd prefer?

Edited By Viendin: I added the poll! Yay!

Main Hall / A couple of Polls.
« on: December 13, 2003, 11:35:30 AM »
Here are a couple of polls, that I'm interested to hear what you have to say.

First one, Which would you prefer after you die?
[INDENT]A: To Burn in hell for the rest of Eternity[/INDENT][INDENT]B: To Never Exist again.[/INDENT]

Other / Relaxation
« on: December 12, 2003, 03:04:42 PM »
heres a small article about a relaxation technique that almost anyone can use.  Works perfectly all the time!


          This is small article about a technique for relaxation and sleep induction that I have used for many years.   This article was written by Neo, and shall always be the property of Neo, so don't pinch it.

 How to Relax
       The following is a relaxation technique that I discovered when I was very young, and have used for many many years.   It is designed to be easy to use, and easy to understand.   I suggest that before this, you must understand what Visualization is, as it is an essential part of this Relaxation.  If you don't, please read my other article about Visualization, as it explains all the terms used in this article.  
        First of all, before you want to relax, please sit down, or lie down in a comfortable place.  Make yourself really really comfortable, and calm yourself down.  After this, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of your breath for a few minutes, this really helps you to get ready, and really makes you calm, and slows down your breathing.
     Now, as you are totally calm, just start to Visualize large green rings of energy moving up over your foot, describing them to yourself as sleep rays that are going to encircle your body, as they move over your feet, you feel them sending your feet to sleep, and staying over your feet.  Visualize the rings moving up over your calves, and up to your knees, feeling them going to sleep, getting totally relaxed.   Keep these rings going up and up your body, slowly, and feeling your body go to sleep.  Keep on doing this until you get to your neck.  
      When you get to your neck, just Visualize your body being healed and relaxed by these green rings now encircling your body.   This next part is important, as it decides whether you want to go to sleep, or whether you want to become utterly relaxed.
     If you wish to fall asleep, just Visualize the rings continuing up from your neck, and covering your head, and your mind, sending you to sleep, and healing you.  I don't know what happens after this, as I fall asleep, and just remember how successful it was when I wake up in the morning.  I can have drunk a whole cafetiere of coffee, had a bottle of coke, and this will still send me to sleep.   The trick is to just keep your mind on these rings, that have the power to send you to sleep, and that these rings have you wrapped in a cocoon of green vibrant energy.
      If you wish to just become totally relaxed, when you get to your neck, just Visualize the green rings of energy coming up and encircling your head, except this time, they arenít sending you to sleep, they are just making you much calmer, and much more relaxed then ever before.  You see them cooling down your mind, and making you relaxed.   After you feel that you are relaxed enough, visualize the rings dematerializing into dust, waking you from your relaxation, and readying you for going back to your life.   After, you should feel in harmony with the earth, and totally relaxed, no pains, no groans, just peace, and harmony.    You will also feel energized, for whatever you want to do, and find it easier to think and concentrate.
       This relaxation technique is one of the simplest around, and virtually anyone can do it.  It takes only five minutes for a short relaxation, and benefits you like a nap might, and can be extended to as long as you feel necessary, relaxing you the right amount, and healing you the right amount.  But wait, thereís more things then relaxation that this can do, including empowering, energizing, and much much more.

 The Power of The Colours

    As I said before. this can be used for many many things.  The only thing you have to change is the color of the rings.  And how you describe them.  I have a short list of some different colors with different effects.
   [Indent] * Try Red to Empower you with an intrinsic energy.[/Indent]
     [Indent]  * Use Yellow to give you an Energy Boost.[/Indent]
     [Indent]  * Green works for healing and relaxation.[/Indent]
    [Indent]   * Blue gives you a power to speak up, and counter nervousness[/Indent]
    [Indent]   * Purple does your whole soul good, as you Visualize it healing your soul.[/Indent]
      [Indent] * Keep on trying different colours, and experiment to see what they do.[/Indent]
   [Indent]    * If you want to do everything at once, use a rainbow coloured ring, and see it doing everything that needs to be done to heal and nurture your body, mind and soul.[/Indent]
     As I said, explore the power of the colours, and see what they can do for you.   If you have any queries, or you want to talk to me, PM me (Neo) on the VeritasOnline forums.  I hope you enjoyed reading this, and learnt from it.   Just remember, I wrote this, not you, so donít pinch it!
  (C) CDCM 2003

Body Energy Arts / Auralization
« on: December 12, 2003, 02:56:55 PM »
hehe, I mentioned a sister article in my Visualization one, well, here it is!


