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Hello and Goodbye / Hey Everybody
« on: February 15, 2005, 06:29:21 PM »

I'm Easton, and a few of you may know me from some of the psionics sites. I spent awhile looking through the forums for a few months before signing up, and this site seems to have a nice variety of knowledgeable people in it, and I think I could learn a lot by hanging around.

A little about myself; I'm not too exciting of a person, mostly spending my time on the computer programming, playing Diablo II or some other computer game, or am involved in one of my technical hobbies (Electronics, Radio, Reading technical manuals, etc.)

As far as skills go I have been doing psionics for just over one year, and although I have practiced most everything pertaining to psionics, but I mostly focus mostly on Telepathy along with Shielding and general energy manipulation.

I cant think of much else at the moment, so I guess thats about it. Feel free to ask me if there is anything else :)

~ Easton

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