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Projection / I Need Awnsers.
« on: June 22, 2005, 01:06:13 PM »
I had never had a O.B.E. I Have tried many times. Once, I almost got there but i felt something sit at the foot of my bed and a freaked out. Since then i havent been able of have a O.B.E. Any Advice? It's not that im afraid that i will freak out again I just cant get there. Here is my way of mediatating.

~I lay On My Bed And Close My Eyes
~I Imagine Myself in A Elevator
~Im Going Down (20 to 1)
~When the Elevator Opens I Walk in the Middle Of The Room
~I walk down a flight of stairs
~The There Is a Whole
~I jump in it and fall and keep falling

It only worked once. Any advice? Please don't flame me >.<

Thanks In Advance,
  Brokenwings66 :confused:

Spirituality / What I Think Part II
« on: January 17, 2005, 03:11:10 PM »
Ok. You have seen my point of view once. Here it is again. I believe when you die, you have a choice. (Im not saying this is right but bare with me) You could be reincarnated goto heaven or whatever. But when we die if we have lived a Bad life such as suffering from abuse ect. we live a good life in the Eternal life. Or our next life. Im not saying this is true it depends on what you believe. Don't argue with me if this is only what i think.

If you lived a evil life such as Killing innocent people rapeing people ect. you goto Hell or you get reincarnated into a bad life. Im just telling u what I think. Its only a suggestion.
When we die, I think it depends on your religion. I don't think God has a book with Every Single Person and what they have done with a detailed discription about them like in cartoons. He may but i dunno. But im not afaird of dying. If i die its my time to go.
I may goto Hell. I may goto heaven. I may even come back as a spirit roming the earth wondering if im dead or not. This is ONLY what I think. You do NOT have to agree.


P.S. Option 4 on my post is: You Have a Choice.

Other / Stare Spells.
« on: January 06, 2005, 03:40:39 PM »
Okay this may sound crazy but i have stare spells. I just all of a sudden just start starring off into space and i feel like im not really there. I dunno but i was wondering if anyone could tell me if this happens to other people and how to stop it and control it. Also, people try to snap me out of it but sometimes it dosent work and when i do snap  out of it im like "what happened" and they just look at me like im crazy. Please Help!

Dreams / Scary Dream!
« on: January 02, 2005, 10:58:42 AM »
This is a dream I had a while back.

I was in my home one night and all of a sudden my dad just came and started banging on the door as hard as he could trying to knock the door down. I wouldn't awnser it so he went to my window and he didn't see me. So he went back to the door and started banging as hard as he could trying to knowck it down.

   All of a sudden my Mom and my Sister were gone. I hid in my closet for awhile and then after awhile i opened it and ran as fast as i could outside to my friend acrossed the streets house. And then he started shooting a bunch of people telling them to catch me. He shot my friend and her family. and then i was running up a hill and he grabbed my legs and i grabbed his gun and shot him in the head.

But the weird thing was is that after that my dad started hateing his side of the family (such as his mom and sisters) and he started hateing My Mom, Sister and Me.

You might not think it is scary but i thought it was.
If only you knew my past.

Spirituality / What I Think.
« on: January 01, 2005, 07:41:34 PM »
This is what I think these days. I think that people and/or kids follow what other people do and think "Oh if they do it then I will too!" because they are scared or they cant think of it themselves.
     I have also noticed that people have tried to figure out ways to tell their parents how they feel about things concerning religion. I would just say that if it were me in that situation then I wouldn't care what my Mom thought. She wouldn't have any say in it in anyway possible. But me I dont care what you think of this post thats just what i think. Just telling you what I think about different religions.
    My Religion is Christianity and i dont think everything in the Bible is true. I think that some people changed it. But thats just me. You dont have to agree with me just dont tell me what is right and what isn't. I believe what i want to believe.
      Thats just what i think. You dont have to agree with me.

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