 This article covers the basics of Auralization, how it works, and how you can use it in your everyday life.  This article was written by Neo, and shall always be the property of Neo, so donít pinch it!
    This brief article focuses on  a skill even less-known then Visualization.  I suggest you read the sister article to this, Visualization, before you read this, as you might not understand some of the terms I use.
    Now, if thereís one thing about Visualization thatís bad, itís the fact that you kind of have to have your eyes closed for it to work well, and you have to do it without too much clutter around. Well, thereís a solution for on-the-go improvement of skills.
    Auralization: a word I think I made up, which means to hear a noise that isnít happening, or to imagine a noise.  This is a great great great skill to have, as you can use it during your tennis game, or your basketball match, if you just hear yourself getting that point, and getting it in that basket, it has a good effect on  you.  
     This doesnít work anywhere near as well as Visualization, because your brain isn't that well fooled by it, but it is fooled a little, causing it to use that specific path, and get it warmed up for your next shot.  Now Auralization is definitely not, I say not a good way to build up skills, thatís for Visualization.  Auralization is strong where Visualization is weak, and weak where Visualization is strong,  You can combine the two to make Visualization more effective, but the very best usage is of course its mobility advantage, the fact that you can do it with your eyes open during a game, it can be used as a touch-up, and you donít need to block out that much info like you do with Visualization.
   I hope that you read the  Visualization Article first, or this will have been pretty much GobbledeGook to you.  I hope you enjoyed reading this, and will use Auralization in your everyday life, and utilize it to its full possiblities.  Now, as I said before, donít pinch this, and you can PM me (Neo) on VeritasOnline Forums.

©CDCM 2003

Body Energy Arts / Visualization.
« on: December 12, 2003, 02:52:24 PM »
I couldnt think were to put this small article, so since it relates remotely to Martial arts, I'll put it here. If its the wrong place, may the mods move it. Its about visualization for the begginer, and is pretty cool!


          This article covers the basics of Visualization, how it works, and how you can use it in your everyday life.  This article was written by Neo, and shall always be the property of Neo, so donít pinch it!

  A Small Story
   I'll start by telling you an interesting story, which proves the benefits of Visualization.  This Story is about a group of scientists who heard about Visualization and found it an interesting subject.  They decided that it was so intriguing and interesting that they would do a study, to see if it actually could work outside Diagram form.  
   So what they did was took a group of people, and took them to a basketball court, and recorded how many shots they got in the basket.  After this was done, they split them up into three groups of people.   For group number one, they told them to go home, and do nothing for a week, for group two, they told them to go to a basketball court every day for a week, and practice for an hour throwing the ball into the basket.  For the third and last group, they sent them home, and told them to do nothing at all, except Visualize, or imagine that they were practicing, they had to do this for one hour every day for a week as well.  
      After the week, they took the groups back to the basketball court and they tested them all again.   Group number one, who had done nothing all week improved by about 2%.  The next group, who had practiced every day for an hour, improved by 25%.  The interesting part is that the third group who had done the same as group two, only they did it in their heads, had improved by 24%.   This was something that amazed the Scientists, that it could work in real life as well as in Diagram form.   Not many people know about this amazing skill, let alone how it works, but hey, Iím willing to give it a shot.

How Visualization Works

    For you to understand how Visualization works, first you need to know how the Brain works (well, just a little bit of how it works.)    The way the Brain makes you, say, move an arm forward, is by sending an electric current down a specific path through Brain Cells.   Every time you move your arm forward, that same specific path gets used again, making the link stronger and stronger, making it easier and easier to do, until the path is well and truly burnt into your brain.  The problem with this method of making paths is that you have to work and work and work to make the path stronger, and the human body is limited as to how many times you can move your arm forward.  Therefore putting a clamp on how much you can do, and as well as putting a clamp on how quickly you can learn.
     The Human Brain is an amazing thing, it might be the worldís most amazing computer, the largest memory chip, and the finest technology around, but hey, not everythingís perfect!  The Brain is extremely gullible.  You can successfully fool it into thinking that you are moving your arm forward.  You can fool it so much that it runs electricity down that specific path to make your arm move forward.

    As I said earlier, the body is limited, your brain is pretty limit-free, as it doesnít get tired as quickly as your body does, and if you are actually practicing moving your arm forward, you might have little whoopsies, but when visualizing, you donít, so you donít learn anything bad, and your movements can be perfect.  
       As you can imagine, doing something perfectly for an hour, without getting tired, is much better then not getting everything perfect for an hour and getting tired.    I'll now move on to tell you some of the best possible ways to Visualize, getting maximum output.

How to Visualize

      Many people will think "Oh, Visualization, I get the idea of that, I'll just see myself doing it, simple.Ē  That is partly right, in the fact that itís simple.   Where its wrong, is that that person is seeing themselves doing it, in third-person view.   This is a terrible mistake! When was the last time you were practicing basketball and you saw yourself doing it with a third-person view?      
   Always see it in first person, as real life as possible, so you actually think youíre doing it.  Another pretty fatal mistake is that never ever make a mistake when Visualizing, in physical practice you do make many many mistakes, but you have a way not to make mistakes, are you still gonna make mistakes? No!  You do it perfectly every single time, this makes the path for the right movement stronger and stronger.
      A thing that many people will be wondering, is ďWhen on earth do I Visualize? I cant do it in a basketball game, I'd get hit with the ball having my eyes shut.Ē Well, this choice is totally based on whichever you prefer.  I'd start though in a comfortable place, I tend to do it in bed, its really really comfortable.   I would do it just before I go to sleep, I close my eyes, and start to visualize.  As I say, itís all up to you, but a few pointers are:  
    A: Donít do it with other people there, it clutters you mind
    B: Do it when you are relaxed
    C: It helps the Brain concentrate if you donít move too many muscles  

     Some people might find it a bit hard to actually Visualize, and really feel themselves doing it.  You donít so much have to see it, more just be aware of the movements, and feel it as well, that often helps to add a feeling of being there.  If everything else fails, then what might help is if when you go to bed, you try as hard as possible to stay awake, eventually giving in, and you just might for about 5 minutes be seeing something, kind of like a mini lucid dream, except that you are conscious of your body.

