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Psionics / Technomagic: Scan-Tester
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:38:01 AM »
Welcome to my first showcase of TechnoMagic, where Technology and Magic, become one.

My first project, my first creation, I'm proud to present!
Scan-Tester Java.

No more waiting around for the right time to practice! Scan-Tester simple to use and requires no more than a press of a button, meaning you'll be proficient in scanning in no time! It's also lightweight and works on many systems (and more to come).

Short explanation: Scan-Tester Java itself contains a bunch of functions, which are randomised every time you retry, letting you constantly practice and grind your skills. The magic actually happens after the program randomised the functions, which are then read by a construct that does the creation.

Check it out here:

Reviews are always welcome, and more than appreciated.

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