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Psionics / The place where the constructs are created.
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:56:06 AM »
Hi there,
today I would like to compare with you on the "where" a construct is created.
To be able to make the best of it, a little digression is necessary on a technique that I learned some years ago, in the context of shamanism, before I became interested in the psi: the kahiki.

Kahiki is essentially a mental space, freely malleable. The technique was used by Hawaiian shamans who - believing this world to be a "dream" or a reflection of a different dimension - worked in that dimension to produce changes in reality, such as making rain or healing.

To produce changes in reality it is necessary to reproduce as faithfully as possible the desired scenario in kahiki, as if it had already happened. Accuracy added to attention, allow the manifestation of the desired change.

The technique of kahiki obviously is not limited only to this, but it is this aspect that interests me to deepen.

In the years before my interest in psi, I found it very useful and very practical to create in kahiki, what I later discovered to be called mirror shield.

Basically when I felt threatened by someone, I entered the kahiki, I imagined this someone and I closed it in a small room with walls of mirrors, as well as mirrors were made also the floor and the ceiling. The person in question stopped talking to me and every time he tried, something prevented him or simply distracted him.

Now that I know the existence of psychic constructs, I am quite convinced that my mirror room was one of them, but I wonder: where did I create my "mirror shield"?

Certainly I did not create it as a construct should be created according to the many guidelines that I found on this forum too, but it worked (and to be honest, it still works as a method).

I am also aware that closing eyes and imagining something is not doing psi.

Since I'm not practical for remote viewing, could it be something similar, combined with the creation of a construct?

Or is the creation of a construct possible "on different levels"? On a physical one, so to speak, and on a psychic one?

Thank you for any answers.


Psionics / Different effects with and without focal meditation
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:24:03 AM »
Hello everyone, I write to share a situation a little strange that has occurred lately.

Shortly after starting the focal meditation the whole body is crossed by psi: the two things are now two almost indistinct phenomena. As soon as I relax, I feel a lot of warmth (especially in the head and arms) and a light pinch in my hands and feet. In this case the psi is a warm and malleable material.

But if I do not use focal meditation (because maybe I'm in public and I can not do it), I instinctively recall the psi from the ground and feel a cold icy rise from the legs and that soon extends to the arms, hands and if I also insist, on the chest. In this case the psi is not something malleable, it is more like a cold flow than control to a certain point and that sometimes I have the feeling that it takes over.

I know that the personal feelings on the psi are very subjective, but I do not understand why it feels so great differences. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any answers!


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