      Another method, also to do with dreaming, except this time you wait until someone wakes you up during a really really good dream, you kinda miss the dream, so you continue what could happen in this dream, except in your head.  I have done this many times when someone wakes me during a dream, I'll stay semi-awake, and continue it, sometimes in vivid colours.   Now you know how to Visualize, you must be thinking, come on come on, what can I learn.   Wait and See...

What itís best for!
     One of the best things about Visualization is what you can use it for.   The thing is, that you can use it for anything that the human can do, or that you can visualize yourself doing.  With Visualization, the Sky isnít the limit.  
You can use it for whatever you can get your head around.  Hereís a small list of some of the endless possibilities of Visualization.
  • Improving your Sports
  • Speeding up Reflexes
  • Increasing Hand-Eye Co-ordination
  • Moving Energy
  • Learning a Musical Instrument
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Learning a Skill
  • Altogether, Everything!!!

    As you can see, really, you are the limit to what you learn, and what you can do, and remember to not only use Vision, but to use feelings as well, smells, and tastes, and sounds.  

     I hope that this article will benefit you in many ways, and that you enjoyed reading it.   If you did like it, please read its sister article on Auralization.  A more on the go version of Visualization, sure to please everyone.
       As I said before, donít pinch it, and you can PM me (Neo) on VeritasOnline Forums.

© CDCM 2003

Main Hall / Saving BandWith
« on: December 12, 2003, 02:43:22 PM »
I dont know very much about bandwith, hell, I cant even spell it right, but I hear that loading avatars onto the server swallows it up, so if we all upload our avatars on a topic, and then remote linked it rather then uploading them, wouldnt it save bandwidth???  Just a suggestion.

Psionics / A little thing for N00bs
« on: December 12, 2003, 11:18:10 AM »
He, I wrote this, so that newbies can know how to make a psiball, and not have to ask millions of topics about them:

How to Make a Psiball.

    This article about how to make a Psiball for beginners was written by Neo, and shall always be the property of Neo, so donít pinch it!

   The Very Basics
      This article underlines some of the basic ways to make a Psiball if you are new to energy.  After you have done what is shown in this article, you will be able to make and feel a Psiball, with a little bit about uses for Psiballs.  
        First of all, before making a Psiball, I suggest that you relax yourself, as it makes the feeling and creation of a Psiball easier.  Don't worry, you wont always have to do this, in a little while, you'll be able to do it in the noisiest of environments.  
    Once you are relaxed, cup your hands together so there is a ball shape in between.   Now that your hands are together, close your eyes and visualize a large golden ball of limitless energy above your head.  Now see this energy ball begin to leak some very hot psi energy down into and onto your head.  As more and more energy begins to trickle down, see this energy going down to your neck, and going through your arms down past your elbows, then stopping when it reaches your hands, and then coming out of the palm of your hands, forming a ball of gas like energy vibrating with heat and power.  Feel this energy being a part of you, as it stays steadily warm and tingly.  I suggest warm, because that is quite a common feeling whilst making Psiballs, but if you donít feel heat, then a tingly feeling can also be felt, as well as a kind of magnetic force throbbing between your hands.
      Once you have done the above, you should have a Psiball in your hands.  Do whatever you want with it now, eat it, throw it a way, dematerialize it with visualization, whatever you want to do.   That is a good way of making a Psiball, as you arenít using your own psi, but the limitless psi of the universe.    If you are having difficulty making a Psiball, or feeling it, then one thing I've heard about feeling Psiballs is to rub your hands together before you make one, or another, which is much much better, is to just practice practice practice.    It may seem to be pretty pointless, but the uses when you get good, are quite amazing.

 Uses for an Experienced Psion

    You must be thinking now, what the hell is the point of holding a ball of invisible energy, well for a newbie, you can use it to keep your hands warm for one, but thatís pretty silly.  The real uses for it really come into play when you can make a strong Psiball quite easily.  Just to give you a reason to keep on making these invisible balls of heat.   I've made a list of some of the things that you can make or do with a Psiball.
 1.   A pretty nifty hand warmer
 2.  A remote viewing aid
 3.  A self-sustaining psianimal
 4.  Telekinesis
 5.  A Force Bubble (when you hear what this is, you'll be amazed, I wont tell you, find out yourself)
 6.  A way of draining people, and sending them to sleep (not advised)
 7.  A way to protect you from people who might drain your energy
 8.  A visible Psiball.
 9.  PyroKinesis
10. Much much more!

   I hope you enjoyed reading this, and learnt from it.  If there is anything you need to know, or didnít understand, please PM me (Neo) on VeritasOnline forums.  Just remember, I wrote this, not you, so donít pinch it!

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